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Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer: A Cabo New Year

Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer: A Cabo New Year

Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend John Mayer celebrate New Year’s together at a beachside villa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Thursday (January 1).

Aniston had rented the place with pals Sheryl Crow, Courteney Cox (and husband David Arquette) and Laura Dern (with husband Ben Harper).

Mayer and his two brothers had rented a nearby villa.

“I had the best holiday season since I was a little boy,” Mayer recently wrote on his official blog. Wonder why!!!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer having a Cabo New Year…

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422 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer: A Cabo New Year”

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  1. 51
    jade Says:

    jen fan,dear
    #14 is my comment to you. Somehow Jennifer fan had it on her comment.I don’t know what happened.
    Read my comment #47 to ellie,that’s about you.Good to hear from you!

  2. 52
    faith Says:

    karma for brad @ 01/05/2009 at 1:47 am

    Jennifer is a MEMBER of the Academy. A voting MEMBER! lol
    Has Jolie or PItt been invited to be part of the academy?

    Rabid JenHen is an idiot. ROFL. She was invited to vote in ONE YEAR. Maniston is not a member. She has to win an Oscar to become a member, idiot. LOL
    Jolie won an Oscar so of course she’s a member.

  3. 53
    fug is a desparate & mediocre Says:

    M & M is rated PG, so parents may take their kids to see it, dog & the book lovers will see it. This translasts into $$. So what! Did everyone enjoy it? In addition, how many movies has Jen done? Has she ever been nominated for a GG, SAG, OR OSCAR for her work? In my opinion, this beetch has a limited acting range plus a fug face too. Also, who cares if she’s with Mayer?? They probably get along because they both act immature. Maniston is dull, inarticulate (did you see her boring interview on Oprah?) She curses like a sailor (real classy) she’s eternally whiny and is a mediocre big screen hack actress. I look forward to when John breaks up Douchiffer.

  4. 54
    k Says:

    When did Jen get implants?

  5. 55
    jade Says:

    I don’t know what is going on.You have double posts. My comment #14 came up,but it also came up on Jennifer fan #21. I don’t know her. She’s not the one I comment to. Oh well.
    I went to John’s blog, I couldn’t find what you said John was talking about. I’am glad they spent New Year’s Eve together!

  6. 56
    ellie Says:

    jade @ 01/05/2009 at 1:44 am ellie,dear
    The other thread was getting to me too. I used caps on this thread,so
    you would see your name. I mentioned jen fan,but she usually is on in the daytime.The one I comment to isn’t on tonight.
    I bet they all had a blast too,ellie.Especially,if John and Ben were jammin on their guitars,for the group!
    I know it was a blast John & Ben jammin, most definitely i rally like Kid Rock to some of his music….

  7. 57
    jen fan Says:

    Thanks jade,

    Yes, I love the pics of John and Jen. It is going to be a great 2009!

  8. 58
    whoa put a bag over ja's face Says:

    If I had to choose, I prefer to look like Angie. In addition, Clint Eastwood is a great actor and director and he chose Angie for Changeling. Not only is Angie pretty, she’s got skills too. Moreover, Angie and Brad are garnering the nominations, while Maniston is getting a leather face from all the tanning.

  9. 59
    ellie Says:

    lola @ 01/05/2009 at 1:40 am I am sorry, but how can anyone really believe that this relationship is for real. And how can any of you Jennifer fans actually WANT her to be with John? He is such a douche, especially after he totally made her look stupid with his rant to the paparazzi about how he broke up with her cause he did not want to lie to her and make it seem like he wanted the same things as her. And the fact that she has gone back to him, whether for real or for publicity, just makes her seem pathetic. The media has been calling her desperate for ages and this certainly is not helping that image. I loved her when she was on friends and have no idea what has happened. And sorry, but it really does seem that she leads of shallow existence of either working or sunning herself in Mexico.
    You don’t pick out someone for jen to love or have a child with. Jen picks out who she loves not you. I happen to like John a lot.
    Lola how would you come up that Jen is a shallow person.Jennifer is caring loving has a lot of friends who adore her, and is so happy.. and I guess she isn’t the only one that loves Mexico either..

    You know I like Angie & Brad I wish them happiness what is your problem with Jen, Doesn’t Jen deserve a happy life.. Well I sure think she does and is having that life..

  10. 60
    yuck Says:

    Another publicity stunt.

    How much you want to bet pee boy and Maniston will break up in the coming weeks just like all of her other fake relationships right after her other movies were released? Vince? Paul? Ring a bell? She’s desperate for attention.

  11. 61
    anonymous Says:

    Oh, dear.

    All that work and time obsessing over her self and she still has saddle bags.

  12. 62
    Anison is dull Says:

    I don’t get why people like Maniston. Besides her stint on Friends and maybe her roles on A Good Girl and Along Came Polly, she’s never done anything exceptional or Oscar worthy. Maniston whines, curses, is inarticulate in her interviews and has a string of bad movies (derailed, the break-up, the one with Kevin Costner). She professes to be immature (on Oprah); that she’s not catty (doesn’t like the Team Aniston/Team Jolie stuff) , and that she wishes people would mind their own business (you hear this Maniston fans?) And lastly, we really don’t know what happened between her and Brad. Brad was in the marriage not Angie.

  13. 63
    Jill Says:

    karma for brad @ 01/05/2009 at 12:32 am
    The number #1 movie, breaking records and a box office hit, a PERFECT body and a hot young boyfriend.
    Poor Loons, this has to hurt!!!

    Six beautiful children, a drop-dead gorgeous life partner who is the # 1 female box office draw, a box office hit which has garnered 5 Golden Globe and 3 SAG nominations, 3 MTV movie awards, a Golden Globe for best actor, Venice Film Festival award, 2 Sexiest Man Alive awards (talk about hot), and told the whole world he fell in love with Angelina on the set of MAMS and his life was at dead end while he was living with Fugly and he didn’t want her to have his children —

    Poor Loonifers, you KNOW that’s gotta hurt!

  14. 64
    jade Says:

    jen fan,
    What a mix up on my post. Anyway, love hearing from you. Good things
    will happen in 2009,for our couple. Talk to you soon,dear!

  15. 65
    jr=nobody's sweetheart Says:

    Amazing how the paps always find Jen when she wants to flash her bare ass and breasts, but they can’t find 2 famous actors, 6 cute little kids, four nannies, a pilot, a chef and 5 bodyguards!!!! Odd that.

  16. 66
    Anonymous Says:

    #52: nonsense, she is. Being a member of the academy is not that big of a deal, it is basically a nepotistic clique that have people fooled into think handing out small ornaments is a big deal. It is basically a promotion strategy. Completelky meaningless in a real world way, but it creates interest by convincing people it is meaningful. What really matters in Hollywood is the gross revenue and profit, not the amount of statues. Jennifer was invited to join and she did. You don’t have to win anything. Pitt and Jolie are members.

  17. 67
    sonia Says:

    how many paid poster do Jen and her pr co. have to pay for, also the money goes toward tipping them off first before any one else knows about the thread, i suppose that’s one way of spending her 110,000.000, pay for positive posting, i don’t care how much money Jen has stripped off her clothes for, and drunkenly went on all those publicity promo shows, she stills has rocks for brains, and no amount of money can change that, that’s why she had to do all that for her movie. brad don’t know Jen exist, his movie is well receive, where is the karma?. brad is finally happy, he has everything, including a great movie. i feel sorry for you guys, brad is happy. be happy for Jen and leave brad out of it. so sad for all of you, brad has his beautiful family, brad is still royalty, it will only get better for him.

  18. 68
    Jill Says:

    ellie @ 01/05/2009 at 2:29 am

    Sorry, ellie, but Lola is spot-on.

    Do you really want to see Aniston with a man who publicly dumped her — by text message, yet — told the whole world he was through with her and left her open to public ridicule and humiliation? Is that what you think she deserves?

    This is why I cannot understand why Aniston’s fans want to see her with that creep. They are so desperate to see her with a man — any man at all — that they don’t even mind that she went crawling back to Mayer, humiliating herself yet again.

    Where the hell is this woman’s pride? Where is her self-respect? And what do you want to be bet he won’t dump her again as soon as he’s tired of running another game on her?

    You all know Mayer’s a shít. He doesn’t give a damn about her. He’s in it for the money and the publicity, and you can bet your bottom dollar she’s footing the bills. And this is what you want to see her stuck with? You think this is better than nothing?

    Sometimes nothing is better than just anything, ellie. Carry on.

  19. 69
    Jill Says:

    karma for brad @ 01/05/2009 at 1:47 am
    Jennifer is a MEMBER of the Academy. A voting MEMBER! lol
    Has Jolie or PItt been invited to be part of the academy?

    You stupid sack of shít. Brad Pitt has been a voting member of the academy since 1995, the year he was nominated for an Oscar for 12 Monkeys. Angelina Jolie has been a voting member of the academy since 1999, the year she won an Oscar for Girl, Interrupted.

    The more you post on here, the stupider you sound, you know that? You really need to go read a good book or study your GED manual. With any luck, you’ll pass your exam the third time around.

  20. 70
    Anonymous Says:

    the academy has over 6000 members and she should have been invited years ago

  21. 71
    sonia Says:

    brad is happy, he knew what Jen was more than any one, that’s why he and every one else left, brad did not want Jennifer, get it,… he wanted Angelina to have his kids , his movie is doing great, he has awards season to look forward to, tell me, how is that karma, if that is karma, give me some karma. i guess Jen is still hurt that brad left her. or maybe it’s just her fans, you can’t touch brad, you never will. if this is what jens need to move on, then good for her, she is no longer connected with brad. thank goodness.

  22. 72
    Jill Says:

    # 66 Anonymous @ 01/05/2009 at 2:38 am
    Jennifer was invited to join and she did. You don’t have to win anything.

    True, you don’t. But an Oscar nomination is an automatic invitation to join the Academy. That’s how Brad and Angie got in. Aniston wasn’t invited to join until 2005, ten years after Brad had already become a voting member, and six years after Angelina.

    Poor Jen, always somebody’s afterthought….

  23. 73
    Jill Says:

    Anonymous @ 01/05/2009 at 2:49 am
    the academy has over 6000 members and she should have been invited years ago.

    What for? Brad was nominated for an Oscar. Angie actually won an Oscar. They both have Golden Globe and SAG awards. Aniston’s a TV sitcom actress. It’s the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, not the Academy of TV.

    What did Aniston do to deserve to be invited? She has never been an A-list actor. She was married to an A-list actor and she was stupid enough to believe his status rubbed off on her. She found out differently when he dumped her. She went from A-list wife to nobody. It’s nice they invited her, but I think it was a sympathy invitation.

  24. 74
    any-must Says:

    In the last few months we’ve seen Aniston fan the flames of a “feud” between herself and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. She hasn’t exactly let sleeping dogs lie concerning her former husband and his new lady. One must wonder exactly why the issue has come to the forefront, considering that she and Pitt have been divorced since 2005 and Pitt and Jolie are raising six kids together.
    Aniston has been getting plenty of attention by regurgitating what life in ‘The Triangle’ is like. She’s made the cover of most major publications and has been a guest on every A-list talk show.

    Apart from ORCHESTRATING this feud in order to promote Marley and Me, rumors are now swirling that Aniston may have even gotten involved with John Mayer again in order to avoid being single as Brad Pitt also promotes his movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which is being released around Christmas just like her film.

    Insiders say Aniston didn’t want to be alone since Pitt and Jolie certainly are together and she didn’t want the obvious unflattering statements that she doesn’t have a man.
    Despite settling for Mayer, Aniston is still keeping the pop singer on a short leash. Mayer is expected to follow Aniston’s rules closely, and there’s already plenty of evidence that he’s doing no such thing.
    Jen is not happy about Mayer and his apparent lack of devotion.
    “Jen has told him if she finds out he’s flirting with any other girls, they’re through,” an insider told In Touch. “She’d also like it if he acted more mature and not go clubbing when she’s not with him.”

    Right now Aniston has decided that a half-devoted John Mayer is better than not having a man at all. And when she sees the devotion that Brad Pitt is showing to Angelina Jolie, she seethes in anger and tells the whole world.

    Life in ‘The Triangle’ must be very stressful, after all.

  25. 75
    Anonymous Says:

    FYI :: Mayer and Jen are NOT really a couple. IT is to keep people fed with an image to keep them out of her reality…… if she didnt do this……people would ask questions. It is protection not reality.

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