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Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer: A Cabo New Year

Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer: A Cabo New Year

Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend John Mayer celebrate New Year’s together at a beachside villa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Thursday (January 1).

Aniston had rented the place with pals Sheryl Crow, Courteney Cox (and husband David Arquette) and Laura Dern (with husband Ben Harper).

Mayer and his two brothers had rented a nearby villa.

“I had the best holiday season since I was a little boy,” Mayer recently wrote on his official blog. Wonder why!!!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer having a Cabo New Year…

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422 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer: A Cabo New Year”

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  1. 101
    Anonymous Says:

    #25: you are making up lies for your fantasy

  2. 102
    jokes on you Says:

    Call me when a studio actually puts money behind a movie where Aniston is the top star. Nothing has changed about Aniston just replace Marley with Vince or Ben Stiller. Aniston is still playing second this time to a dog. Sorry no third when Owen has top billing on the movie poster.

    Jokes on you jen fans.

  3. 103
    lol Says:

  4. 104
    jokes on you Says:

    jokes on Mayer. He will be doing this same thing for the next 2 decades. Dinner and vacations with the Coxs. YAWN

  5. 105
    gds Says:

    I don’t see how the Jen Hens see this as a win. Jen had to strip naked to get attention. Meanwhile the ex has a gorgeous family, living in a french mansion and nominated for awards.

    As for karma comments, Brad pushed his Make It Right project leading up to his movie, Jen doffed her clothes…I think we see how things will be in the “next life”, since that is what Karma is about. It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant Jen and her fans are in this fake race.

  6. 106
    so what Says:

    Im a Jen fan, and I don’t care who she is with, wether its John M. or someone else..she appears to be happy, and her career is doing great, she looks beautiful, and is a classy what if she posed in GQ with only a tie, if I had her body, so would I..she is apparently very comfortable in her own skin..All you Brangie lovers put her down, but it seems to be the only way you can justify the coupling of two losers…I hope AJ and BP live happily ever after for the sake of the children, they really do deserve each other..I think Jen will have the last laugh..IMO

  7. 107
    RYAN Says:



  8. 108
    RYAN Says:



  9. 109
    Rigmor Says:

    Lots of speculations on JA & JM and that´s all it is!
    None of you (or me) knows anything about anything regarding Jen and John!
    I´ve always liked Jen´s comic talent – and her!
    And since the I first time heard John I loved his music – long before they met.
    So that´s what I know about them for sure: She´s a good comedian /actress and his a great musician AND as far as my eyes can see they look really happy!

    I really wish them all the best!

    PS And you who find a need to downtalk them or anybody, get a life!!

  10. 110
    Not impressed by JA Says:

    Karma is indeed a ****** as Maniston can’t have either an Oscar or a child, two thinks she has said thousands time that she wanted for the past 10 years. At the end of the day she is still an aging overtanned smoking bimbo with a barren womb who will turn 40 and bang young gigolos while engaging in group s*x promotions in the same category of the Jenna Jameson, Pam Anderson and that ex wifey of Lorenzo Lamas who happened to have a prettier body than her !
    Oh and she still be brainless unable to get in par with decent men her age trapped in a youthfull body, a homely face and a 60 years old pair of hands.

  11. 111
    O'Really? Says:

    To be honest, I loved John and Jen before, now I love them together. I always liked Angie (well when she swore off the freakiness after she adopted Maddox anyway ) Never, never have I’d liked Brad.

  12. 112
    siska Says:

    She seem happy enjoy her holiday..she seem very smart to make John stay in different villa..I think some of her friend still piss about his impromtu interview when they break she not try to push him join with them..she is a type of girl who loyal to her friends eventhough she has a bf..because I know some of my friend who drop everything when they has someone special and forgot about their friend..
    I salute her for it!
    Hope 2009 will be great year for her..after all the heartbreak she has since 2004 (friends finale..btw ex hubby never show support for the final shoot…too busy fooling around.and the divorce and the saga and the bitching from the internet blog like Perez..etc..)

  13. 113
    Anonymous Says:

    #112: they arent a real couple: CAA are controlling what you say and think about this situation for cash.

  14. 114
    O'Really? Says:

    WHY IS IT THAT ANGIE HAS NO GIRLFRIENDS? (well at least none that she wasn’t physically involved with anyway)? The only female I’ve ever seen her photographed with aside from her own Mom, own daughters is her nannies. People that she pays to be there. Where are Angie’s friends? Brad has lot’s of guy friends hanging around so he knows friends are important to ones life balance, again, where is Angie’s friends?????

  15. 115
    Jas Says:

    Thanks Jared! I’m glad to see that you’re not bias about Aniston like some of your fans.

    Dayum but Aniston has the perfect body. She is getting hotter and hotter by the day.

    Marley & Me was a fantastic movie!

  16. 116
    surenough Says:

    WHY IS IT THAT ANGIE HAS NO GIRLFRIENDS? (well at least none that she wasn’t physically involved with anyway)? The only female I’ve ever seen her photographed with aside from her own Mom, own daughters is her nannies. People that she pays to be there. Where are Angie’s friends? Brad has lot’s of guy friends hanging around so he knows firneds are important to ones life balance, again, where are Angie’s friends?????_____________________________________

    Exactly. Brad has always been a people person like Jennifer. It is one of the many things Brad commented in all his comments about his wife that he loved. He said and I quote “The thing I love about my wife is her warmth. She has all these wonderful, loyal friends and they just gather around her. Jen is like a fireplace and we’re just absorbing her warmth, her glow” Sounds like Brad liked her friends a lot to me.

  17. 117
    lol Says:

    Eill go suck it up….. Your Tiring…..Quick being so JEALOUS

  18. 118
    karma for brad Says:

    Sooooo,… proof that Pitt and Jolie are members??
    Didn’t think so.
    Keep looking loonies. Like I said, I hope for your sake they are. lololololol

    a lovely Karmic review for Brad….
    Age-Defying Formula
    Grave Error: Pitt’s reverse-aging is the only interesting thing about his character.Pitt’s Benjamin is colorless, gawping, and passive.

    Send a Letter to the Editor
    Reviewed: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    By Tricia Olszewski
    Posted: December 29, 2008

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    Directed by David Fincher
    There’s something creepy about seeing an elderly man huddle beneath a candlelit tablecloth tent with a little girl—even if you know that the tiny geezer is actually no older than she. And therein lies the dividing factor of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, director David Fincher’s apparent up-with-people atonement for films such as Zodiac and Fight Club: You either accept that you can’t relate to the big-picture troubles of Benjamin (Brad Pitt), a man who ages backward, and try to feel his story anyway, or, well, you tune out about halfway through its two hours and 39 minutes of sweeping strings and circle-of-life lessons. Stretching the central idea from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story, usually spot-on scripter Eric Roth goes all Forrest Gump on it to an insulin-testing degree. With the similarly epic and semi-fantastical Gump, you had an endearing character who was easy to cheer for; here, Pitt’s Benjamin is colorless, gawping, and passive as he de-ages from his wrinkled, early-20th-century childhood at a New Orleans nursing home (his horrified father left him on its steps) to his out-seeing-the-world phase (working on a tugboat and experiencing war, women, and death) to his re-babyhood while actually knockin’ on heaven’s door (a spell that, for all its oddness, is actually quite touching). Wrapped in not one but two flaccid narrations—Benjamin’s aw-shucks telling of his immediate story is bookended and punctuated, quite irritatingly, by useless present-day scenes of his love, Daisy (Cate Blanchett), dying and nearly incomprehensible in a Katrina-whipped hospital—the film whips its grand themes of love, death, and the passage of time hard, but the most remarkable magic comes courtesy of the cast’s makeup rather than the script’s dramatic arcs. (And Pitt as a horny 20-something with a gray, greasy combover is not exactly a technical achievement to be celebrated.) Amid mostly forced greeting-card-wisdoms—such as “We’re meant to lose the people we love. How else would we know how important they are to us?”—there is a handful of truly thought-provoking and poetic scenes, including the period when Benjamin and Daisy “meet in the middle,” outer-age-wise, and can finally, and gorgeously, fall in love. Audience members who like their films drawl’d and endless may be entranced. But for a more efficient, less syrupy life-is-precious message, there’s always Fight Club.

  19. 119
    Angie has a press staff Says:

    Have you noticed the recent photo’s of Angie? Her PR staff said that on blogs one of the repeat comments is that she doesn’t smile enough. @ BB premier she smiled so much Brad looked startled as to who this was standing beside him? They both have PR masters. But Angie was quaoted as saying we don’t have press staff. Brad has been quoted as they do. Brad talked about it in his interview with Ryan Seacrest Angie by his side. He said “yeah we “did” the Year of silence” because the were told to do so by their handlers. No public displays of affection for the first year. Only thru the children. Be photographed holding the children, not each other. How fake is that? Use your own kids for public PR? Ewwwww. Gross. How low can you go and what wouldn’t you do for the spotlight? It’s not that eirther one of them needed more money? Why not just ride off into the sunset and enjoy your ever expanding family. Why parade your kids for all the nutjobs in the world to see? Cause they can’t help themselves. They love the limelight so much, even more than their family it appears…

  20. 120
    anonymous Says:

    108 Are you in their bedroom ? what do you know in your relationship ?

  21. 121
    mayerfan Says:

    Anonymous #113, could you be a little more specific? What is going to be done about the next movie she has coming out next month? Is she still going to be with him? And, what about that other poster’s claim in the other thread about John and Jen actually planning to be together a lot longer than they originally planned to be because of her upcoming movies and how’ll she will never tell the truth? I don’t see how she could possibly tell the truth without her fans being upset.

  22. 122
    Tootsie face Maniston Says:

    Boy oh boy.. Her body may be good enough but that FACE..
    Man oh man.. What a FUG..
    Can you people imagine Maniston FACE without that CURTAIN HAIR? how FUGLY she would look ??
    Go on Maniston keep working on that BOD GIRL.. You may as well..
    you got all the time and money in the world, and keep using your Bermuda Triangle “Tickets” to sale your self you sad pathetic fugly looser.. the DESPERADO FUGLY TOOTSIE FACE MANISON !

  23. 123
    the real women Says:

    jared you suck you didn’t even put out my comment. you purposely held it from posting.

  24. 124
    Tina Says:

    I see that even Aniston’s great body and box office success is not enough to her fans so they still have to bring Angelina Jolie into every thread. So sad really, are you all so afraid of Angelina? Angie is highest payed actress in HW, nominated for GG and SAG, she is already Oscar winner, and she has 6 kids – do you really think that she has time to think about Jen? Also, I see that Jen and Mayer are having great time! Do you think that Jen even thinks about them? If you do, that Jen really is so desperate in your eyes! Angelina and Brad are probably with they children somewhere in Europe, having a great time and happy holidays, but Aniston fans are never happy, if you could see them all the time, than you would say that they are looking for atention (just like Aniston for example, you can always see her, in the store, on holidays, having a dinner, she really doesn’t have a private life – and I am saying that only because of huge amount of pictures with her), if you don’t see Brad and Angie than you are saying that they are hiding. They are spending time with family, just like Brad said, something that you will never see that Aniston is doing … Also, I am very suprised that Button is on the third place in BO, I actually expected even lower place, because those great movies are never in every cinema open, just in selected, and also, those movies are not for every person to watch it! For example, Doubt and Revolutionary Road – that are together with Benjamin Button one of the best movies this season are not huge at BO. I am not suprised that Aniston family movie is doing great, it is family movie, children love dogs, and it was Christmas, perfect timing for movie! I will not watch it because I just don’t like Aniston as an actress, always Rachel Green, and also, I am not dog lover, I prefer cats. But I really understand why people love this movie! I wish to all Aniston and Jolie Pitt fans great 2009 year!

  25. 125
    Anonymous Says:

    #121: no. I am not getting into specifics. I said that before. The other poster doesn’t know. Only a few people really know this…..and only one person posts the truth. ME. CAA know that, but I am contractually independent, so it is my discretion as to what I say. I don’t agree with this mask……so I decided to tell the truth so as least people have a clue and aren’t wandering around like lost sheep. There is a date set in stone for all this. Listen, her fans will understand when she explains and it will give Jen something to talk about in a way……..personally, I don’t like it, but her audience see her as Rachel. She is stuck with the pressure and this attention seeking handbag (Mayer) gives her breathing space. CAA realized that Jen’s major audience was focused around her personal life not her films… they used that until they sorted out the other guys contract, which is a huge deal itself. Mayer is famous and needs publicity for an acting career, so he agreed to act like the other guy. Mayer still has his real girlfriend, not Jen of course. The other guy isn’t famous so she cant appear with him until the money/ new contract is organized. The politics from very well known directors in the academy, who dont want increased competition from a really talented guy, is playing against him and so Jen decided to do this act with Sculfor, Mayer, Vaughn etc… until it was all sorted out. She also wanted to piss off her ex husband. Which she has done with numerous stories being published about her fictional lover was better in bed than Brad etc……..A lot of LA actors’s career are based on appearance and audiences. In fact, without audiences, Hollywood is just another LA suburb. So you see, to the investors, they want to get it right, Jen wants a hit and walking with a guy who isnt famous, and also controversial is a risk…………..even though she loves him. That’s reality. Mayer blogged about the best holiday season since he was a little boy, since he spent it with his brother……obviously. Mayer will do or say anything for attention. Do people not know that ?

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