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Cate Blanchett: Brad Pitt is Tireless

Cate Blanchett: Brad Pitt is Tireless

Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett was just interviewed by Reuters about her role as Brad Pitt‘s soulmate in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, out in theaters now. Here are the highlights:

This is your second film with Brad Pitt after co-starring with him in Babel” Is there anything noteworthy about working with him that the moviegoer might be interested in knowing/ He is unbelievably committed to what he does. … In both films, there’s been a sense that he’s asked really difficult questions of the film before he’s committed, and he sort of tends to be, I suppose from the outside, a little bit reticent to jump in. But that’s only because he wants to know if he’s going to commit 100 percent, he wants to know that the film’s going to be as committed as he is. And so I really admire him for that. He’s really tireless.

You’re not a dancer by trade, but is it true that you had some childhood dance instruction? Yeah, I studied ballet, but also in drama school the most powerful training for me was the movement training. And look, if I had my way over again, I’d be a Butoh dancer (contemporary dance form originating in Japan), or I’d desperately try and finagle my way into working with (modern dance choreographer) ‘Pina’ Bausch. So, (in Benjamin Button) I worked with Michelle Johnston, who was the choreographer.

BTW, if you haven’t seen Button yet. Run to your local movie theater and see it!!! It’s fantastic.

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98 Responses to “Cate Blanchett: Brad Pitt is Tireless”

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    an oldie Says:


  2. 2
    Love Me Some Cate! Says:

    I knew she was a dancer! Her legs give clue of this. You can always tell. She is a fantastic work of art to me. She is just so good of an actor to me.

    I very much think Brad is a man in personal life and professional life who will work very hard and harder than most if his effort is joined by the others who are with him. If someone isnt trying just as hard and giving the same energy, he doesn’t want to wast time with it.

  3. 3
    Cane Says:

    You sure she didn’t say “Brad Pitt is tiresome.”?

  4. 4
    jens barren womb Says:


  5. 5
    queen bee Says:

    HAPPY New Year J-P fans!!!!!….THE BEST FANS EVERRRRRR!!!…

    fyi….some film reviewer from Christian Science Monitor ( gave a review of Benjamin Button that was really lacking in intelligence or enlightenment….I decided to email him my feelings on the matter….below were my thoughts…

    Dear CS Monitor,

    Your film reviewer either suffers from a severe case of a LACK of ‘nuance detection’, or he is lacking a heart. After reading his review of the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, I’m really questioning whether he actually saw the film!

    This is one of the few reviews of this movie that failed to see anything uplifting, reflective,poinant,bittersweet,touching, or heartwarming about this film. Even the few lukewarm reviews that I’ve read have conceded to some human emotions that connected with them regarding the brevity of life,love,and discontent. Your film reviewer, while pointing out all the faults he’s found with this almost 15 year project, has managed to overlook any hopeful aspects of the picture at all. Methinks someone came into the theatre with some pre-conceived notions, or some chips on his shoulder which had his opinion of the film half way written!…which is a shame for your readership.

    …I’d also like to say that the inference regarding Brads fans being disappointed or grossed out by the way he looks in the film is really condescending, agist, and somewhat sexist. To think that women of all ages cannot accept Brads talent without it being presented to us in a ‘hunky’ package really underestimates his fans as well as women in general. For the Cristian Science Monitors sake, I hope your Film reviewer is not as ignorant and insensitive as he’s portrayed himself to be.

  6. 6
    LLM Says:

    New video (must see please)

    Brad Pitt&Angelina Jolie Love Story – When I Met You by APO HIKING SOCIETY – Thanks for a fan sssssshhhhh posted this song and lyric @JJ site on 12/29/2008.This video is dedicated to Brad and Angie. Wish their love can conquer everything in their way.
    Here is the lyric:
    There I was an empty piece of a shell,
    Just mindin my own world;
    Without even knowin what love and life were all about.

    Then you came,
    You brought me out of the shell;
    You gave the world to me
    And before I knew,
    There I was so in love with you.

    You gave me a reason for my being
    And I love what Im feelin
    You gave me a meaning to my life,
    Yes, Ive gone beyond existing
    And it all began when I met you.

    I love the touch of your hair
    And when I look in your eyes
    I just know, I know Im on to something good

    And Im sure my love for you will endure
    Your love will light up my world;
    And take all my cares away with the aching part of me.

    You gave me a reason for my being
    And I love what Im feelin
    You gave me a meaning to my life,
    Yes, Ive gone beyond existing
    And it all began when I met you.

    You taught me how to love,
    You showed me how tomorrow and today
    My life is diffrent from the yesterday;
    And you, you taught me how to love
    And darling I will always cherish you
    Today, tomorrow and forever.

    And Im sure when evening comes around
    I know well be making love like never before;
    My love, who could ask for more?

    You gave me a reason for my being
    And I love what Im feelin
    You gave me a meaning to my life,
    Yes, Ive gone beyond existing
    And it all began when I met you.
    When I met you.

    You gave me a reason for my being
    And I love what Im feelin
    You gave me a meaning to my life,
    Yes, Ive gone beyond existing
    And it all began when I met you.
    When I met you.

  7. 7
    Cane Says:

    Back off, barren wound, your breath stinks. Go take your pills.

  8. 8
    bdj Says:

    Great Movie. Benjamin Button

    Movie review: ‘Benjamin Button’ is a brilliant work of art

    By Brad Memberto/Staff Writer

    Brad Pitt is shown in a scene from “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” / Paramount Pictures
    At the Academy Awards, Oscar is an old man, but over the years the academy has tried to make the awards show young and fresh.

    That would make it a perfect opportunity for the show this year to honor a beautiful and magnificently made film that is worthy of recognition.

    David Fincher’s “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is a brilliant work of art. The special effects, writing, direction and most importantly the acting in this adaptation of a 1921 short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald is superb.

    Brad Pitt, in the best role of his career, is perfect as the title character — a baby born as an old man who gets younger as the years go by.

    Every part is well cast, especially Cate Blanchett, Julia Ormond, Taraji P. Hensen and Tilda Swinton.

    Blanchett, who starred with Pitt in “Babel” in 2006, plays Daisy as an adult, the object of Benjamin’s affection. Being a great actress, it was not hard for Blanchett to play a character from her twenties to old age. There is a wonderful chemistry between Blanchett and Pitt that wasn’t as clearly seen in “Babel.”

    Ormond, also a former co-star of Pitt’s from “Legends of the Fall” (1994), had no scenes with the Benjamin character, but plays a vital part in the way the story is told. Her subtle performance brings tremendous emotion in this important supporting role.

    Swinton once again proves there is no such thing as too small a part, playing a women who is briefly in Benjamin’s life.

    Hensen plays Queenie, Benjamin’s informal adopted mother. With brash humor, Hensen — in an award-worthy performance — brings the heart and soul to the story.

    The visual effects and makeup in this movie, so important to the believability of the story, are brilliant and not at all a distraction. One can actually believe in the possibility of the transformation Benjamin and Daisy’s characters both go through as they grow younger and age, respectively.

    In his short movie career, Fincher has made several interesting and dark movies, including two with Pitt. The pair worked together in 1995 on “Se7en” and again on “Fight Club” in 1999. His outstanding 2007 film “Zodiac” was one of the most underrated films of that year.

    Perhaps because the two have worked together successfully, Pitt truly trusted what Fincher was trying to accomplish, and worked with obvious ease and confidence in a very demanding role.

    In “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” Fincher is able to blend drama, action, humor and romance into a fully realized story line that is mesmerizing.

    The film covers several important moments in U.S. history and weaves them through the very simple life of the main character.

    “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” will be a leading contender for many major film awards this season, and has already received many Golden Globe nominations.

    Though it has a running time of almost three hours, one will not even notice, and will probably want more. It is the best movie I have seen this year.

  9. 9
    asdf Says:


  10. 10
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    This “HOMO-SEXUAL” has a VIGINA, folks.
    ………………I’M SURE!!

  11. 11
    Felinelilly Says:

    Thanks for the new thread Jared. :) I didn’t know a lot about Cate Blanchett but after seeing her on Oprah I really like her. C’est le nouvel an, Happy New Year 2009! :) Little miss Zahara will be 4 years old next week, I can’t believe how fast the time goes. I remember the pictures of her as a tiny baby in Brad’s arms, with her bottle in his back pocket. Still some of my favorite pictures. Happy New Year! :)

  12. 12
    Jan Says:

    Some believe Cate is more the A-lister actress than Angelina. If so, Brad’s MO is to dump the present partner for the top A-lister. Is Angie going to become a single and ALONE parent soon?

  13. 13
    jen the bignose old bitter hag Says:

    JAN……try again….

    ….we J-P fans already know you are trying to PIT ANGIE and CATE against each other……but it wont work…

    Angie & Cate are friends and worked together before. Angie has a lot of respect for her. They are not competition to one another, because they dont go up for the same parts, and are dominant in their OWN right respectively…

    …try again C*U*N*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe!

  14. 14
    mike Says:

    seriously…wow…the comments….lol

  15. 15
    African Girl Says:

    Yes, Yes, he is….thank you Cate!!!
    And you are BEAUTIFUL!!! :kiss:


  16. 16
    LLM Says:

    Felinelilly @ 01/01/2009 at

    Thanks for your reminding, I’ll repost “Daddy Little Girl” before someone else post my video.

  17. 17
    Cane Says:

    Barren wound, you little twit, I have not emotional stake in Jen-n-Brad or Angelina-n-Brad. I said Brad was tiresome. ..that’s it. Think about it, if you can use that brain of yours…not everybody has orgasms over that boring-as-hell trio. Did I not tell you to go take your pills?

  18. 18
    an oldie Says:

    Barren Womb is no Jolie-Pitt fan. It’s a troll pretending to be. Relax, shouldn’t your employer give you a day off on New Year’s Day?

  19. 19
    an oldie Says:

    JP fans, let’s leave this thread to the troll.

  20. 20
    dani Says:

    Well, I saw BB this week and it was an absolutely fantastic movie. Both Cate and Brad give wonderful performances. Brad is one of our most underrated actors! Glad he is getting some award recognition for BB!

  21. 21
    marcyana Says:

    She’s one of the best actresses today, love her!

  22. 22
    marcyana Says:

    She’s one ot the best actresses today, beautiful and intelligent!

  23. 23
    jens barren womb Says:

    First of all CAN-NINE (as in DOG!)…(as in Marley)…(as in your pathetic idol no longer works with HUMANS…she works with DOGS!!)…

    I know EXACTLY what your STOOOPID A-SSS said, and we J-P fans dont appreciate the cattiness, comprende??? Now I’m gonna keep whippin yo A*S*S until I get bored because YOU need to be taught a lesson!!!…

    Now, …are you cryin uncle already…yoooou PU SSY????

    SECONDLY, “an oldie”….I am most certainly not a ‘troll’ but a devoted fan of the most humanitarian, talented, underrated couple in hollywood!!…now, I’m not sure why you are attacking me, or accusing me of being a troll, but since you are supposedly a J-P fan, I’ll let it slide, but….YOU are kinda suspect…taking up the defence of an obvious NON-FAN who is parked on this thread to cause trouble.. .when they should be on x-17!!!….

    ‘an oldie’ let me wipe the floor with this dou che bag in peace…okay?

    NO ONE COMES ON A J-P thread and takes a swipe at brad without getting their HEAD HANDED to them, kay?

  24. 24
    an oldie Says:

    Barren Womb, you sound just like a poster I know, and he ain’t a JP fan. Actually he is a Scientology Tom’s fan. Just like in any detective story, when you want to find “who dunnit”, look for who benefits the most from the crime. In this case, it’s for sure not the JPs, and not JA either. Who????? Hummmm. Maybe Tiny Tom?

  25. 25
    bdj Says:

    an oldie @ 01/01/2009 at 12:01 pm
    Fug face infamous is at it again. Smearing the fans and the Jolie-Pitts. Just Jared needs to get some controls in place in 2009 to prevent all the name changing, using fans names to smear and post malicious links. Just a suggestion for 2009.

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