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Cynthia Nixon: Disneyland New Year's Eve!

Cynthia Nixon: Disneyland New Year's Eve!

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon poses with her longtime girlfriend Christine Marinoni and their kids — Samantha, 12, and Charlie, 6 — outside Mickey Mouse’s home in Toontown during a visit to Disneyland on Wednesday (December 31) in Anaheim, Calif.

The day after (New Year’s), the 42-year-old Tony and two-time Emmy Award-winning actress was featured on the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer float “Hope Grows” along Colorado Blvd. during the 120th Rose Parade in Pasadena Calif.

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Photos: Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland
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  • Me!

    What an unattractive couple! Never cared for Cynthia Nixon’s looks, but holy cow, her girlfriend makes Cynthia look like a model!

  • Rayt

    How shallow #1. They look very happy together! The little boy is adorble.

  • lua

    Wow I agree, they look really happy :) And I love the whole hippie look their daughter got. Cutest family

  • stefanie

    That’s a nice pic, but I hope the children still have a relationship with their father. I hope their father got to spend some holiday time with his children too.

    After all, Cynthia was in a LONG relationship with a man and those are his children. Cynthia’s girlfriend may look manly, but she’s not a man and she is not their father.

    But it looked like fun at Disney.

  • Angela

    EWWWWWW I just threw up a little bit in my mouth…

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I got the information of a friend that america was a free country in a way you can use text and so the computer for making statements and give your meaning.
    Maybe my language isn’t always as “CLEAN” as it should be but HELL people: THIS IS AMERICA 2009, right?

  • pinkrose

    CUT THE nonsense. Those are not THEIR kids. Those are Cynthia kids with her ex-husband, who is still their father. Those kids have a mother and a father and an “aunt”..maybe a stepmother, but don’t try to cut their father out.

  • Love

    Wow. They look related. Cynthia wanted to kiss her (almost) identical twin. Talk about needing to feel more validated – by being in a relationship with someone who looks just like her. And, yes, those are not “their” children. There is a MAN who actually fathered those children and is the father. Hello. Can we start being honest as a society and telling the truth?

    a woman

  • imaginaque

    Wow, it really goes to show you that “to each his/her own”. Don’t get the attraction, but they do look happy, so whatever!

  • reg

    why do people call her rojo caliente? they do look like a happy couple together and the kids look happy too

  • British Latin American

    I agree with stephanie, pinkrose, and Love about not forgetting the father. Cynthia’s Nixon’s partner is a homewrecker.

  • LuckyL

    #11= an idiot. Everyone else was somewhat logical, though slightly ignorant.

    At least she’s happy, that’s all that matters, and I’m sure she has more sense than any of you are implying about remaining in contact with her husband from a very long marriage.

  • British Latin American

    LuckyL= an ignorant, man-hating bitch! What do you mean she shouldn’t remain in contact with her children’s father? By all accounts he was a very loving man and the father of the two kids. Ignorant bitch!

  • ryan

    Just Jared what do mean “and their children”, its cynthia nixons children NOT HER GIRLFRIENDS CHILDREN.

    Lesbians cannot have children without a man remember

  • lakers fan in boston

    i knew from the first time i show this chick on sex n the city she was a lesbo
    she’s so fucking nasty, what guy would want her =p
    her girlfriend looks like she’s on drugs

  • palvasha


  • David Archuleta

    so these dudes were lesbian? I can’t believe this whole gay thing really insist themselves! and what about the kids? where did they came from? I lost track!

  • Jessie

    How are the children “theirs?” I belive their father, who was Nixon’s long time boyfriend, is involved in their lives. Anyway, I love Cynthia, I wish these two nothing but the best.

  • Angie

    i didn’t kno she was gay, whatever floats your boat, i guess. lol

  • LuckyL

    British Latin American @ 01/02/2009 at 4:50 pm

    LuckyL= an ignorant, man-hating *****! What do you mean she shouldn’t remain in contact with her children’s father? By all accounts he was a very loving man and the father of the two kids. Ignorant *****!
    Dumb c*nt, I only said that she would have the sense to remain in contact with her ex-husband in which she had a long marriage with, despite what some fools like you are saying. You can’t read nor comprehend either. Even dumber than I thought *yawn*

  • mlk

    #8 I know this isn’t very pc but hasanyone else noticed how many lesbian and gay couples resemble each other to a remarkable degree? Narcissism? Just saying.

  • kbab

    i really dont like that post jared
    those kids are not their kids
    they are cynthia’s and her ex partners kids
    and no this isnt a thing about lesbains
    if you saw a pic of these kids out with their dad and his new woman
    and the caption read so so and their kids
    that wouldnt be ok either
    because that new woman is not and never will be their mother

  • hello kitty

    I met Cynthia Nixon, and she is beautiful and sweet.

  • hello kitty

    I can’t believe people write such untrue and horrible things about her. Words hurt, even if they are lies. I hope she knows how wonderful she is and laughs off these stupid comments.

  • phoenix007

    Family is what you make of it. If it brings stability and happiness to the children and the adults, it should make no difference how the family dynamic is made up. We do not know the extent of interaction that Ms Nixon & the children have with the father, so the prejudicial diatribe is just pathetic. Get a life, live and let live, I’m sure none of you who have been so judgmental are perfect yourselves, look at your own lives before judging those of others. I wish Ms Nixon & her ‘family’ every happiness….

  • sweetpees

    she’s a lesbian?????holy crap the hole family looks like they’re coming out of a 70′s gay movie!!!!!!!!they look ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!i’ve always hated cynthia nixon and seeing this lesbo family explains it all!!!they look like fu***** hippies on coke!!!

  • Santaclaus

    loooooooool sweetpees!!!!!!!LOve and Peace my a$$!!!!!

  • Holly

    looooooooooooooool swwetpees!!!you’re so right!Peace and LOve my A**!!!and their kids r just fugly!they’re not cute at all!especially the chick!!hihihihihi she should be a comedian!!or they better put her in a zoo or a carnaval or better yet as a disney land attraction!
    i mean seriously!she’s 12 and she’s alread making a joke out of herself!She would make good friends with Madonna’s daughter Lourdes,they both have almost the same look!!

  • British Latin Americaqn

    LuckyL, you dumb cunt, I never said so much that Cynthia was trying to keep the father away from the children as she hoped she was. I felt soory for him because the primary reason he and Cynthia broke up was because of her lesbian relationship. I was just hoping that his relationship with his children wasn’t sacrificed. Thats what a lot of people here are complaining about. After all it has to hurt him on some level to have people refer to his kids as Cynthia’s partners kids with him not even being mentioned. If they were a hetero couple, with a mother, stepfather, and two kids from the previous relationship, their father would probably be mentioned. If it was a father, stepmother, and two kids, the mother would definitely be mentioned, and no one would dare consider not mentioning the mother in the case of two men raising children together. The father shouldn’t be treated as if he isn’t important. And why not call the partner a homewrecker? If she had fallen in love with the boyfriend and not Cynthia she would be called that, however judgmental that is. Anyway, the kids are adorable and do look happy. One just hopes that the father shares in that happiness. Maybe a stupid MH boy-lover like LuckyL couldn’t understand that. Dumb cunt!

  • http://justjared Soprano

    Spare a thought for Cynthia’s ex-husband. Each to their own but he must feel sick looking at photos like these.

  • rev. martin

    The painful childishness of the homophobia and misogyny expressed by several commenters is inane. How incredibly small. We will pray for you.

  • nic

    I suppose all of you saying how nasty they look are drop dead gorgeous. With so much crap going on in the world, it’s nice to see a happy vacation pic of a family – which is what they are. I’m sure the father is still in their lives. If it was a pic of him with his new girlfriend or wife, you’d all be “how sweet” “how nice” “how normal” “how hetrosexual and acceptable”.

    I think they look happy and thats the most important thing. That daughter is channeling Janis big time.

  • http://justjared soprano

    Prayers not required. I just don’t believe she should have had children knowing she was gay. Nature dictates that gay couples cannot physically have children. That’s how it’s meant to be. Homophobia is a personal choice just like being gay.

  • freedom to exist

    Ran out of room!! Soprano # 33, you are the most uninteligent. If everything is a choice then why would anyone choose to be different, in any way that would cause them ridicule or hatred from others. Fat, gay, unattractive (per society), short, ethnic of any race. But homophobia and hatred are choices. What I know is that the couple shown and their children whose ever they are, do nothing to hurt or affect my life in any manor what so ever. And since this is the case, and I am aloud to continue a life free of pain from them, then I wish them only love and happiness, no matter who they are. The children in the picture that some of you are attacking, can be hurt by the words you say. How ugly, mean and destructive does that make you.
    People like you are why we have all the hatred in the world. And I’m sure the couple nor the children asked for your opinion. I usually do not get involved in all this crap people like you, put out in the world, but it is becoming over run with ugly opinionated, uninformed, uneducated, mean spirited humans that are sucking the life out of the rest of us. Why do you want to HATE?

  • freedom to exist

    I forgot to include Sweetpea 26 who talks like a 12 year old brat and is obviously anything but sweet, and Holly 33 that is just plan fugly inside and that is something no one can fix, except Holly. 15 and 16 can’t spell either. Look inside folks, nobodies perfecttttt. I know I’m not.

  • hot homo

    Well aren’t you Christians just CHARMING with your judgment!

    Where’s that “love your neighbor as yourself” sentiment you claim to follow?

    They’re happy and those kids look well-adjusted. How many of YOU can say the same?

    The world’s changing, people, change with it or die.

  • SAB

    @freedom to exist:

    I absolutely agree with #34

  • me10000000000000000000

    I know her daughter. Shes in my school. Shes in 8th grade now. And her name is Samantha but we call her Sam.