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Joaquin Phoenix is a Hairclip Hunk

Joaquin Phoenix is a Hairclip Hunk

A heavily bearded Joaquin Phoenix pushes his long hair back with a big hairclip while socializing with other celebs during the Butter Party at Fontainebleau Miami Beach’s LIV nightclub on Monday (December 29).

Also at the party: Diddy, Casey Affleck, director Brett Ratner, Brody Jenner’s BFF Frankie Delgado, Desperate Housewives star Shawn Pyfrom, Jamie Foxx, and Laguna Beach‘s Kristin Cavallari.

Earlier this year, Joaquin, 34, stated that his latest film, Two Lovers, would be his last.

“I want to take this opportunity… also to give you the exclusive and just talk a little bit about the fact that this will be my last performance as an actor,” Joaquin said. “I’m not doing films anymore.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Joaquin’s hairclip — HOT or NOT?

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  • a


  • T

    if this is really what’s best for him then good for him

  • jughed


    He looks like a hobo.

  • LuckyL

    Sorry, he is resembling Howard Hughes towards the end of his life when his hygiene had gone to Hell.

  • bindz

    he has been acting wierd ever since he retired from acting.

  • sheryl

    He was acting weird before he retired. Somebody needs to do an intervention with the guy.

  • sarah

    isnt that that hair clip from the infomercials ?

  • ryan

    its a shame to see talent wasted like this

    i think he’s still pisssed of that he didn’t win the Oscar back in 2006 for Walk the Line and Reese Witherspoon did.

    He needs to get a haircut, lay off the boos and ciggies and stop trying to be the different, weird, creepy guy!

  • crabby

    He looks like a schizophrenic. Out of touch with reality.

  • SMH

    He is seriously on some bad schitt.

  • L

    My heart breaks for this guy. He is such a sad case and, given his background, it is not surprising he is so messed up. IMO, he has to have both drug and mental problems.

  • Russian girl

    I Love Joaquin Phoenix …BUT What’s That????Ughhhhh

  • vmars111

    Be cool guys! He’s leading the trendy look of serial rapist killers!

    I bet Cameron Diaz will sport that new look this week!

  • nic

    wow..what happened to him, hope he doesnt end up like river did..

  • dee

    So sad what is he doing to himself? I know he was much younger then but he was such a cutie in that film he did with nicole kidman ‘ to die for’

  • chichi

    What a freak. He is trying to be all “im about the music, and the soul, not the “commercial music”, so i’ll just not wash my anus, and grow a beard full of crabs and other lice, and then it will show everyone that i am such a great musician’. As if anyone can take him seriously when they see such a drastic change from “mr stylish black suited hollywood man” to “just emerged from a garbage bin”.

  • clive


  • CR30.01

    What a shame. Such fine actor.

  • Isabella


  • ucgengezegen

    hot hot hot (=

  • julien

    That’s a bit freaky…mind you it kind of fits his personality but man, it just looks wrong!

  • abby


  • bonzo

    he looks disgusting

  • gerard Vandenberg

    He used SPERM as hair-gel, folks?
    ……………..THE FAGGOT!!

  • Debbie

    omg i just saw them advertised on TV. they are for women! its one of those 9.99 buy now you wont find these anywhere else. he is ridiculous…

  • krk

    this is too much to take in, first we see a dude with a skirt and a purse & now this guy wearing a pretty hairclip, wtf is going on?

  • lene

    just because he has hair….like that doesn’t mean he’s going to end up like River. jeeeeeeeez.
    He’s still hot.
    Mmmmmmmmm Casey!

  • Jess

    now that’s some filth

  • Ashley Banks

    I like him. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck ou, middle america///1/1! you don’t understand real artistic shit,. your Idea of an Artistic artist is brad pitt. rotflmao! what a fucking joke!

  • ri23

    He’s so messed up. He’ll be dead within a year.

  • t.

    What the f–u–c–k?????

  • Rachael Taylor

    too bad he’s wasting himself now, but this is what usually happens when someone gets nominated for an Oscar but didn’t nail it!

  • Lilianne

    NOT hot. If he looked like this for a movie role then I could understand…but to choose to go out in public looking like this….umm…a little weird.

  • Cat

    I’m thinking he’s prepping for a role of some sort. If the role needs long hair, it’s often easier if it’s your own, and not extensions. Same with beard…

  • Amanda

    he kinda looks like a werewolf or a Neanderthal haa not gonna even attempt to lie haha but i love him as an actor, he is soo incredibly talented (have u seen Walk the Line with Reese Witherspoon??!!!) but so why exactly is he stopping acting?! i heard he wants to have a music career or something?!

  • LuckyL

    His bloated face screams alcoholic

  • jillyro

    He does look messed up, like he’s out of control. Sad, so talented but so tormented. Why is Casey not helping his bro-in-law, but out partying with him?? It’s his girfriend’s brother, yet he seems like he just enables him (maybe Casey is not that innocent either?). But then again, look at who else is that this party…Diddy, Jamie Foxx, all seem like they party all night long and all their careers are not exactly on fire right now, they all seem to be all about the party now.

  • Hunkindeed

    You people act like you actually know Joaquin. He’s never been into the “hunk” or “Hollywood” personna so it shouldn’t be surprising to see him looking any way he pleases. There’s never been any evidence of him leading a drug-induced life style either. This is just a guy out for a night of fun with friends…ever done that????

  • slambang

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwww! What the heck happened to him?

  • deka

    he looks like a junkie

  • MA


  • nina

    What a waste of talent, he is in all of my favorite movies. I think he needs some kind of help.

  • yoyo

    Jesus H. Christ on a stick, that muthafucka is one ugly lookin’ betch. He looks like a potential mass murderer. If looking like someones hairy asshole is ones idea of “art” then I’m getting my asshole plucked and bleached.

  • MovieED

    You people don’t know what is wrong with him, stop starting rumors. I will however say that he looks a hot mess.

  • Lolita

    Cute banana clip! lol But we all know Joaquin has bee off ever since his brother died. RIP River. :( Still love him………….

  • Lucy


    It’s a good thing he’s not acting anymore!

  • MMM

    So dramatic. So the guy has a hairclip and a beard, does that mean he is a waste and going to end his life? No, so lay off.

  • diamo

    Didn’t that say “Hairclip DRUNK”…???? Thought so.

  • magic_moments

    I always loved RIVER PHOENIX und i really like Joaquin as an actor.
    I hope for the best for him!

  • http://dIOR.COM dior lover

    He is seriously like the male version of the rehab-messed up Britney.
    He serously needs to get help ASAP..