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Jennifer Garner: Baby Bump Watch!

Jennifer Garner: Baby Bump Watch!

Jennifer Garner looks like she is about to pop as she and husband, Ben Affleck, visit a doctor’s office at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles right before the start of the New Year.

No word yet on whether or not the 36-year-old actress has actually given birth yet. Jen was spotted earlier this week at a meeting with sex therapist Dr. Holly Hein.

Ben and Jen are expecting their second child together. Their daughter, Violet Affleck, is three years old.

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jennifer garner cedar sinai medicall center 01
jennifer garner cedar sinai medicall center 02
jennifer garner cedar sinai medicall center 03
jennifer garner cedar sinai medicall center 04
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  • Anonymous

    actually, im not really interested in her baby

  • Erica

    Okay…so does she still work?

  • jonhar

    the hottest pregnant ever!

  • lala

    she hasnt had the baby yey…

  • amelya

    omg! she really looks like she’s gonna pop soon! she looks like she is in labour in the pics!

  • e!

    god, i would hate that…. being 9 months pregnant probably feeling fat and disgusting and have a bunch of guys taking my picture!

    - hope its a boy

  • annka

    Hi, there are already pictures ALL OVER THE WEB of her from later in the day. These are from WEDNESDAY morning, she hasn’t had the baby, she’s not in labor.

  • Sassy

    Go Jen & Ben! Their daughter Violet is one of the happiest little girls I’ve ever seen, and I hope they have a little boy. Whatever they’re doing as parents, they’re doing it right. Violet is always smiling or giggling. Hope you have a fast and healthy delivery. Violet will be a great big sis! God Bless.

  • bella

    Oh poor Jen it seems like she has been pregnant forever.


    That Ben is sooooo annoying,,, I just simply can’t stand him !
    Violet and Jen is sweet ,,,

  • David Cook

    it seems to me that she’s always pregnant. Most of the pics I’ve seen were all like that since last year, I don’t know… :)

  • lissy

    Aw poor thing she looks like I did when a week before I gave birth to my daughter face and hands all swolen .

  • Ahem AGAIN

    The woman really needs to buy some maternity clothes next time. Wearing Ben’s clothes makes her look like a refrigerator or a dyke.

  • boogie

    she’s a very pregnant woman for heavens sake! I’m sure the pappaz are very annoying and relentless.

    some of you that think looking pregnant is not cool.? makes me wonder if you actually like or want kids.

    I also wonder why she does not seem to ever wear pregnancy clothes…. you would think that they would be more comfortable?? ummmmmm?

  • Josie

    Sassy, I SO Agree! Violet is so happy looking, they are doing everything right, it seems..loved all the pic’s of mom and daughter at te Farmers Market. Also, if you noticed Violet is always in regular clothes, mis matched sometimes…a real kid….dirty mouth with strawberrie and all….Awww. I hope they have a boy, be nice. They seem like a very happy family. He met his match, for sure.

  • Amy

    You’re way late, these pics are 2/3 days old. She was already seen out and about with Violet still pregnant

  • lalalove

    Oh my, the poor girl is huge! When is she due?

  • Cassie

    Aside from their growing womb, women should look their most beautiful and feminine during pregnancy due to all the estrogen. She looks far too utilitarian wearing men’s clothing (small women can carry-off that style but not tall women). We know the pregnancy isn’t an accident so why not be proud of the second birth?

    My guess….another girl!

  • george

    Again? How many spawns of Affleck does she need to infect us with?

  • Louise

    Jennifer didn’t stay in the hospital. She left and went shopping. It was probably just a check-up.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i hope she gives birth soon
    she is getting really ugly

  • seus

    She looks like a filthy fat piggo. Her hair looks nasty and dirty. No wonder she’s seeing a sex therapist I don’t think Ben has touched that in a long time…she is nasty.

  • Adoring Fan

    Jen is without a doubt one of the most beautiful pegnant women ever. I have never seen a woman look as good as her pregnant. Without even trying she is just so naturally lovely and definitely has her priorities in order. Unlike some of you. If you don’t have anything nice to say, why not just go away? I wish people who have no love or interest in this family would find something else to do with their miserable lives.

  • Adoring Fan

    She is so beautiful! I would love to be pregnant and look like her. BTW she does wear maternity clothes. In the video, she does however appear to be wearing one of Ben’s sweaters. No matter, she still looks good. Can’t wait to hear news of the new baby.

  • Adoring Fan

    This is in response to stupid a$$ suez #23, her hair is still wet from her shower and shampoo, what the he!! of you talking about? Why not go over to Jared, Jr with the other tweens and don’t come back until you grow up and can act like an adult.

  • Adoring Fan

    Hey sues, I’ll take lame over stupid any day. Every body knows that Jen never uses a hair dryer. She allows it to air dry. She is no gal hung up on petty crap that some of those other high maintenance divas who have to get their hair styled before leaving leaving the house. She is more than that. Of course, you wouldn’t understand that concept. She is not your average celeb. She is low key and down to earth. Go rag on somebody else.

  • Holly

    Sues#23 you’re really disgusting!!!Jen looks absolutey gorgeous and that sex therapist is just her friend!!!But i recommand you to see a chrink because you are a perver and a disgusting pig!
    Anyway,I hope Jen will be ok and her baby as well!Can’t wait to see the baby because their daughter Violet is the cutest baby in Holywood!

  • Holly

    but it surprises me that Ben hasn’t been around at all during Jennifer’s pregnancy!!Lately he was in Africa while his wife is like 8months pregnant!!That’s really nasty because Jen has to take care of her baby and of Violet at the same time and that must be exhausting!
    i guess Ben is just not the most incredible husband in the world but he should have been helping his wife instead of doing humanitarian trips all around the world!

  • Holly

    + i think it’s really adorable for Jen to wear Ben’s clothes!!it shows how much they love each other and how different they are form the other fake hollywood couples(like Brangelina 4 example).
    Sues#23,i seriously think you should be admitted in a mental problems institute and get treated!!!!!you’re a sick person and a filthy perver!!!I mean no kidding!instead of wishing that she gets well soon you really had to share your sickining thoughts?

  • someone

    I don’t think it’s true that “Everyone [should] know that she air dries her hair.” But yes, it is obvious in these pics and others from this day posted on other sites that her hair is wet from recently being washed. Although I do personally think it’s kind of weird that she went to a medical appt with her hair still dripping. Maybe it wasn’t a planned apppointment but a sudden thing. It made more sense to me when we thought these were pics of her about to have the baby. lol

    Oddly enough, those jeans she is always wearing ARE maternity clothes. I didn’t think they were but I saw a picture where you could clearly see the elastic expansion band, not on the top of the waistband but as a side panel. They must be comfortable for her to wear them almost every day but they sure LOOK uncomfortable with that button right under her belly and the zipper.

  • http://justjared Soprano

    She has been pregnant forever! Must be anyday soon. Am guessing another girl. Does it really matter what she looks like at 9 months, ready to pop? Believe me, i’ve been there; what you wear is the least of your worries. Am also pleased that she’s a wash ‘n’ go girl. Everyone should ditch the hairdryers. They’re the biggest single cause of hair “knackerisation.” Digresing; wish Ben would smile. He’s an “almost there” in the hunk stakes. Something missing from his portfolio but can’t put my finger on it.

  • jolleennor

    app adjust small permafrost risk