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Bryan Spears & Graciella Sanchez: Wedding Details!

Bryan Spears & Graciella Sanchez: Wedding Details!

Bryan Spears, the 31-year-old brother of Britney Spears had a New Year’s Eve wedding on Wednesday (December 31) with Graciella Sanchez, 36, longtime manager of little sister Jamie Lynn.

The couple tied the knot during a private ceremony in New Orleans with the bride in Carolina Herrera and the groom in Marc Jacobs.

“It was beautiful,” a source tells People. “It was only close family, very small and intimate.”

Guests included Gabriella‘s mother and brother and the entire Spears family — Britney and Jamie Lynn; their kids Jayden James, Preston and Maddie; Jamie Lynn‘s fiancĂ© Casey Aldridge; and parents Jamie and Lynne.

The wedding photos will most likely be sold to OK! or People.

Congratulations to the happy couple!!!

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Photos: Donato Sardella/WireImage, Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
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  • Sarah

    awww she looks really sweet

  • Lolita

    I always thought he played for the other team. Hmmmm. Well I guess another Spears baby is on the way. Congrats!

  • karla


  • sasha


  • Ashamed of him

    OMG!!! Is he blind! She’s a fat, ugly, hairy, OLDDDDDDDDD Maid!!! He has to be on drugs!!!EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW! He is polluting the SPEARS FAMILY TREE! They won’t like this race mixing down South! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!! She is uglllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • Smith

    He could do better.

  • noelle

    well, he is ugly too…so i think this is the best he can get.:)

  • Amy

    Who the hell would buy wedding pics from this? Are you serious?

  • mslewis

    The pictures will be sold to OK or People??? WHY?? Why would anybody care about Britney Spears’ brother marrying some old woman? Strange!!!

    And #5 . . . NOTHING could pollute the Spears family tree. In fact, this hispanic woman might give the family some class.

    And #6 . . . NO, he probably couldn’t do any better. Look who Jamie Lynne hooked up with. And Britney. See my point??


    MSLEWIS…. Jamie Lynn hooked up with the father of her child.. while we are at it.. Nothing could be worse than have him interfere with
    Jamie Lynne’s career… TALK ABOUT polluting the family tree… What is wrong with a hispanic woman… since Jlo is a hispanic and she wanted to pollute Ben’s life that is why he dumped her.. THAT IS HOW SHE ENDED UP WITH ONE OF HER OWN.. AND STAYED WITH HIM
    So what there are several reasons that he lives in L. A not Kentucky…

  • Lolita

    I just read that his wife is a Yale graduate. Go figure…………..

  • bella

    congrats to them :)

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s ugly
    buddy there r so many better and hotter looking hispanic chicks than that
    u married an ugly 1 =[

  • congrats

    She’s a Yale graduate, well, I bet #’s 5 and 10 cannot say that.

    That Hispanic woman has more going for her than the lot of you white trash on this board.

  • a realist

    Congrats to the happy couple. Bryan seems like a nice fella.

  • sasha


  • itstruagain

    So, is his sister pregnant again or what. She hasn’t been seen since the rumor started. (Jamie Lyn)

  • Jean

    She looks sweet. I cannot believe all the shallow, superficial people commenting that “she’s ugly” or “he could do a lot better”. She may not be the most glamorous woman, but she looks fine, just like most of us non-celebs. I wanna see what YOU look like.

    I wish the newlyweds all the best!

  • Layoffher

    Lay off her already! She has nothing to do with Britney’s career and she certainly did not impregnate Jamie Lynn. Graciella is a smart woman who has done so much in her life. She is neither ugly nor old. As far as I am concerned, she is adding a nice branch to the Spears’ Family tree. Felicidades Graciella. Saludos a tu mamá y a Nicolas.

  • lala

    thats an ugly ass woman!

  • dextra



  • David Archuleta

    Who are these folks? I could also let you post news about my neighbor getting married and so what? :(

  • lua

    Lol you guys are pathetic. She looks like a total sweetheart :)

  • lebanese

    she is a yale graduate!!! so shut ur fu**ing mouths everybody!! she cld put each one of u in her pocket!! who cares if she’s pretty or not!? she’s SMART!!! Congrats to Bryan Spears! it’s nice to know there is another gd member in the Spears family!! it’s Britney’s turn to bring a gd member now (unlike kevin federline)!! wish the newlyweds the best!

  • jasmine

    the folks at stormfront.orgwont behappy

  • Fran

    Layoffher and all your other names, is Jamie Lynn pregnant? why is she hiding?

  • Layoffher

    WTF Fran? Not sure why you think I might know if Jamie Lynn is pregnant. I don’t personally know the Spears, so I can’t help you there. Sorry.

  • ryan


  • Milli

    Do he even work. My guess is he live off Britney and Jamie Lynn’s money and now this girl.

  • julia o mahony

    Why are there so many racist comments on this site? Numbers 5 / 10 amd 15 have clearly never even had lunch in a university not to mind studied in yale! Grow up – As long as they are happy – How are any of us to judge them by looks, colour etc…??

  • Alex

    She might not be the best looking woman, but she looks really kind, and nice, I’m sure that most of the people writing hateful comments are ugly inside and out, and their soul is rotten and polluted. Wow she graduated from Yale, what a good example for her new niece, Maddie, and her new nephews Sean & Jayden, as well as for her sister in law jamie lynn. Britney rocks and her fam is cool, but I don’t think their educations stretches very far, is Graciella SPEARS the only educated one in the family now?

  • Layoffher

    Alex…….I agree with you. Although I must also point out that Britney’s mother was actually an elementary school teacher, so she must have a college degree. Granted, it may not be from Yale like Graciella’s is, but she is, presumably, a college educated person. Also, I feel like I should point out that no matter how well educated a person is, we all make mistakes. Some of us, however, make our mistakes for the entire free world to experience. I wish Graciella well and I hope that the Spears clan can clean it up and start making wiser choices…..for the sake of all involved.

  • denise niemczewski

    i wish them both a happy life and beautiful kids. I think they both are very attractive people . God did make some ugly people but the ugly was on the inside. He gave a choice on how to act and some decide to belittle others to make themselfs noticed. antway good luck to both of you dede

  • denise niemczewski

    i wish them both a happy life and beautiful kids. I think they both are very attractive people . God did make some ugly people but the ugly was on the inside. He gave a choice on how to act and some decide to belittle others to make themselfs noticed. antway good luck to both of you dede

  • Jager

    Whoa back her up from the table!

  • lolpop

    She MAY be smart, many get into Yale esp if foreign or minority. She does look sweet, but hispanic women are a no-no in the looks department. And he is average cute, not handsome. So, lucky girl, I guess.

  • smartbrunette

    Too all you young wet behind the ears still people who insists on posting nasty comments here is a bit of FYI for ya
    36 is not old
    not everyone wants a used tramp
    the dude obviously can make his own mind up therefore he must be a man and not a little boy just out for some panocha
    get my drift
    get outta the fake world of hollywood
    welcome back to reality
    and in reality
    there are still people who
    keep it real!

  • Lorena

    Ok, she is ugly! BUT SO WHAT…..????

  • Herlinda

    What is wrong , iam hispanic, iam beatiful, ja ja http://

  • Teaching people proper grammar

    # 29 & 30& Where did the two of you learn grammar at???

  • From_Arizona

    Graciella is a beautiful woman… that picture does absolutely no justice!!! She is a strong, talented woman who was raised by a hard-working mother who put her, and her younger brother, through a top-notch College. She is intelligent and so far has been very successful in her career. Bryan is a very caring and genuine guy–and they both love and compliment each other. // She is 36, she was smart enough to wait for the right guy to come along! He is the brother of a very famous celebrity, but is a down-to-earth guy WITH VALUES and he finally found THE ONE GIRL he was looking for… // MAY THEIR MARRIAGE PROSPER AND MAY IT LAST A LIFETIME!!!!

  • lynedwards

    This is a bad picture of a beautiful girl. Smart, real, loyal and a lot of fun! Just wait for better pics to come out. Be patient.

  • Layoffher

    It’s not even really that bad a picture. People are just being unnecessarily harsh. She has beautiful dimples and is not your typical Hollywood bimbo, so she is not fitting a pre-determined norm. She is a good womand and will undoubtedly make a good wife. She’s a great daughter and a great sister, so she’ll make a great wife I am sure.

  • nyqueenrach

    For all of you who live off the Spears family gossip…yet, they seem to be the ones with no time due to their hard work, which seems some of you seem to be lacking. First, The picture does her no justice…which in a good way…for once they have a bit privacy because the paps are going crazy because they can’t get any info. Secondly, Jamie Lynne is not pregnant….and furthermore…the pictures will not be sold to OK… get your info somewhere else since you are so dead set on knowing. For those of you who defend….we commend you because it seems as though you have better things to do. And to those…who do nothing that criticize when you have no idea because you only believe what you see, which is the tabloids….WE PRAY FOR YOU AND THAT YOU ONE DAY FIND HAPPINESS IN YOUR OWN LIFE! TAKE CARE!

  • gabriel gonzalez

    I actually know Graciela Sanchez ,mom and her brother. All I can say is that I have never met a more driven, more accepting person in my life. She is a wonderful person who comes from a GREAT family. I pray she never reads this and If she does that Bryan knows what he has in his hands. A true diamond. A wonderful human being. a self motivator. A blind to color, true to love, romantic with good looks and obviously a brain.Trully ahead of her times….so is Bryan!!! If all you can see is “hispanic” not only are you ignorant but a true “idiot” I pray for u.
    Graciela and Bryan……Hope you are Happy now and always..


  • Graciella’s Cousin

    # 41 in case you don’t know, her mom did not put her through college, it was her dad, nicolas
    and I know because he is my uncle
    Graciela also has a half-sister, Nicole, and a half-brother that just graduated from U-Con 2 weeks ago

  • Whatever

    Whoa…strong indigenous blood there. All of the Sanchez (can’t say that without thinking of and picturing a Dirty Sanchez) have strong indigenous features. You go inidita!

  • lmaoboy

    bryan spears may not be the best looking guy in the world but any women next to that beach whale would look good i think loads of hispanic girls are hot jennifer lopez selena gomez are just a couple that spring to mind but that sperm gone wrong is nasty doesn’t matter if she was white black asian she would look nasty regardless