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Solange Knowles Rocks Yellow Eyeshadow

Solange Knowles Rocks Yellow Eyeshadow

Solange Knowles sports a solid streak of yellow eyeshadow while performing her hit song “Sandcastle Disco” onstage during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2009 at Center Staging on Wednesday (December 31) in Burbank, Calif.

Watch Solange‘s performance after the jump!

Other pictures include Solange wading in the water earlier in the day at Miami Beach.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Solange’s eye makeup — HOT or NOT? Would you want to see other fun eye makeup designs on other performers?

10+ pictures inside of Solange Knowles rocking yellow eyeshadow…

Solange Knowles – “Sandcastle Disco”, 12/31/08
Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2009

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solange knowles yellow eyeshadow 03
solange knowles yellow eyeshadow 04
solange knowles yellow eyeshadow 05
solange knowles yellow eyeshadow 06
solange knowles yellow eyeshadow 07
solange knowles yellow eyeshadow 08
solange knowles yellow eyeshadow 09
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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for DCPNYE, Flynetonline
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  • Anonymous

    she should just really give up. she will never be like her sister.

  • Lucky

    Cute, but her sis got the looks in the family.

  • dave

    Jared, the song she performed was “Sandcastle Disco”, NOT ” I Decided”…just wanted to let u know!
    and solange is awesome! shes pretty original and funky and cool!

  • deka

    she’s channeling star trek

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Dave!

  • .

    aahahahahahahahah wtf is that tape??? lmao i never knew anyone who actually WANTED a unibrow!!! rofl lmaooooooo

  • Angie

    Totally NOT! It was such an ugly look. and to the first comment I agree, her voice is nothing great compared to her sister’s, sorry solange…but i’ve heard people like you before, your not original.

  • Angela

    I was embarrassed for her. She started the song out so weak it was just terrible. The tape across her face was ridiculous. The camera wouldnt even do a close up of her during her performance. It was the craziest thing I have seen in some time.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    That “WEIRD” smile is really “IN THE FAMILY”, folks!!

  • brenda

    That yellow make-up was the stupidest thing that I have ever saw and the dress or skirt was ugly.

  • shel

    what the helll grade is she in? this is so juvi, it reeks of embarassment…there is class, and then there is just plain stupid..shes’ filed under the stupid files.

  • Kayla

    I don’t get why she’s even famous (of course just because of her sister… what a shocker) and she seems like such a snob too.

  • tulino

    she should give up, what a looser.
    Beyonce is the good, and solange is the bad and the ugly of the family

  • reni

    im liking the eyeliner :D

  • brie2009

    WTF is up with the eyeshadow? Like #1 said, nothing from this girl stands out. Also I don’t know if this is true but I heard that she had a child at 17?!

  • me me me

    shouldn’t make-up make you look better, not just plain weird?

  • Not impressed by JA

    She sould go back to highschool or get some acting lessons.

  • Not eyeliner

    It’s a sticker, it’s not even on her skin all the way, so parts are sticking up.

    I do agree though, it’s horrible!

  • Mel

    What’s so funny is, it does not matter what she does. I believe the Pr agents will make her a star. You can hate stars all you want they still will have #1 records, sell out tours and sell their products to make millions thanks to Pr agents.
    It’s not about talent any more it’s about paying Pr agents. Long as ugly hacks like Jennifer Aniston and douche bags like John Mayer pay their Pr agents then they will be on top.
    John Mayer wants to be on TV so he make a secret deal, someone pay the Pr agent. then the Pr team make is happen. Look how they over hype Jen it’s not about talent. Look at the phony pr stunts they pull. Look at the photo shopped GQ cover to make her more attractive and get men attention just before her movie was released. Look at the phony tabloid leaks. It’s all fake to keep the two phony hacks name in the media.
    Notice Mayer slowing down in the music world, he wants to stay in Hollywood and be a TV star now. So the Pr agent couple him with Jennifer Aniston, who needs to keep her name in the media to sell her movie. Mayer don’t have time to work on music he has to invest his time into the phony pr stunts.
    The two pull publicity stunt after publicity stunt. Tabloid leak after tabloid leak and not to mention the phony so call fans on line trying to persuade you that Jennifer and John is the best thing in the world. How about web sites that are paid to hype and sell these so call stars. It’s all Pr hype, worked at all angles. That’s where these stars are coming from today.
    Talk about Solange all you want I’m sure Beyonce will make sure the Pr agent is paid and that just puts her at the top. Next we will see Solange coupled with another man in the business who also needs publicity.
    Why is it acceptable for Jennifer Aniston or John Mayer and not for Solange?
    Blame the business because it has gotten very crooked. It’s not about talent any more, it’s about over hyping a person.


    who cares about her anyways??!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    jared cares… for some strange reason.

  • erikaluv

    NOT!! SHe’s da ugliest chick in da industry right now.

  • Angela

    Mel, get a life and quit worrying about Jennifer Anniston, obviously the Country Disagrees with you. And you shouldnt go there with media whores and photoshopped pics…uhmmm… Angie Jolie…

  • Mel

    Angela I don’t give a cr*p about Angie but you sure do. You should get a life and let that triangle mess go because it has driven you mad. Aniston’s name was the first random name I came up with I could have use loads more. You are a little touche about your Goddess Aniston. You have been in that triangle fight so long you can’t see straight. Feel free to bash Angie all you want because I’m not a fan of hers. Your Goddess Aniston is a big publicity wh*re and plays the game to stay in Hollywood with no talent. If it were not for Pr agents Jen would be no where.
    Point is if a hack like Aniston can stay in Hollywood then Solange have every right to be in Hollywood. She is no worst that any one else.
    By the way I’m not a Solange fan either before you start bashing her to.

  • Noorj

    Guys, guy, guys, you need to cut her some slack! I think the yellow eyeshadow is something new and totally 2009. Thats what fashion is all about, trying something unique n new. She is nothing like her sis cuz Beyonce is more ballady n don’t get me wrong, love her, but solange has a funky and fresh vibe to her. Guy don’t you think that she is sick of being compared to Beyonce? She is trying to someone, not labelled as Beyonce’s sister k. And as far as looks go, I think its shallow to rate someone on their looks n she is beautiful.

  • lalalove

    Sad to say, but she’s starting to look better than her sister these days interms of her STYLE, that is.

  • KAsia

    I adore her. She is fresh and original and she should be more appreciated then her sister. WHy you people care so much about her look? does it matter when they perform? at all. But there are shallo w people who think that artists should be perfect in terms of looks. Well, it seems that you are the products of mass media. Sad to read you.

  • nene

    i absolutely love solange i actually like her more than her sister don’t get me wrong i like beyonce but it seems like you hear the same stuff from her but anyway ummm #12 i don’t think she’s famous cause of her sister because if that was the case she would have been famous when destiny child started getting really sooo that just says she’s good at what she does and the yellow thing is cute its different don’t hate okay people just cause you don’t have creativity or should say enough confidence in yourself to not car what people think

  • Kimi

    It’s hard on black performers than others. Sad fact she will be put down more because some people are just prejudice.

  • tom

    I think the eye shadow will be a trend setter. I think Solange is very sexy and pretty. You will see more women wearing this you watch and see Solange is the best. She is soo HOT!!!!!

  • lajuan

    I like solange. She’ s her own person, she don’ t have to be like her sister. Beyonce is over rated to me anyway. Solange is perfect she’ s not trying to outbeat anybody. She’ s doing her own thing. Go Solange. I love your style, because your music is different, and you don’ t yell & scream when you sing. LOL!

  • lajuan

    Go Solange do your thing. Yellow eyeshadow or yellow sticker it rocks! it’ s different, and eveybody will be doing the same thing soon give it some time. Haters will hate. She don’ t have to look like Beyonce or sing like Bee. I love her, becasuse her music is different. Go Solange!

  • MJ

    Her makeup looked retarded, and her skirt looked like a lampshade. Whatever look she was goin for she missed.

  • MJ

    Her makeup looked retarded, and her skirt looked like a lampshade. Whatever look she was goin for she missed.


    TRUST me she is on to something! I LO-OVE interesting ppl. You can not compare Solange to the incredibly talented Beyonce but the girl is darn interesting and she HAS style.


    SOLANGE, DO YOU BABY!!! When I was watching your New Year’s Eve performance, I said your eyes looked so HOTT and ‘popped’ in front of the camera. You are truly setting a new fashion trend for ’09 with that boldness. I’ve already contacted my MUA to do that on my eyes for my next photo shoot!!! I applaud your efforts in being your own person and singing the type of music YOU love and that’s all that really matters. You must be doing something right if your records are selling and people care enough to comment about you whether negative or positive, lol Plus, a lot of people think you just started all of a sudden, but you’ve always been on the scene since before DC started, it just wasn’t your time to come to the forefront. Keep up the good work and let the haters talk….it will only make you stronger!

  • Sashafierce

    Why are you’ll so mean to her?
    Solange got her own style, and that’s what I like about her.
    You’ll talking like she’s a witch while we don’t even know her!
    I’m a diehard Queen Beyoncé fan, and I always will be!
    But Solange her music is very good as well for a starting artist!

  • Yatta

    I Love Solo. I think the look is great on stage for a performer. I pratical life I’d love to rock it but i know i’d just look silly. I love how everyonce on the blog makes unfair comparisons to her sister. They are two dif. people with dif. sounds. I resept ya’lls opinions but dang… it get to the point where y’all are relentless.