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Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher: New Couple?

Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher: New Couple?

Carrie Underwood may have her eyes set on a hot new boy — Canadian hockey player Mike Fisher.

The 25-year-old American Idol alum was spotted with her hair tied back at the “Ottawa Senators vs. Toronto Maple Leafs” hockey game at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Saturday (January 3). Carrie‘s 28-year-old Canuck cutie played with his fellow Senators but unfortunately lost out to the Leafs 3-1.

Carrie watched the game from the VIP box with Fisher‘s family, including his younger brother Bud. She was shown on the big Jumbotron screen’s “Hug Cam” throughout the game as she hugged the two people sitting next to her.

“She looked like she was having a great time,” a spywitness reveals to “They have been talking for a while, but when the romance with Dr. Travis Stork didn’t go anywhere, she decided to take some time for some hot hockey player action.”

Before Stork, Carrie was romantically linked to Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher as a couple — YAY or NAY?

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153 Responses to “Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher: New Couple?”

  1. 1
    LuckyL Says:

    Interesting; echoes to Hillary Duff and her man by the looks of these two.

  2. 2
    Nicole Says:

    She’s hot, he’s hot, love it!

  3. 3
    Leah Says:

    true, my cousin knows them :P

  4. 4
    leonor Says:

    he looks good…

  5. 5
    goslingtwilightlover Says:

    Hmmmmm, he’s ok. Chace is a million times hotter then him.

  6. 6
    me Says:

    he´s 2 hot 4 her…

  7. 7
    anna Says:

    she is too hot for him

  8. 8
    megan Says:

    carrie has a mega succesful career, multiple grammys and female vocalist of the year wins. she is going to rock the peoples choice wards wed. he would be lucky to go out with her.

  9. 9
    Cal Says:


  10. 10
    JES Says:

    Wow he’s HOT. Major upgrade from Dr. Dork. You Go Girl!!!

  11. 11
    gaby Says:

    They are a hot hot hot couple!!!

  12. 12
    Jordyn Says:

    yeah right i wont believe this until i see an actual picture of them 2 together. first it said she was dating mike phelps, that wasnt true. than travis stork, that wasnt true either. so this probably isnt true either. until she admits it or i see a picure i wont believe it.

  13. 13
    britneysucks Says:

    I hope so! I love Carrie and I really think Mike Fisher is a hottie!

    He is also a nice guy, and I think the two of them would be really cute together.

  14. 14
    Cory Says:

    hot, hot, hot and such a good guy. Everyone knows Carrie loves sports.
    It just makes sense for her to like athletic men. He is one lucky guy because this girl is the it girl. She has it all. Looks, talent, a sweet heart, brains, and did I say smokin’ hot legs.

  15. 15
    CanuckFan Says:

    HE was at her concert in Canada recently… I wondered if he had a crush on her. lol

  16. 16
    Ally (from ottawa) Says:

    wow you people are really out of the loop mike fisher and carrie are old news here back home anyways


  17. 17
    Rob Says:

    It’s spelled “O-t-t-A-w-a”. It’s the capital city of the WHOLE country. You know, USA’s biggest trading partner. Maybe if you focused less on what’s up Lindsay Lohan’s skirt, you’d be able to name a major world city. *sigh*

  18. 18
    Sensfan Says:

    I live in Ottawa and Mike Fisher is VERY Christian. He attends church and goes to bible study and is not afraid letting everyone know in interviews. I guess Carrie and him are a great match in that regard.

  19. 19
    Melissa Says:

    well at least she dumped travis stork…..they make a way better couple

  20. 20
    Powder Says:

    Cheers to Ally and Rob. Canada rules.

    Mike Fisher is an obscenely overpaid grinder for the Ottawa Senators.
    Maybe he should be a bit more focused on his game on the ice than off.

  21. 21
    Amanda Says:

    Until I at least see them together I won’t believe it. But thanks for the Carrie updates!

  22. 22
    Carrie is hot Says:

    Carey Price is better for her…

  23. 23
    bob Says:

    How the heck did they even meet?

  24. 24
    Sensfan Says:

    VIDE0: Mike Fisher talking about being Christian

  25. 25
    Butterfly Says:

    Carrie seems fine, but I would not want my son to get tangled up with her. I am thinking she may be a bit unstable.

  26. 26
    megan Says:

    she is not unstable she just has an extremely busy career, touring , awards shows, appearances. her tour takes her to different city almost everyday. its hard for her to mantain a relationship because of that.

    also, she is young, pretty. its healthy for her to date.
    i am sick of celebs getting married or being in such serious relationships, like ashley simpson. that isnt healthy.

  27. 27
    BHC Says:

    Whaaat? Wasnt she just with Travis on Thanksgiving? Carrie already moved on? She works fast.

  28. 28
    Marlena Says:

    Well, maybe mike fisher will work out for Carrie this time since she seems to have some time off.

  29. 29
    jen Says:

    he only looks good in that close up picture with his helmet on, otherwise ewwww

  30. 30
    CanuckFan Says:

    I think they met when Mike attended one of her concerts while on tour in Canada this fall. It was in a newspaper that he attended Carrie’s concert.

  31. 31
    HockeyGurl Says:

    Cute couple Tony Romo is likely miserable with Jessica Simpson. Also its spelled Ottawa not Ottowa

  32. 32
    flutters Says:

    Carrie goes to a hockey game and that means she’s dating a hockey player? I guess this is how the rumor mill works.

    If it’s true, great. Carrie works real hard and she should balance that out with some fun.

  33. 33
    Sensfan Says:

    Not sure how it will work out since Mike fishes, hunts and even has a cluster of antlers hanging like a light fixture in his cottage. Isn’t Carrie a vegetarian, for PETA???

  34. 34
    jo Says:

    Carrie has said repeatedly that she doesn’t have anything to do with PETA or agree with their methods. That sexiest vegetarian thing is fan-voted.

  35. 35
    Melisa Says:

    I do not like this girl. I don’t think she is a nice person.

  36. 36
    Jill Says:

    He is very cute! They would make an adorable couple and would have beautiful babies! If they are happy than good for them! If she was with his family they must know each other quite well.

  37. 37
    gerard Vandenberg Says:


  38. 38
    Michelle Says:

    He looks….special….just like your spelling of ‘Ottawa’ looks special….

  39. 39
    lauren Says:


    she is so nice! she conrtibutes to charities all the time, is a vegetarian, and i met her at a meet and greet at a concert. she is very cute, nice, sweet.

  40. 40
    Cory Says:

    I hope that unstable comment was a joke about the Before He Cheats Video. Carrie is not a member of PETA. She doesn’t care who is at her table eating meat. She just doesn’t but she is a huge animal lover. I’ve met her several times and she is stunningly beautiful in person, very sweet, and is very funny.

  41. 41
    Rachel Says:

    He reminds me of Ryan Sutter married to Trista Wren of the Bachelor.
    He is handsome and soft spoken. Hot match I’d say.

    Romo-douchebag tool
    Chace-Gentleman but too young
    Travis-Gentleman but too old
    Mike-Just right so far

  42. 42
    Kate Says:

    If Mike is looking for a quick screw, Carrie is his gal. She doesnt last very long with her boyfriends.

  43. 43
    gD Says:

    What makes Tony a douchebag? This is a guy who helped an elder couple change their flat tire and also treated a homeless man to a movie and didnt say a word of it. Its sad Tony gets a bad rep just because he dates Jessica Simpson.

  44. 44
    brittany Says:

    Mmmmm, Canadian hockey players..

  45. 45
    chrissy Says:

    I agree with some earlier posters, helmet on-cute, helmet off-not so much, kinda ehhh…Also its all rumors and heresay until there are pics or confirmation from either of them. It seems thats its a fairly new thing if there is any truth to it since she just split from Stork, what just weeks ago? And if it is true its probably not going to last long anyway between long distance and busy careers and all…

  46. 46
    badoink Says:

    carrie underwood is a MAJOR ****! she’s no better than any hooker out there!

  47. 47
    lauren Says:

    right badoink,
    her talent, gorgoeusness, magna *** laude college degree makes her not. half the guys the media pairs her with are false, like michael phelps. ppl thought they were dating and it was flat out false confirmed by carrie, that they had never even met. all guys she dated, like chace had nice things to say about her.


  48. 48
    chelsey Says:

    ya that picture of him isnt very good, but if you watch that video interview of him that someone just posted, WOWZA! He is reallllly hot!

    I hope this is true. If it is, I can see them lasting a long time.

  49. 49
    chrissy Says:

    You know I’ve read about this here and on other message boards and I wanna know why theres no pics or something to show she was even at the game. You would think if shes in a sports arena with thousands of people and even shown on the jumbotron there would be something, some people say she wasn’t even there, but whatever….

  50. 50
    Mary Says:

    ok, this guy is UGLY! Why is she going out with him?!

  51. 51
    * VICTORIA * Says:

    Does it look like Carrie has had breast implants in that picture?…was she ever that large?….just asking !!!!….Will Carrie start singing the gospel blues like Amy Grant, if he is so religious?….I heard ( or read ) on, that she was contemplating a christian song, by the fall of this year…is that true? anyone know?….and is it because of her ” new friend “?

  52. 52
    Carrifan Says:

    Victoria– Carrie has never had a boob job. Look at photos of her on american idol. She always had the same size of breasts.

    She already did a Christian song anyway… called Jesus Take the Wheel, which won grammys.

  53. 53
    Lea Says:

    Kellie pickler had a boob job, but not Carrie. She was always that size.

  54. 54
    Sarah Says:

    woot woot OTTAWA O-TOWN

  55. 55
    h Says:

    I thought Carrie was still with Travis? It’s even on her bio on

  56. 56
    Tiffany Says:

    I live in Ottawa and am a huge Ottawa Senators fan…so if its true cool!!!

  57. 57
    Rachel Says:

    Man Carrie is an awesome sweet girl. Idk why some of you people talk trash. She is very classy and is not a player at all. You date to find out what works and you go through alot of doesn’t before you find a does.
    Shes 25 and dating leave her alone.
    My vote goes for he’s a hottie and she’s a hottie so why not. Looks good.

  58. 58
    drunk Says:

    what?! last time i heard she was with that travis dude during thanksgiving! woah! that must have been the fastest rebound ever! this girl is a player! i agree w/ badoink there! i wonder whats wrong w/ her that she cant keep a relationship going.. hmmm

  59. 59
    eeeek Says:

    ok, so if this was paris hilton they reported about hooking up w/ some guy after a break-up, people will say that she’s a sl*t, right? but since its carrie, and she’s supposedly sweet, acting shy and all in front of the camera, u guys will say its ok to date as much as she wants since she’s still young?! whatever! you carrie fans are just hypocrites!

  60. 60
    Marge Says:

    OMG… this guy SO HOT !!! :)

  61. 61
    Rachel Says:

    so it happens all the time. Your talking to two people and you have a spark with one and have to let the other one go to go exclusive with the other one. Nothing wrong with that. Carrie never said Travis was he bf and she never even said she was dating him for that matter. It was the tabloids that said he was her bf. She was obviously talking to both of them and dating around. Nothing wrong with that at all.

  62. 62
    social life Says:

    Who says they are dating??? He went to her concert when she came to his area. Lots of people go to concerts. She could have been invited to a hockey game at that time. Who knows. She loves sports so why not go. Doesn’t necessarily mean they are dating. Could just be friends. I hang out w/ alot of different guys doesn’t mean I’m their girlfriend or we are dating. If they are seen together holding hands or kissing, then I would say they are dating or a couple. Until then it’s all speculation and her just going to a hockey game. Is the girl suppose to stay at home and never go out and have a life? Come on people. I’m sure alot of you have social lives too or have had social lives and hanged out w/ alot of different people. Just b/c two celebrities are spotted at the same place doesn’t automatically mean they must be a couple/item. Anyways, glad Carrie is having some downtime from her busy tour schedule and enjoying herself. She deserves it!!!

  63. 63
    know-it-all Says:

    They spent time together in Ottawa on New Years Eve.
    She was at the game with his brother in the box.
    They met when she was signing autographs after her concert.

  64. 64
    hehe Says:


  65. 65
    Mandy Says:

    funny how most of the men she picks have a bearing similarity to her ex. a certain mr chace crawford.

  66. 66
    Cal Says:

    Eww this guy is nothing like Chace.

    Chace was a rainbow loving gay dude. This guy is manly and hot. None of her boyfriends look anything like Chcae. He looked more like a girl than a man.

  67. 67
    plaa Says:

    best of luck to them, but I can’t help wonder why hockey players are always interested in celebrities (Hilary Duff, Elisha Cuthbert…)

  68. 68
    lynn Says:

    lol….considering her track record of being able to hold on to men, i’d give this 4 months, 6 tops. she just needs to get herself a ken doll; it’d have the same personality that she does and wouldn’t dump her.

  69. 69
    RYAN Says:

    he looks dumb…just saying

    but i feel like Carrie is with a new guy every year

  70. 70
    Yucks Says:

    Carrie cannot keep a man…all the guys seem to DUMP HER…she’s a PATHETIC slutt!!!!!!!!! lol

  71. 71
    Olive Says:

    everyone knows carrie sleeps around….

  72. 72
    billy Says:

    She goes through guys like I go through potato chips. She’s becoming the Paris Hilton of music.

  73. 73
    merge Says:

    geez.. lots of judging people…. like you all know everything about her :(

  74. 74
    Erin Says:

    NAY NAY NAY NAY. Not happy about this.. Mike Fisher is the love of my life.

  75. 75
    drr Says:

    Well look at her. She must have guys lining up outside her door. If I were her I’d be jumping on hotties like this too.

  76. 76
    Olive Says:

    lining up outside her door to screw her once and then dump her…its the same cycle…

    billy….she’s the paris hilton of “country” music….lol

  77. 77
    linea Says:

    they make a nice couple she’s a beautiful girl and he’s not bad, she likes athletes… figures since carrie is a sports fan and loves to play sports. i think carrie deserves to be happy tony and chace didnt work out for her they seem to be both palyers and not the settling type…jessica is to dum to realize that…anyway back to carrie i hope he treats her good…i think she’s an amazing talent and person

  78. 78
    FYI Says:

    They were also seen together at a teammate’s house party over Christmas…

  79. 79
    bella Says:

    carrie is beautiful, talented, and successful she is a threat to those who are insecure posting hate about her i bet they’ve never even met her. i dont understand why if she comes off as very nice girl she carry’s herself well and when i see her in interviews she seems normal and sweet just a normal person trying to live her life, she’s nice to her fans, she has class and morals and seems to have her head on straight she is a great role model… and those are the things i notice before i go making up assumptions about a person i notice the good in someone first before tearing a person up in shreads …carrie deserves to be happy and she’s just trying to find love i hope it works out for her…this time and hopefully who ever she dates treats her like a lady….

  80. 80
    JES Says:

    #78 Your are wrong about that. Carrie was home with her family in Oklahoma over Christmas.

  81. 81
    christina Says:

    how do you people know that she is a ****…that is a stupid assumption…just because she dates doesnt mean she has sex with them…and lets just say your theory is true and she sleeps around…guys do it all the time and they get hi-fived for it and a girl does it and she’s a ****…whoever you people are, are sexist. guys get away with everything and girls get named called all these bad names. i dont think she sleeps around i think she’s just trying to find her match she’s being a normal person and trying to find “the one”…carrie is a smart girl and she knows what she wants if you not good enough she walks away …lets not forget that a lot of these people she is being linked to can be the media i’ve never even seen a picture of travis and carrie in the tabloids and michael phelps she never even met him…the only 2 i’ve seen the proof waas tony and chace and yet she didnt even admit to tony she only admitted to chace….you people are critical of women…and sexist…carrie is beautiful she can afford to be that picky when it comes to guys…more power to her….screw you haters

  82. 82
    lauren Says:

    first, the guys she was supposedly linked to, like phelps she admitted to never even meeting. stork was never confirmed either by anyone. just because she met someone a couple times does not mean they are in a relationship, def not having sex.

    she is being smart, and not getting into heavy relationships when she knows how uber busy she is winning grammys, pcas, workign on her new album, touring for 1.2 million fans.

    she is AMAZING in concert, amazingly talented, and thats what counts.

  83. 83
    Senators rule!!!! Says:

    GO SENS GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. 84
    FYI Says:

    #80, she was at Jason Spezza’s… comes from an extremely reliable source.

  85. 85
    LJ Says:

    to #67, i ask why celebrities are interested in hockey players? lol I can answer myself..because they have great bodies and hot..

  86. 86
    jONES Says:


  87. 87
    stasia Says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee OTTAWA SENS!
    it would be weird to see carrie around here (ottawa)haha

  88. 88
    someone Says:

    #84… She was DEFINITELY in Oklahoma for Christmas… she wrote a detailed blog about it on her Fan Club & she wouldn’t just lie or make it up. When there are things in her life possibly involving guys, such as her Thanksgiving allegedly spent with Travis, she just doesn’t talk about it at all.

    And then I’m 99.9% sure she spent the following weekend with her best friend & former Idol contestant Lindsey Cardinale.

    She DID say that she would be out of the country for New Years, but I don’t think she was up there for a whole lot of time beforehand to be at any teammates’ parties and then I bet she’s already back in teh states or on her way back because she’s at the Peoples Choice Awards on Wednesday.

  89. 89
    Rachael Says:

    Maybe this party at Mike’s teammates house was after Xmas? Carrie did spend Xmas with her family, but could have gone to the party after Xmas. She probably headed to Canada to spend time with him there and went to the party.

  90. 90
    Nicole Says:

    Aww Fisher isnt single anymore! He’s gotta be the most respectable NHLer going…good for him!

  91. 91
    jrd Says:

    I agree with #88 she was in Oklahoma for Christmas and I doubt they are an official “couple” or anything like that. If anything just probably hanging out getting to know each other, nothing wrong with that. I wouldn’t read too much into it. Until there are pics of them together or hes walking her down a red carpet I wouldn’t take it too seriously, unless theres proof otherwise. Shes entitled too some fun.

  92. 92
    go sens go Says:

    #88 Suck it!

  93. 93
    Alyssa Says:

    They would look cute together, but every other romance was a lie, so until i see a picture of them holding hands or kissing or something not just standing next to each other, ill believe it. Plus Carrie gets mad about people making stuff up, unless she says it herself,its not true

  94. 94
    caroline Says:

    Omg there meant for each other he’s hot and she’s hot so… if it’s true it is you can’t do anything about it!!!!! My mom is jealous. So…. if someone says there not meant for each other your messed up………

  95. 95
    Emily Says:

    The teammate Jason S. is the one that had the party. It was a New Years Eve party. They met back on March 21st at a concert and became friends after he attended the CMAfest in June. Then he went to her concert in October. Sometimes friendships turn into something more. Its okay people. Carrie is normal like everyone else. All the Chace fans need to quit bashing Carrie because she is a sweet moral person and Mike must be too because Carrie would not date someone that was not respectful.
    His trainer in Ottawa said that he really liked her and they were a perfect match. He said this in an interview today. Mike said he doesnt talk about his private life.

  96. 96
    gag me Says:

    The fact of the matter is Carrie seems to be linked to a new man every 2 or 3 months. She denied her and Romo were dating until after they broke up and he started dating Jessica. Then Carrie made the comments about Tony still calling her. She said she broke up with Chace via text and seemed very cavalier about the whole thing. Now she may or may not be dating this guy but the perception is that Carrie is turning into a **** who jumps from man to man. If she were any other celebrity with her track record she’d be called every name in the book. The double standard shown to Carrie is laughable.

  97. 97
    CUFAN4LIFE Says:

    ok, he is not chace
    but … he is HOT. he reminds me to kellan lutz a little in that pic
    carrie is a great person, i hope he is not another tony romo. she deserrves a good guy by her side.

  98. 98
    CUFAN4LIFE Says:

    ok, he is not chace
    but … he is HOT. he reminds me to kellan lutz a little in that pic
    carrie is a great person, i hope he is not another tony romo. she deserrves a good guy by her side.

  99. 99
    lolololol Says:

    I always love to hit these posts to laugh at the crazy Carrie fans–you’d think she was more pure than the Holy Virgin Mary the way they put her up on a pedestal and shriek when people dis her.

  100. 100
    blanc Says:

    ok, to say that your dating someone for a few weeks and not be sleeping w/ them is a LIE! people sleep together after only a few dates! w/ the rate she’s going, it wont be long before she gets an STD!

    i give this boytoy a few months, then she’ll go on to the next guy. she wont be content w/ just one fix! she’s definitely a big *****!

  101. 101
    blanc Says:

    yup these carrie fans are living in their fantasies about their precious carrie! only to wake-up in a nightmare when they find out that she’s not what she appears to be!

  102. 102
    sandy Says:

    Not a good match…for someone like her to claim that she’s a devout christian, she sure bedhops a lot…I thought Fisher was looking for a good girl, not a good time girl.

  103. 103
    ewww Says:

    At the rate Carrie hooks up with men she will end up pregnant or with a nasty STD. I guess she can add one more notch to her bed post. MAN EATER.

  104. 104
    Brienna Says:

    You all making fun of Carrie and calling her names are probably lonely and jealous that Carrie has good looking men willing to eat off her hands. And you, well you just get to sit behind your computer eating bon bons sprewing your hate because nobody loves you.

    If Carrie wants to date Mike, good for her. And in a few months if this doesnt work out for her, So what? Is she supposed to stay locked up in her room and not date anymore? Hell no. Get up and live life. Meet people and see what works and what doesnt.

    Goo Carrie.

  105. 105
    MICHELLE Says:

    ^^^ I agree, although something tells me this won’t last long, but she shouldn’t be called names just because she dates.

  106. 106
    Terry lynn Says:

    Get serious people, do any of you know what she does on dates. She is smart and mature. Most persons of her age in the dating world know how to practice safe sex. Sex is part of a normal healthy committed relationship. You all act like its taboo. Believe what you want to believe but Carrie is a good girl. She’s 25 almost 26 and she can date who she wants when she wants. Its nobodies business. And it is certainly no ones business when and with who she is having relations with. I’d be more concerned if she didn’t have sex. Peace Out.

  107. 107
    ekek Says:

    i bet w/ all these hook-ups, a video is bound to come-out sooner or later. she’s in the same league as paris hilton, kim kardashian and pamela anderson, all with their own sexcapades being videotaped! then we’ll here from her fans about it being a fake! they’ll do everything in their power to keep their idol a saint. phew!

  108. 108
    Ginger Says:

    She and Chace Crawford didn’t look right together. I think becaue he’s really gay…. And he looks like a high school kid while Carrie is more a independent woman.

    So Mike and her make a better couple!

  109. 109
    Virginie Says:

    I don’t understant why there are some people who say bad things about
    this girl,for God’s sake! she is single,young,beautiful and a very talen-
    ted singer,whatever she do mind your own ***** business, leave her
    alone! she has all the right to date whoever she wants………

  110. 110
    lauren Says:

    all of you are fattties who are making fun of carrie… at least she is getting guys. and just because you see somebody and are trying to test the waters does not make you a ****. it takes time to find the one!

    she is ultra busy. all musicianas are, and she is so successful, touring , awards show winning, doing her next album, its hard to mantain a relationship. all of you are pathetic.

  111. 111
    lauren Says:

    all of you are fattties who are making fun of carrie… at least she is getting guys. and just because you see somebody and are trying to test the waters does not make you a ****. it takes time to find the one!

    she is ultra busy. all musicianas are, and she is so successful, touring , awards show winning, doing her next album, its hard to mantain a relationship. all of you are pathetic.

  112. 112
    Tanya Says:

    This is becoming some sort of routine for Carrie. Every six months, get with another guy. She had just spent the last week of November with Travis and now shes cozy with Mike Fishers folks? Methinks Carrie was playing Travis. Poor guy, he deserves better.

  113. 113
    JULIE Says:

    I don’t think Travis was a serious thing and I doubt this guy will turn into a serious thing either. He lives in Canada and the long distance will kill it…just watch she’ll pop up with someone else in a few months and thats cool, more power to her.

  114. 114
    bluefish@thesea Says:

    You are correct social life. she went there with a group she din’t go there by herself. She got invited by Mark’s sister. These people are so negarive, I called say these people have brain damage. They are so narrow minded!

  115. 115
    Gretchen Says:

    I don’t understand all this dissing, it’s so uncalled for?? Obviously no one knows what Carrie does and who she does it with, but she is clearly a girl with good morals and I’m sure she doesn’t sleep with all of these people she is *SUPPOSEDLY* linked with, after only a date or two.

    I think a lot of her “relationships” seem more serious than they are because she frequently has to travel to get to know guys. She’s on tour a lot and the guys she has been “linked” to have been based out of different cities than Nashville, so it makes it seem like it’s some super serious relationship if she flies to Ottawa to hang out with a guy like Mike, when really I bet they’re just at a stage where they’re just going on a couple dates together, getting t know each other. She has said in the past she has to do a lot of getting to know people over the phone since she can’t see them in person easily. She can’t just go out to dinner with a guy a couple times and realize it doesn’t work and quietly move on… someone finds out about it, spreads it around the internet, and then it’s all over the place for a few weeks even if it didn’t even turn into a relationship, maybe it was just a couple dates.

  116. 116
    Anu Says:

    OMG she is sooo awesome i just hope that he wont hurt her! She deserves the best! She’s too good for him ntr lolz. But this may just be a rumor who knows! people just HAVE to hook her up with someone.

  117. 117
    LOL Says:

    Ewwww he’s UGLY!!! He only looks good when he wears the helmet. When he took it off, he’s yucks! He n carrie are compatible in that sense…LOL

  118. 118
    Ottawa mom Says:

    Lived in Ottawa for years; Mike Fisher is an absolute doll of a guy, not just good looking (tho yes, he is that!) but works hard for CHEO and other charities. (Google up “Elgin Fraser” for those who think he’s an airhead.) He spends his summers working with hockey camps through his church ministry. He is a rarity — a truly Christian guy who lives by his value. From what I’ve seen of Carrie, rumours to the contrary, she seems like a sweet girl as well. Leave them alone and let them figure it out! (They are obviously keeping it quiet, as they met in March 2008!)

  119. 119
    Terry lynn Says:

    right on Ottawa mom Carrie is pretty much the same. Carrie is a devout Christian of the Baptist faith. She just said her New Years Resolution was to do a big charity project she can work on all year long. She has always done tons of charity work. She is beautiful, humble, and remains grounded after her success. She has an excellent set of family values.
    They seem like a good match. People on here are mean and it is so uncalled for because people who have met Carrie like myself or any of her fans know what a sweetheart she is.

  120. 120
    Gail Says:

    Much ado about nothing.

  121. 121
    Gail Says:

    Much ado about nada! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  122. 122
    Josee Says:

    If this is true, they make a really gorgeous couple. Fisher is the best Sens player, and he’s really involved in the Ottawa community, she couldn’t have picked a better hockey player!

    I just hope that she treats him how he deserves to be treated and that he stays here no matter what happens between them…cause Ottawa would be lost without Mike Fisher! lol

  123. 123
    Jan Says:

    Hey Lynn……………Carrie has a dog. Who could forget ACE. And ya know her song..The more boys I meet???? Just saying!

  124. 124
    maggie Says:

    i think there the best couple you can find except the fact i wanted mike goodlooking fisher to my self…

  125. 125
    storklover Says:

    she moves from one boyfriend to another – classy girl.
    Dr. Stork was way too much man for her to handle. She fits in more with the “hockey player” class of guys.

  126. 126
    Kelly Says:

    I really hope they last! Mike is a great guy. He was raised to have strong beliefs and he’s insanely nice! Not the type of guy to break up via text message or get involved in drama. I think they are both down to earth people and I think that they make a cute couple!

    So happy to hear about this lol

  127. 127
    abigail Says:

    Ya ITS TRUE ran into Bud and Mike and met her!! Grew up with the fishers!!

  128. 128
    helene Says:

    I have to agree with Ottawa Mom. Mike is an all around great guy whose heart is in the right place. He’s a rare gem. We love him for his devotion to the game as much as for not hiding his beliefs. If he is seeing Carrie then she couldn’t ask for a partner with better values. This could be the foundation for a long-lasting relationship. They are both young, healthy and well-grounded individuals. If I were Carrie’s mom I would be pleased for my daughter. They could also use a little bit of privacy and respect.

  129. 129
    Ottawa senators rock my world Says:

    THEY are AWESOME together. Good Catch Carrie and Mike

  130. 130
    Texasstarfan Says:

    Helene-I could say the same thing about Carrie. It must be a God thing!

  131. 131
    jo Says:

    Carrie is a *****!!!! How many guys is she going to go through???

  132. 132
    bronson Says:

    Carrie is a great girl. He seems like a great guy however he likes to go deer hunting . HE KILLS ANIMALS FOR A SPORT AND SHE CAN’T STAND THAT HOW IS THAT GOING TO WORK !!!!! Great she let the deer eat the flowers in her backyard and he will go out and kill them with his bow……great match.

  133. 133
    biggs Says:

    good ol peterborough boy doin work

  134. 134
    Anthony Says:

    All of you people judging Carrie and calling her names are pathetic. It’s called DATING…you know, going out with different people to find out what and who you like? It’s not like Carrie has been known to date several guys at once…if she breaks up with a guy, and goes out with another one, it doesn’t make her a ****. A **** is someone who sleeps around with a bunch of people at the same time. It seems to me like a lot of you are jealous…that’s understandable though- she’s beautiful, talented and succesful! Something most of you who are judging her, are probably not.

  135. 135
    leslie Says:

    i think mike is really cute but he needs to cut his hair i like the clean cut look..but hes handsome he looks like a man’s man, tony was too goofy chace was to feminine, and he’s very rough looking like a man should look. carrie and mike make a nice couple i hope it works out for her since she has been picking losers lately…hope mike isnt a loser…carrie is so pretty and classy i think tony and chace didnt know how to hold on to her…

  136. 136
    fairy Says:

    I think that he is HOT!
    and she is HOT
    Iam very happy for the two of them and I will tell you what else…this guy is much better than tony romo so good for carrie for waiting it out and picking someone much better for her!
    PS I see the cutest babies in celeb land from the two of them if it works out they are both so attractive!

  137. 137
    dylan Says:


  138. 138
    juliat Says:

    Hey guess what the Ottawa senators are winning all their games:) Go sens Go and carry + mike = love

  139. 139
    linda Says:

    i think mike’s handsome but his hairstyle has to go….i like him better then chace (he’s feminine and guys shouldn’t be that) and i like him better then tony romo who’s is so goofy looking…carrie was definitely to good for tony…hopefully it works out for her with mike he’s handsome and tall and successfull and i hear he;s nice so hopefully carrie has picked a keeper!…

    carrie is really beautifull how can it be hard to date…guys probably just want one thing and she aint that type of girl why do yah think tony went for jessica …dum and easy

  140. 140
    Jen Says:

    OW OW. two hotties! deff a hot couple :)

  141. 141
    12345678910 Says:

    well i know mike because i use to live next to him and well i told him it was great idea i think it is great :-)

  142. 142
    SEnatorsfan26 Says:

    I think they make a really cute couple. Good for both of them they deserve each other he is a accomplished athlete and she is a accomplished singer with the voice of a angel. YOU GO GIRL BE WITH WHOEVER MAKES U HAPPY.

  143. 143
    hap Says:

    I think carrie just find a perfect guy for her.

  144. 144
    fisher Says:

    yo he dated my sister so **** u guys

  145. 145
    carrie underwood fan Says:

    hes cute but she makes her own choices,shes alsome .

  146. 146
    mike Says:

    Nay… she should be with me

  147. 147
    faciricci Says:

    He’s hot!! She’s hot!! They’ll have GREAT sex!! But that’s why it won’t last for longer than 3 years.

  148. 148
    Shannon Says:


  149. 149
    jessie Says:

    carrie never dated stork or phelps the media always tries to make her an item with guys…she never confirmed tony she has denied they were dating she says they were just friends who smooched…why does this make her a ****??…whoever says this then they are prudes…shes 26 years old dating is okay that doesnt mean she is having sex with them…..thats what young people do they date thats how you find mr. right….some people are stupid!

  150. 150
    Patti Says:

    an acquaintance of mine was responsible for giving me the heads up about this site…She explaned that I would be stunned by some of the comments. For me,computers are for assisting me in my political life, an odd personal e.mail,etc…I can NEVER be accused of being naive…but when you read a small sample of such negative and cruel comments, one has to wonder if some people’s time and energy could not be put to better use. How about an arm’s length participation in one of Mike or Carrie’s favourite charities . They are both involved with the amount of charity work that they are, not for the attention it brings to them, but what they can bring to the charity. Just like any of us that involved in charity work. Mike is great and my very brief interaction with Carrie, left me thinking ONLY GOOD THINGS. They are both just like the guy and gal next door that followed their dreams, and have been successful, extremely successful. Yes, such success comes with a price, but you don’t get there over night. As a friend of mine, singer, Pam Peddie wrote “there’s no such thing as an over night success.” In ANY job! Be kind people, jealousy, will eat you alive, and stimulates an environment of lost opportunity! Same on those with such insecurities…having to bolster their egos at the expense of others. I’m one of many that has your back Kids!

  151. 151
    Mark Says:

    This is news? Why do any of you even care? Bunch of celeb chasing losers!

  152. 152
    tiffany Says:

    i think they are gowing to have a good cupol for thim to go this fore for bothe of them to shar there lives to gather………………………………………………………………………………………


  153. 153
    f-c Says:

    at least she’s not going to marry an actor (actors often divorce because they are immature, greedy, immoral, …), and Canadians are as much Christian as Americans.

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