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Mariah Carey Sips Wine, Not Pregnant

Mariah Carey Sips Wine, Not Pregnant

Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon enjoy some time off together at Nikki Beach Resort in St. Bart’s on Tuesday (December 30).

The 39-year-old singer was spotted sipping red wine and eating oysters. Guess we can put those pregnancy rumors to rest now!

Recently, American Idol season 3 runner-up Diana DeGarmo performed Mariah‘s holiday classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at the Idols Holiday Tour in West Palm Beach, Florida. Check it out on YouTube.

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  • t.

    not a single pic of her with wine to her lips she is just at a table with wine on it

  • palvasha

    ewwwwwww how can she be with that little boy. look at his thin legs and his clothes just ewwwwwwwwww she needs a real man!!!!! someone that at least weighs more than her

  • palvasha

    she is def. pregnant becs her face looks big and her boobies look bigger too

  • busy

    I’m sorry but that bikini is not good on her. She looks old. And I kinda agree w/ #1….no proof, just trying to throw people off perhaps? I hope they work out, even though it’s an odd paring in my opinion. Bring on the baby so we can stop wondering “is she? or isn’t she?”!!!

  • Mark_az

    Why does anyone care? She is trailer trash, has a voice which shatters glass in its shrillness and is not educated. She, herself, realizes that in order to attract attention to herself all she has to offer is her boobs…pathetic! She is definitely NOT mother material and should go back to school and make something of herself for the future.

  • jane

    #2, he is not a boy, he is a grown man, he just looks young.

  • Izolda

    A half glass of red wine may actually help you if you are pregnant. It has something to do with the mother’s blood.

    So this is not a proof. :)

  • Haley

    That means nothing. Britney Spears drank her whole pregnancy and look at her youngest son. He suffers her stupidity by having FAS.

  • missp

    I wish I had a man that wears his hat sideways, jean shorts, and runners. NOT! LOL

  • Turks

    NIck Cannon dresses really ghetto.

  • LolaSvelt

    Why are all these celebrities in Aspen one minute, then St. Barts the next?

    Plus Jared, why do you always put an apostrophe in Barts? It’s not St. Bart’s!

  • uhh

    um how are all these celebrities in St Barts at the same time?

  • mary baskett

    mariah and nick you are 2 of the most loveable people in the business many kisses to both of you.I am an older woman but I love to see couples that compliment each other.theres a beautiful girl that sings real well and a real ugly man that shes married deceased husband was man pretty I just coudnt do it I feel that ugly belongs with ugly and vice versa on pretty

  • LUH

    she’s fugly


  • isannah

    she really is a homely girl and trailor trash to boot!

  • Tealeaf

    They look like the Preacher son helping the Hooker with a Heart of Gold

  • lakers fan in boston

    at least jared is logical
    perez keeps blabbing on like a bitch that she is still pregnant even tho he posts pictures of her drinking
    not a day mariah doesnt look desperate for attention, u might have just walked in ur bikini u old hag

  • please please

    People Please!
    This woman is so ugly and pathetic.
    She is old, dying for any attention she can get and is getting used for every cent she has by NC.
    Give me a break.
    Her legs are GROSS.
    I cannot stand her.
    She tries SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to be cool and act like a diva.
    She S*CKS.

  • lalalove

    What in heavens name is going on in St Barts? It’s as though every celeb is there at the moment!

    BTW, I can’t stand her and that “I can’t NOT wear heels” bullsh!t! It’s ridiculous!

  • Raichill

    Ewww, she is just nasty looking.

  • jaye

    Mariah’s out with her son again. I’m sorry, but in every picture he looks like he’s a lapdog.

  • haters never prOsper !

    you know what’s funny ? how everyone has somethinq neqative to say bout her && nick cannon . when all i see is hate . conqradulate them for once i mean damn not everyone finds someone their happy with ! their married so what are they doinq wronq ? nothinq . yeah , she’s aqed && so what there’s somebody for everybody HATERS !

    && if she’s preqnant that child would be blessed also a very beautiful child .

    yall need to qet a qrip && look at the BIG picture which is . . . its not YOU !

  • Yo yo yo

    You can drink red wine while pregnant… a glass a day.

  • Preggo

    Then she’ll look like a pregnant prostitute.

  • David Cook

    having big boobies doesn’t mean pregnant. besides, she’s having them big ever since, so no one can tell just because of that.

  • Tommy


    First of all, she is 38 years old, not 39.
    Second, she is a respected talented singer who is gorgeous and deserves all of her success. I hope for nothing but the best for her and Nick.
    To all you haters, go somewhere else. Maybe go back to kissing Zac Efron and Skankessa Hudgens asses on Disney channel.

  • puke puke

    # 2 & 16 so true well said

  • strange

    who wears heals like like to the beach? They look so retarded together..

  • dreamah


  • dymyn

    still not proof not 1 pic of her actually drinkn wine r eatn oysters i dont think she eats oysters neway bcus she got food poisoning a time win she ate them

  • jazz

    She’s an icon!!! Her albums are listenable after many years which is not something you can say for a lot of singers nowadays. I wish them all the best, including a healthy baby (if she’s pregnant)!!! And can’t wait for new music!!!! MC rocks!!!

  • samara

    why is he wearing his cap like he is 15?

  • http://justjared Soprano

    I’d put money on she’s pregnant! Her face & chest look swollen. She has that “look”about her. She was only saying a while back that she had acheived her diet goals. Most celebrities want to diet before they fall pregnant because they are paranoid about weight gain; which is rather dumb whilst you are pregnant! Maybe that statement was significant.Think comments about her other half are a bit mean however I do agree re the shoes. Good grief, how uncomfortable do they look?! So unnecessary for bumming around the beach. Wish she would try a fringe too………

  • RYAN

    mariah has an amazing voice

    the best part of this outfit is her amazing DIOR sunglasses!

  • u all need to grow up

    u are all just mad cuz together thay make a shit ton of money and u all know that u watch wild n out and listen to her songs and i have 5 friends and my self that are prego and every one showes diffrent and so what if she eating or drinking something that u think will say she’s not preg she is grown and can eat what ever the hell she wants to. so grow up and pull the pole out ur butt just cuz she is happy people wanna bring her down and she is pretty and nick is cute dont hate cuz u know u cant get onyone that looks as good as them

  • http://mariahandnickcannoncomments isa

    I myself am a new recording artist my album is going to be released soon in the future. The commercial album is called Isa, and I sing with the same singing style as the beautiful and very talented Mariah Carey. I think Mariah and Nick Cannon seem to be fabulously magnificent when seen together. They look very happy and look awesome.
    Congratulation Mariah and Nick Cannon

  • http://mariahandnickcannoncomments isa

    I myself am a new recording artist, the album is called Isa and will be released soon in the future. I sing with the same singing style as the very beautiful and talented Mariah Carey. Now to be named Mariah Cannon. I think Mariah and Nick Cannon are fabuiously magnificent when seen together. they also; look, seem, and are just plain naturally happy when seen.
    Congratulations Mariah and Nick Cannon.

  • lalala

    Um..NO she is 39 she was born March 27, 1970…get your facts straight, and mariah isnt doing anything for attention she is simply BEING HERSELF! And she doesnt do what people tell her to do, she is independent and her own person, That’s what every girl should look up to(to being themselves and not what peoplr expect of them) and she is beautiful and has a phenomonal singing voice,deal with it peoplr, just cuz u cant sing like her, habe gorgeous hair like her, and is hot like her dont mean ya’ll gotta talk crap bout her!!

  • lalala

    BTW hER HEELS ARE AMAZING!! AND SO WHAT IF SHE’S OLD kim kattrel is OLDER and look at her in sex and the city, well both of these women are gorgeous(:just had to point that out!!

  • مسلسلات تركيه

    having big boobies doesn’t mean pregnant. besides, she’s having them big ever since, so no one can tell just because of that.