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Gerard Butler: Extra, Extra!

Gerard Butler: Extra, Extra!

300 hunk Gerard Butler hangs out with Extra‘s New York-based entertainment correspondent AJ Calloway and other friends out at Miami Beach in Florida on Friday (January 2).

The 39-year-old Scottish stud seemingly refuses to go shirtless on the beach. He’s going to get a farmer’s tan!

Earlier today, a movie still from Gerry‘s upcoming movie, The Ugly Truth, was released.

10+ pictures inside for some extra, extra Gerard Butler

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Credit: Pichichi-Garces; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • xyz

    #101: Exactly my point. Someone who wanted to create the perfect fake imagine would do it in a much better way, LOL.

  • whoknows

    Why do any of you care anyways? Is it going to change anything?


    not necessarily.

  • xyz

    I don’t specifically care about that, but I generally can’t stand it when people make anonymous claims about anything without proof.

  • CrowWoman

    Er, Pafan, are you talking to me? I haven’t written a single word about Depp. By the way I think he is better than Gerard, who is a good actor.

  • you’re kidding

    What woman would allow herself to be kept in the background if she were dating someone?

  • cubedweller

    These Gerry threads are the best – gay, straight, mysterious girlfriends who may or may not exist, and will he ever take his shirt off at the beach? This is the funniest reality show ever. It’s been a whole 3 days since the last new pictures – and I thought he was turning into the tall version of Suri Cruise!

  • they are hilarious

    funny it has been a whole 3 days we have seen any “candid” shots of Gerry.

    What a coincidence.

  • Aquitaine

    Sorry, he can’t take his shirt off as he’ll be shooting a movie soon and has to stay covered to keep with the character.

  • they are hilarious

    348 said…” His girlfriend is sitting with her friends on the same beach, closer to the hotel. This is the arrangement. Gerry knows there will be a media frenzy so it is better for the both of them. He gets the publicity, especially as filming is starting soon. Afterwards, then they can have their quiet time together. He does this with all his girlfriends. He likes them to be in the background because of his career. It’s a condition of any relationship with him.”
    This is the dumbest thing to say…..what woman would allow herself to be in the background? Who cares if he would have a girlfriend? He isn’t even a good actor. Any self respecting woman would tell him to fuck off.

  • wtf?

    Yes, no. 110, you are probably correct. I mean not having that farmer’s tan may ruin the movie.

  • 4tunate

    Personally, I don’t care if he never takes anything off. I just like to look at him. He’s a great actor and a fine looking man. ( He doesn’t look like an aging boy. He looks like a man)

  • common sense

    Ok, I will say that #1 I’m bored, it’s 11 pm at night a whole 3 days since the original posting(s). #2 I have to say it’s pretty entertaining to see all the crap written about this dude, it’s stupid. Why does anyone really care? He has no impact on any other’s lives…none, zero! Who cares if he’s gay, straight or who he dates, etc. He’s living his life… obviously the way he wants to, let him be. There is more important shiat to care about. You know he isn’t seeing you in your best or worst moments giving two f***s. C’mon now…

  • pafan

    Sure there’s more important stuff to care about, and we care. But watching GB is fun. It’s not the end all and be all. What’s wrong with having a little fun? Some people watch football, some basketball, some play dominoes and some play the slots. Taking some time to ponder my favorite celebrity hunk isn’t going to hurt anything in the big picture, now is it?

  • common sense

    I hear ya…I’m a fan of his too…I just hate all this speculation…makes him look like a caged animal at times. No doubt he asked for this life, or didn’t realize..but try to imagine it was you. Who craved the attention, or the spotlight to only realize you’d be judged everyday of your life! Can’t be easy!! I feel for celebrities, but I’d love their paychecks $$!!

  • pafan

    My only concern would be if he reads any of this stuff. You’d think at first, he’d be beyond it. But – human nature might be to check in on it once in awhile or to have his peeps look at what’s being said about him. I don’t know, his is a crazy business. Anyhoo, he’s rich because of it. I think he started out loving the acting, but then the fame game came into play. I’m in his corner, and he’s done nothing to make me change my mind. I won’t wax on anymore.

  • bigbreak

    #116, there isn’t a celebrity who has gotten into the business in the last 10 years who doesn’t know their lives and every moves are media fodder. He became famous in the internet age. He knew exactly what he was in for. In fact, he asked for it by encouraging fans who created an online frenzy with their sites and showing up at their crazy convention as well as having his family do the same thing.

    The attention helped him when he was an unknown. Now the attention isn’t only when he wants it or needs it. Most celebs can’t stand losing that control over their lives. They still sign up for the money, fame, perks and all that. No sympathy here.

    “and that doesn’t include JD’s wigs and tons of makeup to create a new persona. ”

    That’s funny. Ya mean like the makeup for Phantom, the wig for Beowulf, the brown contacts for Dracula, the beard for 300 or the Botox for PSILU?

    Depp is a much better actor. Butler isn’t in his league yet and probably won’t get there if all he does is party like Paris, f/ck like a horny dog and age like an apple in the sun.

  • whoknows

    Some of you just don’t get it. The reason he is so popular is because we have so many questions. Noone can quite figure him out. That is part of the allure. If we could figure him out, he would be boring. He is a free spirit. He is out there living life, not sitting at a computer making judgements of other people.

  • pafan

    119: My point is that JD is always JD, no matter how much makeup and how may wigs. GB takes on the character, and you forget he’s GB. He’s the character he is playing.

  • pafan

    I meant 118

  • annon

    i wonder where he will stay while in philly…when jen aniston was there she didnt get bothered by all the razzi…doesnt seem like it there.

  • bigbreak

    Sorry pafan but I disagree. I think GB is “grizzzly Scottish guy” in most of his films. B&G, Timeline, 300, Dear Frankie, RNR and God knows how many other performances. You’re a fan of his so you don’t see it. But those who aren’t hot for the guy don’t see this acting genius some of his fans seem to. I think a lot of that is just based on his former good looks. He isn’t up for any major acting awards so his acting isn’t really knocking them dead in Hollywood.

    Depp has played many accents and done them well. Although he isn’t always entirely lost in his character, he has been more often than not and he has created truly original performances like nothing anyone else has before. Butler hasn’t and is like the Scottish Tom Cruise – all PR and smiles/winks, but little substance.

  • whoknows

    #123 you are an idiot!

  • Sam

    # 124 ‘whoknows’

    I take it that you and ‘pafan’ are related!

    Instead of saying ‘you’re an idiot’, why don’t you make an arguement. But then again, maybe you can’t. At least Johnny Depp has had many award nominations, including an Oscar. Butler has some way to go before he gets to that level, and his fellow actors, directors and producers who nominate for some of these awards must think so too.

  • sand

    hummm… why are some of you comparing Gerard Butler and Johnny Depp ? One is a media hound and the other relies purely on the art of making movies. From what i see, they can’t be compared as they are not in the same category at all. Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, now that is a good comparison.
    Now maybe if you compare Gerard Butler to, let’s say, John Mayer or Tom Cruise ( as they rely on a lot of media coverage and no actual TALENT ) that would be more of a fare thing to do. It’s true that Tom Cruise at some point did bring in the big bucks just by mentioning his name and Gerard never did but their careers seem to be at the same level these days.

  • whoknows

    blah blah blah

  • whoknows

    Go watch “One More Kiss” and then come back and discuss his abilities. Gerard is a very gifted actor. And as for awards and nominations, it’s all political and a popularity contest.

  • pafan

    Apparently Bigbreak hasn’t even seen some of GB’s films he/she is commenting on. Grizzled Scotsman in Dear Frankie? So far the opposite it’s not even funny. Brown contacts in DK2? His green eyes were gorgeous in that one. There was coloring in some scenes to make them look like they were bleeding – that was red, not brown. Until you know what you are talking about, stick a sock in it.

  • bigbreak

    #124, did your vibrator break that you’re in such a bad mood?

  • bigbreak

    pafan, I did see all of those films. Saw One More Kiss too because you fans keep acting like his performances are the greatest thing ever. Each time it’s overblown. DF he was good. I don’t see it in the other performance. He overacts and cannot do accents. He was a grizzled tough, Scottish type in DF. If you don’t see that, that tells us plenty about how you see him.

    Sam – thank you for your comment. I thought my post was fine. So since whoknows went for a low blow, so I returned the favor.

    Sand, I did compare him to Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise has been nominated for major awards though. So he’s still a step up in acting chops. You’re right that it’s all publicity and flash, but little substance. I hope that he turns that around in the future, but it doesn’t look like he’s trying to act but wants to be famous, rich and get laid. That’s being a success as a celebrity, but it won’t ever make him a great actor.

  • pafan

    OK, big, it just shows that we all see things differently. I guess if we all had the same opinion on everything, it would be a dull world now, wouldn’t it? I’m going out on a limb and predict that LAC, if GB gets to play the prisoner and not the DA, will be one great performance. Let’s chat about that in 2010. I think Burns would have been great, too, but that one would have limited general interest. Even with GB’s new position as a producer, I don’t think he’d want to invest in something that from the get-go would not make any money no matter how artsy fartsy and pleasing to some fans.

  • Happy!

    On a less serious note, I hope he will take Kristi to the Golden Globes, that’s if Jasmine is not free.

  • suzy

    No! No! No! Let it be Bianca. I think he is still in love with Bianca. All the girls he is seen with look soooooo like Bianca. I think he is smittened.


    He only loves Lolita. We’ve not seen her for a while. Where is she?
    Hope she is OK? Please Gerry, let’s see more of Lolita. Kiss, Kiss Kiss.

  • me

    It would be priceless if he walked the Red Carpet with Lolita :-)

  • amen

    GRIZZLY actors are good: Crowe is grizzly, Daniel Day Lewis, Benecio, DeNiro, Penn….all mucho grizzly – you’re in good company Gerry!

  • dudu

    I heard a rumour that he gave Lolita to his nieces in Scotland :-(

  • Happy!

    There is something about Bianca that you can see a little bit in his recent ladies. I don’t know whether she is seeing anyone these days or how good or bad their relationship was at the time, but he seemed happier in those days. Maybe he realises now what he has lost? Maybe they both have grown up.

  • tiana

    You always say the right thing about Gerry…
    I’m so with you…

  • ohbrother

    I doubt he will bring anyone to the GG. Probably a “working” event for him. May have to go right back to Philly.

    Who was he with on NY Eve this year?

  • me

    #141: From the gossip I’ve read he was at the Shore Club party with a bunch of male friends.

  • he gave away his dog??

    I hope that is not true. A man who is not devoted to his dog is never going to be devoted to any woman.

  • amen

    I am so in agreement with #143. Giving away your dog is a serious statement about what is and isn’t important to you as a person. I am relieved to hear, though merely a rumor, that it might have been to his
    nieces. Surely those little girls will give the precious pug the love and attention she deserves. Gerry, you needed unconditional love and grounding in your life – trust me, it will help. I hope you can see your Lolita as often as possible. He did a good thing to see she got a good home… if it’s true, that is.

  • oohlala

    get tested.

  • MidnightGirl

    Too damn hot!!

    Thanks for the pics. And yes, there will NEVER be enough pictures of Gerry!

  • celeste

    Get over it. He’s got a small winky. Nevermind taking his shirt off… Show us your dinky winky Gerry! ;0p

  • celeste

    That’s the ugly truth!




  • Sandy

    I think Gerard probably just loves women,which is great. Nothing like a hot red-blooded man who loves all the ladies. I think he’s a terrific actor,and hope he keeps on making lots of movies,especially romantic comedies. I think we could all use a laugh from a comedy right about now. I’m sorry to say,I didn’t care for Law Abiding citizen,it was very depressing. Of course everyone has different taste,lots of fans liked it.