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Ashton Kutcher: Demi Moore's Compassion is Breathtaking

Ashton Kutcher: Demi Moore's Compassion is Breathtaking

Ashton Kutcher chats about his wife Demi Moore, his beautiful step-daughters and his new reality show True Beauty on The Tyra Banks Show, airing today (January 5). Check out the vid and quotes below!

On what he finds most beautiful about his wife: “I think the most beautiful quality that she has is just her capacity to give to others. She’s always thinking about somebody else….The first moment I recognized her beauty was just listening to her talk to her daughters, my stepdaughters over the phone. The compassion she shares. To me was breathtaking. It was the first time I realized how special she was in that moment.”

On not being able to specify Demi’s most beautiful quality because, to him, she is perfect: “I don’t see anything wrong with her so to accentuate an aspect is very difficult.”

Ashton KutcherThe Tyra Banks Show, 1/5

Tyra and Ashton Kutcher executive produced True Beauty, which premieres TONIGHT. @ 10PM ET/PT on ABC. Vanessa Minnillo hosts the series in which contestants will be living in a mansion trying to see who is the most beautiful-on the outside and the inside. They think, though, they are only being tested on the outside.

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  • julien

    It’s just a shame there is such a gap in age difference!!! IN ten years time she’ll be in her 50′s…sick!!!

  • mike

    omg get over wtf does it matter??? lol

  • mike

    and you act like you wont be in your 50s some day lol

  • TigerMan

    What a moron this douche-bag is!
    “Celebrities are perfect. They shit gold bricks!”

  • ella

    Can you say WHIPPED? He used to be cute but now he comes across as such a woos. I can’t explain it.

  • Jerry

    I expect it to last a year or 2 more.

  • shel

    I’m not sure I really care what ashton, or anyone, has to say about demi. What tyra should’ve asked him is how he feels about his “step daughters” going out to party every night, and getting into bars underage..Now that I would care about.

  • itis

    RE: Julien…why is it ok for men to marry/date women 20 years younger, but not someone 15 years older? So, it’s ok for a women to be with a much older man? But not the other way around? What is the GD difference?

    The best thing I like about same sex couples is that it throws out the age card. Who’s older when two people are of the SAME sex? Is there an appropriate age gap then?

    I think if two people are adults, they should be able to choose who they would like to spend their life/time with. It’s no one else’s business. Do you want someone telling you who you should be with? I think not.

  • justme.

    The age difference will start to show when she turns 50 and he’s 30-something. My sister’s mother-in-law married a guy 20 years younger and for years they looked great together (he looked older for his age, she looked younger, like Demi). But now, alas, the hands of time caught up. Now she’s inching towards 60 and he seems miles younger, just hitting his career stride and everything (a man often is at his best in his 40s). Her mom-in-law looks paranoid anytime another gal in his true age group even talks to him, she tries to appear young in things she talks about, ect, but she now looks older than him no matter what. Her aging neck (always gives a women’s true age) and overall getting older, standing next to him, she can now pass for his Mom (in fact, like Demi, she has a son closer in her kids age than her own) The same will happen to Demi and Ashton, it’s inevitable (and her plastic surgery can’t slow it down forever).

  • anonymous.

    My hat goes off to any woman who has the courage to date someone that much younger!!! I couldn’t do it (even if the chemistry was there). It’s fine in your 30s and 40s, but you have to fast-foward to later, after that the age difference will show. I’m way too vain for that ha ha. I could never have my man so much younger, reminding me of my more advanced age compared to his (especially when you have a birthday, wow when Demi hits 50, she is going to be a wee bit uncomtable about it probably. I’d find it hard if my daughter was closer in his age than I was too. My galpal who is 50 and is married to a 35 year (for over 10 years), says it NEVER bugged her way back when (when she looked much younger), but now she feels it and sees (especially when she’s in a crowd of 30-somethings she said).

    But even when the women is much younger, the age thing catches up with everybody. My husband is almost 10 years older and there is a big diff between 40-something and 50-something (he is slowing down somehwat, I’m still energized) and when he’s 65 and retiring and I’m still 55, we will be going through different stages.

    So power to Demi and Ashton that it does not affect or both them….so far.

  • my comment

    I heard a story about Demi Moore on our local radio station and it wasn’t very flattering. A few years ago, a man was at a party she was at and respectfully introduced himself to her and commented on what a fan he was of her work and she basically blew him off and told him she had more important people to talk to. She was rude and nasty. I guess she treats Ashton different than us “commoners”!

  • kaylee

    “his beautiful daughters”?!

    lol now thats a stretch jared!

  • whatever

    He seems to have that “iI need my mommy” complex…very childish in his in his demeanor, like the way he answered her question about cloning him..he said “no” like some 10 yr old would answer. That would explian his lieing an older woman that has had children.

  • whatever

    “I need my mommy” *

    expling his liking an older woman*

  • auntgelina

    i think his love is amazingly honest and refreshing! so what if she is older? he’s a big boy; he can deal with it!

    he has always lovingly about demi; he is very consistent

    and he doesn’t look all worn out or anxious and scared like brad pitt always does when he talks of his S.O.

  • Susanimate

    Who cares about the age difference? As long as they are both having fun it really doesn’t matter.

  • paige

    justme- superficial much?

    ashton & demi are obviously happy, wrinkles or not.

  • spicylily, thailand

    To : auntgelina @ 01/05/2009 at 5:19 pm

    Its AMAZING that you links Brad Pitt into this and say NASTY things about him. What have he done to you anyway ??

    There is no such anxoius and scared in his manners and interviews as you mentioned if you still have a common sense.

    i think his love is amazingly honest and refreshing! so what if she is older? he’s a big boy; he can deal with it!
    he has always lovingly about demi; he is very consistent
    and he doesn’t look all worn out or anxious and scared like brad pitt always does when he talks of his S.O.

  • spicylily, thailand

    OH ! ! I didn’t comment on Ashton and Demi.
    As long as they’re happy together.
    Although nobody knows how long this will last ?
    As it seems that most Hollywood marriages seem to last only few years nowaday.

  • bonzo

    What a load of crap. Her “beautiful daughters”?? Come on, be real. Also, she is compassionate because she talks nicely to her kids? Hello? Earth to whoever

  • Isis

    My ex-husband of just married a woman who will be 61 this year. He is 36 (I am 30)???????

  • Jane

    He will be leaving soon. Demi is way to much older than he is. She will he 50 soon, and I don’t see that young man sticking with her, much after that.

    I think it is a shame she would marry a man so young and tie up his child raising years. She had he children.


    Beautiful step-daughters?..bwahahahahahahahaha

  • list

    Yeah, that plastic surgey will not slow down the aging forever. She knows it is just a matter of time when she will have to stop the plastic surgery procedures/

  • shoes4life

    I can understand the folks who talk about the age difference between Ashton & Demi. I mean right now things are good but there will be a time, if not know but soon that he will want children. Demi can still have children probably but it is definitely not advisable at her age. That goes for any couple man or woman. When there is an age difference like that you have different interest but usually one supresses their interest to be with the other, it eventually will catch up. Men worry about their looks as they get older but not as much as women, because men (Some not all) tend to get better looking with age, if they are not sick in their body.

    Women age differently than men because our skin tends to be thinner and along with the abuse of sun for some, alcohol, a hard life, & smoking wrinkling starts in their late 20′s to early 30′s. Most can stop it with consistant facials but eventually once pushed passed 45 without being pulled with plastic surgery the damage shows. Now I have seen women who take really good care of themselves by eating healthy, living good (not talking about rich women), and exercise daily can preserve their youthfulness without any extreme changes. Of course, women of color tend to hold their youth better because of the pigmentation in their skin. Anyway, women when they get older do tend to start feeling more insecure in the relationship with a younger man because he has not changed as much as she has.


  • b

    dude’s in love. give him a break.

  • dakila

    Ashton, you are dakila!!!

  • tuckercat

    To me it is about finding all the right qualities in a person and making it last. At this moment it seems they are very happy and in love. I’m sure they have thought about what might change down the road for them, but maybe living for each day is more important because you might not have a tomorrow. After being with someone for a while the inside beauty ends up meaning more then the outside because everyone eventually gets old. Probably the worst scenario if they split is he can still have children into his 40′s and she relived her youth. Besides being in love it doesn’t sound like it could end up in too much of a disaster, lol.

  • http://none yahhoooooo!!!

    demi moore is way too much!! older than ashton kutcher

  • Caz

    everthing is all about looks. We are such a transparent society. Anyone think Ashton may love her for who she is? her personality maybe?
    There are men around ..not many..but there are men around who look for more than just looks in a woman.
    I think demi will always be beautiful..even if she does sag or get wrinkles.
    ps I’m not a Demi fan.

  • Karen


    Yet, Bruce Willis is 54 years old, married@julien:

    Bruce Willis is 54 years old and just married a 30 year old. TWENTY FOUR YEARS age difference. No one bats an eye over that though.

  • christie

    I’m 49. My fiance is 36. Most people guess my age as in the thirties. We are very happy. He adores me and says age doesn’t matter. We talked about it alot in the beginning of our relationship. Three years later and about to be married, it is never mentioned by him. I bring it up sometimes because I want him to be sure. I’M the one that worries though, for the reasons mentioned above. I look younger now, but I think about what’s gonna happen in our future. When I’m sixty, he’ll only be 47, younger that I am now!!! It scares me, but I’m gonna have to believe in our love for each other. I’m also hoping that we inherited our family genes. My mom at 86 looked in her sixties. His dad at 63, looked in his eighties!!!! They both passed at those ages, so if you figure that into the equation, we should be quite age compatible, not that I want him to die that young, of course.. Bottom line, we love each other. I think Ashton’s love for Demi is genuine and they’ll be happy together for a long, long time.

  • Carin

    Does anyone realize the number of male celeberties who are in relationships with females (girls) who are young enough to be their daughters and/or grandaughters??Yet people seem to turn blind eye to this as if its OK.
    BUT God forbid a women should think that she could ever be with a man younger than herself….how dare she!

    Are we still this uneducated and ignorant in this country?