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Jennifer Aniston Rocks Cabo Bikini Body

Jennifer Aniston Rocks Cabo Bikini Body

Jennifer Aniston and Friends BFF Courteney Cox enjoy the New Year together, spending a day on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Friday (January 2).

The pair was accompanied by Courtney‘s husband David Arquette and their 4-year-old daughter Coco. They also were joined by pals Sheryl Crow (and son Wyatt, 1 1/2) and Laura Dern (and musician husband Ben Harper).

The group had rented a private villa together in the Mexican resort, which had staff deliver food to their beach gathering (including smartwater, which Aniston is a spokesperson for). Jen‘s boyfriend John Mayer rented a house nearby and he reportedly left earlier in the day before this beach get-together.

And good news for Jen again! Her latest film, Marley & Me, was #1 at the box office again, pulling in another $24 million.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston rocking out her Cabo bikini body…

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jennifer aniston cabo bikini 01
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 02
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 03
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 04
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 05
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 06
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 07
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 08
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 09
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 10
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 11
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 12
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 13
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 14
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 15
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 16
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 17
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 18
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 19
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 20
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 21
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 22

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  • mimi

    wooden legs angelina @ 01/04/2009 at 3:58 pm

    Maniston has done no charity work and only donated an old bag keeping all her $110m to herself , hopped from bed to bed for the past 4yrs and known as the biggest WH*RE in Hw. She is now into PO*N movies. The rumour going around is that she is angry she was not norminated for any awards and has planned to gatecrash the party butt nekkid. They have hired extra security to stop her coming near Brad. She is telling friends if I show Brad my nekkid butt one more time I might get him to change his mind, I know I know it’s been 4yrs but it’s my last Trump card, John the player doesn’t want it even for free hahahahaha

  • Moo

    Well, we’ve already seen her naked, so these photos are really anticlimactic. The only thing we haven’t seen is her totally covered up.



  • COCO


  • JEN


  • mimi

    wow @ 01/04/2009 at 7:15 pm

    It is better to be norminated than not. It is not just about winning, When you are norminated it shows your peers recognise and appreciate your contribution in the film industry. It also raises your profile globally, take CB for example, she has never won an Oscar before but been norminated several times, just mention her name and everyone will tell you what a good actress she is.


    Jen Aniston is a plastic women. I don’t think she hot. Hot plastic?????

  • bob

    Jen look weird. Her face full of botox. Her boobs full of saline water etc.. She is fake women

  • kelvin

    She is fake beauty ha ha

  • kelvin


  • any

    I Love these pics!
    Please more of Courteney Cox,David Arquette and Coco

  • another vacation in Cabo

    Seriously, I think these women are in the closet – nothing is wrong with that but it appears that way in my opinion only.

    Jennifer Aniston has a masculine face but a good body which appears to be her shining glory in life. Thank goodness for sun and the beach for her. Her cowboy hat is hilarious for the look she is going for.

    Courteney is attractive but strange. Sheryl is not attractive but seems to like the gossip girl group.

    All in all – they go to the beach, vacations and restaurants. BORING…

  • laris

    Courteney Cox have the best body!
    Sooo beautiful

  • James

    Aniston is smoking hot! She puts some 20 year olds to shame.

  • anonymous

    Finally pics of them in Cabo!!
    moreee..i love everbody..and Jen and CC looks HOT..and Coco is soo cute!

  • O’Really?

    Jen has the perfect body, perfect hair and good girlfriends. Never trust a woman that doesn’t have girlfriends.

  • O’Really?

    Let’s be honest here, we’ll never know what the details truly were between Brad and his wife. Regardless of what goes on in a marriage there is NEVER an excuse for betrayal. NEVER. Everyone on here knows that too. And to the haters of Angelina: It isn’t Angie who commited high treason, it was Brad. Once a man crosses that infidelity line, it gets easier to do again. Angie needs to watch it. Men leave women with kids every day, married or not. Love Jen, Love Angie, Love the kids, Brad not so much.

  • Correction by Ashley


  • Jill

    ellie @ 01/04/2009 at 7:15 pm
    Hey Jill,
    I don’t know about that, I think Brad would’ve had wanted to be around this “vacuous bunch…..

    Ellie, that vacuous bunch bored Brad shitless. He looked comatose whenever he was around them. He said it himself; his life hit a dead end when he was married to Aniston. He looked like a zombie. Angie brought him back to life.

  • Jill

    # 114 seriously @ 01/04/2009 at 7:09 pm
    anon…….LMAO! Your desperate, aren’t you. Jennifer Aniston came out on top, and she still has her smoking hot YOUNG boyfriend. DEAL WITH IT!

    I hope she’s dealing with his constant absences. Where is her smoking hot YOUNG boyfriend? Probably out looking for a smoking hot YOUNG woman. Deal with that.

  • Jill

    karma for brad @ 01/04/2009 at 7:38 pm

    A smoking hot career
    Multiple award nominations
    Another movie in progress
    A beautiful, loving life partner
    Six beautiful children

    A movie that bombed at the Toronto Film Festival
    Another movie she can’t even get distributed
    No more movies planned
    Dumped and desperate
    No children


  • Dyna

    Wow Sheryl Crow looks freakin’ awesome! And she’s like 46 years old. Her body is in top notch condition!

  • mimi

    Jennifer and Courtney look AMAZING!!!! wow, I can’t believe they’re their age…they really do have the bodies of 20 yr olds…actually, most 20 yr olds wish they had those bodies..go Jen and Courtney!!!

    They all seem to be having some fun girl time…

  • Jill

    sari @ 01/04/2009 at 7:30 pm
    she doesn’t look that hapy to me. maybe it’s because John left earlier tht day instead of staying with her. he had his brothers with him and apparently chose them over being with her.

    He did the same thing at Christmas. He knew she would be spending Christmas alone and he stayed on the opposite coast having Christmas with his brothers. If he was so into her, why didn’t he invite her to spend the holidays with his family?

    “He’s Just Not That Into You” — the story of her life.

  • Ghost

    Anonymous……… I’m sorry. Zippy!!! Your B.S. has the twelve-year olds on this blog pooping their pants. The rest of us know that your posts are as silly and weak as Jen’s part in Marley & Me .You are a pathetic little idiot. Post up, or shut up.

  • just read

    They all left Cabo yesterday.

  • moveon

    It must be nice to sit back and relax on the beach and not have to deal with six screaming/demanding kids and also not have to wonder if your baby’s daddy will leave your for another woman the same way he left his wife for you.

  • !

    Dream On. Brad will never leave Angie.

  • Jill

    moveon @ 01/04/2009 at 10:57 pm
    It must be nice to sit back and relax on the beach and not have to deal with six screaming/demanding kids and also not have to wonder if your baby’s daddy will leave your for another woman the same way he left his wife for you.

    Well, that’s another way of saying if you have nothing, you have nothing to lose. ;)

  • Trace

    Jill @ 01/04/2009 at 10:31 pm He did the same thing at Christmas. He knew she would be spending Christmas alone and he stayed on the opposite coast having Christmas with his brothers. If he was so into her, why didn’t he invite her to spend the holidays with his family?

    “He’s Just Not That Into You” — the story of her life.
    ITA. If their “relationship” was that serious, then they would’ve spent Christmas together. The fact that they didn’t just goes to show this relationship won’t make it in the long-run. Call me naive, but I really thought Mayer and Aniston had alot in common and were good for each other – both insufferable, self-absorbed and fame-hungry. The fact that they didn’t spend Christmas together and stayed at separate residences for New Year’s speaks volumes.

  • ?

    Wasn’t David Fincher there with them in Cabo last year this time?

  • Jill

    What Aniston’s stupid fans constantly go wrong is thinking that since Brad didn’t want Aniston, he won’t want Angie either. Aniston and Angelina are two completely different people. Aniston has nothing to hold a man with. A hot body isn’t enough to keep a man interested over the long term unless a woman has some depth and substance to go with it. She needs class, brains, intelligence, and a wide range of interests. Aniston has none of that. She’s solely fixated on her hair and her body. Angelina has all of it. She is extremely intelligent, well read, and has a wide range of interests outside of Hollywood to keep her occupied. She can talk intelligently on just about any subject. All Aniston can say is “duh”.

    She’s turning 40 in a five or six weeks. There are a bajillion young actresses out there more talented, better looking, and, most of all, younger than she is. She can’t get by on her hair and her body much longer. Once that’s gone, she’ll have nothing.

    Aniston is the kind who gets laid, played and dumped. Watch for Mayer to kick her to the curb again. It’s staringly obvious that he’s tired of her already

  • just saying

    Jill, have you ever set down and had a one on one conversation with Aniston?? How in the hell do you know how intelligent she is or what her interest are?

  • ?

    Does Angie have a college degree?

  • Adrianna

    just saying @ 01/04/2009 at 11:33 pm
    Jill, have you ever set down and had a one on one conversation with Aniston?? How in the hell do you know how intelligent she is or what her interest are?

    Just saying, Thank You! Some of these people act like they personally know her. It’s really sad.

  • Jill

    Worth repeating on every thread:



    Part One

    Are you sick of Jennifer Aniston? Because I’m more than sick of her. When is her 15 minutes of fame going to be up? Reading magazines, watching television and surfing the internet has become unbearable. Everywhere you turn lately, there’s Aniston – nearly núde and desperately needy. Jennifer Aniston is a lot of things – “unbeautiful,” a liar, a stalker, a hypocrite, a fraud, an exhibitionist, manipulative, needy, neurotic, passive aggressive, ambitious and fame hungry.

    There are also a lot of things Jennifer Aniston is not – beautiful, a multi-talented and versatile actress, subtle, a deep thinker, articulate, entertaining, interesting, self-assured (which she readily admits)and ______________ (add your own adjectives and/or expletives here).

    A few years ago when Rosie O’Donnell had a magazine an editor suggested making Aniston the cover girl of an upcoming issue. In a lawsuit over her abrupt exit from the magazine a former editor testified that O’Donnell vetoed the idea with a curt, “That is an example of someone I don’t want to do. The girl has nothing to say.” The problem, as I see it, is that the media doesn’t care that Aniston frequently babbles incoherently or talks in trite platitudes straight out of a generic fix-your-life-fast self-help book. As long as they can make a buck off having Aniston on their show or putting her on their magazine cover they could care less if she comes across as a blithering idiot. I say, “Enough is enough! No more Jennifer Aniston!”

    Aniston’s friends and some co-stars say she’s a kind and caring person. Be that as it may, Jennifer Aniston grates on my last nerve. Why? Because the media lets her get away with her faults (enumerated above) while highlighting her strengths (hair, body, tan). Aniston, like her former husband, Brad Pitt (that’s another story entirely), seems to have an outer coating of Teflon – because nothing ever sticks to this woman when it should.

    Aniston gets away with behavior that other celebrities have slapped on the cover of tabloids everywhere or that ends up as a front-page New York Times story that’s a saga in and of itself. The reporter doesn’t do his homework; the story’s not very well researched and cites tabloid editors who are known liars as creditable sources. The story is later proven false by the Times’ own public editor and ends with the reporter being “laid off”. In other words – celebrities manipulate the media all the time – just like the media manipulates them and most importantly, the public. Yet no media outlet ever points out that Jennifer Aniston manipulates the media (and the public) as much, if not more, than any celebrity in Hollywood. So, Good Samaritan that I am – I’ll do it for them.

  • Jill

    Part Two:

    t’s fair to say that I don’t like Jennifer Aniston. I freely admit it and state it proudly upfront. She sets my teeth on edge and makes me want to slowly pull every overly-coiffed, flat-ironed, dyed blonde hair out of her head while screaming, “Never. Make. Another. Movie. Again! YOU. SUCK! Never. Wear. Another. Bikini! It’s. Old. And. Played. Out! And. While. You’re. At. It. Give. Los. Cabos. Mexico. A. Rest! There. Are. Other. Resort. Towns. In. The. World! Do. Not. Do. Interviews. When. You. Are. Jacked. Up. On. Coke! Never. Again. Talk. About. Angelina. Or. Brad. And. Especially. Not. Their. Children!! SO. WHAT. IF. BRAD. PITT. LEFT. YOU? Get. Over. It! It’s. Been. Four. Fcuking. Years!! Let. It. Go. Woman. And. Get. Some. Goddamned. Pride!”

    Am I alone in my reaction to Aniston? Am I over-reacting? Well, judge for yourself. Over the next several blog entries I’ll do what the print media refuses to do – take a long hard look at Aniston’s behavior over the years and the fraud that she, with the help of her trusted publicist, Stephen Huvane, has perpetrated on the American public for the last 12 or so years. American’s Sweetheart? As. Freaking. If. Aniston’s behavior says to me that she needs to take her estimated $110 million fortune, buy a trusty white steed and ride off into the sunset to her 10,000 square foot Beverly Hills mansion, replete with BFF slash personal yoga instructor, butler, housekeeper and cook – alone. This woman needs to find herself before inflicting said self on any other human beings – the general public, movie-goers and myself in particular.

    The comments included here are based on years of observing and reading about Aniston (and Pitt and Jolie). For the purposes of this blog I have gone back and re-read old articles, Googled like a mad woman, blogged like crazy, picked the brains of friends, and searched through Lexis/Nexis databases. Because I’m not a professional journalist I don’t always feel the need to provide links to sources to verify the information stated herein. When I remember I’ll state the source. Otherwise, if you want documentation and links…I used Google, Lexis/Nexis, etc. Knock yourself out and do the same.

    As you’ll see in the coming days, if lying were an Olympic sport Aniston would have more gold medals than Michael Phelps (14), Carl Lewis (9) and Mark Spitz (9) combined. If fraud were an art form Aniston would be Leonardo Da Vinci. If hypocrisy was manifested as musical talent then Aniston would be Beverly Sills. If famewhoring was a high performance sports car Aniston would be a Lamborghini Murcielago. If stalking and obsessing over Angelina Jolie were a sport she’d be the star player for the New York Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys AND the Los Angeles Lakers. And most damningly, if whining was illegal she’d be sitting on death row waiting for me to gleefully pull the switch while quoting the late comedian Robin Harris, “Gotta go! Gotta go!”

  • Jill

    Above post credited to:

  • just saying

    jill.. AGAIN.. have YOU ever set down and had a conversation with Aniston? Or do you always let other peoples opinion influence what you think about another person?

  • karma for brad

    Wow the insane ranting of a nobody’s blogspot blog!!
    Do you really think that’s impressing anyone?
    You Loons are sooooo embarrassing.

    Oh and hey Jill, what happened to your prediction that BenButt “had legs” and was gong to leave M&M in the dust after Christmas?

  • MovieED

    The response to name actresses with succesful movies on the name alone was already answered. I’d however like to throw in that Tmb Raider was a WIDELY successful video game before it was made into a movie. Much like Marley and Me and DW Prada was a successful book

  • karma for brad

    “”"”"Jill @ 12/25/2008 at 10:03 pm The dog movie will do well this weekend and tank once the holidays are over. After this weekend CCOBB will blow it away because it will develop legs due to the Oscar buzz and the multiple GG nominations. Ditto Doubt. Valkyrie may do okay for a week or two and after that, bye-bye.”"”"”

    Poor Jill.

  • tina

    get real @ 01/04/2009 at 7:53 pm yeah right…Poor Brad indeed. Have you looked at his “happy” face lately. He looks like he is totally miserable. He might love them babies, but the “baby momma” NO WAY. Yeah Karma is a bit@h.

    I totally agree with that statement. I also feel Brad used his parents for the red carpet,b/c cause of her blunder but not by accident when she fell in love.on m&ms . Jolie is the phoniest bit**. I don’t even have a clue about Brad anymore.. like you said hes there for his children. Most definitely not for Angie.
    Why would these people think Jen not over brad, she filed for the divorce. I’m not and never will be worried about Jen…

  • yuck

    she is an ugly cow

  • queenkimba

    -Jen looks great for a woman over 40yoa, she takes good care of herself-

    Buhahaha are you kidding me? she smokes her ass off, and is almost fried from all the sunbathing she does every day. she will be old and wrinkled soon, and she definitely can’t be healthy. But you so called fans don’t care about that. I’m sure if aniston looked like hell you wouldn’t even be fans, because it’s not her personality you like her for.

  • siska

    jen enjoy herself and her friends..she not afraid to hang around with her friends without her partner..because she do not need a man to be happy..whats wrong with single woman enjoy themself with their friends..clooney done it.. he is at Cabo hanging around with CIndy and her hubby..
    Jen already said she is happy with Brad achievement..and wish luck with his movie..eventhough Brad keeps digging her with his interview..that he fall in love with angie when they still married..and how his life more worth after met angie..I mean..come on..who is the bigger person here?
    BTW to all jen hater..why you are so pathetic to keep look up aniston site if you hate her soo much?..its show how silly you are..
    Jen always say after her divorce..she want more holiday..and that keep her healthy and her picture with the Brangelina face..
    Btw Marley and Me is great great for couple who plan to have prepare and and my hubby cry and laugh together..Jen heartbreaking scene..when she miscarriage and said goodbye ..bring tears to both of us..and the rest of the people in cinema..Owen and Jen..has a very easy chemistry..
    I think Bradangelina was a better actor because of the great movie script and director and they act. better now.but we felt more relate with Jen..because she seem like one of our friend (the succesful one).
    Jen can be a great actress when she found the great role like The Good Girl or Friend with money..where she can be very serious and dark..which Angie seem better on action or crazy rule but not comedy..
    A great succesful movie happen as result of mix the right actor/director/script etc..and great promo..(CCBB promo heavily and better slide than MM..I think cause they cost more than $150 milto made so they need to promote really big) MM promo more cost effective..they use dog product company to sponsor and Jen work her ass off to promo it)
    So she deserve to enjoy her succes..

  • RYAN



  • O’Really?

    WHY IS IT THAT ANGIE HAS NO GIRLFRIENDS? (well at least none that she wasn’t physically involved with anyway)? The only female I’ve ever seen her photographed with aside from her Mom, own daughters is the nannies. People that work for her. Where are Angie’s friends?

  • Confused

    Seriously, why isn’t Jen ever with any family? Doesn’t she have brothers or sisters, cousins, her dad–anyone? What’s the story with her dad? Where’s Aunts and Uncles?

    Seriously, why is she never with family? Was she abused or something?

  • That’s right Pax, tell her @$$