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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Kissing Couple

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Kissing Couple

Jennifer Lopez (in Bottega Veneta) and Marc Anthony sneak in a kiss during an inauguration ceremony in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Friday (January 2).

At the ceremony, Luis Fortuno was sworn in as the new governor of Puerto Rico at the Capitol Building. He’s well-known for wanting Puerto Rico to be a U.S. state.

Earlier this week, the New York Daily News reported that Jennifer and Marc were planning to make a divorce announcement about after Marc‘s is concert at NYC’s Madison Square Garden on February 14. Jennifer‘s publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, denied this rumor to E!, saying, “There is no merit to the article.”

P.S. They are both wearing their wedding rings. See pictures below!

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Photos: GV Cruz/WireImage
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  • gerard Vandenberg

    Jenn brushed her teeth desperately afterwards.
    HE WAS QUIT “SMELLY”, folks!!

  • SARA

    I think the break up rumor are a bunch of BS …Marc sweated after Jlo for years he is not gonna let her go, and Jlo is happy with Marc here she has a man who has $$ power so its a win win she can stay home and play mommy choose her projects ….The problem they have is that Jlo wants at least 1 more child she wants 3 just like her and her sisters and Marc has said NO WAY …cuz he has 5 kids in total….that he knows of that is…

  • Kay
  • tulino

    Jennifer Lopez is the biggest star ever, she will do a great comeback in 2009, i can’t wait for her new cd and movies. Marc? how is he?

  • TEE

    the woman just use rumors to get attention.she hasn’t a hit movie or song for several years.

  • Ron

    Damage control. This kissing is a set up to stop the talk. Hollywood stars are the fakes people in the world.
    Mark is not going to let his cash cow get away.

  • Linda

    She reminds me of Jennnifer Aniston. Hadn’t had a hit nothing in years. She got with John Mayer and started rumors. Now she has a hit movie. So Jennifer Lopez will be fine. Soon she will have a hit and back on top in no time.

  • Julien

    She’s beautiful.

  • ace tomato

    I like JLo, but I have to admit, she has that look in her eyes like she is posing for cameras. It’s the same sort of sultry, staring into space look she puts on for the red carpet, when she doesn’t have to talk to anyone, she is just posing so they can photograph her dress & her figure. It’s a very set face – glazed over in a sexy, but far away look.

    The whole “photo opp” relationship thing sounds really conspiracy theory to me normally, but this JLo/Marc Anthony kiss moment does look like a performance for cameras. It smells staged.

  • Jill

    Linda @ 01/03/2009 at 2:15 am
    She reminds me of Jennnifer Aniston.

    Not hardly. Lopez isn’t desperate. She’s got a man and children. She doesn’t have to take her clothes off or beat a dead horse for four years to get noticed.

  • L

    The only reason she made it to the A-list is because of who she screwed. Diddy when he was big and then Affleck. If she doesn’t have an interesting pairing, nobody gives a damn about her. She is a sucky actress and even worse singer.

  • Madi

    “planning to make a divorce announcement about after Marc’s is concert at NYC’s Madison Square Garden”


  • Ha

    Thought she said she and marc didn’t have a nanny. So where are the kids?

  • stef

    Marc looks cute with glasses.

  • alana

    She is a beautiful woman,i love her!
    The twins are in PR too,there are photos of jennifer taking a plane with max
    I want to see her again,with the GH album and a new movie =)

  • alana

    She is a beautiful woman,i love her!
    The twins are in PR too,there are photos of jennifer taking a plane with max
    I want to see her again,with the GH album and a new movie =)

  • sweetpees

    that kiss looks sooooo fake!!!!! they’re just pretending to be a cute happy little couple for te cameras!!and it looks like they fooled you too jared!

  • alllthegossip

    visit for celebrity gossip :)

  • Megan Fox

    so what’s up with her ass? I’ve heard those buttcheeks were insured and it seems they are deteriorating now! celebrities kissing in public is so fake!

  • cc

    i think they will eventually get divorced… they (esp her) look very distant…she’s in her own thouths. Even the kiss looks forced!

  • hfyt

    please! that is a kiss for picture, for paparazzi.

  • may

    she looks fab

  • Paula Abdul Multimedia

    J.Lo is really HOT :)

  • Vivien

    He’s so unattractive! They’re, she in particular actually, both famewhores. The marriage problem rumors were started by someone in her camp, just to get her in the papers again.

  • Ginger

    JLo is very fake. Their marriage is on the rocks and they are trying to hide their unhappiness by basically pulling a stunt like this to mislead the media and fans.

    If she’s not happy, she should just move on. She should’ve stick with Ben. Her babies would’ve been much cuter! I think that’s one thing she regretted.

  • ugliebetty

    Marc use to wear glasses all the time until he hooked up with Jennifer. I always thought he looked strange without his glasses, he looks much better with them on. I think that when people wear glasses for a long time they look weird when they take them off..I hope he decides to leave them on they are very becoming.

    #25, Jlo is not seeking bad publicity, and Marc has always been very privated so you don’t know what your’e talking about!!!!

  • know it all

    To all you naive JLo fans, yes this is a publicity stunt cooked up by her camp to get people talking about her again, and you know what? It worked, she purposely showed off her wedding ringless finger at that Benjamin Button premier, a premier that she knew was going to get a lot of media coverage because of Brangelina. JLo is the biggest famewhore out there, she misses the limelight and is so desperate to be back in it that she would even sacrifice bad press about her marriage just to get publicity, after all any publicity good or bad is still publicity. And now here they are showing off their wedding rings for the world to see, coincidence? I don’t think so, face it JLo die hards, your girl is a has been and she knows it, desperate times call for desperate measures!!

  • cupcakes

    She looks very pretty there.

  • jillyro

    I think that Marc is in on it too. I think both Marc and JLO cooked up the marriage on the rock rumours to kickstart their careers, they want the limelight again, both of them (as someone else said, Marc wanted JLO bad so he’s not going to let her get away). He’s in on it, he likes the spotlight too I’m sure.

    She probably would sacrifice her marriage for career though, she’s itching for attention again (apparently she hates that Angelina gets so much attention…um..JLO is no Angelina). With JLO it’s all about her all the time it seems, her poor kids are just trophies, like somehing else on her to-do list. But what JLO doesn’t get is that people have lost interest in her, yeah she’s pretty and glamorous, but she’s also full of herself, materialistic and always “on” and fake and people see through her desperate need for the spotlight. Plus she is not that talented, her acting is average and her singing career in the past few years has been blah. But guess she wants to reinvent herself as a single Mom, a la Madonna.

  • ___________

    Oh my God. What an ugly b*****d he is.


    I have to laugh Jlo in San Juan.. the only place she is wanted.. It seems
    that she doesn’t get it…She made two loser movies last year.. C.D
    She is not as big as she use to be.. judging by the comment page..
    # 26 she should of stuck with Sean who is similiar to her .. Music Designer except he went one step farther and opened his own stores
    when is she going to do that..?? Never.. She is famous for being beautiful… so what..

  • Silvana

    Jlo is the biggest fuck bitch ever.She is very ugly !!!!!!!!!

  • carolina

    hey #28
    i´m fan of jlo and I don’t need anyone telling me what i have to think,this story of the rings is rubbish and no one can believe it except stupid people…jennifer doesn´t wear her ring a lot of times!And of course, if jlo wasn´t so famous nobody would worry if she wears the ring or not. You hate her so much that everytime she appears in some act envious people like you start to say “she needs attention blablabla” Why she can´t appear in the acts she wants with her husband?
    Probably you are bitter and so full of hate to say something like this about a mother and her children…
    She looks amazing as always


    They don’t need to cook up a scheme to have publicity… she is the glamourous queen .. she just has to show up anywhere to get
    her photo taken… No we can’t get that photo of the governor the big picture.. because it is all about them.. Gee Jlo…are you moving there too.. are they going to give you a new home to live in ..

    That was a lot of fun seeing the pix of Jen and Marc coming home from Italy getting off the plane last year as if it was right now..!!

  • Yes

    J.Lo has been looking great recently. Hopefully she’ll get her career back on track. It’s been downhill since she hooked up with Marc.

  • Lolita

    They’re both horrible actors. Look at the body language, even the fake kiss. Just like when Madonna split with Guy. Same exact thing. After the rumors started, they show up in public cuddling, then bam – the rumors end up being true. So sad.

  • carolina

    becky smith: “nobody cares about jlo but i´m in all her posts”. You are SO OBSSESED. Probably you are the most obssesed hater in the world! How pathetic you are

  • Summer

    EWWWW! They’re Puerto Ricans!!!! Yuck!

  • Summer

    Becky Smith you should be ashamed of yourself for hating your fellow P. R’s.

  • Andy

    J Lo may be a bitch but she sure is pretty.


    I don’t hate P.R’s it just seems that that is all her publicity ..I am not
    obsessed with Jlo… What about Summer and her Eww Puerto Ricans

    So lay off everyone else is saying something about Jlo and Marc…
    find out later that it is another time.. not this week..

  • Summer

    Puerto Toe reekans are the lowest form on earth!!! They are all on welfare, sell drugs and are so lazy all of their food has to be imported from Domingo!!! They get more food stamps than anyone else in America.

  • lakers fan in boston

    if u think Puerto Ricans r bad
    u should see Dominicans =[

  • Chris X

    Marc has found out who the boss is in that marriage so it will last . If he wants to keep on hanging out with Tom Cruise and Beckham, his only job is to keep her happy adn behave – otherwise it is back to being that Hispanic Singer whatsisname. J Lo said she has a collection of Cuban cannon balls in her bedroom – 2 of them are his.


    NEWS BULLETIN : John Travolta’s son Jett passed away yesterday..!!

  • Ben

    Puerto Ricans want to become the 51st. state in the union. That would be a big mistake for America since the puerto Ricans would drag us all down to their low standard of living. The Governore Luis Fortuna is trying to make Puerto Ricans legit please don’t allow them to do this.



  • Megan

    Will all of you racist kindly leave the room you are giving me a headache. They can’t help it if they are Puerto Ricans they are good people with money so don’t be jealous.

  • Dragon Tales

    Hey Jen, where are your little Spicletts? I thought you guys wanted little Spiclett twins named after the Dragon Tales???

  • As If…

    She’s not so pretty without all of that makeup. Check out how she really looked in the Movie Acaconda. She looks like a dog and a maid combined! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!