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Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Are PUREfection

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Are PUREfection

Ashlee Simpson and husband Pete Wentz take on hosting duties at the PUREfection New Year’s Eve party at PURE nightclub in Cesar’s Palace, Las Vegas on (Wednesday December 31).

1-month-old baby son Bronx Wentz sat this party out while his rock star parents counted down the seconds to midnight and celebrated the New Year with a kiss along with a club filled with partiers and guests such as Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

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Photos: Judy Eddy/WENN
Posted to: Ashlee Simpson, Heidi Montag, Pete Wentz, Spencer Pratt

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  • julien

    They’re looking good enough to pass as being genuine!!!!

  • Madonna

    Heee heee

  • julien

    On another note, she’s looking fabulous!!! I’d happily take her off his hands as long as she signs an agreement not to talk, ever…just smile honney!!!

  • julien

    Madonna you discuss me!!!!!!!

  • Megan Fox


  • AJ

    Those Simpsons tranny’s can’t keep their pieholes shut. They are
    the trashy’s family in Hollywood. Pete Wentz looks like a mouse. I hate to see what their offspring looks like. A Blonde, ditsy mouse.

  • mimi

    2 fake gals haha….. i miss the old ashlee :( i think she looked very cute, now i don’t recognize her anymore. same goes for heidi, she looked great at the beginning of the hills without any make up on but she has changed so much it’s scary.
    they both look pretty now too but i guess bc i know what they looked like b4 it just doesn’t seem real/natural to me.

  • Mandy

    who’s the baby with? He’s just 4 weeks and they’re already @ a party!
    They leave the baby for money

  • angie

    Love Ashlee and Pete! Ashlee looks gorgeous! and Pete looks hot! Heidi and Spencer….. Meh…. They need to go away they are so annoying

  • jillyro

    Aslee is looking cute. Too bad she eventually opens her mouth and talks with that annoying voice.

  • Me!

    Hope that baby Mowgli doesn’t inherit his father’s big head and Ashley’s bumpy pre-plastic surgery honker!!
    Bad enough to be named Bronx for crying out loud.

  • Amy in Ontario

    They look great! and I don’t mean Spence and heidi.. S and P should fall of the earth. She is so stupid for being so naive and he is a douchebag

  • OMG!

    Ashlee still look huge. She must have gained a truck load of weight. She must have sat around eating like a pig. Most young girls lose weight fast. That’s right, her fat mouth must have been open like that for her whole 9mts of pregnancy. Lose the weight porky.

  • Lolita

    They are really weirdos. Ashlee and Pete aren’t fooling anyone. Lust is only temporary.

  • Josie

    Whats with her & sis , always having pic’s with their mouths wide open! She’s prettier then Jess though. But him? Ewww. Their wedding was gothic and gross, weird!

  • shurly

    “Ashlee still look huge. She must have gained a truck load of weight. She must have sat around eating like a pig. Most young girls lose weight fast. That’s right, her fat mouth must have been open like that for her whole 9mts of pregnancy. Lose the weight porky”

    Are you for real ??? Did she do something to you that we don’t know ? Why being so mean ? I would die to look just like her, she’s not fat at all !! you must be the dumbest moron I’ve ever seen in my life !! Go to hell beyotch !!

  • OMG!

    Shurly that must mean you are bigger than Ashlee. OMG that would be very huge. You should get your huge ass away from the key board and exercise porky instead of fantasizing about a loser.
    Same to you fat beyotch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Odyne

    Heidi & Ashlee are pretty.


    OMG @ 13
    What a dumb ignorant asswipe you are! Hope when you have kids you swell to the size of a whale and see how easy it is to lose then.

    Ashlee looks lovely. I prefer her with red hair though.She just looks like every other beach blonde in hollywood now.

  • jen

    ashley is pretty and i like the blonde on her… heidi however looks too fake and those shoes??

  • Alissa

    We now know for sure that Ashlee takes it up the büm.

    Now we want to know if Spencer drives Heidi up the old dirt road too.

    Actually, it’s hard to imagine Heidi and Spencer doing anything at all, but one never knows.


  • ben

    Was the ABC New Years Eve thing pre-recoreded? How could Pete Wentz be in LA & Vegas at the same time?

  • shurly

    “What a dumb ignorant ******* you are! Hope when you have kids you swell to the size of a whale and see how easy it is to lose then.”

    Exactly my thoughts Noell, that’s the best I wish her !! lol, what a MORON !!!

  • OMG!

    Shurly you clearly look like a MORON idolizing some ugly hag with no class. Thanks to her husband running his mouth. It takes a lowly dumb ignorant butthole person to look up to Asslee Simpson.
    Hedi and Spencer seem to have more class that that fat cow and her gay husband.

  • pitos88

    ¨OMG¨¡ I’m sorry buT heidi and spencer are the trashiest to me I love ashlee your just a sad person making rude comments please GET A LIFE

  • OMG!

    pitos88, they are the same type of couple. One couple is no better than the other. What about your rude comment about Heidi and Spencer. It’s OK for you to make rude comments about some one you don’t like. You said heidi and Spencer are the “trashiest” how rude is that.
    How about you get a life first!

  • Nicole

    #13 are you serious???? You´re such an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she looks great…the baby only is a month old!!! for stupid people like you there are a lot of adolescents being anorexics and bulimics! because they think they have to be in bones to be pretty! that´s so stupid!!
    i´m not ashlee´s big fan but i do think she looks great and she is not fat

  • tomo

    she looks great.
    but i hate her clothes.

  • Linda

    I think asslee needs to lose the weight. The Simpson sisters weight seem to puff up every once in awhile. She and her sister need to stop opening their mouth like that. Probably some thing papa Joe Simpson told them to do. Nothing cool about that she just look dumb as hell.

  • Kate

    You know what even Ashlee think she is fat. That’s why she is wearing all that black. I hate that open mouth stunt. Why was Pete running his mouth about their sex life that was ewwwwww. Something I didn’t want to hear about.

  • Holly

    Ashlee looks pretty great for a new mum!i love her new blond locks!Her husband is just disgusting(remember that article when Pete said:Ashlee’s milk is soury”?!!!ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww….
    and let’s not talk about Heidi and Spencer!!

  • http://justjared princess

    ashlee looks good w all hair colors shes much better lookin then her sis
    and for all u stupid sods who said shes fat SHES JUST HAD A BABY
    look in the mirror first b4 u judge someone else


    OMG i do not idolise any celebrity they are just people at the end of the day. I do take issue with losers like you who comment on a girl’s weight one month after giving birth. But that says more about you than anyone.

    I also don’t see anything wrong with her weight! If she is taking her time getting back to the weight she was then good for her and how refreshing it is that she doesn’t feel the need to rush it. She is obviously happy and healthy and that must really make you feel like shit. What… do you have a crush on her husband or something?

    What an absolute loser you are. Nobody agree’s with you by the way. Something that probably happens a lot i should think. xx

  • http://justjared Soprano

    Think Ashlee looks great. Much better with blonde hair. She most certainly is NOT fat. Pete looks a little vacant; maybe lack of sleep?

  • kkcc

    i prefer her red hair