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Nikki Blonsky's Celebrity Crush: Ed Westwick!

Nikki Blonsky's Celebrity Crush: Ed Westwick!

Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky and America’s Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden were freed from all assault charges stemming from the airport scuffle back in July. Nikki, 20, spoke to OK! about life post-fight:

On what she’s learned from the fight: “I saw the dark side of the industry. I never knew there were people willing to do anything to get their name in the paper. It’s a shame that someone will ruin a person’s life and beat them up to get their 10 minutes of fame back. I think it’s disgusting.”

On how she’s been coping: “We’re a strong family. The Ugly Betty cast has proven to me that there are good people in this business. Success is the best revenge.” (Her cameo airs this Thursday, January 8.)

On if Zac Efron and Amanda Bynes will return for the Hairspray sequel: “Zac has said he’d love to do it again, and I know Brittany Snow is down for sure. I don’t know about Amanda. I hope she will. I want to put on my Tracy Turnblad wig again and dance my little heart out.”

On her celebrity crush: “I’m not going to lie: [British actor] Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl. I think he’s adorable!”

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44 Responses to “Nikki Blonsky's Celebrity Crush: Ed Westwick!”

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  1. 1
    somebody ;D Says:

    OUN, :]

  2. 2
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    who the **** r these ugly *******

  3. 3
    Russian girl Says:

    Yeahhhhhh!Agree!ED WESTWICK is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4
    naty Says:

    I like her she seems nice, Bianca had always been the kind of person that loves to fight.

  5. 5
    pop86 Says:

    Ed, have your people get a restraining order ASAP. You now have a stalker.

  6. 6
    ladybug Says:

    is she serious? her father beat the crap out of a woman… cracked the woman’s skull. nice try, but your family is trash and i hope your pops gets some jail time in greece.

  7. 7
    ra Says:

    stop posting about this fat violent attempted boyfriend stealer.

  8. 8
    ra Says:

    ed westwick wouldnt touch her with a bargepole

  9. 9
    Lucy Says:

    Zac better not do HS2, the plot sounds terrible.

    I thought she was the one who started the fight? Stupid girl!! She needs to grow up!

  10. 10
    asher Says:

    You guys are funny. Why can’t he be friends with Nikki? Because she’s fat? Because she’s effusive?

    Nikki is an alright girl. So is Vanessa. They can both be in his life.

    Butt out of his relationships. If he doesn’t like what she’s saying/doing, he’ll let her know. Otherwise, keep your judging and hate to yourself.

  11. 11
    jojo Says:


  12. 12
    Andreas Says:

    I´m so exited about Nikki`s Ugly Betty episode, it will be great. Nikki would be a great girlfriend. The plot is just ideas, they will make a great story.

  13. 13
    ra Says:

    but theyre not both in his life are they.

    theres been no photos of zac with nikki since 2007.

  14. 14
    ra Says:

    but theyre not both in his life are they.

    theres been no photos of zac with nikki since 2007.

  15. 15
    Andreas Says:

    It has been photos in 2008 but it`s also something called phone calls. Why are people reading this if they got sick, that is pretty stupid. She is a great inspiration and her debut album is going to rock!

  16. 16
    Amanda Says:

    The classy thing would have been to say “no comment”. She’s no better than Bianca. She just thinks she is.

  17. 17
    You/Me Says:

    I think Nikki Blonsky is full if sh*t. Trying to make herself seem the victim when in fact neither one of these girls obviously has any class.

  18. 18
    Snow White Says:

    LMAO I’m picturing Ed’s face reading this. Haha

  19. 19
    ra Says:

    LOL eds face would be hilarious

    And the only pictures in 2008 was at an awards show in january which his actual girlfriend also attended.

  20. 20
    ra Says:

    LOL eds face would be hilarious

    And the only pictures in 2008 was at an awards show in january which his actual girlfriend also attended.

  21. 21
    Blobsky Says:

    Haha. I dont even think her album would even sell to 10,000
    She has done a live show and yet the review said her voice is like a “rotund bellowing toad stool”

    As for Zac….why associate her with him. She’s nothing but a co-star and I will bet my life they will never be more than that. They arent even best friends.
    Yeah they’ve said it on interviews but what do you expect..this is showbiz.

    Well I just wish her a wonderful New Year.

  22. 22
    Andreas Says:

    She have done several shows and I have been on one of them, she is fantastic.

    Here is a review from Broadway world:
    Nikki proves that she can sing just about anything with the skill of a singer twice her age. It would be a true shame if Broadway loses her to Hollywood, as her vocal talent would be a great asset to just about any kind of musical.

  23. 23
    Lpipperoni Says:

    Jared thank you posting again about Nikki. That is so awesome that all charges were dropped against her and hopefully her father will have the same results. Success is best revenge and Nikki Iknow you will go far.

  24. 24
    BB Says:

    sorry but this review from rex reed in the NY observer says it all……


    I don’t know what to say about the current booking disaster at Feinstein’s at Loew’s Regency, but it’s the wrong room for an amateur like Nikki Blonsky. This rotund, bellowing 19-year-old toadstool delivered the hackneyed goods just fine when she was plucked from her job scooping ice cream in Great Neck and whisked off to Hollywood to star in the movie version of Hairspray. But where do you go without John Travolta playing your mother? After opening with—what else?—“Good Morning Baltimore,” it’s nowhere to go but down. At these prices, even the Blonsky family and their friends (who attended in abundance) yelling “Brava!” deserve better material than “The Shoop Shoop Song.” Wider but no taller than Billy Barty, Ms. Blonsky is only 19. Her influences are Patsy Cline and the awful Frank Wildhorn, not Peggy Lee and Cy Coleman. So she sings “Crazy” and two Wildhorn songs that sound exactly alike, with all the animation of a fire hydrant. She’s only 19, for chrissake. Then get ready for excerpts from shows she did in high school. Just because she played Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd does not mean sophisticated audiences want to hear Sondheim massacred with good intentions. If I wanted to see a high-school Angela Lansbury, I’d go to Great Neck. Oh, well, she’s only 19. There’s nothing wrong with a young point of view, but with a $60 cover for the $75 “premium seats” plus a $40 food and beverage minimum, what is she doing here? She’s only 19, so why is Nikki Blonsky singing the “Habanera” from Bizet’s Carmen? I never spent so much time looking at my watch. But enough already. She’s fearless. She’s green as raw broccoli. She’s also lucky as hell. How did she get a coveted booking at Feinstein’s? Did I forget to mention she’s only 19 years old?


  25. 25
    BB Says:

    oh, and it will be interesting to see how carl blonsky fairs, its not so easy to sweep the fact that he put a woman in the hospital under the rug!

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