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John Travolta: Jett Was The Most Wonderful Son

John Travolta: Jett Was The Most Wonderful Son

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston have released joint statements on their official sites about their the tragic death of their 16-year-old son Jett.

Here’s what John, 54, Kelly, 46, and their daughter Ella, 8, had to say via and

“We would like to extend our deepest and most heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sent their love and condolences. Jett was the most wonderful son that two parents could ever ask for and lit up the lives of everyone he encountered.”

The statement continues, “We are heartbroken that our time with him was so brief. We will cherish the time we had with him for the rest of our lives. We have received many messages of condolence from around the world and we want to thank everyone for their prayers and support. It has meant so much to us. It is a beautiful reminder of the inherent goodness in the human spirit that gives us a hope for a brighter future. With love, John, Kelly, and Ella.”

Jett died Friday while vacationing with his family in the Bahamas. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday. Our heart goes out to the Travoltas and their loved ones.

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  • Kelly


  • What a beautiful family

    They have always given me the impression that they are a team in every way, and just extremely close and really a family in every sense ot the word. God bless them all because I know they are hurting something bad.

  • SamIam

    Travolta’s live-in boyfriend, Jeff Kathrein, found his body, so they’re a nontraditional family, for sure. Closeted gay man married to woman because his screwy religion (Scientology) says so, hires his unqualified boyfriend as “nanny” to keep up appearances but still have the sex he really likes.

  • * VICTORIA *

    Jett had Kawaski Syndrome, which made him ill alot, I read….Hope I spelled that right….If not, I apologize……..How very, very sad to bury a child….I have been there, burying my son also, from Leukemia….It IS an unimaginable heartbreak…….
    I hope the Travolta’s find peace and love from their family and friends, and the fans and paparazzi give them much needed privacy……GOD SPEED YOUNG JETT !!!!!!…MAY GOD BLESS THE TRAVOLTA’S.

  • joneblaze

    I cant fathom losing my son,so i know their pain is deep.R.I.P Jett
    My prayers to the family

  • :(

    soo heartbreaking


    Jett is now free from all the pain and agony…It is nice that he was in
    the Bahama’s ..Talk about changing the story.. one more time the
    caretaker found him the next morning ..dead from a hit to the head from the bathtub.. no that is not right .. John found him and tried to rescue him but he died on the way to the hospital..He was also went into the bathroom and no one even looked in on him..

  • boogie

    #4 sam lam idiot

    you are so full of crapola!

    It was Jett’s nanny idiot. He was a special needs child that needed help do to his medical problems.

  • Lena

    #9, have you seen the picture of John kissing the “nanny” on the lips?

  • Lolita

    This family creeps me the eff out, but hey I don’t know them personally so who am I to judge? I’m sorry they lost a son. That must be terrible to endure.



  • Mr. Blonde

    Is this really the time for conspiracy theories, #4?

  • mimi78

    At #13.

    Go hide under a rock.

  • shammy

    We will keep this family in our thoughts and prayers and wish them peace and love. Jett will always be with them in memory and spirit. Life is truly short and always make the best of the day we have here. Be strong, loving, caring, understanding, peaceful, and patient.


  • Taylorswiftfan

    Have the people here ever lost someone close to them especially a child? You judge this family under a cloak of “concern” for the child, yet you scorn two parents in the worst possible way with evidence gained from gossip sites.

  • Liam bere

    Those negative messages absolutely disgust me. You should all be ashamed. That family have more talent than you assholes could ever wish for and the religion or beliefs that they follow has nothing to do with you or anybody else for that matter. Amanda, you’re a pathetic horrible piece of shit. Its an extremely sad time for the family and It’s just as well that they have friends who can support them seeing as only a small handful of people seem to be here.

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley

    My heart goes out to John Travolta and his family.

  • Lena

    #17, do your own research into Scientology. It’s not evidence from gossip sites, it’s real evidence from credible sources. If you learned more about what Scientology beliefs are, you would see why people are mad about this. Unless you ARE a Scientologist, you may be one of their shills that they have on the message boards doing damage control today. You can say that they shouldn’t be judged by their beliefs, but their beliefs create numerous crimes against humanity. It’s all out there, just go do your research.

  • boogie

    god bless them

  • someone

    god bless <3

  • Big Mama

    Jared: You should monitor these posts more closely. Now is not the time to be throwing darts at John Travolta. Let John and Kelly grieve for their son. They will live with this tragedy — now matter what led to it — for the rest of their lives.

  • Logan

    I had always liked John Travolta until I read an article about how he and his wife would not acknowledge that their son had autism. In Scientology, it is considered a weakness. Kawasaki is a more acceptable disease since it is physical. Looking at pictures of Jett, he clearly had developmental problems. The experts all said that Kawasaki does not cause seizures, especially at 16. I feel for the Travoltas, but they have tons of money that could have provided early intervention and more functional life for their son.

  • Debba

    #9, Jeff Kathrein was a lot more than “Jett’s nanny”.

  • boogie

    #21 (fake boogie)

    not my post.

    but, sad for the family.

  • to 4

    Travolta’s live-in boyfriend, Jeff Kathrein, found his body, so they’re a nontraditional family, for sure. Closeted gay man married to woman because his screwy religion (Scientology) says so, hires his unqualified boyfriend as “nanny” to keep up appearances but still have the sex he really likes.
    you know all the above exactly how?? if you can’t provide proof then what you’ve said is what you believe to be true. as for the nanny business; think about it. our next door neighbor here in los angeles has a son with autism. the boy is 15. while he’s mobile he needs help dressing and bathing. now, do you honestly believe that these parents would hire a woman to take care of their son?? sorry, like the travoltas our neighbors have hired a male caretaker. yes, the caretaker lives in the house, and no our neighobr is not a closeted gay married man.

  • sheryl

    #18, what people don’t realize is the negativity and nastiness they send out will come back to them in some way. People are most bold when they can hide behind the anonimity of the net. Somehow gives them a sense of satisfaction I guess, and I can only conclude it’s because they themselves are so miserable.

    My thoughts have been with this family. I’m so sorry this happened.

  • Jules

    Jared, could you delete the “gossip” comments? No one should be posting such crap here. This is a time to respect the sadness of the situation and remember that this family is hurting. Losing a child is very hard. John Travolta and his wife should be in our prayers, not the cross hairs of gossip.

  • to lena

    as my grandfather says; what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. i’ll tell you right off, i’m jewish. first off, these people posting are not shills. if you’ve been reading what people have been saying you would have noticed that a good many have been expressing their sympathy to two parents . you know the parents who have just lost their son. it’s called compassion something you obviously know nothing about. not damage control!!!

    secondly; you say it’s all in the research. let’s have a little comparison shall we. tell me how many people have those who practice scientology killed for their church in the name of their religion; as opposed to christianity??

    i’ll give you a few examples for christianity; the first, second, and third crusades,
    - Christian Emperor Theodosius (408-450) who had children executed, because they had been playing with remains of pagan statues,
    -Battle of Askalon, 8/12/1099. 200,000 heathens slaughtered “in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
    -Massacre of Sand Creek, Colorado 11/29/1864. Colonel John Chivington, a former Methodist minister and still elder in the church (“I long to be wading in gore” had a Cheyenne village of about 600, mostly women and children, gunned down despite the chiefs’ waving with a white flag: 400-500 killed,
    -then their are the millions of native americans who died because of the actions of god fearing christian explorers from europe.
    -In the years 1942-1943 also in Croatia existed numerous extermination camps, run by Catholic Ustasha under their dictator Ante Paveliç, a practicing Catholic and regular visitor to the then pope
    the worst was Jasenovac, headed by a Franciscan friar. this really nice group of christians killed orthodox-Christian Serbians , a large number of jews. unlike the nazis who preferred to gas their victims then burn them. the Catholic Ustasha liked to burn them alive. so much easier that way. they killed between 300,000 to 600,000 people.
    -let’s not forget about the nazi inspired holocaust.
    the above are just a few shining examples. now then lena, what was that you were saying about scientology committing crimes against humanity??? i’m waiting to see your response.

  • scientology is dangerous

    Maybe John and Kelly will WAKE UP and realise that their adherence to the rantings and ravings of a science fiction writer is at best FICTION and should not ever be followed as if it were legitimate medical practice.
    NO Tom Cruise you DO NOT have a medical degree nor did your cult leader L RON Hubbard. Medical negligence is just the tip of the iceberg for this malicious cult. Goes to show that with all the money and fame in the world – you can have no common sense.
    And NO it is NOT a religion – anyone who calls it that needs to do some research – it is a dangerous cult – after your money and your mind.

  • scientology is dangerous

    Kelly Preston has been quoted several times as saying that they had put Jett through the Scientology detoxification program also known as the Purification Rundown.
    This is a extremely DANGEROUS program – It is widely-condemned by the medical community for its dangerous methods.
    These include ingesting oils in amounts large enough to make a person very ill, saunas lasting up to 5 hours at a time, and massive mega doses of vitamin B3 (Niacin) and other vitamins at far beyond toxic levels.

  • mARGIE

    Why do scientologists have AUTISTIC CHILDREN????

    What happens when they’re in the womb?

    Are they sonogramed too much like Tom Cruise and Katie Homely did with Suri?

    Did the sonograms cause Suri’s autism? Did the Travolta’s sonogram Jett too much?

    What do the mothers ingest when they’re pregnant?

    Too many unanswered questions~~~ Suri Cruise may be the next victim. KATIE AND TOM obviously give a shit for her for publicity purposes. We all know they take her out in freezing weather without proper clothing, she was on some special formula in a bottle until she was almost 3, she still wears diapers and is dragged around all hours of the day and night.


  • help suri, commit katie

    Katie Holmes gave her daughters life to scientologists. Suri’s life and well-being was traded in for designer duds, a role in a shitty movie, a role in a shitty production of All My Sons, and the name “Cruise”.

    Suri should be removed from Katie and Tom’s custody immediately.
    She will be lucky to make it to her 16th birthday if she stays in that NUT HOUSE.

  • mika

    omg. i am a scientologist and #20 probably everything you read from a “credible source” is ALL fabricated. there is no beleif or ritual that is makes “numerous crimes against humanity”. i doubt even one thing you know about scientology is true. I am a normal person like everybody else and none of my friends would have even realised i was a scientologist until i told them. SCIENTOLOGIST ARE EXACTLY THE SAME AS EVERYBODY ELSE.

  • LOL

    Are Scientologists the nuts who believe in UFOs?

  • mika

    #32 you make me laugh at what you are saying about the “Purification Rundown”. when you do that program you just go on a treadmill have some vitamins and go in a sauna simply to make you sweat to get rid of the toxins in your body. it was made for people that have taken drugs and need to get it out of their body when they are doing rehab. #32 you probably don’t have a credible source and I am a scientologist and my friend has finished it.

  • pr person

    Excuse me people… this is a gossip site… there are varying opinions about what happened to this young man and everyone is entitled to it and free to speak it. If your sensibilities are unable to ‘handle’ what is being said then SKIP the post! How hard is that? Why try to ‘sensor’ or have “deleted” what is being said?!?! It isn’t like the Travolta’s WILL be coming on JJ and reading the gossip sites after they have just lost their son. Seriously, get off your high horses!!

  • mika

    everybody should realise that if scientologists did the same thing as christians dipping their children in holy water and eating bread and sipping wine this whole website would be dedicated to how crazy scientologists are. thats not a big deal but some toddler not wearing a coat is. i think everybody should think before they write something completely stupid.

  • ellie

    God Bless you all.. My prayers are with you John Kelly & Ella..& Family. Your little is safe now in a beautiful place now.. I couldn’t even imagine how anyone could go through this..
    To the parents that don’t give there children hugs and kisses all the time start, b/c you’ll never know when God is ready for your little one!!!

  • once in and again…..

    # 35.
    I’m sure you are a good intentioned person, but listen, I’m still recovering from the brain freeze Scientology did on me. I didn’t know their crimes against humanity either until I actually went and researched it and spoke to people and studied brain washing techniques. To begin with, Scientologists don’t question Hubbard’s biography, Scientologists don’t read books about Hubbard not written and published by Scientologists and no scientologist is going to believe a damn thing anyone else has to say on the subject of their founder, period. And my dear you wouldn’t believe any other thing written about the crimes Hubbard and David Miscaviage commited unless you went digging for it yourself which you are not going to do. And if you did you’d have to route yourself to ethics because you wouldn’t be able to endure your guilt in doing so. This is the way they trained you and it works.

    # 30.
    While I was in Scientology, I was so commited to the cause of the church, that I would have killed someone if they told me to. And I’m not the only one. And other people have done so. It’s called the OSA. And if you REALLY researched the crimes they’ve done, you wouldn’t be a scientologist anymore, er, I mean jewish.

  • Lena

    It’s not only things that I have read, I have talked to a lot of ex-Scientologists and I don’t know of a more credible source than them. Perhaps you are still on the lower levels and haven’t been exposed to certain things yet. I think that people who haven’t “moved up” in Scientology yet are decent people who don’t know what is in store for them down the road. And I have to admit that the only reason I spent SO much time looking into Scientology is because I almost joined. I even read “Dianetics” and several other Scientology books. (In fact the first Scientologist I ever met, I met at the book store when purchasing those books!) Once I started digging deeper, I realized this was not something I wanted to have any part of. I think that SOME of the tech can be useful, but that the organization itself is corrupt. And I’m not attacking you personally, I’m sure that you are a great person and as you said “like everybody else”. Also, I appreciate your comments because I am always open to listening to people who are in Scientology or use to be in it. And I’m not saying that other religions don’t have fault, they most certainly do. And just for the record, I don’t consider Scientology to be an actual religion.

  • scientology is dangerous

    And here come the scientologists trying to refute known FACTS once again. To the *cough* ‘so called credible’ scientologists posting here .
    Google scientology + scam, scientology + medical malpractice, scientology + criminal.
    And if you make it through those sites go to
    The come back here and have a REAL conversation.
    You are allowed to look at these sites aren’t you ???

  • groundcontrol

    You know this is not a condolence book at the funeral home. It’s a gossip site. As sorry as we all may be for this child’s death and the family it is the past talk and PR by the Travoltas themselves about their son that creates a reasonable inference that there is the possibility that they may have neglected to provide him with the appropriate level of care and treatment he has needed during his life. Treatment that may have alleviated his condition to some degree.

    If they truly followed scientology and applied it to the care of their son then that needs to be investigated by those who are responsible to seeing that children are not neglected or abused. Parents cannot hide behind religions or lifestyles to justify unacceptable care of their children. I don’t care what religion it is. Children are not the property of their parents.

    John Travolta has gone on record as denying his son had autism. I don’t believe that for a second. Kelly Preston has gone on record as claiming she diagnosed Jett with Kawasaki disorder and nothing else which is a pretty ridiculous claim. It is for these reasons as well as others that their judgment regarding Jett’s care is seriously in doubt and must be thoroughly investigated. Before the evidence is destroyed.

    Why would anyone believe anything the scientology organization says? They already have their shills on a million websites spinning this story. They are quite transparent.

    You can still feel sorry for someone even if you want the truth to be uncovered. If everything is on the up and up then I am sure the Travoltas will be glad that is known. It’s not about them. It’s about this boy and all the other children who might suffer similar fates. He is owed the truth.

  • g!rocks

    i live in the original city where scientology is huge! Clearwater, Fl. Most of clearwater beach is owned by scientologists! Back in the 80′s they were over the city wearing uniforms and would not look at anyone!~ Remember the young lady back in the 90′s that died o9f dehydration because they refused to take her to the hospital! well, The Travolta’s have a house near this area! Lisa Presley owned a house in Osceola Beach near Clearwater! A lot of high profile celebrities are in this cult & come to Clearwater frequently!

  • :( RIP Jett

    This is so heart breaking and poor little Ella!! Little girls adore their big brother. I am just so sad for this family, no one should ever have to bury their child.

  • RYAN

    it must be so heartbreaking to lose a child, i know i wouldn’t be able to get over it soon.

  • ick

    Jared-you give your heartfelt sympathy to the Travolta family, yet you allow gossip and innuendo to be posted by ignorant people who don’t really know what happened. YOU SHOULD NOT ALLOW COMMENTS ON A STORY LIKE THIS ONE. Yes, it’s a gossip site, but why do total strangers think it’s okay to post when they cannot possibly know the facts?

  • http://none Pat

    God bless this family in need. You are not the judge of one single person. They live their life, you live yours. Only God knows what is in their heart.
    The Christian bible says, “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved”. That is the way to heaven.
    You nor I know what Jett believed, or what his family believes.
    God knows.

  • LuckyL

    ****Jett Travolta’s Death: Police Disagree With Family on Timeline****

    Police in the Bahamas are disagreeing with John Travolta’s staff in the wake of the New Year’s Day death of his son Jett, 16, at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel about how long the teenager lay undiscovered in the bathroom.

    Police are reporting that Jett was left alone for more than ten hours from when he was last seen heading to his bedroom at the Travolta’s vacation townhouse at 6 PM after a day of boating with his family. Jett’s nanny, Jeff Kathrein, reportedly found Jett lying on the bathroom floor at 11:30 PM, TMZ reports.

    Jett Travolta, who was disabled, was nonverbal and required the use of a baby monitor and a special chime to summon his two male nannies if required.

    Kathrein and the Travolta’s attorney, Michael McDermott, says that Kathrein went to the bathroom in the time span between 6 PM when Jett left the room and 11:30 PM when his body was discovered so Jett was reportedly not unattended for ten hours.

    The teenager is alleged to have possibly had a seizure and struck his head, which could have caused his death. McDermott also reports that Jett was known to sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day so him not being present for a long period of time would not have been unusual.

    The official cause of death will be reported by the coroner on Monday.

    Their attorney reports that Jett’s parents John Travolta and Kelly Preston have “stopped crying long enough last night to try to write a press statement, which they haven’t finished.”

  • LuckyL

    And can the doctors and medical professionals release medical statements, not the Travolta’s lawyer? They are f******* up on the information.