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Beyonce: Obsessed! Obsessed! Obsessed!

Beyonce: Obsessed! Obsessed! Obsessed!

Scope out this new movie still via EW of Beyonce in Obsessed, out April 24.

”We did look at girl fights on YouTube,” says director Steve Shill of his research for the film. ”There’s a lot of hair pulling, shouting, and rolling around on the ground. We didn’t really want to do that.”

Obsessed tells the story of the successful career of asset manager Derek (Idris Elba), beautiful wife Beth (Beyonce) and their son. They are put in jeopardy when temp worker Lisa (Ali Larter) starts to stalk Derek.

Watch the Obsessed trailer here!

10+ pics inside of Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrating New Year’s Eve in St. Bart’s…

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beyonce obsessed movie still 01
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beyonce obsessed movie still 03
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Credit: Enfoque; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • mike

    love her!

  • lady t

    love them…God bless Jayonce!

  • Maleficent

    Lawd, they match. Even the Bodyguard is coordinated! That is hilarious!

    LOVE those YSL shoes B is rocking. They look happy. Relaxed. Chillin’. Can’t hate on that!

  • krissykitty

    Sounds interesting too bad Beyonce can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

  • JGP

    she’s so over rated

  • jenny

    i love them! always have been my favorite hollywood couple…in fact “jay-z and beyonce” is my password for practically everything..whoops…anyway—->

    is there a reason why in all of hte pics of them together they’re never holding hands or at least like talking…i feel like theres some tension…or perhaps its just jay-z’s facial expression….anyhow i love him and her and perhaps its just another way of making their private love life more private which i respect

    happy new year! <3

  • sweetie

    She looks beautiful! :-)

  • Glam Girl

    I wish she was better dressed…vacation or not but LO-OVE the YSL Stiletto! She is a fab chic nonetheless and Jay Z is cool!

  • BUI

    the biggest copycat of this decade

  • meg

    is she playing a white woman?

    so much for embracing her color!

  • Lucky

    The film looks fun in a cheesy way.
    Beyonce is so fucking pretty!

  • deka

    sounds like another beyonce stinker

  • Angela

    Sasha Fierce – NOT! At least not on the big screen she just doesnt have it. NOw on the stage and singing she gets an AAAAAAA+++++++++++++ Love her. I will not go to any more movies where she is the starring actress the economy sucks and I can save my money and spend it on something that I will enjoy.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ………………………………..with “TRICK & CHEAT”, folks?

  • Cool

    Is this a remake of The Temp?

  • cute

    They make such a cute couple. They seem happy together.

  • lips,tits smack that old ass.

    Hot girl.

  • Tonya

    I love Beyonce and Jay Z. They are my favorite couple. Keep doing your thing in 2009. Beautiful, rich, talented, famous. Blessings to you both in this New Year!

  • Sassy

    Beyonce is a beautiful girl, but she speaks like a street thug. Her dialect is HOOD. She should take some speech classes and learn to speak like the beautiful woman she is!!! Your husband may be a rapper but you’re not.

  • Lindsay Lohan

    she should start rapping just like jay-z, and jay-z should start singing. that’s what couples are for, you know, giving things…

  • J.ATL

    Jay looks like he is going to kill the photag—-

  • now

    The camel and B is one uglie couple.Now she is wearing her faky curly hair…Shakira wannabee. She can sing but she cannot dance nor act and she copies from all the beautiful latinas.Her moves are atrocious instead of looking cute while dancing to ring she looks nasty.

  • smoke

    Have you ever heard these two talk ????they sound so dumb. No substance they cannot put a sentence together.

  • erikaluv

    i’m sure bey will f**ck up this movie just like cadillac records! i see Just jared deleted the bad comments. is papa knowles paying you? kiss ass!! will all know bey’s ghetto fat ass can’t act!!!

  • ono

    just jared y’all a bunch of kiss ass!! why the f**ck y’all deleted my comment?!! bey suck @ acting. her fat gigly ass is getting old and she’s desperate! She’s too ghetto to be taken seriouly and her voice….honey!!

  • Sexymami!

    if u want to see shit acting then u definately have to see this movie!! bey won’t let u down!

  • Now2

    Nobody but nobody copies you stupid HISPANICS!!! Especially not you poverty-stricken, illegal alien wetbacks and even dirtier BORICUAS! You have no culture and none of you can sing worth a damn! All culture and music in America is by White and Black artist. You people are pathetic she made one lousy song with that horse voice Shakira and now you accuse her of copying? That’s all you BORICUAS ever do is copy. JLO more than anybody so get it straight or don’t get it at all. What is your music anyway? Salsa Shit!! Go hang yourself P.R

  • Francis

    Put the crackpipe down #23 you have had enough! The only decent , half-latin singer out there today is Xtina and she has a black vocal coach and tries to sing R&B, but Brittany is way better. Don’t even bring up ugly couples unless you mention slutty Jennifer and heroin addicted marc Anthony. Everybody in the world knows who can sing and who can’t sing so stop deluding yourself.

  • B Fan

    Bey, does sound stupid when she talks, but then again so does Rosie Perez, so stop hating and shit.

  • J-Z is ugly but rich

    Shakira who?

  • jade

    i looooveeeee meee somme beyonce she is my role model and i will gosee all the fillms.

  • ANTS

    Beyonce is AWESOME!

  • wait a minute

    Shakira, JLo and Christina will never make as much as Beyonce. They will never sing as good as Beyonce. Let me break it down.

    Shakira – about 2 popular songs, no movies, sings like a dude.
    JLO – Overrated, Overexposed, Old now, can’t sing, all those movies and no awards.
    Christina – Good voice but really is up and down with live performances. Did anyone see her at the AMA’s She could not reach her notes, newest album – greatests hits (she doesn’t have that many yet) and after all this time only 4 new songs.
    Beyonce – 3Albums – 10Grammy’s, Excellent Live voice, powerful entertainer, Rave reviews for her role as Etta James in Cadillac records, Several movie Box office hits, Golden Globe nominations, Product endorsements and the list goes on.

  • tadow

    I love Beyonce, and I LOVED her in Cadillac records. You haters need to go sit down. If you don’t like the way she sings, why don’t you go do it? If you don’t like the way she dances or acts or speaks why don’t you go do those things? Freaking haters sitting around and not doing anything but hating. It only tells me that you’re jealous of her obvious talent.

  • Secure enough

    No one in English speaking world cares a rat’s ass about Shakira. She made two decent records and had to use American artist for cross-over appeal. Don’t get me started on that notorious has-been J-LO. And I agree about Christina. She tries to sing R&B and can barely pull it off. I am no big Beyonce fan and I don’t think she has a great voice compard to the truly great R&B artist who can sing her under the table. She bounces around too much and that is getting tiresome. When you have a great voice like Whitney, Aretha, Anita Baker, and so many others, you don’t have to prove your worth by wiggling and jiggling all over the place. That is why our great American music is known and appreciated all over the world with singers and musicians everywhere loving the Blues and R&B. Please don’t include Rap in that category because Rap is shit.

  • Dona

    tyra banks?

  • europeanChick

    nay. definately won’t see, i wasn’t sure before but i am now!

  • CeEH

    Meg #

    TO EVERYONE ELSE: what’s with all the race issues
    Beyonce is beautiful and talented; she can sing AND DANCE AND ACT
    J-LO is talented, so is Shakira & Christina
    fair enough some more than others but the fact remains that, Talent doesn’t choose race, it chooses people

  • CeEH

    btw can anyone tell me if she looks a bit big because of the 15pounds she added for Etta James
    or does she jus look big :S ?

  • LULU


  • tre

    beyonce cant act her cd is wackkkkkkkkk damn im sick of her voice and lame movies put rihanna in a movie

  • tre

    beyonce is not a rolemodel

  • beyonce’s num 1 fan hi haters.

    all you haters need to let it go, my bitch is the num 1 bitch in whatever she does, and has been for a while so fall back, and she killed it in this movie from what i saw so far, and im so sick of ya’ll haten on her ,jealousy will get you no where, it just makes u look stupid and very… tacky ,so if you dnt like her dont go see it ,and dnt buy her music cause she gonna be here not just because she wants to but cause she can. Oh and them other hoes cant see her so stop,

  • beyonce’s num 1 fan hi haters.

    oh and tre i am…. sasha fierce is the shit that album is blood she switch up her style and still kills it so i dont know what the fuck u talking about but get it right.

  • beyonce’s num 1 fan hi haters.

    haters wow all 3 of her albums is fire you are crazy and yo name tre dat means u a dude so what u doing listening to her music beyonce is that bitch so stop haten.

  • southern_gal

    The more she’s in movies, the more light makeup and colored hair they put her on. She looks like a white woman :(