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Kim Zolciak Launches Official Blog

Kim Zolciak Launches Official Blog

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak has launched her official blog!

The 30-year-old aspiring actress/singer writes in her first entry, “Recently I vacationed with my two girls for the Christmas holiday’s in the Bahamas and found some photos that someone snapped of me while at the beach.”

The mother-of-two continues, “Every year we stay at the gorgeous Cove Atlantis Resort and this year was a bit different because the series on Bravo was so publicized. It was fantastic meeting many of my international fans while in the Caribbean.”

You can check Kim out at her official website at

During the show, Kim had mentioned she wanted to pursue a singing career in country music. Unfortunately, this won’t be happening anytime soon. “Her album will be a no go for now,” a source close to Kim reveals to “She is focusing on her kids and being a single mom.”

And just to clarify, in case you were confused during November’s Reunion Special, Kim Zolciak does not have cancer.

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  • heather

    “international fans”
    im sure she has tons of those.

  • Random


  • shoegal421

    yikes, how frightening!

  • Paulo

    omg…hahahah, i thought it was heidi from the hills when i glanced at it first…hahahhahaha

  • nysro

    30 years old???? BULLSHIT!!!

    she’s well closer, or beyond 40… lying bitch.

  • pomme

    what a peer of fake breast!

  • Just Jared

    nysro, she really is 30…

  • guest

    wonder where she “found” the pictures “someone snapped”?

  • Ericka

    Cut off her face and she does have a nice body for a mother of 2 and being up there in age (still not sure if she’s really 30 or not lol that’s why I said that)

  • bella

    I thought it was Heidi at first too. Maybe a relative of sorts . . .bonded through plastic surgery. I agree she looks way older than 30.

  • Bristol

    WOW Kim you look good. Two kids too! Cali loves you.

  • Elena

    LOL,she didn’t find them she photoshopped and posted them her self !!

  • naty

    Those picture are so photoshop is not even funny.

  • lizzie

    Me I don’t look fake :


  • fake rack

    Those boooobs are going to look like crap at 40. Boulders in socks. They are already starting to look that way. Fake boooobs are so ugly.

  • Jody

    Photo shopped, that is hilarious that is one of my BFF, that is her you haters. How silly are you. Kimmy I love you and let your haters be your motivators.

  • Mark


  • mslewis

    Fake boobs, fake hair, fake EVERYTHING!!! What a train wreck!! At least other women who are 30 years old can look at her and feel better about themselves!!! Heck, 40 year olds can feel great about themselves because they look way younger than this b!tch!!

    HA, HA, to her “international fans”!!!


    I am a man and I must say Kim you rock, looking good girl. Jealousy is the root of all evil.

  • overrated

    Great looking body, but her face looks much older.

  • Bella

    this should be nominated for the Photoshop awards

  • yawn

    yawn, yet another wannabe to make it “big.” what ever happened to jo’s (from the real housewives of orange county) album? you know? the one where slade was the producer? HA!

  • LaurieJB

    There are some horribly mean comments here. I can only imagine how sad the lives of these people must be if they re all about tearing down a semi-famous tv personality.

  • Stephanie

    Keeping it real Kim if they only knew YOU. WE LOVE YOU YOU YOU. Stay strong stay real stay sweet stay you. You my friend are the only real person on that show.

  • hotwing

    Kim is really 30. She just looks older for her age.

  • Mattie

    30!?! Really? Wow, I thought for sure that she was 45ish.

  • luka

    she needs a better wig.

  • Lovas

    I love how she tries to be all big and bad, but is still POWERED BY BLOGGER!!

  • don

    I seriously want to snatch that wig off of her head. OLD as hell.

  • brie2009

    I can’t stand Kim! She is nothing but a fake and a gold digger (Big Poppa for ex.)! Seriously this woman is not 30. And her boobs are fake. And so is her hair! I actually thought this was Heidi Montag. But one thing I have to admit about Kim is that her body doesn’t look bad for a mother of 2. But I bet she has had some work done too.

  • Oconnor

    Holy tranny-face! Take a dude and add fake boobs and a wig and you’ve got this thing.

    Total wannabe.

  • Get real!

    Oh please, this woman is so fake. And a semi-famous tv personality?????? PLease – she whored herself out on some stupid reality show and made a complete fool of herself- she is not famous and never will be! These women who continue to show themselves in such an unflattering manner deserve everthing that is said about them. She is a paid prostitute who was being taken care of by a rich man. I would rather be famous for standing on my own 2 feet instead of this JOKE!!!!!!!!!

  • Get real!

    Holy tranny-face- that cracks me up!!!

  • Get real!

    Dude looks like a lady! Why doesn’t she try singing that!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jen

    She has no belly button !! LOL !

  • Tia

    i wish nene had a blog! she was the best part of that whole show! i liked kim till she became friends with that self absorbed cow, whatever her name was

  • S

    Yuck, too much makeup on the little picture on the big picture. And she just seems toooo much plastic fantastic in the face. But otherwise, she has a hot body. She is like Brody Jenners mom, ugly/plastic fantastic in the face, but a hot body.
    But really, I don’t even know who Kim is. Never heard of her.

  • bejeebus

    ummmmm….yeeeeeaaaahhhh…..she does NOT have that nice a body as the one in those bikini pix. photoshop anyone? it’s more like she “found” some pictures that someone took of SOMEBODY ELSE and she PASTED her nasty @ss horse face (janky bootleg barbie wig included) to it.

  • Kim’s Body

    Has anyone seen my head?

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Americans still love only the PHYSICAL part of things.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ….`i’m not sure why jared’s helping to promote someone else’s blog… and a someone who isn’t a celebrity.
    ;jared, i’m going to start a blog.. you going make give me a thread also? hahahaha
    `seriously, i cant believe this person got 40 comments. LOL

  • nysro

    If she REALLY is 30.. (and she might say it, and lied long enough to believe), then she looks TERRIBLE for her age…

    You can find 50 year old women , who look tons better than this “30″ year old.

  • trina

    yikes what a tough looking 30 year old
    her fun bags are uneven and a very bad job
    sick of these bleached photoshopped gals
    they all look the same

  • Jughed

    Hot body! :)


    1) “someone snapped of me while at the beach”. Yeah, right, she hired a photographer. So obviously staged!! We have another Denise Richards on our hands ans the USA REALLY needed another of one of those! Eeek!

    2) Um, Kim, you have to MARRIED to be a housewife!

    3) “Focusing onher kids”?? The woman is NOT a good mother. She is an admitted WHORE. At least when she was a stripper, she had a job other then being “a professional girlfriend” ( to married men. Her children are raised with horrible manners, poor schooling, and to be shallow, label obsessed gold-diggers.

    4) She can’t sing. Correct.ion. She sings SOO bad, she scares dogs!
    More bull, never was an album.

    5) What’s with the cheap shiny nylon wig? At least buy one made of HAIR!

    6) it’s a known fact, no other white “Atlanta housewife” wanted to do the show with the other two tackettes, so they “settled” for Kim.

    Sidenote: WAS she EVER married. Obviously her first child was conceived when she was 16?


    BTW, when the show was filmed, she WAS 30. That’s what hard living, fake hair, and caked on make-up look like.

  • dope

    Dont tell me this is Lauren Conrad’s mom LOL

  • joneblaze

    I must say she has a nice body for a FOURTY YEAR OLD mother of 2

  • Sassy

    I think her body looks great whether 30 or 40, for having 2 kids. I was embarrassed for her though with the way she acted all ghetto on the show, like a 12 year old girl fighting at school. Have some dignity. Wonder if she is still “friends” with that Sharae? She was a real piece of work! If she looks older than she is, it’s because of one thing: SMOKING.

  • euhhh!!!

    Euh!!! so FAKE and UGly boobs!!! Gosh!!