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Gerard Butler: Extra, Extra!

Gerard Butler: Extra, Extra!

300 hunk Gerard Butler hangs out with Extra‘s New York-based entertainment correspondent AJ Calloway and other friends out at Miami Beach in Florida on Friday (January 2).

The 39-year-old Scottish stud seemingly refuses to go shirtless on the beach. He’s going to get a farmer’s tan!

Earlier today, a movie still from Gerry‘s upcoming movie, The Ugly Truth, was released.

10+ pictures inside for some extra, extra Gerard Butler

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gerard butler extra extra 01
gerard butler extra extra 02
gerard butler extra extra 03
gerard butler extra extra 04
gerard butler extra extra 05
gerard butler extra extra 06
gerard butler extra extra 07
gerard butler extra extra 08
gerard butler extra extra 09
gerard butler extra extra 10

Credit: Pichichi-Garces; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Anonymous as well

    Dear #46,

    You seem awfully bitter (not to mention arrogant). Did a white woman steal your man (no offence intended)? Because you seem REALLY obsessed over this race issue with Mr. Butler (just saying). Any other caucasian actors you consider causasian women not to be worthy of while your at it? I have yet to see any other poster besides you so persistant on this issue. You post like a troll.


    Ivory Tulip.

  • zzz

    There are a lot of movie hunks who don’t hide away their girlfriends and still have a successful career. This is total BS. If he is really hiding a girlfriend then it’s not because of nosey paps or jealous fans (although he might tell her that as an excuse) but because he doesn’t want to commit. No woman with the smallest bit of self-esteem would ever agree to such an arrangement. How pathetic is that?

    But I would also like to know how #49 knows he has a girlfriend with him if she is so hidden?

  • Wilson

    He looks like he smells, and that shirt is butt ugly.

  • Karen

    Why does this have to turn into a race war? Who cares if he dates women of other races? Why does somebody always have to point that out or criticize him when he does it?

  • Whatever…

    My point exactly, Karen (#46)


  • LoneWolf

    #46-Bianca is not a black woman. Second, the lady he was involved with while filming Attila, who if you read past interviews, etc was white and lived in London *together over 2 years, gave him the ring, who broke up with him because of the rumours (if they were) of his involvement with Simon MacKinnon. The women he dated while living in France were white…. READ HIS INTERVIEWS!!!!!!

    You seem to pride yourself on racism…….meaning you strive to point out color and not seeing the true and whole picture….did it ever occur to you that just because they dont blab it (Brazillians, Icelanders, Italians, etc)it doesnt mean Gerry doesnt date them. It is the better person who doesnt have to start crap as you have just because he has dated a FEW women of color. (Meaning here you dont see them throwing up their nationality. color as you do because IT IS NO BIG DEAL….GB himself has stated he likes women of any color…..Japanese when he was in Japan which BTW Japanese women are not women of color, then he was in Australia, same thing….. dont you think it is Gerrys call as to who he sees/dates? You nor I know of who all he has dated….and like you said, he dated Josie and Jasmine FOR AWHILE…..

    And, if you recall and go back into some of JJ’s postings about Gerry I dont remember who it was but it was a post directed to you and he has a point YOU are the only one who seems to be throwing color and the fact he has dated a few women of color up in everyones faces….yet women who are of caucasion, Asian, Australian and so on nothing is heard from… bottom line he is right. I agreed with him them and I do now. You just wont quit though it is your right to your opinion, it is sad you live by racism……colored women this…colored that…. now, shouldnt we wait and see (if it is that important to you) who Gerry (if he does) settles down with. And, to be honest it more than likely will not be a women of color but someone close to his own country folk…… ONLY HE WILL KNOW……



  • dianel

    With or without a shirt Gerard is so fine

  • ebony rose

    It was never stated anywhere that woman he lived with was white. You’re assuming she was because her friend Tonya was white. There are white people who are friends of black people. Is that hard to understand?

    The ethnicity of the woman he dated in France was never stated either. He just said she was a French girl and he was in love with her. YOU are assuming these women were white because you assume there are no black people who are French. A typical white attitude. Bianca is South African. She’s biracial. Guess what one of those races is? Black.

    I’m annoyed that Just Jared is afraid to post the photos of him with women of color. This has happened before. It’s obvious they’re not comfortable posting them, probably because of people like you.

    None of Gerry’s black girlfriends “blabbed” about their relationship with him either. Your insinuating they had makes it sound like black women are rushing forward to dish on their tryst with him while white women are being more classy and keeping their mouths shut. Jasmine never came forward and talked. Neither did Bianca. So ask yourself why you think that way.

    Until you accept the fact that you are not his preference and Just Jared is willing to post the photos of him with black women, then I will keep commenting. They didn’t post the photo with Jasmine in NYC either. Everyone avoided posting the one of him with her in Miami with his arm around her too. You fans pretended he wasn’t actually with her.

    “GB himself has stated he likes women of any color”

    You need this spelled out? He needs you to buy tickets to his films and click on these links so he can keep getting publicity to get more roles. He’s not going to kill the fantasy for a huge part of the population so they don’t support his career. Please help him make more money. He can give more gift cards to us. LOL!

    The man is hot, not stupid. He also said he likes “plump” women, tall or petite, etc. When’s the last time you saw him actually dating some short chubby woman white woman?

    When he was in Australia, it was said he was with a woman of color rumored to look like Rosario Dawson. They have black people in Australia too, fyi. Same with Brazil. I know – SHOCKING FOR YOU TO BELIEVE but black people are in more places than just Africa!

    “dont you think it is Gerrys call as to who he sees/dates?”

    Yeah and I’m saying it is obvious that he prefers black women. You’re angry cuz you’re white and know he’ll never want you. I’m pleased with his girlfriend choices. You aren’t.

    ” like you said, he dated Josie and Jasmine FOR AWHILE…..”

    When was the last time you saw him dating a white woman “for a while?” Hmm?

    “are the only one who seems to be throwing color and the fact he has dated a few women of color up in everyones faces…”

    Ask yourself why that makes you so angry. Your statement about “a few women of color” says it all. You’re trying to minimize their presence when nearly every time we see Gerry with a woman he’s “for a while,” she’s black or biracial.

    “yet women who are of caucasion, Asian, Australian and so on nothing is heard from”

    Cuz he hasn’t had them as girlfriends. Maybe one night stands, but not girlfriends. He officially went black with Josie D’Arby and he never went back. Deal with it. No wonder Robert DeNiro kept his personal life so quiet all these years. Many of you can’t handle seeing white men with black women.

    ” it is sad you live by racism……colored women this…colored that…. now, shouldnt we wait and see (if it is that important to you) who Gerry (if he does) settles down with.”

    Why? Cuz you’re still hoping it will be a white woman? Sounds like it.

    “And, to be honest it more than likely will not be a women of color but someone close to his own country folk”

    Oops there it is. You let your prejudice show. LOL! You are still holding out hope that she will be white because he couldn’t be commited/serious about us, right? That is my point. You’re also assuming that his “country folk” doesn’t include blacks. There are black people in the UK. Him marrying a red-headed Scottish lass is your fantasy. It won’t ever be reality.

    You’re in for a big let down, sugar. I’m being kind in preparing you for the inevitable.

    The only reason I posted was because Just Jared deliberately left off the photo of him with the black woman. It’s happened before. They’re starting to look like racists. I’ve always suspected some of Gerry’s fans are prejudiced and your post seems to back that up. The whole thing screams “Just wait and see. He won’t marry one of you.”

    You’re in for a big let down. If that hot man ever does marry, it won’t be a white woman. Like Wesley, I’m betting on black. I’d bet on Asian as a backup before I’d bet on white. Your dream Phantom will never want you like you want him. He doesn’t find you attractive and never will. You’re going to have to deal with it.

  • tiana

    Thanks JJ for all those delicious photos….
    Gerry is all I want to see… He’s looking good…

  • unbelievable

    Ebony – you are the most predijuce and hateful person. You are on all the websites stating the most hateful things. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • this is funny

    Ebony you are pathetic. If Gerry is staight, (doubtful) he sure goes through women – black or white pretty fast.

  • geesh….

    #60….you’re an ass for one thing and how do you know for a fact that Gerry “dated” Josie D’Arby and is only interested in black women? Not saying he didn’t date her but how do you know he did? He has had white girlfriends as well as black ones. I’ve been to the same parties and clubs as he has and seen him hang out with white women too. Is it safe for me to just assume that he prefers white women cuz I’ve seen him with them or keep an open mind and believe the man enjoys women of many racial cultures? He has said he likes black women but I’ve also seen articles where he’s stated he likes American women, Japanese women, Australian women, etc etc……still is it safe to assume he prefers one race over another? Your logic is flawed…probably cuz you are a black woman and assume he would prefer you over a white woman any day….but you have to take into consideration that unless you’re in the biz or a model, he ain’t interested in you no matter your color. But if it makes you happy, keep dreaming, babe….

    #49….You’re full of it. Maybe you saw his ex-girlfriend(Jasmine) who is down there in Miami celebrating her birthday with friends on the beach. But to assume that she was there for him is just as dumb as stating that they have an arrangement that she stays away from him while the paps are around. Noone would know who she was in a large group of people that included men and women. Plus any woman who would allow such an “arrangement” isn’t much of a woman.

  • pafan

    WTF? I’ve been away today, just checked back to take a look at GB and found this drivel. Who the heck cares whether he dates the green witch from Wicked or a purple chick from Pluto? What matters is that he’s hot, talented and makes us happy just looking at him. This stuff is ridiculous. As if any of us posting is ever in our wildest imaginations going to have a snowball’s chance in hell with him anyway. Get over this rant people.

  • this is funny

    #64 – how do you know Jasmine is down on the beach for her birthday? Please, did she tell you this?

  • this is stupid

    I am with #65 who cares what color or nationality or sex he dates, marries (if he chooses to do so) or possibly has kids with (if that is in his grand master plan)? Why does it matter to you guys so much anyways?

  • he is gay

    Gerry is not with any girlfriend.

  • crazy

    Jasmine is not down there…..after Gerry humiliated her by making out with the other girl on TZM, why would she want anything more to do with him? Also, any woman that would agree to be kept in the backgournd is a dope and a loser.

  • LoneWolf

    EbonyRose…..I AM BLACK and Brazialin (sp)…..I live in the projects….so dont you go sayin sh..t about nothin!!!! No cr-p that Bianca has Black in her…that is multiracial but at the same time…she is also white….and if you look at most of the pictures she is white! The lady from London is no assumption and he HAS commented about her when he first came into the industry…no assumption on my part what so ever….

    I was stationed in France and not one time did I see a black French woman. NOW-personally, being a woman of color myself I could give a rats a== who he dates…..the man himself has clarified himself he likes ALL women…and he HAS been seen with different races of women….it is odd how you point out only certain ones… it is racial bigots like you who makes us other women of color look just as bad as you and I for one am not…to stoop that low and judge by color when there are things much worse to see a person by is pathetic.

    And jealous……for what and of what? I have someone and he is multiracial so shove that where the sun dont shine….. you are not a fan of Gerard Butler’s because it is you who is the jealous one….. and like I said that gentlemans posting to you in regards to how you are the only one who directs the issue of color is very right. It is apparent no one cares who he marries including color but you…so who is the jealous one the hypocrite? (BTW-I love the line on how he wont find me attractive, first how do you yourself know what I look like thus same with him how does he know either?, and how do you know FOR SURE what he is looking for…he also said he is looking for personality….again that could be anyone… as for preparing whoever for a fall…..why dont you just let it go and find another subject beside race or racism for a nice change?

  • tallleggylady

    Gerry is nothing more than a playboy. You cannot convince me that he’s gay. He is a very sexy man!

  • youi’rekiddingright

    gayer than the men’s room next door to George Michael’s house.

  • Whatever…

    #60 wrote: “GB himself has stated he likes women of ANY color” There you go, you typed it yourself…

    I’m embarassed for you sweetheart. Your narrow-minded and b!tchy attitude would be considered un-attractive by anyone. Get over yourself.

    I’m not going to respond with a f_cking essay because I just can’t be bothered
    But honey, keep believing whatever you need to believe if it means the difference between you being able to cream your panties or not.

  • whoknows

    #60, You have no idea what he wants. You are not inside his head. Get over yourself. Take a break. This is not a contest between black and white women. Whoever Gerry likes is his business not yours. Women need to stick up for each other, not divide ourselves by this color thing.

  • LoneWolf

    #74-AMEN-you are so right!!!!! Espically last year a high number of women were either killed, severely beaten or abused by their b/f/husbands!!!!! And the numbers keep climbing! (Thats one example of why we should stick together-which BTW it isnt just here in the States!!) enough is enough true there might be different skin colors but there is only one color of blood-red which we all have.

    Isnt there enough going on right now that takes priority than racism and all that goes with it? People livng on the streets, jobless/homeless, the list goes on. This is a fansite not a competition match!!! Keep the faith…



  • ebony rose

    Lone, you’re not black. If you were, why would you refer to black people as “colored?” What sista says she’s “colored?” You suddenly changed your posting style now that you claim you’re “from the projects.” Funny stuff, but you’re full of sh*t. Your claim about him marrying one of his own countrymen vs. a woman of color says it all. You assume he will marry white over black because you can’t stand that he dates black.

    BTW, if you don’t realize there are black people in France, what about Tony Parker or Thierry Henry? You’re probably lying about going to France too. Want Gerry bad enough to pretend you’re black?

    Also, Gerry never said “I lived with a white woman in London.” He said he dated a woman there for a while and she gave him a ring after only two weeks. There are black women in London too. Hard for your to believe, I know.

  • LoneWolf

    #76-Whatever you say.You are right and no one else is…..your the expert so you have a good day and keep padding that pedestel you put yourself on…

  • seriously

    #76 – Why do you care so much about the color or nationality of the women Gerard Butler dates? Are you in the running? Sure he is hot but there are other men on the planet such as the ones in real life. I am sure you have seen them or maybe you have forgotten what they look like cause you are to busy worrying about what color his next woman is going to be. I’m sorry but making an issue about what color an actor may or may not prefer to date is beyond stupid.

  • Whatever…


    You sound like a broken record and your attitude makes me sick. Why are you always trying to pick a fight and then hide behind the great race debate? You are the only poster on these threads who seems to do this.
    Lonewolf (#70) made a very good point when she wrote: “…it is racial bigots like you who makes us other women of color look just as bad as you and I for one am not…”
    There are people in the world who put a lot of time,energy and resources into campaigns dedicated to making a positive influence in society. Some of these campaigns came about to counteract the affects of and to eliminate racism. For example, Oxfam and Amnesty International run several campaigns that address this issue.
    Your narrow-minded and mean-spirited comments are an insult and slap in the face to those individuals who put so much effort into trying to promote cultural diversity in the world…This is why you majorly sh!t me.

  • Crowwoman

    It seems that gossip sites are full of Gerard’s friends and acquitances who are eager to spill all they know about his love life in the comment sections.. LOL. What a nice nutjob mudwrestling we have here.
    Wait, girls and boys, I need some popcorn and then you may continue.
    By the way #71, gay men can be incredibly sexy. And masculine.

  • Karen

    Every time Gerry is seen dating a woman people complain about how she’s not white. And whine about why she’s black. And then Ebony Rose does a victory lap. When he isn’t seen with a woman people accuse him of being gay and Ebony Rose has to come on here and give everybody a history lesson. How about NO ONE comments about his love life anymore. Can’t we just make fun of the way he looks instead? We can go on for days about his clothes! LOL.

    Lonewolf, in a America you don’t get to be white if you’re black. The same goes for South African Cape Coloureds like Bianca.

  • LoneWolf

    Karen (81) in all honesty….I really dont give a sh..t about white black asian skin color……personally I have to list myself as white/Caucasian because my Mom is 1/2 Brazialian and 1/2 caucasion, my Dad is Colored, Cuban and White (weird huh) but who cares!!!!!!!!!

    And I am an American, born here and was told prior to going in the Military I have to list myself as Caucasion…… so again all about skin color and it is a drag. ANYWAY, there was comments about Gerry’s scruff-me, I like the Don Johnson look (not Don Johnson), but the look-bit of shadow….. and I’m thrown the Scottish guys I know have no hair on their chests and minimum on their face…….must be the mountain man look Gerry likes (or in his case the Highlands) and as I’ve saod before I’ll say this again not counting him Mom, the love of his life is Lolita…….cute little fur ball……

    Curious though, in the Extra pics, if the guy in the blue shirt is Aerial?
    Now, he is cute also…..

  • Liz

    THANKS, JARED!!!!! I love these handsome Scot pictures! Keep ‘em coming!!!!! He’s on vacation…give him a break! Let him wear mismatched shirt and khakis…who even notices them when it’s his physique and face to look at!!!! For those stupid people who make comments about J. D. being “all that” …did you ever really look at him? He may be an okay actor, but J.P. is scrawny, bespectacled, living in France(Isn’t the US good enough for him?) …Sheesh! Give me our Gerard Butler!!!!! he should be working hard now in Philly as he is both producer and star of “LAC”…I wish him luck!!! Again..these people who don’t want to play nice..and who complain about more GB pictures…go elsewhere!!! And to correct some of these nasties, this is a Gerard Butler site…It IS a fan site…who says it’s for gossip?

  • bla85

    WOW, I just wish he would take his shirt off!

    I think Gerry is having a good time and takes it from wherever he can get it!

  • Crowwoman

    Jesus Christ, Liz, breathe! And then, with a little help of the precious oxygen your brain will start to work and tell you a difference between a fan site and a gossip site.


    Ebony Rose –

    You are a bigot if there ever was one! I think you got spurned by a white woman who stole your man. Your heart is filled with hatred for white people. There is no reason for you to take a victory lap at all.

  • Nameless


    I think her name was Ivory Tulip, or something like that…

  • Toni



    If Liz can’t see the difference between a good actor and an average actor, how the hell is she supposed to tell the difference between a fan-site and a gossip site!!

  • LOL

    All this back and forth fighting about what colour, race or type of lady GB is seen with…ladies pull yourself together.
    He is seen with lots of women, that is his job, he acts to show you a pretty picture…when the papz are gone the women are gone too.
    Don’t go fighting about the race or colour of these ladies.
    What you see is nothing more then a make believe fairy tail.

    It is not the one you see him with that sleeps with him, its the ones that you DONT see that sleep with him…and believe me, they are not women.

  • incognito

    #89 There is no need for name calling. This is 2009 not 1950, it is a woman’s prerogative to do what she pleases while we may not agree with it. Who are we to judge?

  • LOL

    I am not calling names #90.
    All i am saying is people should not be fighting here over colour or race.
    He is NOT into women.

  • incognito

    #91 Oh! Do you know this from experience?

  • LOL

    Yes i do.

  • British Latin American

    God, what bullshit! Over Gerard Butler too!

  • Jules

    Keep the Gerry pics coming!!

  • OH! NO!

    to #48 don’t know nothing about a GF but there’s a video where we can see him with his “very close long term friend” . that director ….

  • OH! NO!

    for more info see pic # 3

  • pafan

    Lordy, now people can’t be seen out with their friends of the same sex without being labeled gay or lesbian? How enlightened you are.
    And Crow, I for one, think GB is as good an actor as JD or – GASP – better. JD plays his one-note quirky characters in almost every role. Yet, he’s always Johnny Depp. Gerry disappears within the characters he plays. Even his looks change with each role, and that doesn’t include JD’s wigs and tons of makeup to create a new persona. We also have had to listen to JD’s anti-America rantings. I can’t find any quote where GB puts anyone or any nation down.

  • xyz

    Why do those who claim he is not into women never come up with any proof of that? With all the razzis around these days I find it hard to believe that they never uncovered anything. Having long term guy pals and living in so called gay neighbourhoods doesn’t prove anything.

    It’s so easy for everyone these days to post anonymously on the internet claiming someone is this or that. Why don’t you people have the guts to present some hard evidence? Or don’t you have any because you are just trolls who want to stir some trouble?


    #98 can you prove he is into women? Just because he has his picture taken with them doesn’t mean he is into them. Oh, and the razzi video of him at the arcade. LOL!

  • xyz

    #99: Why would I need to prove he is into women, I’m not making any claims as some other people are doing. And the arcade video would actually have been the dumbest thing to do if it was staged by him. First stating in several interviews he has a GF in NY and then make out with another woman who is clearly not said GF made him look like a cheating asshole with no respect for the woman he’s supposedly in a relationship with. Great idea for a fake image, LOL.


    xyz… word. Image.