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Star Jones is a Bikini Babe

Star Jones is a Bikini Babe

Star Jones flaunts her bikini body in some sparkly white threads while vacationing in St. Bart’s earlier this month.

The 46-year-old former host of The View revealed some of the staples scars from her 2003 gastric bypass surgery. Star sipped on some champagne and chatted on her cell phone.

Back in March, Star and banker Al Reynolds filed for divorce after three years of marriage. She has been romantically linked to Chef Herb Wilson.

10+ pictures inside of bikini babe Star Jones

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star jones bikini 02
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Photos: TRB/Fame Pictures
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  • Big Mama


  • shel

    i just up shucked my breakfast….what the helll are all the scars on her big belly about? Woman who are large should be proud…but in a one piece

  • pinkrose

    More power to Star. When you have been where she has been weight-wise, this is a major triumph and something to be thankful for everyday of her life. I am sure she is breathing a lot better and feels way healthier.

    Now if only the paparazzi would stop photgraphing people in their private moment. Star is not a movie star or a fashion model laying a claim to physical beauty. Star’s private moments on her private vacation were not for public consumption and so people here should not even bother with the derogatory comments.

    What a way to earn a living….

  • shanda

    Heard alot about her didn’t like how they teated her. but she is better off being there. Glad to see her having fun. What ‘s with people going out of town for the holidys.. Must be fun to do that. Happy New Year Star Jones.

  • Ellie

    You got to give her credit for being brave. I’m not sure I would have the nerve to wear a bikini. As long as she’s happy with her body that’s all that matters.

  • Angie

    Looks like she has gained some weight back. I hope she stays at least that size. She really has come A LONG way! She was 400 pounds or something like that. So even though she doesnt look like the celebrities we see she looks wonderful considering.

  • Tealeaf

    Considering how vain she is, Iam surprised she isn’t in a one piece

  • jess

    she’s still too fat to be wearing that is just nasty

  • Freya

    She looks awesome for 46!

  • sdfhsvs

    you call that bikini babe ?
    what are you f*cking stupid ?

  • jillyro

    46? She looks so much older. Wonder if she one of those who lies about her true age. Closer to fifty-something more like.

  • Me!

    Beautiful beach—-why ruin it with the picture of a beached whale!!!

  • Um…

    She looks……YUCK!

  • qiuxis

    very hot .D .D

  • Geoff

    I agree sdfhsvs, Jared calls everything with a bikini “bikini babe”. I don’t even think he knows what a bikini babe means.

  • lala

    she needs to put some clothes on…..there ARE kids around!!!

  • brie2009

    She looks to fat to be in that bikini!

  • brie2009


  • palvasha

    man peopel here r really critical. she is not that bigggggg

    she has really slim arms compared to the rest of her.

    i dnt think she is ewwww but she sould not be so on diplay, but no one should be. a little nice top would be hot

  • Maya

    normal woman in a normal life
    I would like to see those critics in their 40something.

    What a crazy world, I say!
    Soon women would have to be slim like they are 20 even if they are 70. And say NO! to plactic surgery, also.

  • wtf

    JJ: it’s a slow business day or what?
    wow… this is one delusional woman… no… it’s not confident to flaunt one’s portly self… with all that money & can’t buy her class & style…

  • uhh

    Are all celebrities vacationing in St. Barts ? lol, they’re all over there.

  • JJ


  • Tee

    I don’t have any profound statements besides eeeeeeeeewwwwww.

  • lala

    lol the bikini is saying “get out of me you manatee! I’m for thin girls!”

  • lalalove

    Oh sweet God! WTF is that?

    Note ot EVERYONE: Don’t EVER get caught looking like that!!!!!

  • Erik Everhard

    Bikini Babe? Seriosurly Jared?
    I’ve been inside women alot pretty that, “work of art”.

  • lips,tits smack that old ass.

    Not bad.

  • irina

    I though she would look way worse than that, I am shocked, she looks ok, normal, considering this is a fat country….yes, US people are look like pigs in everyday life….got to the mall and see……

  • bennie

    She has always looked like a turtle to me and I’ve never seen a turtle in a white bikini iuntil now, not bad considering all the scars and cellulite. TURTLES ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  • nph rules!

    Oh, my hell. I think I’m going to throw up the contents of my last ten meals. Apparently one-piece bathing suits don’t exist anymore since everyone seems to only wear bikinis these days, even people like Starlet who just aren’t meant to wear one.

  • ginger

    Bikini Babe? Jared did you start out the New Year festivites a little too early? Or are you just trying to be funny if you are that is just NOT funny. You’re giving the real Bikini Babes a bad name.

  • Candy

    Good for Star. She’s come a long way.

  • aaron

    1 – she doesn’t look good for her age. I know women who have healthier and nicer bodies in bikini’s than her.

    2- She should wear something more flattering. Who cares if she lost a lot & looks better than before. It’s still not right to wear shit that causes nasty bulges in the body.

    3 – Fat = normal BUT it is unhealthy. This is in America. Get over yourselves you fat asses. You guys are unhealthy. SHE is unhealthy. Normal doesn’t always mean healthy. It just mean you are growing unhealthy as a nation. Boney thin is also unhealthy. You guys do not know how to eat or be healthy. I don’t understand how you can call this lady or any other fat star out there “healthy”. You can also be thin and unhealthy. You can also fluctuate in weight and still be in the “normal/healthy weight” range and be unhealthy BECAUSE your body doesn’t have a stable weight and it’s strenuous on the heart.

    Go look at places like Japan, Australia, France, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland. THEY are healthy. They are in the top 10 healthiest countries. America is not. I am American and I’m disgusted by how we live. We are nasty fat pigs.

  • ha

    ew, she’s beyond gross. that’s what having a nasty attitude will make you look like over time.

  • youngpeachez

    I Think she looks really nice to lose all the weight and to be fortyy-six great job star

  • cjean

    Some of you are just ridiculous. I’m no Star fan, I actually think she’s obnoxious and a nasty piece but give credit where it’s due. She was big, for a lot of years. She did something about it. She’s not gorgeous and she’ll never be 20 with a 20 year old body but she’s better and probably healthier too. If you don’t like the way she looks, don’t look at her. Simple as that. The point is, she was unhealthy and she did something about it. She can’t get back the last 20 years so she’s moved on. Most of you posting negatively are probably young and still have the opinion you’re indistructable. As I always say to those snotty young women though…. I know what I looked like at your age and I was hot. I look like this now at 50 and you can snicker because although I look good, I and my body certainly don’t look 20 anymore but YOU DON’T know what you’re going to look like at my age. So, let’s just wait 30 years and see who gets the last laugh.

    On this one though, I’m on Star’s side. She is certainly better than she was and deserves credit for that.

  • aaron


    Yes, cudos to her for losing weight. I am in no way saying it is wrong, but to say she is healthy is only an opinion. We do not know how she lost this weight. She is also still overweight and therefore at risk of weight-related health complications. But even though she is making this progress, it is not right for her to walk around in a bikini like that. It’s not flattering at all.
    I only hope that she is losing the weight slowly in a healthy manner. She will not only prolong her life, but her body will not look as disgusting as it does now.

    Many women in their 20′s also have very nice bodies, but it’s not necessarily from their diet or being healthy, rather, the fact that they are just young and are LUCKY to maintain their bodies until they reach a certain age and then their bad eating and living habits start to work their way physically and noticeably on the body.

    I will never say anyone is healthy, even if they seem to be because it is not always so. So please, you uneducated opinionated people, go read about your health, talk to doctors, research and know wtf is good and bad for you. Don’t look to a diet book for stupid tips and bullshit “science” to tell you how to be healthy. If they worked, America wouldn’t look like Star Jones, Mischa Barton, or Nichole Richie. (To name a few people who are UNHEALTHY)

  • cjean

    The point is she’s healthier now, almost guaranteed, than she was 200 pounds ago. You cannot wake up one day after making a decision to get healthy and body-wise, and whoomph, there it is. There is a lot of gray area from obese to healthy and it’s discouraging and rude to those who have changed their mindset and are working towards fixing it, to constantly hear that they’re still not good enough and being judged every step of the way. She may not be healthy, but she’s much better than she was. Should fat people just curl up in a box until they reach the desired weight and then be allowed out. Who gets to decide what is the right weight, the right look? You say she shouldn’t be out in a bikini like that because it’s not flattering? That’s your opinion, some people may think she looks just fine. Not winning any beauty contests, but just fine. You may look lousy in the color blue, but do I get to tell you that you shouldn’t be out wearing that blue shirt because it’s not flattering.

    The world is going to hell in a handbasket; if she wants to spend her life in a white bikini, and it makes her happy and no one loses a life in the process of making it happen, then guess what….. I say go for it.

    Never thought I’d spend a moment defending this person but there it is.

    She’s more likely to get healthy and fit if she stays encouraged on the journey, along with anyone else using her as inspiration. I’d rather go with that than have her hide away and then peek out when she weighs 97 pounds and is fat-free.

  • holly

    COVER IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tiki

    Actually, the swimsuit is cute.. but I agree a one piece skirt style would have been best.. has them

  • Tdani

    Oh NO….she does not need to be wearing a bikini—a bathing suit maybe, but NO BIKINI–this is an eye sore. The roundness and the surgical liposuction marks are not helping this look AT ALL (:-P

  • mystery

    did anyone notice the bling on we left hand? Things that make you go HUMMMMM!!


    I THINK THAT IT IS MORE DISGUSTING THAT SITES LIKE THIS CAN INVADE SOMEONE’S PRIVACY and then encourage idiots with no compassion to make rude and hateful remarks about anyone’s physical appearance. Are we witnessing a devolution on Darwin’s theory??

    I think everyone who visits sites like these could spend their time more constructively by reading Maya Angelou’s The Haters … you have a lot of time to waste … so I am not going to quote any of it;

    President Obama said in the word of the scriptures … “it is time to let go of childish things”

  • نغمات

    she’s still too fat to be wearing that is just nasty

  • jenny V

    I like this bikini…..WHO IS THE DESIGNER?