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Alessandra Ambrosio: Happy New Year!

Alessandra Ambrosio: Happy New Year!

Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio and her beau, California businessman Jamie Mazur, celebrate the New Year on Thursday (January 1) at Playa Cafe’s Cafe de la Musique in Brazil.

The couple recently welcomed their adorable daughter, Anja Louise Ambrosio Mazur, on August 24, 2008.

According to Daily Kos, Alessandra earned $6”9 million this year, just for modeling. She and fellow supermodels Kate Moss, Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima average about $70,000/day.

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  • hi

    brazil <3

  • Gina

    Alessandra Ambrosio is from Brasil but she is ethnic Italian for those of you who didn’t know that Brasil has lots of people there from throughout Europe. Italians rule!!!!

  • Silvana

    Brazil always has very Beautiful woman,Brazillllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Tealeaf

    She is sort of average looking, I don’t see striking ..when I see her. You can find her on any college campus

  • imaginaque

    You’re right, Gina, most countries have multi-ethnic populations! Brazil, for example, has a large number of people of Japanese descent. Who woulda thunk it, huh ;-)

  • Lolita

    I love her daughter’s name. Alessandra is starting to lose her looks but maybe he’ll still marry her someday.

  • me

    wow she’s really pretty. i don’t know what TeaLeaf is talking about but alessandra stands out to me.

  • francesca

    She looks healthy and tired. I think she is gorgeous

  • jukl

    the best of Alesandra is that she always has i big smile on her face! amazing Alessandra..

  • Tealeaf

    Where does Alessandra stand out, she isn’t exotic looking. Does she standout because she is tall and skinny. Her face is long and her eyes are small. Their are ALOT more pretty and exotic Brazilian women..

  • aline

    Brazilian people don’t need to look exotic!
    We arent animals!
    Shut up Tealeaf!

  • imaginaque

    You’re right, Aline, Brazilian people don’t need to look exotic!

    I know quite a few Brazilians, and they’ve always struck me for being open-minded, not taking trivial matters seriously, and appreciating fun times!

    One of my “places to go before I die” is Brazil during Carnaval!!

  • Tealeaf

    No they don’t need to look exotic, but Alessandra has a mouse face..sorry I don’t think she is a great beauty,especially among models… cute..but that’s it. I can name alot more Brazilian models who are more attractive, like Ana beatriz Barros, Adriana, Emanualea de Paul just for starters..She looks plain compared to them.

  • Dieter

    Jared you got a picture of her smoking a hot little cigarette once in a while? I like to wank an Ale having a smoke. I wanna lick her pooper while she smokes a Marlboro Lights !!!

  • Bea!



    It’s a pRaia café, with an R :)

  • lakers fan in boston

    how many outfits did she wear….
    i think she looks best in the white dress, i dont like her much in the other photos
    hope u had a happy new year alessandra
    btw she has some huge feet lol =]

  • Lindsay Lohan

    she’s brazillian? most chic in there were gorgeous and meaty, this one is not. she looks like a haggard chic from california

  • Julia

    I LOVE YOU, ALE! =] wow! that’s a nice place to go… Cafe de la Musique! I LOVE IT!! SOOO NICE…

    i’m actually from Brazil, and she is SOO not ugly, TeaLeaf.. come on! gimme a break.. she’s better than Ana Beatriz Barros.


  • aaa

    was ana beatriz barros there

  • Madonna


  • Disturbed

    Once again, WHAT IS WITH ALL THE LINKED WORDS WITHIN YOUR POSTS LEADING RIGHT BACK TO THE SAME POST? Why bother making them linked words if it leads to the same article you are reading!? I don’t get it and you do it constantly. Makes no sense at all.

  • destret

    omg! what is the problem with these people? Alessandra is amazing, she has a perfect face and a very good energy! i cant understand.. and you lindsay lohan, give me a break! you’re the most chic of california, and said that about Alessandra? LOL come on guys, im from France, here we have a lot of beautiful woman, but i’ve never seen a woman like alessandra here .. she is fantastic!

  • destret

    most chicken i mean ..

  • stephie

    I understand the point of somepeople.. i dont think that Angelina Jolie is beautiful for example, and a lot of people do! Taste is taste. But please, we dont need to be rude and to offend the girl.. She doesnt need to be perfect at these pics, she is not at a mag editorial or at a vs catalogue, she must be enjoying her family and friends in Brazil,
    so, she can relax and doesnt care for it..The name of it is vocations guys!!!!! I guess that everybody here[at lest women] would like to be like Alessandra Ambrosio one day anyway!!

  • ruan

    while you guys are talking about her feet, look or outfits, she is drinking some “brazilian caipirinha” and having good times with her friends in a paradise called BRAZIL .. LOL

  • lorenne

    i dont like her kind of beauty but one think i recognize, she knows choose babie’s name!! the name of her daughter is the most beautiful name for girl that i’ve seen in my whole life….Anja Louise!!! i’ll give this name if i have a daughter one day!! Well done alessandra

  • maicon

    Alessandra is HOT!!!! Good Ale, is good to see you back at VS catalogues!!!! back for us!! L.A is waiting you…

  • Jessy

    i think alessandra gorgeous!!! did she really have a baby? lol

  • karen

    im not an alessandra ambrosio fan, and used to not like her, but i was at Miami airport once when i saw her, i asked her a photo for give to my boyfriend LOL and she was very sweet and simple with me! we talked and even drink a coffe together! She is a very nice girl..Happy new year Alessandra and congrats for the beautiful babygirl!!

  • daniel


  • david

    i guess alessandra very exotic and gorgeous ! and i dont think that i can find a woman like her at my university … :(


    between 6 and 9 millons ? congrats Alessandra!!! you’re gorgeous and millionare , so i dont need to wish you a happy new sure that you’ll have it LOL..

  • Jay

    Her boyfriend Jamie Mazur is a con man not a “business” man.

  • giovana

    Olha, pra mim a Alessandra tem uma beleza diferente!
    Ela tem um olhar penetrante, um corpo perfeito mesmo após ter uma filha, e ela simplesmente arrasou no victoria’s secret fashion show! A ale é modelo desde os 13 anos, ela nasceu com esse dom, e não há o que mude. Ela desfila bem, as fotos dela são maravilhosas… e ela é brasileira! meu deus, ainda há quem diga que a Alessandra é feia…


    Look, for me to have a beauty Alessandra different!
    She has a penetrating gaze, a perfect body even after having a daughter, and she just destroyed in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! The model is Alessandra since the 13 years she was born with this gift, and that there is no change. She parades well, the photos are beautiful … it and she is Brazilian! my God, there are still those who say that Alessandra is ugly!

    Forgive the mistakes, I do not speak English very well

  • alessandra ambrosio fan

    Alessandra is HOT and gorgeous!!! Looking Fab even after the babY!

  • Mariana

    Alessandra is the most beautiful woman in the world, had to be a brazilian girl! Haha! <3