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Gerard Butler: Extra, Extra!

Gerard Butler: Extra, Extra!

300 hunk Gerard Butler hangs out with Extra‘s New York-based entertainment correspondent AJ Calloway and other friends out at Miami Beach in Florida on Friday (January 2).

The 39-year-old Scottish stud seemingly refuses to go shirtless on the beach. He’s going to get a farmer’s tan!

Earlier today, a movie still from Gerry‘s upcoming movie, The Ugly Truth, was released.

10+ pictures inside for some extra, extra Gerard Butler

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gerard butler extra extra 01
gerard butler extra extra 02
gerard butler extra extra 03
gerard butler extra extra 04
gerard butler extra extra 05
gerard butler extra extra 06
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gerard butler extra extra 10

Credit: Pichichi-Garces; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • LolaSvelt

    Enough pictures already. Either take your top off or stop with the pictures!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i swear ur gay jared
    the way u write about guys sometimes lol

  • pafan

    Come on Gerry, take off the damn shirt.

  • Anonymous

    There will NEVER be enough pictures of Gerry! Keep them coming . . . and Oh My God does he just get more and more adorable each day?

  • LuckyL

    Why so many f****** threads lately?

  • lanolin…like sheep’s wool

    #4, I completely concur!! I love Gerry and the more pix of him, the better! Keep them coming, Jared!!!

  • Sheryl

    I agree, LuckyL, why all the freakin’ pictures of Gerard, Jared? Pretty boring.

  • Anon11

    YES YES YES!!! Oh My Gawd!!!! He is a HOT mess, LOL!!!! :)

    Anyone who starts the gay rumors again, have to go. NO WAY any gay man dresses this badly. My my Lord or Lordy he can pull it off.

    Gerry PLEASE, for the love of all that is HOLY take that shirt OFF NOW!!!!

  • boo

    take off that shirt

  • Mightmay

    Oh look, there he is drinking Perrier again for all the ‘he is drinking again folks!” Funny how, with all his publicity we have yet to see him with one, just one alcoholic beverage this man entire career!!!

    NO way he drinks. He is just adorable, thanks Jared, really and truly THANKS!

  • Anon

    Who said he is drinking? Gerard said in a recent interview, I think Men Fitness that he does not drink since law school or something. Please just like to start shit. If he were claiming not to drink so publically and was indeed hittin it again, believe me, we would know it by now. He goes to Clubs and is out alot so that would not stay quiet for one second! Love that crazy shirt with the camo shorts. Too cute. I love his hair too. So curly and looks very soft. He is just so darn adorkable!!!!

  • Holly

    Gerry, you bad boy! You just love to go to the beach and gawk at the hotties in bikinis. No fair! If you can to scam on them, they should be able to see your goods too. Come on boy, take it off. THIS IS MIAMI!!!!!!

  • David Cook

    haha I can’t believe this! Gerard Butler is flooding just jared pages! I think there are about 5 threads about this guy below, and now here’s another new one with the same old kind of pictures and same poses and same smiles and same type of clothes and whatever! :)

  • Crowwoman

    Gerard, have you morphed into the next Heidi Montag somehow?

  • again..

    Alone without any chickies by his side.Is this possible?Are there no hot ladies on the beaches in Miami??
    And its HARDY again…WTF does this guy only have 4 sets of clothes??He whore the same pants just 2 days ago…YUCK.

  • michele

    Thanks for all the photos of Mr. Butler over the past few days. Love the guy.

    As for not taking his shirt off maybe his excuse is that he is set to start filming his new film “Law Abiding Citizen” which he is producing and co-starring Jamie Foxx s in a week or so in Philadelphia. Maybe his character can’t have a tan, since I read he is playing a man in prison. LOL

  • ri23

    This guy cannot dress for shit. At least we know he’s single. No woman or gay man would let him out of the house looking like this.

  • CAne

    Man-ho fame-ho

  • zzzzzz

    ri23..I have to agree….I wish I was on that beach hehehe…Better than here..There are snow flurries on the way this evening..Gerry!! You’re one of a kind!! hehe…Are ya teasing us with wearing that shirt?…Hehehe..Hey..glad Celtic won!! What a beautiful goal!! Have fun on the beach..It looks gorgeous and so do YOU!!

  • overrated

    God this guy is overrated in the looks department! He is no Johnny Depp, that’s for sure! I don’t understand the fascination. Perhaps because he looks like your “everyman,” people are intrigued by him.

  • Emma

    Absolutely gorgeous. Keep the pictures coming, Jared. I love looking at Gerard.

  • Jillian

    He looks so much better now then he did back here!!

  • ja

    Gerard sure is no Johnny Depp. Gerard is better. He has the definition of a MAN’s body. God I wish I was in Miami.

  • zzzzzz

    I love Johnny Depp but I also like Gerard Butler. I believe he has the acting chops to pull off alot of the roles that he is offered. Physically, he’s awesome and YES..ladies he is even more gorgeous in person..I know first me…He quite a charmer and has that extra bit of charisma that is so desperately lacking on screens today…

  • anon

    For someone who supposedly hates the Hollywood lifestyle he sure seems happy for all the razzi attention.

  • Anon99

    You’re right he is no Johny Depp! Thank GOD!!! Gerry is way hotter and sexier than the overrated Mr. Depp!

    Gerry, I want you baby!

  • Ayeoh

    Dude, take that ugly a** shirt off. Wait a minute. I see man boobs. Never mind. ;-)

  • anon

    He knows by taking that shirt off that the World will rotate a little bit faster. Butler = Smokin Hot Man!


    Yummy, yummy, yummy, Gerry Man show us some tummy!! Keep these pictures of Gerard Butler coming, Jared!!

  • http://n/a Bored

    #26- Are you serious? Johnny Depp overrated. Are you high? Or have you been sitting on the cr*ck rock so longer that it has impaired your judgment? Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Gerard Butler.

    #28 – So true.

  • onewhoknows

    He looks cute!

  • awiwi

    Why am I even commenting? Why are we even paying attention to Mr. Butler, who is cavorting on the beach in Miami when he SAID he was going to be with his mother in Scotland. He is a jerk and a jackass. He insults the American people after we have accepted him into our ranks and made him rich. Where is the damn Burns movie he was going to make? He’s done nothing except be a party boy and a fashion model. He’s a tiresome, boring bloke.

  • Yvette

    Gerard has it all. Full head of hair, verrrrrry ruggedly handsome face, verrry nice body and nice legs. Can’t think of another actor who has it all like Gerard does.

  • bailey

    thanks again Jared :)

  • Fourplay

    I’m sorry, he does NOT pull of every role. Phantom and P.S. I Love You were nothing but borefests. Glad I didn’t spend any money on them. He’s ordinary.

  • Cane

    #33, did you check his teeth, too? What a loser. I can think of at least 20, maybe 30, stars that have more going on than Butler….all they have to have is a tiny bit of charisma, and they’re already better.

  • nyob

    LOL at #32. Let me get this straight – you are mad and feel he has lied to Americans because he is not with his mother in Scotland on New Years??? Wow.

    There are plenty of things to dislike about this guy. That is not one of them.

  • angie

    How gay is that third picture? I sense some chemistry there. Lainey’s recent blind item, anyone?

  • casper

    I must admit I’m addicted to whatever this guy does, but lately I’m starting to fall very OUT of interest with him. Maybe mid-life crisis?
    It seems he makes an effort to “be” everywhere there are paps. There’s a lot of beaches, but he picks the most photographed beach? There’s a million clubs and eateries in LA, but he goes to the most popular, paparazzi-ridden places? Few years ago, never saw this from him. Maybe it’s the paps, who knows. Gerry, you are starting to act like a “movie star” not a gifted actor. Maybe he’s fooled us all these years. Kinda sad….

  • whoknows

    He’s almost 40, not almost 4. Why should he be with his mum? Come on!

  • pafan

    He went home to Mum for Xmas. For the New Years he went out and had a good time. What is bad about that? Would any hot, gorgeous guy stay with mummy on New Year’s Eve? All I know is that he is the hottest thing on this or any other planet. Gerry, you are it. Have fun, enjoy your fame. You have earned it baby.

  • Sunshine

    You sound like an embittered woman whose husband has taken a lover. The fact that you leave negative comments about this actor all over the net suggests that he has way too much importance in your life.

    Don’t you have something better to do?

  • anon

    Sunshine, while Crow sounds negative, how would you know that she posts all over the net unless you’re doing the same thing?

    To the person who said no other actor has a full head of hair, rugged looks, great legs, talent, etc. I have to say – ahem – ever heard of Hugh Jackman? Jackman has it all and isn’t avidly seeking media attention or teenage models. He is a respected, trained singer and actor.

    GerRID Butler is a trained liar. I mean lawyer. Freudian slip. GerRID Butler needs to brush up on his acting chops, bathe, and find out where his suitcase went with the rest of his clothing. Every time the guy is photographed he seems to be wearing one of two shirts or one of two pairs of pants.

    Also, who cares if he went home to visit his Mommy in Scotland? If he was at an airport, he could’ve been going anywhere. Some of you must still be nursing your 30 year old sons if you think it’s so important for a grown man to have the umbilical cord still tied to Mommy like you seem to want with this guy. You’re sick.

  • MARY


  • ebony rose

    This picture ought to piss the hausfrau fans off. How come you don’t post this one, Jared? You never post the photos of him with black women. Looks like Gerry is chatting up another woman of color. The hot Scot definitely doesn’t like white meat.

    Before you fans go nuts on me, when’s the last time he had a long term white girlfriend (not one night stand)? Once he dated Josie D’Arby for a while, the only women he dated for any length of time recently were Bianca and Jasmine . Both are women of color. Someone here said he dated women of color back in high school too. He dates white only when that’s all that’s available at the time.

    The man wishes he was a brother but that’s OK, we’ll take him from you anyway.

  • ___________

    he really does chat up some ugly women. he’s a definite ass bandit.

  • Can you see..

    Gerry is not alone. Why do you girls keep saying that?

    His girlfriend is sitting with her friends on the same beach, closer to the hotel. This is the arrangement. Gerry knows there will be a media frenzy so it is better for the both of them. He gets the publicity, especially as filming is starting soon. More frenzy, more money in the bank, better box office…and the fan-girls love it.

    Afterwards, then they can have their quiet time together. He does this with all his girlfriends. He likes them to be in the background because of his career. It’s a condition of any relationship with him.

  • me

    #49: So how come YOU know all this? Please, enlighten us all, where is his girlfriend in the pictures, what’s her name? Spill the beans… LOL

  • Whatever…

    The hateful insecure racist returns! (i.e #46)

    Most people don’t give a shit, sweetheart.

  • Another anonymous person

    Dear #46,

    You seem awfully bitter (not to mention arrogant). Did a white woman steal your man? Sorry about that…I guess I just have a weakness for black c_cks.


    Ivory Tulip.