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Daniel Giersch Beat Out Google

Daniel Giersch Beat Out Google

FYI: German entrepreneur Daniel Giersch, the ex-husband-to-be of pregnant actress Kelly Rutherford, battled out a legal challenge with Google for nearly three years.

Giersch secured the domain, four years after Google tried to acquire it. He claims Google offered him $250,000 for the domain at one point.

“Neither G-Mail nor I can be bought,” Giersch has said. “I have made it clear since the beginning that I will never sell the name. It is my sole intention to realize my idea for a hybrid mail system and I am absolutely convinced of its success. Neither G-Mail nor myself are for sale.”

After years of trying, Google finally decided to give up earlier this year. German users now can’t sign up for “” accounts–they get “” instead.

Rutherford, who stars as Lily van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, is three months pregnant with Giersch‘s second child and filed for divorce on Dec. 30.

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  • bindy

    oh ok

  • bindy

    does he shave his legs?

  • malolm

    he’s stupid. he should raise his price and sell the name. what is he going to get by keeping the domain.

  • paige

    Can you say Gay face

  • L

    isn’t she lily van der woodsen on gossip girl??

  • gerard Vandenberg

    you mean ofcourse: HE THINKS HE IS AN ENTREPRENEUR, folks?

  • Lolita

    Ewww it looks like he shaves his legs!

  • click

    whoa they look exactly alike!

  • RYAN

    she seems like a MASSIVE gold digger!!

    marriage, baby, divorce + no prenup, child support, assests=BIG DOLLARS!!

  • David Cook

    shaving a leg is gay :)

  • hannah

    He looks like a major tosser and quite gay. I like her though, think she could do better.

  • zach quinto’s wife

    it’s sucks that they have to get divorce – when lilly.. i mean, kelly are going to have JUST a baby.
    i hope she’s going to get through this difficult moment.. just fine :/

  • LT

    I’m sorry things aren’t working out for them but…who would name their kid Hermes??? Life is hard enough with a normal name, he is going to get harrassed big time!

  • Josie Ann

    Hey! Where’s my Gerard Butler?

  • Anita

    Oh great!
    NOW I know why I can`t have an gmail account and have to live with the uber-long googlemail crap, instead. Well, thank you SO much, Herr Daniel Giersch.
    I`m a German myself, but sometimes I`m really fed up with the german way of politics and economics. I****!

  • julien

    Well good for him…can’t make things too easy for google now can we…plus I got my account a long time ago, doesn’t affect me really…

  • jo

    absoulutely gay …. legs and face … how doesn’t she know that ? ironically having 2 kids as well …

  • jo

    I agree with Ryan digger ..anyway she isn’t famous at all and don’t get lots of money from showbuz……Z list ??

  • Peter


    I feel for you, I am german, too.
    And this sucks BIG TIME!

    But protectimg a brand name is not a german politic, every company and entrepreneur has the right to do so and they do.
    Look at the Lawsuit between the Beatles and Aplle Computers.
    And many many more companies.
    This is daily buisness stuff.

  • mar

    I agree. He maybe gay…They look more like brother and sister.

  • bitsey

    What is wih naming your kid Hermes and then everything you wear is Hermes…… That is a bit odd….. I understand that if you like the brand, but that is going a bit far………

  • Mia

    #22, Hermes is a messenger of Gods in Greek mythology…They probably had this in mind when naming their child and not the brand you are referring to…

  • jo

    he has better legs than her ..

  • Dieter

    I wanked a few times on having sex with him and Kelly together !!! Megan Lewis was my favourite MP Charakter. She had such a nice and juicy ass !!!

  • Annika

    @ Mia: No, they named their child Hermes because Kelly loves the brand…

  • CR30.01

    The guy tossed Google to the floor in Germany? Oh, well. It seems Kelly will meet a tough oponent in Court.

  • doc

    Google could have just raised the offer and the guy would have taken it. Silly. We need another online mail service like a hole in the head.

  • amanda

    i LOVE his smooth legs!

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  • wrong info

    Jared, your article states “Giersch secured the domain, four years after Google tried to acquire it.” but I think you should correct it so that it reads “Giersch secured the domain, four years BEFORE Google tried to acquire it” as this is what actually happened (don’t want him suing you because he appears to be a tough cookie).

  • Bobby

    I think he should have sold but with the high name recognition he might be able to make some money with a new e-mail company. Maybe he could partner with google and get some money that way.

  • hagia sophia

    For 250.000 I will sell them this domain for sure… :-)

  • talinka5

    is it any wonder WHY she is divorcing him then what a sh#t!

  • Jen

    Why does he shave his legs? He looks rather gay, don’t you think?

  • carles case

    She is 40ish.

  • Elchin

    I live in Germany and I recently used to register, and then just continued using it from Germany. Just use proxy with non-german IP for registration.

  • Andrew

    Anyone seen Giersch’s website? He sounds like a pretentious twat – and he looks like one too. No wonder google won’t deal with him any more. He hasn’t updated the site for 2 years – anyone got any idea what he does now? I can’t imagine his paper email idea is keeping him very busy…

  • Andrew

    Crikey have you heard Rutherford had to get a restraining order against him as he was following her? What a total leg shaving freak… Can’t believe he takes the Gmail name for himself in Germany for his idiot venture, and then goes to LA to stalk some B-list celebrity. Still at least he’s unhappy now. Schadenfreude rocks :)

  • be care ful

    Daniel Giersch is not realy popular in Germany. He is sueing small people with his Lawyers from Preubohlig and Partner. Many people are calling this methods just fraud.
    All the german web is full of complains about Daniel Giersch and his Lawyer from PreuBohlig and Partner. Daniel Giersch and Preubohlig and Partner make a lot of money by threating small people in Germany.

  • Kenneth Hollander

    As published in Psychology Today 3-13-13 letter

    Regarding Kelly Rutherford’s attorney, David J Glass PhD

    Child abuse by design

    Dear Ken ,

    It’s been more than a year since the letter of 2/12/12 and the apparent
    subsequent closing shortly thereafter of Glass Family Law. I
    understand he is now not promoting himself as uniquely blended in
    Psychology and Law but is at another firm doing probate work.
    Interestingly enough his resume at FMBK Law has claims of credentials
    I understand you believe are false based upon you direct written
    response from organizations Mr. Glass claims to be a member or
    associated with. Who does that reflect upon him or the diligence and
    propriety of the firm which now employs him?

    It occurred to me that the complete contrast in our cases is almost
    deafening in the way it shouts hypocrisy, maleficent practices, and
    flat out perjuries within statements written under penalty of perjury
    and oral statements within hearings and written statements within
    submitted briefs screams of the manipulation of parents. This IMHO by
    attorney’s, the bench and minor’s councils within the family
    court system in CA at least. Given I was asked to waive my Fifth
    Amendment Rights in family court? And did so .The issuance of
    restraining orders on both of us within 3 weeks of my letter of the
    12 of February under quote Justice Convey in your instance (“by the
    slimmest of margins”)one has to wonder at the coincidence…Right?
    Of course I was judged as having stalked by proxy because I hired a
    PI to prove my daughter was being housed with a felon (cultivating
    under a Federal Indictment),,, and the mother knew it.

    Indeed in your instance you were
    falsely accused of molestation by the mother of your son seven ( 7)
    times and then of stalking (8th)when the child was too old to falsely
    accuse the father of abuse .I note your minors council never
    interviewed your child even though Sammy was ten (10) . In your case
    no abuse took place yet you were put on monitored visitation and
    visitation reduced to police station pick-ups permanently. It would
    seem logical Ken that at some time you become a safe parent. When is
    that after your four (4th) parenting class? Or after the third 3rd
    interview with the District Attorney’s Office. How about after the
    8th sheriff or 13th DCFS investigations. What grade gives you a pass?
    Or is it like our friend who ponied up a Million dollars.

    In my case I alleged that the mother was negligent or deliberately sub
    parenting in a manner as was provocative .Lj was taken to UCLA med
    center at three & half (3 ½) .and on morphine and intravenous
    feeding for 6 weeks after the neighbors call the police because they
    could hear her screaming. I had previously stated the mother did not
    have the skills or empathy and may have been suffering some mental

    two (2) years later numerous blood noses (daddy don’t put sunscreen
    on …its very sore) and Minors counsel accused me of overreacting
    etc. Yet my daughter now is showing a scar across her nose as her
    face has grown. Also when the symptoms that caused the first
    hospitalization reoccurred I took Lj to the Doctor without custodial
    privileges and was again accused of being alarmist yet the child’s
    diet was immediately changed by the mother and things improved.

    Not forgetting being accused of 10K in support arrears that the judge
    threw out as falsified spreadsheet CSSD said I never owed anything.
    As well as the LCSW saying the Mothers accusation I yelled at our
    daughter and threw a phone at her was a work of fiction. Perhaps that
    is why we have a letter from the Bar suggesting we pursue “civil

    Given all this I am the one who is separated and monitored.

    My point is you are not a molester as the DA stated yet you are
    punished and to the opposite I can prove the mother has been ,may
    still be or is a least using sub care of my child in a provocative
    manner where my child may be suffering yet I am punished,. Quote
    (LCFS,,‘ The Mother is not currently negligent”)


    Finally we have our friend who only after paying a million dollars was taken
    of monitoring, all accusations and interference stopped and can see
    his children when he wants.

    is the situation Given the violence in society killings in families,
    how much damage has been done to children and women, mothers Fathers
    parents and extended family by the propagation of this kind of
    duplicitous behavior within what seems to be a culture of deceit
    built around self-aggrandizing and financial self-serving that in
    fact amounts to fiscal abuse of children. What training skills and so
    on are lost in funneling the parent’s income to third party leeches
    using false or manipulated circumstances to serve their own

    my case I spent more than $ 47,072 seeing my daughter for twelve (
    12) hours each month for the last year.

    kept my second residence in California, (rent) paid child support,
    Airfare from NY once a month air fare for a weekend from oversees
    and monitor costs including the monitors meals , go-cart rides,
    Taxis/transportation , lunches, entertainment, getting around,
    clothes, toys, books & games and adventures that I as her father
    are able to spend upon the daughter that I have raised!

    What type of enhanced opportunities could a different approach have made?

    If fathers are the enemy what will mothers become once a more robotic
    agenda is achieved .They will be phased out as well. Women should
    consider the short amount of time science is giving them to make the
    correct adjustments to this situation and police their own ranks from
    peers lawyers and malevolent individuals who care little for
    children, and will eventually throw mothers to the wayside in
    preference of the state. I mean do little girls really need to be
    born with a womb anymore?

    The societal cost of the emotional and mental anguish to children and
    subsequent family killings from person caught up in this situations
    is surely not worth the salaries of a the firms and government
    agencies who benefit from this culture…>All mothers, children
    and Fathers are at risk and more so daily as those uneducated to the
    manner they will be manipulated and have their conflict orchestrated
    to the fiscal advantage of others.

    My being asked to waive my 5th in family court because a stated somebody
    was a dead man walking, professionally speaking .It would seem I know
    what I’m doing as David J. Glass Ph.D. is now hobbled from abusing
    any more families and a judge who asks me if I wished merry Christmas
    to a Jewish Lawyer as a hateful gesture seems to be setting me up for
    something, especially since you had received notices mailed to your
    residence disclosing that David Glass would be on vacation during the
    “Christmas holidays”.

    Yet you Ken are a longtime Jewish friend and my father spent weeks in a
    cattle car on his way to Stalag IVIII in Poland.

    Was it not the Nazis who first separated children from parents?

    And then when I request the transcript from that hearing, I pay for it I
    and then get not the original but a copy and my money order is handed
    back to me and no one will say who was given the original?

    says to me at age of 6 when I tell her mom loves her and will always
    be in her life

    state’s to me …“She’s going to live a lot; she’s never
    going to die?”

    What is this child going to hold her mother responsible for and by what
    means will she do so?

    The enabling of conflict by those who seek to gain financially is simply
    evil and no different from an arms dealer who supplies both sides
    .The killing of life be it on an emotional ,intellectual, financial,
    mental, spiritual and /a or physical level is a death and no
    different from actually using a mechanical device. Too knowingly do
    so to children whose spirit is pure is inherently foul.

    To surmise IMHO the individuals and associated firms in our cases are
    only the tip of the iceberg.

    Michael J Kretzmer. David J.Glass Ph.d, Lori A. Darakjian, Elise Greenberg of
    Carlson & Greenberg, Psychologist Angus Strachan Ph.d of Lund &
    Strachan ,FMBK Law , Kolodny & Anteau represent a blight upon
    what was once a noble profession .

    Please get back to me with your thoughts, I am thinking about copying this
    letter and the letter of 2-12-2012 to the California Attorney