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Lily Allen & Jay Jopling: Kissing Couple

Lily Allen & Jay Jopling: Kissing Couple

Lily Allen takes a moment to share a sweet kiss with her new beau, art dealer Jay Jopling, in the parking lot of Saline Beach in St. Bart’s on Thursday, New Year’s Day (January 1).

Earlier in the day, Lily, 23, and Jay, 45, were seen making out in the sand. In the morning, the couple hit the high seas for a Caribbean boat trip with friends.

Jay is reportedly an old friend of Lily‘s dad Keith Allen.

It was recently announced that Lily will play a full UK tour in March 2009 to promote her latest album, It’s Not Me, It’s You, out February 9.

10+ pictures inside of kissing couple Lily Allen and Jay Jopling

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jay jopling lily allen kissing 02
jay jopling lily allen kissing 03
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  • ewww

    He’s old!


  • Mela

    Ew he’s not even hot for an old guy. If you are gunna date someone that old, at least snag like Gerald Butler, a Clooney or a Pit look-alike.

    Then again, Lily Allen is a bit fug according to American beauty standards and she seems quite obnoxious and full of herself.

  • *******

    Oh geez… these 2 are disgusting. He’s going through some kind of mid life crisis and she’s this naive little girl. Look at how silly she looks. Almost as if she was a 4 yo looking all over the place while he tries to get her to move along

  • Stephie

    he’s sooo old :s

  • Charlene

    Yuck hes old enough to be her dad, creepy!

  • oh girl

    #4 agreed
    But don’t you think instead of sticking to the false standards one should embrace variety and see the beauty in many sizes and shapes? I’ve spent three of the most formative years in the US and I have to say American women are less free than European women when it comes to self image. There is such a high pressure on them. I think the highest in western culture. And they willingly submit to it. Seriously, I’ve met so many mentally f*cked up women who were in the process of ruining themselves because of their body image that it made me really sad. While I am not completely free of the pressure myself, I still think one should embrace a healthier body image than taught by the media. Because there are many people in many industries who profit immensely from this craze about weight loss and body shapes. I wouldn’t want to be a hamster in their wheel of the money making machinery

  • Jessica

    This is just weird.

  • Tealeaf

    She is SUCH a “look at me” famewhore..I don’t like this annoying chick

  • Ha!

    There is obviously something attractive about him to her. Not everyone finds Brad Pitt or George Clooney interesting enough to be hot. Have fun Lily – I doubt this is more than a fling anyway, but who knows.

  • Halli

    She has daddy issues.

  • lakers fan in boston

    hey its chunky legs lol =D
    damn bitch u should stop smoking, that face of urs is starting to get nasty

  • [marie]

    I’ve grown tired of the stupid comments here.. Just because they don’t fit into the cookie-cutter image of what a couple should look like doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with Lily or her bf.

    They’re both adults so I don’t know why everybody has to make comments about the age difference. Worry about who YOU’RE bangin, not which guy Lily Allen is bangin..

    ~my 2 cents~

  • Tealeaf

    I don’t care who she dates, she is nothing but a lame attention whore

  • megan

    He looks like Phil Jupitus. lol. Not good.

  • ohmygosh

    yes, #12! I don’t care about age or looks.. It would still be a bit strange for me as he is a friend of her father which would make him to me like on the same stage and of the same generation as my father, but .. oh well .. they seem to be happy with each other and that’s what counts!

    I like her white dress! Fits her skin and hair colour!

  • Cali

    This is just too bizarre! I think she’s kind of lost her mind … surely she has after all she’s been through. She needs someone younger!

  • nancy S. and paul M.

    How boring is Celebrity Stalking getting these days?
    Really boring.
    Who is she anyway? I never hear her music anywhere.
    She’s so boring and so is this guy.
    I saw him in SB and he’s gross.

  • tadow

    People come on, this chick obviously has issues to deal with.

  • ewwww

    That’s like shagging your dad

  • katie

    its her life and her beau… what.

    if their happy, thats good, its their business.

    why even better.

    so people get a life

  • katie

    its her life and her beau… what.

    if their happy, thats good, its their business.

    why even bother

    so people get a life

  • Ali

    this should be illegal!! disgusting!

  • RYAN

    she’s cool

    but the fourth foto background is funny…major leg spread

  • newbie

    gross. it’s so disgusting seeing old men with younger women. i lose respect for the guys instantly.

  • erin elizabeth




    is she drunk? I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the friggin alchoholic haha, she is drunk! he must look like brad pitt in her eyes.

  • daphne cross

    well, he’s obviously hot, whether you all see it or not…he’s managed to nail a young pretty pop star who could have anyone she wants…if he has grey hair, so what..? he doesn’t look like her dad to me….happiness is rare, so why not grab it while you can…they find each other attractive and fun to be with…they should definitely be together …. the rest doesn’t mean a thing…