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Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Cabo Couple

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Cabo Couple

Leonardo DiCaprio and Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli spend their New Year’s together in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Thursday (January 1).

The couple was accompanied by a few friends, including Entourage star Kevin Dillon (white shirt), Rande Gerber (gray board shorts, Cindy Crawford’s husband) and Leo‘s BFF, actor Lukas Haas (fedora). David Arquette took a small break from his wife Courteney Cox to also hang with the boys.

Leo‘s latest film Revolutionary Road, is up for a Golden Globe for best picture. The ceremony will be telecast live at The Beverly Hilton next Sunday, January 11 @ 8PM ET/PT on NBC.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leo’s watermelon and palm tree shorts — HOT or NOT?

20+ pictures inside of Cabo couple Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli

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leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 01
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 02
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 03
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 04
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 05
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 06
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 07
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 08
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 09
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 10
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 11
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 12
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 13
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 14
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 15
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 16
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 17
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 18
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 19
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 20
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 21
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 22
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 23
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli cabo couple 24

Credit: Kreusch/Willson; Photos: INFdaily
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  • n

    looks like Leo is playing volleyball with Cindy C’s husband

  • babyt

    I love LEO! I watched Revolutionary Road and can honestly say it was one of the best movies that I have ever seen. It is really chilling and makes you think.

  • vanessa

    think that leo is the most talented actor of his generation… bar is so beautiful- they make a great couple i think!

  • tasha1023

    i think leo is sooooooooooooCUTE!!!!!!!!!!!…….i think he would b better off alone then wit any1 cuz ……….he’ll b watin 4 ME!!!!!!!!!

  • kar

    Kevin Connely you mean?

  • Sarah

    in kate winslets words “Leo is just a beautiful man”

    he really is now the only thing that would make him more beautiful, would be if he got rid of that leech Bar

  • llk

    They look so happy – on separate pictures. Cabo couple but not one picture ( out of many ) together? #6 good point. Isn`t it easier to sit on the beach in Cabo than bother about her country? Leo is disappointing for having a gf like her.

  • http://aol Susan

    Looks like Leo is putting on a lot of weight. I’ll bet if she put on all that weight, it would be slapped on every tabloid cover, but when a man puts on all that weight, no one says anything. I think she should find someone much slimmer than him. He is getting wayyyyyyyyy too fat. ugh.

  • http://aol Susan

    Princess: How do we frolick on beaches with so many of our young men in Iraq being killed????? NEVER throw stones until you can look in your own backyard!

  • nana

    God, I want her body shape!

  • french

    Cabo couple lol :) they are not together on pics
    Leo is with his friends and bar is alone Leo doesn’t pay attention on her

  • http://aol Susan

    oops…sorry. I should have said so many of our young men AND WOMEN being killed in Iraq.

  • kay

    He deserves better than her, I loved Revolutionary Road! And Leo isn’t fat or ugly. God, some of you are so artifical and just care about looks, it’s about talent.

  • french

    bar just wants that we speak about her, on almost all the pics she looks paps

  • llk

    #10 Many of us on the beach didn`t make controversial statements about our country unlike Bar. For some that might make a difference.





  • Rita

    I don’t think Bar’s face is all that spectacular, but her body is absolutely perfect!!! FLAWLESS

  • me

    The only thing Bar is known for is her relationship with Dicaprio. She is a golddigger – nothing more.

  • Jaredsucks

    Idiot terrorist princess; No it’s the Arab terrorists who are slaughtering innocent Jewish women and children. Israel is defending itself against these monsters who have fired thousands of rockets into Israel. The hamas terrorists are using women and children as human shields. That’s the truth but terrorist supporters like yourself are liars. Now go back to your cave and never come out.

  • kate

    #18 : she has got fake boobs without she is like all people

  • Lori

    #6- All I have to say on your comment is give me a freaking break. Anyway, I am surprised Leo and Bar are still together. Its been a long relationship for him.

  • Jaredsucks

    Bar doesn’t care abut her country and that is why she’s hated in Israel. Bar is spoiled selfish biotch! I find it curious that Leo and Bar spent the month of December apart, heck she didn’t spend Christmas with him like she always does. I think Leo dumped Bar a month ago and then called her to Mexico to get some booty for New Year’s. It’s just my opinion but I think I’m right.

    Leo likes Bar because of her body and that’s it. Leo admits in an interview with FHM magazine that he hasn’t found his true love yet because if he did he would be married by now. So sorry Bar! LOL!

  • me

    #18 – it is called plastic surgery. You too can look like that for the right amount of money.

  • ihb

    Great photo op for Bar. She managed to show off her two most valuable assets – Leo and her body. Sad to see Leo is still dating her.

  • kate

    i think Leo hate bar , they are a fake couple and I am not only to think that

  • kate

    ihb : Leo and her are not together on pics i think he isnt still dating her

  • glamugloss

    He is an actor who has been called one of the hottest men in the world. However, she is less than thrilled with the relationship. He has a problem in the bedroom. Even the little blue pill doesn’t work. She calls him “The Limp Noodle” or “Mr. Noodle” behind his back. Frustrated, but reluctant to leave him because being part of a celebrity couple has its perks, she has resorted to seeing an old boyfriend on the sly to satisfy her carnal needs.

  • ihb

    Unfortunately they managed to get on the same picture a couple of times but they certainly don`t look like a couple – as usual.

  • kate

    #28 : you are stupid

  • ?

    I have a question IHB, French etc.. you know who you are. Obviously, you hate bar, so who do you want Leo with? I ask solely out of curiosity.

  • Tom

    She looks like Tzippi Livni…

  • vanessa

    22- i couldn’t agree more!

  • justmehere

    @ #27: Kate, I’m sorry but there is in fact a pic with them together


    …so…sadly but it proves they’re together there….

  • ihb

    Don`t think I wanna see Leo single for his entire life and it`s not like I want him to be with anyone particular. I just cannot stand the idea of him dating Bar. He could do so much better than her – that`s my opinion.

  • Tom

    to #6: you didn’t know that jewish are always the victims?

  • who am i?

    Yes, this ugly witch frolicks while her countrymen/women are dying to defend their nation.
    Princess: the Palestinians are just as much vicitms of Hamas as the Israelis are…Hamas uses the civilian population as shields to launch attacks into Israel, then parade their dead bodies to gain sympathy when Israel retaliates.

    Of course, this ugly cow doesn’t care….she lied to evade serving her nation and laughs that it was all worth it cuz it paid off “big time” for her. Ignorant sow!

    glamugloss: well, if he has a problem getting it up when he is with her, then she must be the “dead lay” – perhaps she needs to work on her own performance in the bedroom!!! LMAO! If that is true, even his dick doesn’t want to get close to her!!!

  • Lorene

    My girfriend and I were lucky enough to see Leo at recent “RR” premiere.

    We both remarked about how thin he was. Fat ? Nooooooooo way!

  • sandy

    jaredsucks you are the Second Hitler. you said that arab kills jewish woman and children. first of all why did you said arab terrorist??? do you know that there are arab jewish?? you don’t know what the sionist doing to muslims woman and children. the arabs are not terrorist. I’am sure that your are from ISRAEL your country is killing innocent people. your country is nazist and you too.
    you are a F U C K EVIL
    Hamas don’t represnent the arabic population. you insult the islam when you talk like that. you will paid for that

  • ?

    Ok, fair enough. But he seems to prefer models, so anyone he dates is going to get and, benefit, from publicity just like Bar. I don’t think they’ll marry, he’ll just move onto a another early 20-something year old model.

  • carine

    I definitly right with you sandy even i’am not or jewish muslims I think that israel people make always bigs mistakes.
    about bar and leo,t his couple is joke for me i really don’t understand leonardo .

  • ihb

    And you know what? If that next 20-something year old model is going to have more substance and intelligence that Bar I`m gonna be more than happy for him/them.
    I don`t wanna sound like a broken record but I loved Leo with Gisele who was also a very young model when they met and I just loved them together. I know that`s the past ( no need to start comparing Gisele and Bar ) I just simply wanted to prove my point mentioning his ex.

  • me

    #40 – It’s not about another model getting publicity off of him. It is about Bar purposely taking advantage and using their relationship to further her career.

  • french

    #34 : they are together on this pics but leo talk with friend not with her , and her looks paps , she just wants pub it’s for that she is in cabo , Leo doesn’t care about her

    #31 :someone who will be in love with him and someone with who Leo will be in love too

  • Mike

    OMG How miserable the losers must feel by looking at these pictures proving that Leo is still with his lady!!!

    Lol, Lol, Lol!!! I was sure to read once more idiot comments from the same morons after I saw these gorgeous and fun pictures of Leo and Bar enjoying the New Year with friends!!!

    Same ol’ jealousy by the same pathetic losers! THANKS JARED for the GREAT PICS!

  • french

    it’s a fake couple , Leo is smart, he will not stand with someone who use him and he hates

  • lakers fan in boston

    bar looks really hot her, i usually dont like her but she is banging her
    especially those boobs and that lovely body

  • lizzie

    I’m thinner than her Leo


  • Jaredsucks

    Stupid sandy; Another stupid anti-semitic hater! I’m not from Israel and I’m not even Jewish but I support Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist monsters! Arab terrorists murder Jewish women and children almost everyday but the media never shows it!

    The Arabs murder their own own people by using them as human sheilds. Israel does not kill innocent people it’s the terrorists who do. Jews from Arab countries never call themselves Arab! I should know because I have Jewish friends from Morrocco and Syria and they consider themselves Jewish ethnically and religiously.

    The Arab Muslim terrorists and their supporters are Nazis and Htilers because they commit genpcide against the Jews, Christians and Hindus and they want to destroy Israel. Go back to your cave, ignoramous idiot!

  • jules

    #6 and #8 – You could say that same thing about what the U.S. did to innocent Iraqis. Bar is not responsible for what the government of Israel does. Anyway, she opted not to participate in the military — and all of you condemn her for that.

  • Jaredsucks

    Jules; America hasn’t killed innocent Iraqis on purpose. Iranian terrorist groups are responsible for most of the Iraqi civilians killed. So much ignorance and stupidity here!