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Jake Gyllenhaal: The Prince of Petco

Jake Gyllenhaal: The Prince of Petco

Jake Gyllenhaal picks up dog supplies at the Petco pet store early Monday morning (January 5) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 28-year-old Prince of Persia: Sands of Time actor picked up Castor & Pollux‘s Organix Adult Canine Formula, which is made with organic chicken, brown rice and flax (no pesticides, no growth hormones, no synthetic fertilizers and no antibiotics). Probably for his dog, Atticus!

Sneakers by Nike, Sweatpants by Adidas Y-3.

Last night Jake and girlfriend Reese Witherspoon went to the Lakers game.

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  • !

    Nice to see Jake without his fugly, blonde beard!

  • hannah

    Ha nice.

  • Vickie

    Where’s Reese?

  • gotham

    Got no beef with this nice guy but he’s miscast as Prince of Persia.

  • meeeeee

    ” Probably for his dog, Atticus!”

    LMAO – No, I think its probably for him. ????

  • NYC

    “Where’s Reese?”
    Jake doesn’t give a sh!t about Reese.
    We don’t give a sh!t about Reese.

  • http://Q Francesca

    Can’t really dislike, however much you try, a guy who likes dogs. But Jakey once had TWO dogs, Atticus and a Puggle or whatever that he bought because it was so cute. (PS Dogs are cute; people are not). But the little dog has vanished. Did he get rid of it or did Atticus do away with it out of jealousy? Anyhoo, as long as Jakey likes dogs, I like Jakey. (I wonder if Atticus is gay too. LOL)

  • Lewiewho

    Organix is a great food. My pets eat it and they are very healthy.

  • http://JustJared Soprano

    He has such a lovely face. Shame about his attire. Is he gay? A great shame if he is…….

  • yEP

    does anybody know where his jacket is from?

  • noa

    OW jakey,my love…

  • Susanimate

    Glad to know he cares about his dog. How do we know he doesn’t eat it himself?

  • ohmygosh

    Francesca, I’m sure some crazy, hysterical people will soon come up with the idea that Jake got rid of one of his dogs because of Reese.. hahha.. What a crazy world.

    Come on – there is just some (good looking) guy buying (good organic) food for his dog. What more normal thing could happen out there?

    I buy every week food for my cat… So you folks are now free to start guessing about my sexual orientation! lol

  • darkpop

    Hope Jake play a good prince.

  • Ben

    “Is he gay? A great shame if he is…….”
    Jake is gay and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • carol.

    He is not gay.
    Thank God that blonde bitch wasn’t with him.

  • la

    Jake was shopping in Brentwood, Reese lives i Brentwood and have been living together fro months, nuff said.’

    PS: Boo is dead

  • jolie


  • Lilith

    I heard Atticus killed Jake’s little dog. He left them alone unsupervised. It was the topic of a Blind Item. It was either him or Jessica Biel. One of them is covering up a dog death.

  • Paul

    Jake is gay. He was the happiest with Austin Nichol. Too bad he chickened-out on coming out. Reese is a beard.

  • wish

    More media attention enough Jake!

  • stefanie

    Oh wow, my dog Marshmellow eats Natural Ultramix Puppy formula made by Castor and Pollux

    It’s the only food the dog will eat and I wasn’t even thinking about the “health” aspect of the food. It’s expensive, so I try to get a couple of bags when it’s on sale. I think they make the Dog Whisperer food too.

    Funny when you have something in common with the famous folks.

  • Rachael Taylor

    he looks depressed like what he always look anyway :)

  • money rules hollywood

    Jake is gay as a goose.
    It’s sad to see Jake reduced to bearding and making a fool of himself in public.
    Oh well, money is more important than integrity.

  • Roe

    How nice that the beard gave Jake the day off after his almost descent performance at the game last night. He looked like he almost liked her and when he had to kiss her he didn’t even make the yuck face or gag.

  • x


    How do you know Boo died ?

  • x


    How do you know Boo died ?

  • x

    I think Atticus eats better than me (LOL).

  • anon.

    guys, don´t be ridiculous. Jake is very happy with Reese. See Laker´s game.

    Oh! I forgot they are very very talent actor and actress (LOL).

  • longhorns09

    poor guy can’t even buy some food for his dog and get stalked and THEN deal with losers on this website who can’t get over the fact that he’s straight. it’s almost that some people are disappointed that he might not be gay….interesting

  • Thingsfatpeoplehate

    I’m not disappointed that he’s gay. Longhorn09. He can do what he wants to do. Let the guy buy his dog food and live his life. Its 2009

  • Monica

    I can’t imagine that Jake would be gay after the way he kissed Reese at the Lakers Game last night. Everyone at the game and media/tv saw it. Although this seems to be the fist time he has openly kissed Reese in public. However, I had a eery feeling that they were playing for the cameras again like they have done in the recent past few weeks. It looked like a showmance. DId anyone else see it? What do you think? Did anyone else pick up the vibes?

  • Ivana

    Jake looks shy on this pictures..

  • showmance is old news

    ” I had a eery feeling that they were playing for the cameras again like they have done in the recent past few weeks. It looked like a showmance. ”
    Of course they did it for the cameras.
    They wanted to make the news.
    Reese and Jake are two shameless phonies and fakers.

  • http://Q Francesca

    Reese and Jake are two shameless phonies and fakers.

    Two comments. I suspect that the reason they go out where they can be “seen” is that Reese wants her ex to know she has had no problem in getting another guy. Ryan cumped her for Abbie and she would be humilitated not to have another guy in her life right away. She wants Ryan to see this. Second: I do think they probably fit each other’s life style well. They live the same sort of life, no drugs, no wild nights out, etc., etc.
    Third comment: so Boo was killed? Are you certain? It would explain why he is never seen. How could Jakey adore Atticus so much if he is a murderer? And Reese ought to be careful. Atticus might off her soon too if she keeps kissing Jakeypoo. Only Atticus is allowed to do that.

  • http://Q Francesca

    I think you people are all wrong who claim Jakey is gay. He pretends to like girls, but he really likes dogs, or at least HIS dog. I think Jakey and Atticus are a very cute couple and Reese is their beard or whatever. Jakey isn’t into guys; he’s into dogs and this proves it.

  • X

    I repeat Jake became gay icon after BBM. So, some people insist on fact (never comproved) he is gay.

    Whatever! The guy can like boys, girls and dogs. I don´t care.

    I love him just the way he is !

  • X

    After BBM, Jake became gay icon. So some people insist on fact of he is gay (never comproved).

    He can like boys, girls and dogs too. Whatever.

    I love him just the way he is !

  • lalalalal

    Great job at buying organic…
    However doesn’t really go with wearing Nike…. shoes made by sweatshops in other countries.

  • maryjooo

    leave jake alone assholes
    he’s better than all yu beat fucks (;

  • john k

    what the fuck?!! he named his dog atticus?!! That’s what I was going to name my pet! hey! haha. what the hell?!

  • rob

    Nice to see Jake taking care of his pouch. He might want to check this site . It can in handy with my Lab.