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Jennifer Aniston Rocks Cabo Bikini Body

Jennifer Aniston Rocks Cabo Bikini Body

Jennifer Aniston and Friends BFF Courteney Cox enjoy the New Year together, spending a day on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Friday (January 2).

The pair was accompanied by Courtney‘s husband David Arquette and their 4-year-old daughter Coco. They also were joined by pals Sheryl Crow (and son Wyatt, 1 1/2) and Laura Dern (and musician husband Ben Harper).

The group had rented a private villa together in the Mexican resort, which had staff deliver food to their beach gathering (including smartwater, which Aniston is a spokesperson for). Jen‘s boyfriend John Mayer rented a house nearby and he reportedly left earlier in the day before this beach get-together.

And good news for Jen again! Her latest film, Marley & Me, was #1 at the box office again, pulling in another $24 million.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston rocking out her Cabo bikini body…

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206 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Rocks Cabo Bikini Body”

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  1. 76
    jillyro Says:

    I dunno, she’s just not that interesting. She goes to the same holiday places at the same time each year with the same people, same, same, same. She’s boring. I like my actresses with more rounded lives. the one who have family, love and careers, like Kate Winslet, Cate B, Angelina. They are more exciting and their lives are so rich and full. Even Jennifer’s own friends have their families on this vacation, her friends have well-lived lives, yet she is alone again, not even a brother or cousin or anybody of her own, it’s weird. Jennifer is still a lost soul, all that fame and money and she looks lost and lonely and disastisfied.

  2. 77
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    Correction: Benjamin Button will be nominated for best actor Oscar, best pic Oscar and Angie for best actress Oscar. Jen will make enough money acting with a dog (herself?) to vacation in Cabo again. Oscar or Cabo. Hmmm. Case closed. Angie and Brad are real actors. Jen is….well…Jen is acting with a dog in a movie that would not see the light of day at the Oscars if it got on its knees and begged like a baby. Aww..poor Jen. Shut out again. Derailed to be more exact.

  3. 78
    Prue Halliwell Says:

    # 72 bet @ 01/04/2009 at 4:21 pm

    Armpit still lose, he is not yet able to cover the amout of cost that his moive take inorder to be #1. yet with all those cost and money spent on this moive, jen moive beat him hard with littel amount of cost . To beat your Armpit with big moive around him , only jen has to be with small cute dog that all you need to beat him. life is not funny.
    bet, I usually just like to lurk and read your inanities and ROTFLMAO, but this comment shows how really really stupid you are. Brad does NOT have to recover the amount of money that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button cost, Plan B did NOT produce it, Paramount and Warner did. So THEY have to recover the money, it’s not Brad’s problem. He already got his $20 million up front. But the way the movie is going, especially with the Oscar buzz, there is a chance that Paramount and WB might recover their investment. And even if they don’t, I think they are happy with the results, since the projected box office they had for BB was only $20M for the first week, and it exceeded that.

  4. 79
    mar Says:

    Sheryl Crow and Aniston look great. Althought JA has done some crazy stuff lately

  5. 80
    Jill Says:

    # 60 jules @ 01/04/2009 at 3:53 pm
    OMG! Brad must thank his lucky stars 10 times a day to be away from such a vacuous bunch!

    ITA, and I very much doubt if any of that vacuous bunch knows what “vacuous” means. I get the impression they don’t read much.

  6. 81
    Frankie Says:

    To all the Jen Haters:

    1. Jen was paid over 8 Million dollars for Marley and Me.
    2. Jen was paid 8 Million for The Break Up
    3. Jen now has 2 films in a row that have grossed over 100 Million dollars.
    4.Actresses cannot open a film with their name alone. They have to have a male co-star or female co-star for it to be successful. Meryl Streep had Anne Hathaway for “Prada”. Tina Fey had Amy Poehler for “Baby Mama”.
    5. Julia Roberts hasn’t had a film in years with her name alone.
    6. Angelina’ s last film with her name alone was the Lara Croft film.
    7. Changeling flopped with domestic grosses coming in at 35 Million dollars based on a 55 Million dollar budget.
    8. Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry are now making less than 10 Million per film because of their flops.
    9. Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are the ones getting the kudos for Marley and Me not the dog.
    10. I’ve said my peace.

  7. 82
    Jill Says:

    Prue Halliwell @ 01/04/2009 at 4:44 pm
    the projected box office they had for BB was only $20M for the first week, and it exceeded that.

    By about $60 million. The domestic box office so far is $81 million and counting. The foreign box office will probably take it up to $175 million or more.

  8. 83
    spicylily, thailand Says:

    Its really ridiculous and so delusive to say ‘ Jen ‘ has a box office hit..
    ‘ Marley and Me ‘ is successful because of…..
    - It’s the DOG……………..DOG…………………DOG
    ( The poster shows only a DOG)
    - The book was a best seller
    - ‘ME’ is not even about Jen Aniston and ANY actresses can play this role and the results would be the SAME.

    But you know what….
    It doesn’t matter what reality is…….
    As her fans always believe in what they want to believe.
    And say the ugliest thing about Angie and Brad because
    they want to say……….##

    It’s just a reflection of their minds.

  9. 84
    just saying Says:

    anon.. what is the other reason for Mayer other than publicity?

  10. 85
    Jill Says:

    # 81 Frankie @ 01/04/2009 at 4:59 pm
    7. Changeling flopped with domestic grosses coming in at 35 Million
    …I’ve said my peace.

    You should have kept your mouth shut and saved yourself from looking like such a fcuking idiot. Total grosses so far for Changeling is $67 million and it’s just getting started overseas.

    BTW , stupid, it’s p-i-e-c-e, but I wouldn’t expect someone like you with a third grade reading level to know the difference.

  11. 86
    samantha Says:

    To Just Saying — why do you keep asking Anon — like this person actually knows something — puhleeze — it has been the same rhetoric for weeks, nothing new, same old same old, blah blah — if anon really knew something he/she would give up something. I think anon and John Mayer have a lot in common; a need for attention.

  12. 87
    spicylily, thailand Says:

    The other realities are…
    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is 48 minutes longer
    and showing in only 2,988 theatres ( 500 less than the DOG).
    Of course, it’s a no match in numbers and it’s obviously why ?

    The average income of the ‘DOG” is higer because it’s a COMEDY which most people in all ages can easily consume.
    The second hit is box offfice is also a COMEDY but the average income per theater is always 400 – 700 USD less than TCCBB
    but the theaters are almost 700 more.

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a DRAMA with less theaters count.

    Even a kid can figure out why TCCBB is number # 3.

  13. 88
    2009 fer sur Says:

    Stop Stop to all those bringing in mrandmrssmith in this blogg its over Move on. Start a new hobby or something. Let it Gooooo. Stop with the Loong silly posts. All 3 have won-

  14. 89
    Liz Says:

    Ben Harper……ahhh let’s see some more photos of that god. His voice melts the cockles of my heart.

  15. 90
    julianne Says:

    Oh, can you believe it….? A shot of Maniston at the beach….what breaking news……Is that her in the bikini?

    Maniston has become equivalent to the phrase over exposed. Funny, how with all her money, she can’t find a private beach….It’s amazing how the papz are still able to find her. Maybe from the cell phone is carrying around….just a thought ?

    In two weeks, when the JP’s rule the red carpets, no one will remember who had the #1 movie over the holidays….they will be looking at the JP’s reigning on the red carpet and they will shine bright this year, with both of them nominated for awards and coming away for a date night after spending their holidays with their families.

    Oh, and where was her manchild paid to look like he is in love with her during these photos?

    This is getting funny to watch…and I bet if the JP’s did read this trash, they would get a good laugh out of all that the media makes of her and them. They are the champagne of life, she’s a beer.

    What a great diversion from all things that really matter in life.

  16. 91
    ellie Says:

    Hey everyone,
    how u all doing?? well of cause Jen and her whole group look beautiful as usual, all these women have some kick butt bods..
    I’m happy Jen has made a great family movie & M&M is still doing so well..Jen & Owen great job. I,m sure you are both proud of yourselves!!

  17. 92
    .... Says:

    Frankie @ 01/04/2009 at 4:59 pm To all the Jen Haters:
    7. Changeling flopped with domestic grosses coming in at 35 Million dollars based on a 55 Million dollar budget.

    9. Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are the ones getting the kudos for Marley and Me not the dog.
    I’m not a huge fan of Angelina or Jennifer BUT I take issue with both of these points in your list….

    First up, like most critical acclaim/award oriented pictures, Changeling did not have a blockbuster domestic gross HOWEVER the same can be said for nearly the rest of them with the exception of a couple. That’s usually why these films are not wide released. To go as far as calling it a ‘flop’ knowing the above is a bit ridiculous especially as it’s garnered warm critical acclaim, including nominations for a couple of film critic reviews, golden globe, critics choice, and a SAG (in a lot of ways, more prestigious than The Academy). That, by definition, makes that film pretty successful. It’s ok not to be a fan of Angelina but don’t let that cloud common fact.

    Secondly, yes Marley and Me has been successful but to believe that success is based off of the two actors is presumptuous at best. It is a family film about a loveable dog taken from a widely popular best selling book. If Fox (the studio that backed this film) thought otherwise, the puppy would not have been on the posters by front and center by himself and instead they would have pushed Jennifer and Owen more so in the marketing campaign. By and large, dog movies are incredibly successful in this country…no other way to describe why Beverly Hills Chihuahua was the number 1 movie for like three weeks this past summer LOL

    No reason to compare this film with any other…it’s like apples vs. oranges. Good for Jennifer it was a success though.

  18. 93
    lizzie Says:

    I have a better body.

    And I am for Angie. Angie’s side yayayayaya

  19. 94
    laura2 Says:

    exotic @ 01/04/2009 at 2:26 pm:
    ” Well done to the idiots who went to see her movie. Obviously, there is not much ging on in your lives than making this selfish, sun-tanned cow richer and more famous than she bloody must be. Well done”
    Not everyone is obsessed with Aniston like you seem to be… some people (i’m guessing the majority of them) went to see it simply because it looks like a nice movie… and it is, btw.

    Now, on topic, this seems like a fun gathering of friends. Good for them.

  20. 95
    Jennifer Says:

    Is this woman ever NOT on a beach? Sheesh.

  21. 96
    ellie Says:

    julianne @ 01/04/2009 at 5:42 pm
    Oh, can you believe it….? A shot of Maniston at the beach….what breaking news……Is that her in the bikini?

    You know what its just fine Angie & Brad if when Angie & Brad walk the red carpet.. I root for them also.
    Right now in 11days Jen & Owen are still the #1 movie they made a wonderful movie and its Jens time right now, and I’m enjoying it..
    You people don’t seem to understand everyone adores Jen and always will.. so just accept already..
    And by the way they love catching Jen in a bikini or clothes shes very popular..

  22. 97
    laura2 Says:

    Jill @ 01/04/2009 at 3:43 pm :
    “Where are the photos of them together? I haven’t seen one single pic of them together over the holidays.”
    Yeah… and some people would think that such “attention seekers” who are “faking a romance” would have at least one “staged picture” together over the holidays… they must be pretty bad at this “publicity dating” thing…

  23. 98
    Phoenix Says:

    To Jennifer, #95 – She is always on the beach because she is a woman of substance. Think about it. She works as an actress doing romantic comedies, she smokes ciggs, she is not known for charity work, she poses naked for magazine covers, she dates men who have questionable motives (i.e. NYC break-up on camera!!!!) and she has had numerous plastic surgeries. Substance I tell ya, the girl really has depth.

  24. 99
    Frankie Says:

    Per Jill #85

    “Total grosses so far for Changeling is $67 million and it’s just getting started overseas.”

    I was talking 35 Million dollars domestic not worldwide. And with a 55 Million dollar budget, that’s not saying much that the American public really care to see it. Changeling has been playing overseas now for quite a few weeks……France, Spain and the UK and it’s almost run it’s course there……..or is it “their”…….I only have a 3rd grade education.

  25. 100
    Jill Says:

    # 97 laura2 @ 01/04/2009 at 6:05 pm

    How is Huvane going to spin a fake “romance” if there aren’t any photos to prove it? Why else would he spin that “romance” and “reunion” in the first place, if not to show that Aniston isn’t as desperate as everybody is saying?

    She’s paying him to push her image. He’s gotta do something.

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