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Jude Law Rocks Rio de Janeiro

Jude Law Rocks Rio de Janeiro

Jude Law, his ex-wife Sadie Frost and their kids – Rafferty, 12, Iris, 8, and Rudy, 4 – continue their vacation together in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil before the New Year (December 28, 29, and 30).

The 36-year-old British actor and his kids were seen playing soccer on the beach, lounging poolside at the Copacabana Palace and exploring the island of Ilha Grande.

Jude was spotted snorkeling with Iris and giving her a piggyback ride. And Sadie was seen showing Raff something on her Mac laptop.

30+ pictures inside of shirtless Jude Law vacationing in Rio de Janeiro

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jude law rio de janeiro 01
jude law rio de janeiro 02
jude law rio de janeiro 03
jude law rio de janeiro 04
jude law rio de janeiro 05
jude law rio de janeiro 06
jude law rio de janeiro 07
jude law rio de janeiro 08
jude law rio de janeiro 09
jude law rio de janeiro 10
jude law rio de janeiro 11
jude law rio de janeiro 12
jude law rio de janeiro 13
jude law rio de janeiro 14
jude law rio de janeiro 15
jude law rio de janeiro 16
jude law rio de janeiro 17
jude law rio de janeiro 18
jude law rio de janeiro 19
jude law rio de janeiro 20
jude law rio de janeiro 21
jude law rio de janeiro 22
jude law rio de janeiro 23
jude law rio de janeiro 24
jude law rio de janeiro 25
jude law rio de janeiro 26
jude law rio de janeiro 27
jude law rio de janeiro 28
jude law rio de janeiro 29
jude law rio de janeiro 30

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  • LuckyL

    So when will they be remarrying?

  • hally


  • LuckyL

    STFU hally. Go back to JJJr. Notice we haven’t had much of this “first” bs since the kiddies ran over to their age-appropriate site?

  •,,LEA736-9805,00-JUDE+LAW.html jay

    i’m from rio, and ilha grande is so nice.
    the funny thing is that i didn’t heard about that.

    just now,,LEA736-9805,00-JUDE+LAW.html

  • Rita

    Jared, why are their kids’ faces blurred, when the faces of other celebutots are always exposed? I’m not saying that we must see it, but just wondering why them and not others..

  • sheryl

    Bless you, Jared, what sweet pictures. Looks like they had a really great holiday.
    Also, more proof that Watson should have a shirtless scene in the Sherlock Holmes movie. Just sayin’, Guy Ritchie! ;)
    *waves at Jude*

  • sarah

    rio is wonderful

  • elle

    Thank you jared ;)

  • T


  • HEHE

    He is just the cutest!!

  • isabella


  • Sara

    Rita, Jude is a GREAT daddy and he for sure doesn’t want to see his children exposed in the media. i’m not saying that the other artists approve their in. not at all. just saying that as a real jude fan, we’re always supporting our sweetheart in whatever way he wishes. and his wish is our order! if he wants his children away from all those cameras and flashs, he is on his right. we have to respect. Jared took a position, as requested by the fans. that’s it.

  • Sara

    so we ask Jared please to keep their images all blurred.

  • Fourplay


  • Madonna

    Lookin’ good, Jude!

  • Shakira

    Jared, you are the best. I love your site much more than perezhilton. And, you have some good ethics. For example, you blur the children’s faces here. Good stuff. Those kids do not need to be everywhere when it is their father that is the famous actor. Good for you and we love you.

  • Julia

    SO NICE OF HIM TO COME TO BRAZIL. =] hope you enjoy your stay, Jude!


  • Sara


    you see, your request is a jared’s command !

    *hands down*


  • Sara

    exactly what i mean – when in fact Jude is the sensation all over the place.

  • Nikki

    Jude vacation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with his family, while remaining sexy doing so.

    Thanks Jared.

    Love you Jude.

  • jill

    Dear Guy Ritchie ,

    Please have some shirtless scene of Jude in the Sherlock Holmes

    Love Jill

  • dee

    Jude is sooo yummy ! and he look like he is having a great time.

    Thanks Jared for giving me my Jude fix.

  • Brenda

    Nice pictures. Looks like they enjoyed their time in Brazil. I just wonder how long Jude will have that mustache.

  • Julia

    My god! I’m from BRAZIL, and I have no ideia why the hell did he came here! there are so maaaany places to go, and they came here to Brazil??? please!!!

    and RIO DE JANEIRO is awfull
    the violence there is SO big, there are people dying every minute by bullets! its horrible!!! DON’T EVER COME TO RIO!!!!!

  • Sara

    HEY, Brazil is wonderful. Also Rio. I LOVE my country!

    violence dear, can exists in anywhere !

  • Sara

    sorry my grammar error.
    no ‘s’ – can exisT

  • Que inveja hein Julia! Calma…

    Angra dos Reis is so awesome! I spent New Year at a friend’s house… It’s way to pretty, like all Rio de Janeiro! <3 And YAY, his sons are flamenguistas! LOL

  • Sara

    now, how wonderful to see my Jude smiling. Jude, you don’t know how it makes me happy!! one day (who knows??????) i’ll see you and i will have the pleasure to see your beautiful smile with my own eyes! i’m praying over it. i pray to find you …..or for you to find me. how about that? strange how a person can change the other. but you for sure have changed me for the better. that’s why I love you. Love You Jude ♥

  • Sandy

    First a very big THANK YOU Jared. You have outdone yourself this
    time – these pictures are all there and they are marvelous. he looks
    like he *Jude) is enjoying himself as much as the kids are and they
    obviously have an extremely close and loving relationship with their
    father and it goes both ways. He is so happy it extends to Sadie too.l
    but their body language still doesnt bring them close enough to say
    there is anything going on between them except towards their kids.
    I’m sure Jude was aware of all the reasons not to go to RIO (the crime
    etc.) which has been going on for many, many, years but he did find
    nice spots and he may have had other business reasons for going.
    Whatever these family facations are supposed to be , memorable, and
    he always seems to find ways to make thm so.. If he takes a vacation
    just for beach fun, sailing, fishing, snorkling and playing with Dolphins I would recomment the carribbean for the most beautiful beaches in the world and knowing how to make all vacationers comfortable no matter what their special requests are. There are private islands and small ones that you can take your own rented sailing vessel to visit. No I’m not being paid by the Carribbean Touris Association just looking for things he loves to do already. Jude you are a treat for the
    eyes, the heart and the soul. Love you.

  • sheryl

    Sandy, I don’t think there’s anything going on with Jude and Sadie, either, except friendship and a mutal love for their kids, which makes them a family regardless of the divorce. They’ve all taken several vacations together over the past few years, and I think it’s neat that along with the memories of the places they’ve visited, the kids can share the memories with both mom and dad.

  • mlk

    He looks terrible! Needs hair implants.

  • angie

    Jude looks great! Hair implants? Ugh, no way.

    Love you, Jude!

  • ericap

    Jude’s a DILF and I want him!

  • Daphne

    Jude looks great, and what’s more, he looks happy!

    I guess JJared has the kids’ faces blurred because Jude’s rep probably requested it. Kudos to JJared for respecting his wishes.

    I don’t feel any romance vibe whatsoever between Jude and his ex. No way are they getting back together.

  • deanna

    Jude is for the grown and sexy people.

    Thanks Jared

    for Sexy Mr. Law !

  • Jen1

    I know I shouldn’t be looking at these pics, but I can’t help it. And I’m so happy to see them all together. I really want Jude and Sadie and the kids back together. Hoping! They look right, *g*.

  • Cane

    deanna @ 01/02/2009 at 11:44 pm

    Jude is for the grown and sexy people.

    You need help.

  • Beatrice

    I loooove me some Jude!

    Thanks Jared it seems they had a great time in Brazil.

  • AnnieRich

    Wow, wow, wow. What a beautiful man. I feel like I m repeating myself when it comes to Jude, but I m out of words.

  • rien

    I agree that You, sweet Jared, blurred the faces of the children. They are not the famous ones, they don’t choose the position to be exposed, until then, it is better that they remain unknown.

    Dr. Shirtless Watson….well, my dear. It should be elementary!

  • Mousse

    I agree with Rien #40, thank you JJ for blurring the kids faces. It should be done with every celebrity baby’s pic to protect those babies from unwanted (for them!) attention (especially thinking of one todler who is exposed to paps much too much…)

  • gerard Vandenberg

    WHERE CAN WE PUKE, folks?
    ………………DISGUSTING, that person is!!

  • Pole

    Thanks Jared – I’m glad your blurring the pictures :-D

    I can’t think of anyone more sexy than Jude in bathing trunks hanging out with his kids – great way to start the year :-D And it is lovely to see how well he and Sadie gets along. I doubt they’re getting back together but it’s really admirable that they put their kids first.

  • hotel

    rudy is 6!! he was born Sept 2002

  • me me me

    he lacks hair and isn’t even a good person (cheated on his wife and fiance). nothing sexy about that. i can’t believe all the drooling.

  • Helena

    i can’t believe he’s still here! seems like they are having a great time!

    mas os filhos dele tinham que estar com a camisa do flamengo?? nojo…


    Julia,shut the fuck up!!!Brazil is a beautiful Country and with lots to do,and violence exists averywhere,speciallly this days,there is no perfect Country.BRAZIL IS BEAUTIFUL,WITH VERY HAPPY AND PLEASANT PEOPLE.

  • Megan Fox

    I’ve heard lindsay lohan doinked jude law, I don’t know if I remember that line right, but it say like “i’m going to california to f*ck jude law :)

  • sheryl

    #46, sit down, you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Jude didn’t cheat on Sadie, and we’ve seen where Sienna’s been lately. Besides, he apologized, everything has moved on, and he’s not a “bad” person. He’s no more “bad” than any other person on this planet, including you. You’ll learn some life lessons of your own and will hope people are more forigiving than yourself (and probably already have, you just like to talk smack).

  • sheryl

    #49, yes, and I’m sure if the coked up Lindsey said she was going to do it, then it must be true.