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Katie Holmes Loves Her Current/Elliott Jeans

Katie Holmes Loves Her Current/Elliott Jeans

Katie Holmes keeps warm in a white turtleneck sweater and coat as she heads to another Broadway performance of All My Sons at New York City’s Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre on Tuesday (January 2).

Once again, the 30-year-old actress sported her fashionable pair of Current/Elliott “Night Motorcycle Bell” bell-bottom jeans. Katie wore the same pair of jeans a few months ago.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes rocking out Current/Elliot…

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katie holmes current elliot jeans 01
katie holmes current elliot jeans 02
katie holmes current elliot jeans 03
katie holmes current elliot jeans 04
katie holmes current elliot jeans 05
katie holmes current elliot jeans 06
katie holmes current elliot jeans 07
katie holmes current elliot jeans 08
katie holmes current elliot jeans 09
katie holmes current elliot jeans 10

Credit: Jackson Lee/Tom Meinelt, Lisa Mauceri, WENN; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • deka

    i think the bottom opening is too wide
    dont think its flattering on her

  • tyle

    LOVE HERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jillian

    Anything is better than when she wore these jeans…

    Katie what were you thinking!

  • imaginaque

    She looks great! These clothes suit her. She screws up when she tries to dress like an avant garde fashionista. Here, dressed in simple clothes, with little or no makeup, she looks fantastic!

  • marissa

    Not her best look but better than what she usually wears.

  • me

    Her thunder thighs are about to bust the seams of these ugly jeans.

    BTW, does she have a substance abuse problem? She always looks either BOMBED OR SUICIDAL?


    Not again…here comes the pimp momma. I guess Suri has the day off or she’s sick from being drug around in the cold and damp weather. She’s probably got pneumonia and the cult nannies are giving her a special brew.


    it was so funny when she fell with her 6 inch heels on last year in Paris while she was pimping Suri on the streets. She made a fool of herself.

    Thankfully, poor little Suri wasn’t physically damaged. She hasn’t seemed the same mentally since though???? Maybe she hit her head on the sidewalk?

  • pafan

    #7, love your comment. While most celebrity parents try to shield their kids from the media except on rare occasions, Tom and Stepford Wife practically shove that poor kid in the paps’ faces. Enough already.

  • sarisue

    She looks like shite in white.

    Why would a tall woman constantly dress to make herself look heavy? She has absolutely no sense of her own body shape. It mystifies me how someone with all her money and means can always get it so wrong.

    Suri must be suffering from over-exposure.

  • cupcakes

    She looks very tired.

  • starbucks

    she looks good, but, she can do it best ;)

  • LuckyL

    Current/Elliott is a great line.

  • fiona

    I want that jacket! I’ve been looking for an inbetween coat. Does anyone know where it’s from? I can’t wait to see her Miu Miu adverts, not that I’ll be able to afford any of it!

  • cutie

    Very cute girl but she doesn’t look so good.

  • CR30.01


  • sonia Wu

    Her boobs are sagging, like those of Evelyn’s in 2.5 men.
    Maybe she gave up on makeup and bras altogether.
    Suri’s P.I.M.P. once again looks very tired and haggard in the pictures.

  • suri’s day off

    she looks hung over AGAIN, like something the cat dragged in.
    what’s with the bathrobe look, maybe from her depression and substance use. just pathetic and she WANTS to be photographed like this, even more pathetic.

  • wish

    Getting tired are her looking bad. Sure she can look better than than that.

  • ryan




  • ew

    Eww! She’s so ugly and plain. She looks like any chick you see at the supermarket. Not sexy at all. You know Tom’s gay coz he married her.

  • ryan

    I think all the negative comments are made by women on katie holmes posts.

    her skin is amazing with no make-up

    her smile is divine

    her fashion sense is classic and sophisticated

    her daughter is adorable

    her body is in excellent shape

    and her family is adorable,

    people always have to find something to hate about her, but she never does no wrong!

  • sonia Wu

    Ryan, you are blind.
    Her skin is leathery.
    Her grin is forced, she only smirk genuinely when she pimps her daughter to the point that the child is in distress.
    Her fashion sense is non-existent.
    Her daughter is whoring hard to the rowdy paps and total strangers in the middle of the freezing cold night.

    The family is a shameful sham.

  • Ben

    She was pretty during Dawson’s Creek.
    Not so much lately.

  • lakers fan in boston

    when is poor katie gonna take a vacation, she needs one bad
    also how long is that broadway thing, i swear it’s been going on forever
    hope u had a good new year katie!

  • lena

    cutie patootie

  • Mr. Blonde

    She’s simply walking, #7.

    Pimping? You mean when she was just walking on a public sidewalk, #8?

    A little girl you never met is acting differently-mentally-since last year? You wonder why I think most critics are stupid?

  • iron chef

    Awww Snow White just like her daughter the real Snow White….

  • beltway

    Lovely as usual

    Thanks JJ

  • class act

    For a whirlwind crazy schedule she has and with no makeup Katie is so pretty than most celebs Ive seen. A real timeless beauty and a beauty on the inside.

  • dean


  • Rachael Taylor

    I think she should try to get some sleep first before thinking on setting up a new trend. those pants look terrible, and she look terrible and haggard as hell. she’s once a cute looking girl, she looks like a crackwh0re now :)

  • It’s ROBO bride

    ryan @ 01/02/2009 at 4:45 pm

    Fashionista? Hahahaha.

    Is that why she is on several style magazine’s worst dress list because of that horrible white/black lace jump suit she designed? Is that why that awful shorts outfit the other day garned only 6% of the audience liking it. That blue disaster the other day is at only 25% of the folks liking it. Another fashion magazine dared to ask what the hell that orange thing was that she and Suri wore (she designed it and evidently made it) at Halloween.
    She is a laughing stock among the true fashion magazines. Because she just doesn’t get what style is. Katie looks awful in the choices she makes 99 percent of the time.

  • emma

    She looks great & I wish her and Tom a happy happy New Year.

  • anonymous


  • Erica

    She went from “Dawson’s Creek”, to being Tom Cruise’s “baby mama”, and now the paparazzi follow her for no reason. Get a acting job or stay home, Katie!

  • leggy

    The real

  • oakley

    me likey her jackey and jeans

  • Mr. Blonde

    She does have an acting job, #36. And she’s followed because she’s famous.

  • jerk off mr. blonde

    mr. blonde, certainly you are someone with a sick, delusional mind.
    your pathetic comments only reinforce the fact that the public sees these fake manipulative bimbos kh & her BF tt for what they really are and are sad for Suri who they exploit.
    you are a total ass hole mr. blonde, you don’t fool anyone.
    you are probably kh writing about herself while she is high on drugs.

  • jerk off mr. blonde

    mr. blonde, certainly you are someone with a sick, delusional mind.
    your pathetic comments only reinforce the fact that the public sees these fake manipulative bimbos kh & her BF tt for what they really are and are sad for Suri who they exploit.
    you are a total ass hole mr. blonde, you don’t fool anyone.
    you are probably kh writing about herself while she is high on drugs.

  • gross

    Boy this beetch a fugly eyesore! Yah! Here play will be over soon!!!! More like America’s dull pointless mess!

  • It’s ROBO bride

    Mr. Blonde @ 01/02/2009 at 9:17 pm

    What is really sad Mr Blonde is she is famous only because she married Tom Cruise. She has no fashion sense, can’t act, and is a poor parent and is married to a controlling freak as well as belongs to a really cruel cult that passes itself off as a religion. Her vocabulary consists of words like amazing, wonderful, magical and she appears to have no original thought processes.

    Yep, if I were a pap I’d follow her–just like they follow airhead Paris Hilton and train wreck Lohan.

  • OkWhat?

    Run Katie Run

    btw love the jeans

  • linda

    I thought she used to be adorable before she married the GMD. Now she looks like a shell of her former self. Sseems like every move she makes now is calculated and probably orchestrated by that controlling freak she’s married to.

  • hailey

    Why do people comment “Run, Katie, Run”. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but this fame and money hungry w—- loves the paps, loves Scientology, loves TC and loves them all and guess. why….THE MONEY and she isn’t running away from it, she is always running to it. This shell of a human being loves the attention…….makes herself look bad, sad, happy, pretend to be a fashionista all for the cameras. She married and loves being married to TC because of the money and attention even getting her daugher in the act too, and when it comes to Scientology, she’s front row and cheering. So, don’t feel sorry for her because she’s just putting on an act,, at your expense. HA, HA.

  • Mr. Blonde

    How would you know that she’s a poor parent and that her husband is a controlling freak, #43?

    So you admit she’s famous, for however shallow or not the reasons, and is accordingly photographed?

    How could you possibly know she’s pulling an act when you’ve never met her, #46?

  • rona

    Cute like Suri and Im happy for her Broadway success also the big success of Tom’s movie Valkyrie.

  • jenna

    How could you possibly know she’s pulling an act when you’ve never met her, #46?

    Hey Mr. Blonde

    How do you know she’s not pulling an act? You don’t you dummy!

    The point is you spend endless hours here scolding others for assuming stuff when you do the exact same thing. You’re totally full of sh*t and a nasty piece of work. You talk to people like crap and it sucks.

    You dont know any more than anyone else here so STFU, give your opinion if you have to and stop calling people names and telling them they are wrong. You don’t know if they’re wrong no matter what you say and you can’t prove anything.

    If you know so much PROVE IT OR SHUT UP

  • Moo

    Wow, times must be hard even for Mrs. Cruise. She wore the same pair of jeans months ago? Poor thing.