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Suri Cruise is a Balloon Baby

Suri Cruise is a Balloon Baby

Katie Holmes (in 7 for All Mankind Bell Bottom jeans) holds polka dot-pretty daughter, Suri, outside the the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater in New York City on Friday night (January 2).

The 30-year-old actress signed autographs while Suri held onto a big white balloon. Tom Cruise joined the mother-daughter duo back into their apartment but look–one of poor Suri‘s shoes is missing!

Tom Cruise‘s son Connor, 13, was also seen around the theater.

Katie made her Broadway debut several months back — September 18th. Her last show is just eight days away — Sunday, January 11!

15+ pictures inside of balloon baby Suri Cruise

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suri cruise balloon baby 01
suri cruise balloon baby 02
suri cruise balloon baby 03
suri cruise balloon baby 04
suri cruise balloon baby 05
suri cruise balloon baby 06
suri cruise balloon baby 07
suri cruise balloon baby 08
suri cruise balloon baby 09
suri cruise balloon baby 10
suri cruise balloon baby 11
suri cruise balloon baby 12
suri cruise balloon baby 13
suri cruise balloon baby 14
suri cruise balloon baby 15

Credit: BEL/Fame Pictures; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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  • mirta

    too cute

  • zeze


    Totally cute ;)

  • dido

    cute family

  • nana

    If my friends’s child had just died (John Travolta’s son Jett), I wouldn’t be all smiley like that. Just saying.

  • michelle

    She’s not a baby, she’s almost 3!! But they are defnitely carrying her like a baby.

  • boo

    Poor Suri looks terrified. Maybe that’s why she refuses to wear her coat and shoes. Her fame loving parents drag her around like a doll.

  • boo

    sick parents

  • Sacha

    #4…is it possible that they had not yet heard the news about John Travolta’s son? Just asking. What idiots you people are with all of your silly interpretations of photos. Stop. Get out of your mom’s basements and into the real world.

  • Holly

    nana#4 if you have considered that maybe Katie Holmes didn’t find out about john travolta’s son’s death?!!
    and even if she did do you wnat her to wear all black and have a nervous breakdown and try to kill herself just because a kid died????
    doesn’t she have the right to have a good time with her kids or yo people are just too fuc**** stupid to think that?
    i mean stop bitchin out all the time about katie holmes just because she married a scientologist!!i mean these are tom cruises believes and we should respect them!!!

  • http://........................ satan

    of course they have to carry Suri like that, there’s always razzis sticking around them like a leech.

  • Mousse

    Poor Suri.
    I wouldn’t mind if all of her pictures were made blurry too from now on, like Jude Law’s children, further on this website.
    It would at least protect the child in a way her parents aren’t shielding her from all the hysterical fan’s reactions and flashlights.
    I am for a law that forbids pics of celebrity babies and todlers to be published without making their face unrecognizable.
    I bet the Cruises would then quickly find an appropriate babysitter and Suri would have at least some peace in her life.

  • Lethycia

    Suri is so cute!!!

  • Odyne

    They use Suri to be on Media. Horrible parents.

  • TI

    SACHA=HOLLY, who r u fooling TWAT

  • Megan Fox

    they want her to grow like a real star, a child star that can really act like kirsten dunst, christina ricci or dakota fanning!

  • alllthegossip

    visit for celebrity gossip

  • no more

    For goodness sake give it a rest with the hardest working child in PR.
    No one could care less about this family of cultists

  • eliza

    Tom encouraged this constant attention when he said he likes the pap pictures. Hope he’s getting his fill of all these shots of Suri looking frightened and unhappy. Can’t understand parents subjecting their child to exposure like this.

  • Susie

    Here’s the bad news and the good news:

    The bad news is that there are eight more days of paparazzi swarming around Katie Holmes and her toy/daughter.

    The good news is that the extensive coverage by Jared will (hopefully) stop in eight days. No more of Katie’s jeans, ugly outfits and cold sores.

    Do people really care about Holmes and Co.? And if she and Cruise really cared about their daughter why aren’t they protecting her from the paps?

  • 98dJJk87_=Sunset

    Some of your comments are too idiotic for words. She was not parading her daughter around…she was going from point A (work) to point B (home). People who are so miserable in their own lives will nit pick and try to always find fault with others. You need self-esteem therapy (or perhaps drastic weight loss!) to find a reason to enjoy life and stop hating others who have more than you do.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    no queston about it.
    THESE ARE THE TWO HAPPY WHOPPERS OF scientology-family-cruise with tommy-mongol in charge, folks!!
    (give their faces a close look, please)

  • Ha

    98dJJk87_=Sunset @ 01/03/2009 at 10:50 am
    You know if she wasn’t parading her daughter around she would go from point A to Point B and not sign autographs, not carry her so her face (which clearly shows she doesn’t like the attention) doesn’t face out–day after day after day.
    No other “movie star” does this. It clearly looks like they are pimping out their daughter. And shame on them.

  • sydney

    You people are retarded if you think for one moment that Tom needs Suri for pr. He gets that all on his own and so does Katie. Their love for their daughter is more than obvious to anyone with a brain and it’s good that they actually spend time with her rather than dumping her off with a nannie somewhere which is more than can be said for MANY children of stars.

  • imaginaque

    JJ, why do you keep mixing pictures from different times of day or even from different days in one thread? I don’t get it. The pictures of Katie Holmes in the white parka are from earlier in the day (you posted them here, you should know).

  • looneykat

    I’ve never seen a celebrity take their child into a crowd of “fans” to sign autographs. That is baffling to me. Suri should have been rushed to the car while Katie signed autographs. That child will not grow up to be a normal adult. I will be shocked if she doesn’t develope mental problems that no doubt will go untreated.

  • jenna

    I don’t understand why the “fans” are such miserable, nasty people. Almost every post from a “fan” calls anyone who is critical of the Cruise’s all kinds of names and attacks them for having a different opinion. I doubt TC and KH are reading JJ and who are you to defend them like you are some kind of a nasty, rabid animal.

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!?! You don’t know Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes or Suri yet you are willing to attack so much! I think thats sad and you are the people who need to get out of your parent’s basement.

    I think TC and KH do use Suri for PR. So what? How does that effect you little life? Get a grip!

  • jenna

    I’ve never seen a celebrity take their child into a crowd of “fans” to sign autographs. That is baffling to me. Suri should have been rushed to the car while Katie signed autographs

    I agree # 27 especially when it is so obvious at times that Suri is unhappy with the flashes and the paps (blocking her eyes, covering her ears). They should think about their baby first, not getting attention! They should let the kid live a normal life and keep their professional lives separate from their private lives.


    Tom gets constant bad pr. Now the only way to show people he is a caring person is by parading that poor child where ever they go. Anyways WTF they doing going to Katie’s work every fu**ing day? This is not normal people! The whole thing stinks of getting major publicity, I guess they must have learnt that from the biggest publicity wh*res the Beckhams!

  • Jackie O

    why does katie keep putting suri in bad outfits that don’t fit her? why not instead put the kid in some properly made clothes and lose the blanket that never really covers suri diapers anyway?

  • Benefit of the Doubt

    Even I can’t believe that the Cruises didn’t know about Jett’s passing. Impossible.

  • mimi

    First of all, the Cruises and the Travoltas were not friends. Just because they are both scientologists who are celebrities doesn’t mean they were close. I’m sure they were sad to hear about Jett’s death, but life goes on. Do we expect them to look miserable 24/7?

  • Suri has Two Daddys

    why does this kid always look spaced out?

  • You almost figured it out

    looneykat @ 01/03/2009 at 11:57 am I’ve never seen a celebrity take their child into a crowd of “fans” to sign autographs. That is baffling to me. Suri should have been rushed to the car while Katie signed autographs. That child will not grow up to be a normal adult. I will be shocked if she doesn’t develope mental problems that no doubt will go untreated.


    Suri has a developmental disorder! Tom and It are push Suri into crazy situations so they can blame the media and society for her odd behaviour. I wish they ould just treat Suri’s condition. Please!

  • nancyw

    The only time Suri looks truely happy is in a toy store!!


    Have you ever heard that they are not friends with John Travolta.. Really
    now.. Tom is good friends with Jenna Elfman and Will Smith who is not
    a scientologist.. Not everyone cares about John Travolta’s death..
    Let the world end isn’t almost the same time that Heath Ledger died
    last year…too.. The world did stop for him.. If they did they don’t care
    like every other celebrity out there.. They lead their own lives…

    Why not have it on the entertainment shows announcing the death of
    John Travolta’s son..who fell in the bathtub..

  • Lolita

    Suri dresses like a 25 year old. It’ not cute, it’s creepy.

  • a realist

    That child is carried around like an infant. How weird is that.

  • dina

    Katie needs to buy some scissors so she can keep that child’s hair out of her eyes, by cutting them regularly. Katie is a lousy mother.

  • Lolita

    I wonder if Connor crushes on his stepmom.

  • pr person

    It is really disturbing to me that Holmes signs autographs with Suri on her hip. ‘Normal’ celebrity parents refuse to sign autographs when they are with their children. What’s next? Crazy carrying Suri on the red carpet of the Globes? Also… why the eff carry your frightened daughter that way?! Pathetic losers!!

  • k

    Amen Susie

  • dianel

    the Cruises are a very nice famity and wonderful parents

  • dina

    #41, you have a sick twisted mind.

  • jane

    Lolita, #41, Connor is a child, why would you say something so vulgar regarding him. Would you make the same disgusting comment if her were a white boy.

  • nancyw

    I am sorry but, I just can’t help but comment on the way Suri is obviously distressed by all of the noise and people, but Tom & Katie are just grinning away!! That really disturbs me!!!

  • jane

    #47…Suri is not distressed, she is used to it. You are the only one distressed by it.

  • Mike

    Connor is a good-looking boy but he needs to lose a few pounds. He has a cute face but chubby body. I know he is only 13 but this is how obesity starts. It’s obvious that Tom is over-feeding his son. I don’t want to see Connor become grossly obese like Jett Travolta. That kid was enormous.

  • r

    beautiful family

  • usana

    God bless them…..what an All American family loaded with class and qualities.

  • 2009

    Good looking mom,dad and kids. They all look so happy and their fans too.