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Kelly Clarkson: Heart Lollipop Lover

Kelly Clarkson: Heart Lollipop Lover

OMG! She’s really, really back!!!!!

Kelly Clarkson just released the cover for her upcoming single, “My Life Would Suck Without You.” Looks like she’s really prepping for Valentine’s Day with that heart lollipop of hers!

The song, which was written by Max Martin and Dr. Luke, will be released to radio on January 19. The 26-year-old original American Idol champ is scheduled to release her fourth studio album on March 17, 2009.

WB, Kelly!!! We missed you!!!

Kelly posted a video from this photo shoot, which you can watch here.

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63 Responses to “Kelly Clarkson: Heart Lollipop Lover”

  1. 1
    laura Says:

    aweeee love her!

  2. 2
    kevin Says:

    too bad it looks so plastic and photoshopped
    I’m positive she looks a lot better!!

    (maybe she shouldn’t have worn the red thingie, and just the lollipop)

  3. 3
    lexxi Says:

    i never really liked kelly, but cool if she’s back. i always thought she was kind of ungrateful.

  4. 4
    Shelby Says:

    Love it!! Can’t wait for KC’s return to radio!!

  5. 5
    julien Says:

    That cover is so artificial!!!! Looks like something that was photoshoped!

  6. 6
    Brandon Says:

    AH! I woke up this morning and saw it in my e-mail, it was AMAZING!
    Haha, I seriously am loving this single cover. Much more inventive than alot of other single covers I’ve seen lately, and very much fits the theme of the song from what I can see. (gives the word “suck” a whole new meaning with the lollipop haha)

  7. 7
    kellykellykelly Says:

    Welcome back indeed, I missed you so much. Who gives a crap about photoshop, I came for the amazing voice.

  8. 8
    Laura Says:

    I’m pretty excited!

  9. 9
    Kasey Says:

    I love it it! She looks so beautiful. Bring on the new single and album!!!

  10. 10
    flutters Says:

    I wanted a cover that’s more fun. This looks too posed and airbrushed.

    But I bet the song’s a smash! Please Kelly come back and show Taylor Swift who the REAL pop queen is!

  11. 11
    YUDA Says:


  12. 12
    Jessica Says:

    Ehhh, not crazy about it.

  13. 13
    nice! Says:

    Photoshopped or not, that is a sexy cover! If you look at other Mike Ruiz photo’s they are all like that. I love it.

  14. 14
    grinch Says:

    wow, I bet Kelly wishes she looked like that.

  15. 15
    Dyna Says:

    Can’t wait to hear it, I like her other songs so I’ll probably like her new stuff too!

  16. 16
    bella Says:

    Did she get some plastic surgery or something???
    It does not even look like her.

  17. 17
    vanessajonas Says:

    great! i miss her since her first album

  18. 18
    Bong Says:

    Who the hell is that on the cover? Kelly is 50 pounds heavier than that computer generated thing. Someone up there said she looks so pretty. Well duh because it doesn’t look like Kelly.

  19. 19
    Stephen Says:

    She looks ******* gorgeous! I can’t wait for the new single. I’d love to be that lollipop. :P

  20. 20
    Anakellya Says:

    super excited! Kelly looks amazazingggggggg (: she never went anywhere but i’m glad the new album is dropping :D let’s hope 2009 is Kelly’s year :D

  21. 21
    Lianne Says:

    She looks like a blow up doll.

  22. 22
    rymanitis Says:

    FABU!! I love everything about it, the colors, the retro look, and Kelly looks beautiful. Now, bring on the single!!

  23. 23
    bee Says:

    AHHHHHHHH!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t freaking believe it
    I love Kelly…….I am buying that cd, it looks awesome!!!

    just fabulous, just glad she’s finally back ^_^

  24. 24
    jonathanv Says:

    Welcome back indeed!!

    I love the cover for this single. I’ve always liked her.

  25. 25
    Joao Says:

    I Love it! Great photo. Kelly has the most beautiful eyes!

  26. 26
    itzzzkimmm Says:

    She looks totally GORGEOUS!!! can’t wait!!

  27. 27
    deka Says:

    definitely photoshopped, julian
    but she actually looks good

  28. 28
    kayzee Says:

    Kelly has a great voice, but idk, I never really saw her as being as glamorous as that. It’s great that she’s coming out with new stuff though

  29. 29
    bey rocks Says:

    i loove her

  30. 30
    Elizabeth Says:

    Whether you like K or not, this song is going to be AH MAZE ING. Max Martin is a musical GENIOUS!

  31. 31
    somebody ;D Says:

    oh :O
    she is loooking great.;

  32. 32
    jelli Says:

    She is fugly even photoshopped. She is fat and anything but glamorous and has an ugly face.

  33. 33
    sanji Says:

    i love her!!!

    so good to see her again after all this time! (i don`t count being reba’s wingwoman as anything great)

  34. 34
    pete Says:

    wow! she looks DAMN good! congrats to her for getting her career back

  35. 35
    Blake Says:

    Wow. Airbrushed yes, but so hot! Who doesn’t get airbrushed on thier single covers? The pictures is getting me excited to see what this new sound is going to be like. Welcome back Kelly.

  36. 36
    Caian Says:

    I love it!! Beautiful…

  37. 37
    David Cook Says:

    You can’t go wrong with her. Any album she’s putting out is a kick in the ass! Go Kelly!

  38. 38
    lua Says:

    this is so photoshopped my eyes hurt

  39. 39
    jasper Says:

    Come on, Baby girl! Bring it on. Can’t wait

  40. 40
    Jonathan F. Says:

    haha, cool cover. looking forward to hearing her on the radio again

  41. 41
    yoyo Says:

    Too bad she had to sell her soul to make another album.

  42. 42
    alicia Says:

    HAHA yoyo.
    it’s called a compromise.

    she made my december and said she would make what the label wanted next time.
    this album will still be kelly, she always puts out music that she can relate to.

  43. 43
    Jim Says:

    I like the cover, this is actually making me very curious about how the sngle will turn out. Can’t wait! I get why the lollipop is there too lol Love this other side of her, even though she was just as beautiful in her My December and Breakaway eras

  44. 44
    Impatty Says:

    The album cover is supposed to look airbrushed and artistic. I love Kelly and am so excited to hear her new single and album. She is the best singer out there by far and she is just a very cool, down to earth adorable person.

  45. 45
    sara Says:

    ugly or hot, it doesn’t matter because this girl can sing! can’t wait to hear her new stuff. my december was an amazing album to those that gave it a chance and i can only hope that kelly’s new album will bring her back to the top of the charts. very excited for the new single to drop.

  46. 46
    Brandon Says:

    This photoshoot was done by Mike Ruiz, and for any of you who recognize his work, all of his photos are very artistic and yes, photoshopped (Lady Gaga is a good example)…. but whose aren’t these days?

    I’m really excited for this new era of KC! And for the record, she’s not selling out, she actually picked every song on the upcoming album on her own… no one told her to pick any of the songs, including this single. Plus she’ll still have several writing credits on this album. It’s very much a compromise.

  47. 47
    Brian Says:

    SO HOT!

  48. 48
    Callie Says:

    that video wasn’t from this photoshoot…
    album photoshoot was awhile back…
    during the 2w2v tour…
    w/ mike ruiz…

    that shoot was the video shoot…
    or something like that…


    i can’t wait til the single!

  49. 49
    melissa Says:

    she looks really pretty!

  50. 50
    TY Says:

    she looks hot!

  51. 51
    Chicago's#1KellyclarksonFan Says:

    Kelly Clarkson is back people!! She has one of the most Amazing Voices in the world.. and people are worried if the cover is photoshopped?? Please people.. Regardless if it is or not.. She looks really amazing!! She looks just as ready for a come back to the top of the pop charts as we are ready to have her back!!! KElly Clarkson RULES… I can not wait for the new single and new album!!!

    Go Kelly!!


    Chicago’s #1 Kelly Clarkson Fan
    Philip Leodoro

  52. 52
    Tyler Says:

    i love the single cover. can’t wait to hear the new song

  53. 53
    Kelly Rocks Says:

    YAy she back, i love her she a great role model for young girls and she is so talented. can’t wait for her next smash hit and she looks lovely.

  54. 54
    JonathanKC Says:

    The cover’s so beautiful . Wow.

    I can’t wait to her the song . Wow.

    The lollipop is too big for her mouth .. haha

  55. 55
    tessa Says:

    wow! so gorgeous! i really want the single out now!!

  56. 56
    Brandon Says:

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the new album will be titled “Masquerade”.

  57. 57
    yeah Says:

    yeah the new album title is “masquerade”.

    it’s the 4th one down:

  58. 58
    entertainmentidiots Says:

    do you people not realize that every actor, actress, singer, etc are photoshopped on EVERY single cover of a magazine and such?? no one in the entertainment industry actually looks at good as they do on the covers of different things. its to sell it and make people look better then us “mere mortals”. i mean, c’mon. i just want to hear Kelly’s music. i couldn’t give a crap about the picture.

  59. 59
    çiçekçi Says:

    For sharing thank you very much good very beautiful work

  60. 60
    mary Says:

    awesome shes back (L)

  61. 61
    aBigail Says:

    woah. i didn’t even know it was her. the picture is wayyyy toooo photoshopped. and she’s back! *wooot*

  62. 62
    lizzie Says:

  63. 63
    Rena Says:

    I just like the lollipop. I wish I had a lollipop right now…

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