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Gerard Butler: Happy New Year!

Gerard Butler: Happy New Year!

Gerard Butler kicks off the new year right, flashing photographers a great big smile as he walks barefoot into the Shore Club from the beach in Miami, Florida on Thursday (January 1).

The 39-year-old Scottish stud was seen fiddling with his Blackberry Pearl and carrying around his Puma “Voltaic” sneakers in black coffee-safari beige-spectra yellow ($74,

Last night, Gerry and Maria Menounos helped count down the new year at Shore Club’s Skybar. Guests included Jared Leto, Kristin Cavallari, 90210‘s AnnaLynne McCord, 90210‘s Ian Ziering (the original class) and Twilight‘s Kellan Lutz.

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Credit: ONeill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • NativeNYker

    he’d look best barefoot & naked…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • bella

    I am sorry but he always looks so impressed with himself. . . and I find that a little unappealing, that and the fact he is a bit of a player.

  • Josie Ann

    Jared, it certainly took you a while to realise that Gerard has a huge following! You’d stopped giving out snippets on him until only the last few days, after he was listed as one of the people/things to watch in 2009, right? Tsk, tsk, tsk! That aside, thank you. I have sorely missed seeing Gerard here on JJ and welcome any and all news on him as often as possible. Cheers!

  • anon

    This guy seems to love attention. He’s in the right industry. Paris Hilton look out. Someone else likes being photographed more than you do!

  • bailey

    Jared I love you for all these great pics of gerry.

    He looks so happy and refreshed :)

  • pafan

    Whatever he’s doin’, it sure is working. Hot bod, hot man. I suppose he wouldn’t be in the business he’s in if he didn’t like the attention – when he’s in the mood for it – that is.

  • Diana_Guminski

    gerbear only shags obese hausfraus like me who live a lonely life in Escondido while cheating on hubby. i live to lie and deceive. and raise my daughter who is Gerry’s love child. angel is so jealous of me because I sleep with Gerry. meh.

  • Diana_guminski

    he can’t stand being away from me even for one night. our daughter needs him so much. he tells me he loves big hausfraus like me.

  • Sissy

    Wow, he is pure Hotness!
    Is there something to the Gerard and Maria stuff? They seem to ummm, hook up at alot of parties, don’t they???

    Cute couple actually!

  • Gerrysgirl

    Bella, of course he is impressed with himself! How could he NOT be? He is pretty darn impressive. I just wish he would shave the neck then he would be pairfect. Yummy!

  • Holly

    He really has the perfect body!!!!!!!

    He is not skinny, not thin and certainly not fat. He has muscles in all the right places. I know alot of guys would would kill for his calves. Seriously, men with skinny calves are devasted and alot have implants. Gerry is pure hot mad muscle. OMG, I want him so badly. I love the messy hair and shorts. He looks like he rolled out of bed and decided to sit on the beach, that is so sexy!!!!!

  • Nelly

    Oh, I love that unshaved neck. To each there own. Jared, wow, just wow. You are really bringing your A Game with all these Gerard Butler pics.

    This will be a great site to see and visit until the losers at IMDb get wind of it and then post a bunch of crap. That is all they do. They need to really find some happiness!

    In any case, thanks Jared and Happy Happy New Year! Keep the GB pics a comin!!!!

  • 2009Party

    He is adorable and I was so excited when my friend text me last night!!!! She was waitressing at Shore Club last night and she said he is so sweet and very funny and drop dead gorgeous (and really broad/huge) in person. He was hanging out with friends and getting interrupted every so often by the models and namely Ms. Cavallari who was wasted but he only gave some model named Ula (who he left with) and Maria the time of day. Also, apparently he only drinks sparking water. I guess he was off the booze last night.

  • Fran

    He is so hot.

  • Nelly

    #13 he does not drink anymore. He is a recovering Alcoholic and has not drank in years now. Nice to see he had a good time. Never heard of Ula, but Miami is full of models so I guess she could be anyone. Good for him. Happy New Year Gerry!!!!

  • gay maybe?

    Good for him???? Picking up models at clubs? That sucks.. what a ho.. I hope he uses alot of protection especially in Miami.. disease capital of the south.

  • macca

    Notice how he’s never pictured with women [unless they're fans] nor reported to be in any relationships with women? Only one explanation… he hits for the homey team. He’s a player, but truth will come out of the closet one of these days.

  • Karen

    He didn’t hang with any model named ‘Ula’. He left the club chick free with his all male entourage as usual. No one ever sees this guy leaving with a date. Most of the crap you see is for cameras and it always ends up here where he’s guaranteed to get attention.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …;one hit wonder.

  • Cane


    He’s goober.

  • Cane

    He’s a goober

  • yo mama

    Scottish Stud!!!!!

  • mr asschaps

    Gimme a G
    Gimme an A
    Gimme a Y

  • john

    attention whore. When was the last time he ever had a good movie?

  • JJ


  • pafan

    OK, why don’t you people who live to dis celebrities take it elsewhere? Have you ever read a quote from anyone who really knows this guy who has EVER said one bad word about him? People who know him have only said he is one of the nicest, sweetest people they know. If there is any controversy about him, it would have come out somewhere in the last 10 years from someone with a NAME not afraid to be quoted. But not one word. Not one remotely nasty thing.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    THAT’S MY BUSINESS, you moron!!

  • pafan

    Did my post go somewhere lost in cyberspace? ONE more time. No one who knows Gerry in real life has ever been quoted as saying one miserable thing about him. They say he is one of the nicest and sweetest people they know. Get over it. Until someone with a name is willing to be quoted otherwise, I’ll continue to believe in him.

  • miami?

    Why so many clothes on the beach . . . he has sexy legs judging by the other pics the other day . . . he should show them off more. I don’t think it is modesty . . .he sure is not afraid of the way too tight t-shirts.

  • Sister Foxy Loxy

    What a hot bastard.

    I would fu_ck him til his eyeballs popped out.

  • Notice?

    Notice anything weird lately??
    This guy may be hot to most of his fans, but I have seen so many pictures of him laterly where he is ALONE.
    Alone or with his male friends.
    Sitting on the beach alone, not swimming ,not talking to women…excuse me isnt that a bit weird?
    He looks kind of lonely, and kind of misplaced.
    Miami,NY or LA, I never see him with a g/f for a long time doing nice things.

    And I do not like his Moobs.But that is just MO.

  • nycgal

    he has beautiful legs, and nice feet.

  • Popeye

    this guy hates papz :)

  • Crowwoman

    Ahhhaaa… He is sober, he left a party with a model, female one of course, and he doesn’t look like shit lately. Uhm yeah.
    Pretty barftastic life you seem to have, Gerry. But whatever suits you, man.

  • Lily

    Awww…I Love those pictures of Gerry. It’s nice to see him soaking up the sun. Miami has some nice beaches. I love walking along the ocean…He looks great!! I’m sure he needed some R and R before heading up to film soon. I can’t wait to see the outcome of Law Abiding Citizen. Looks like it could be a good movie and I know Gerry will give a 110% performance. Look for his name in 2009…He’s got some great films lined up..

  • Crowwoman

    Great films, Lily? Give us some titles.

  • weetiger

    Crow Woman will you give it a rest? You don’t know the man any more than I do. Either enjoy the pics or don’t, as is your right. Personally, I do, very much. But is there really any reason to be spewing so much negativity?

  • http://n/a Peachy

    #37 – I agree with #38. No offense, but you kind of come off sounding like a jilted lover.

  • Singlelady

    crowwoman is a joke. She’s one of those IMDB loons. What’s funny is in her bio over there she has a link to Gerard Butler videos she’s made put to music. WTH is that about.?

  • Lolita

    I see the moobs are back. God, he must be a DD at least. Don’t let him run, or he’ll get two black eyes!

  • Gerry’s girlfriend

    Gerry loves wearing ladies panties. It…well, it excites him. He was wearing my thong when we went to this party. Hi sexy.

  • pafan

    Wonder where all Crow’s hatefulness comes from. Was she one of the handful of fangirls who burst into flames when they finally realized Gerry is a flesh and blood human being and wasn’t born in a stable in Bethlehem?

  • Jennie

    What tiny feet he has for a man of that height. Big hands and tiny feet.

    Ladies feet.

    AND ladies breasts.

  • Crowwoman

    ROTFLMAO. You’re so funny, girls. What kind of a problem do you have with me? Gerry is a big boy, he wont be sitting and crying in corner because of some, more or less bitchy comments on a gossip site. Anyway all of you fail to mention some of these great movies he has lined up.

    And yes, I know he is a flesh and blood human being. I don’t wear a rose tinted spectacles like you. I pity this man, because he seems to pretend to be someone who he isn’t and his career goes pretty much downhill, along with his looks. Sorry to see a talented man going down like that.

  • Singlelady

    crowwoman, what’s with your love videos to Gerard? You failed to address that.

  • Crowwoman

    I like Gerard, I like many of his movies and characters, and I like to make the videos. What is so strange in that?

  • dave

    #43 pafan

    You d*ck-wad. Fron what she is saying I think this Crowwoman knows he’s not the Messiah. Is this point going over your head? You sound more batsh*t crazy than she is.


    Everyone is allowed their opinion, get it!

  • Singlelady

    LOL, Then let me have my opinion turd!

    Crowwoman is as dellusional as they come. Makes love videos by night and talks trash by day, yes that’s rational.

    Dave, crowwoman, whomever you are, bite me! LOL.

  • Crowwoman

    These are not love videos and I am not Dave. But it’s hard to discuss with someone who knows better than me who I am.

  • Lily

    Well..There’s Law Abiding Citizen, The Hanging Tree, possibly The Untouchables, The Ugly Truth is coming out in April and Game is coming out sometime this summer….For some who think he doesn’t have a career in movies…. I beg to differ…Some of his earlier works were great like The Jury, and Please….and 300 was pretty damn good. I enjoyed “Shooters” too…His part as Jackie Jr was fabulous. If given the right story and script…I think Gerry could have great potential. He is very talented and from his interviews and guest spots he seems like a likable guy.