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Katie Holmes: City Shopping Spree!

Katie Holmes: City Shopping Spree!

Katie Holmes holds her daughter Suri, 2 1/2, as they leave the theater after a performance in NYC on Sunday.

Since moving to the city six months ago, Katie Holmes has reportedly spent a staggering $14 million in New York Page Six claimed.

“While ordinary city dwellers are cutting back, Mrs Cruise has been valiantly doing her bit to boost our economy,” the magazine said. “We tally up a conservative estimate of her 24-week NYC spending spree, and crown her Manhattan’s Most Valued Shopper.”

10+ more pics inside of Katie Holmes‘ shopping spree…

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katie holmes suri cruise all my sons 01
katie holmes suri cruise all my sons 02
katie holmes suri cruise all my sons 03
katie holmes suri cruise all my sons 04
katie holmes suri cruise all my sons 05
katie holmes suri cruise all my sons 06
katie holmes suri cruise all my sons 07
katie holmes suri cruise all my sons 08
katie holmes suri cruise all my sons 09
katie holmes suri cruise all my sons 10

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  • Halo

    More shopping huh? The holidays are almost over man…

    This woman’s life has no substance.

  • Leah

    oh please, how can anyone know what she purchased? Stop being haters and leave Katie and Tom alone. Let them be happy or whatever. It’s none of our business.

  • TI

    all dat money on shopping (guaranteed 90% on clothes) n she still looks a HOT MESS

  • Queenoftrashin

    What in the name of Princess-Leia-hell is going on with her hair?

  • sonia Wu

    And she only gave $20 to the Met?
    Well, how generous!
    Katie looks drained caca as usual, while Suri looks very tired and bored in

    This woman really has the inverse of Mirand’s finger. See how this PIMP of NYC turns her daughter into a jaded whorrre.

  • 2Leah @ 01/05/2009 at 10:12 am

    no one talked about wat she “purchased” just d amount she spent, n pls don’t give d cock n bull crap “how will they know” informations like dat are not confidential, if dey can figure out how much each celebs earn, they can know how much dey spend

  • Jalessa

    She (K. Holmes) is a waste of humanity!

    So unbelievable how far she has fallen since hooking up and marrying the control freak known as Tom Cruise!

    # 2: They flaunt themselves and their over-indulgent lifestyle in the public’s face- they are purposefully inviting the public in and therefore are open game to comments made upon them… if they really wanted their life to be “nobody’s business” they of all ppl. could go hide out anywhere in the known world and live a quiet life- IF they wanted to- they DON’T- so they and their “weird” family are up for anyone’s comments!

  • sonia Wu

    2 LEX
    Please update your blog if you want to post the link every time you comment.

  • sonia Wu

    2 Jaleesa!
    So well put!
    So right on the money!

  • asdf

    Mr. Blonde has a 2-inch p enis.
    Mr. Blonde has a 2-inch p enis.
    Mr. Blonde has a 2-inch p enis.
    Mr. Blonde has a 2-inch p enis.
    Mr. Blonde has a 2-inch p enis.
    Mr. Blonde has a 2-inch p enis.
    Mr. Blonde has a 2-inch p enis.
    Mr. Blonde has a 2-inch p enis.
    Mr. Blonde has a 2-inch p enis.
    Mr. Blonde has a 2-inch p enis.

  • mimi

    #7, Yes, actually the article does talk about “what’ they allegedly purchased. I doubt that they really know. In any case, most of the money was supposedly spent on real estate so I don’t see what the big deal is. All celebs have expensive homes.

  • CR30.01

    Wow! And how on Earth would they know that, I wonder?

    Besides, what has she been shopping for? Candy? Or, like, real estate? Because, if I had 14 million to burn, I would surely invest in property now. Prices couldn’t be any better for buyers.

    Sound bites like that say nothing and only give more fuel to ridiculous speculations.

  • k

    Another day, another picture of Katie and Suri. Here’s some advice Katie, stay home and get some sleep.

  • sonia Wu

    Better invest on an apartment with underground garage if she really wanted to avoid the disruption of the paps and public browbeats.
    However, apparently Katie Homely doesn’t care, instead she enjoys the attention to the point that she insists on carrying Suri while signing autographs for her feigns.

    She really has a way to turn a supposedly bubbly and active child to a jaded prop.

  • debear

    She’s an ongoing example of “money can’t buy you happiness.” I can only wonder if her continuing downward slide in appearance is some sort of passive-aggressive expression of deep sadness and dissatisfaction with her life.

  • *******

    Katie is such a good mommy!

  • Aurora

    Katie does NOT look healty. At all. Can her disease’s name be TOM CRUISE???

  • Julia

    what… she will be 10, and you’ll still be carrying her around?


  • ism

    Can’t that kid walk? They carry her around like a handbag.

  • tara


    I agree with you all the way…. i didn’t know Suri has a problem in her legs…. i mean, that’s why she can’t walk, right? it only can be.. i’ve never seen her walking… (ok, only once i think)… but come on!

  • tired of these two

    Is Suri running this show or what? She won’t wear pants, so they let her wear dresses in cold weather. she won’t wear a coat so they wrap her in a BLANKET? she can’t walk with the blanket so they carry her everywhere! since when does the child know best? Next she won’t want to chew her food so they do that for her, and they’ll be wiping her ass when she’s 30 because she desn’t want to.
    Great parents.

  • tara


  • dt

    You know, during her Dawson’s Creek days, I had a lot of hopes for her, I thought she was a great enough actress to go a long way. But now, she’s living off a rich husband and doing her role as a trophy wife, with a little side jobs on the, well, side. Even Posh who I thought was only riding off Beck’s popularity has established herself as a fashion icon and entrepreneur.

    Eh well..

  • tired of these two

    I never thought I’d say this about anybody but they need a NANNY! Teach the kid something!

  • bejeebus

    keep shopping, katie…but it won’t fill up that black hole you call your life.
    p.s. you are such a great example to your daughter. (((SARCASM)))

  • What?

    Suri is NOT 2 1/2 ,Jared. You know better than that. She just turned 3 in December. Jared’s just pushing our buttons! LOL

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Always carrying that GD-child!!
    NAIVE americans say: AAAAH, OOOOOOH, CUUUUUTE!!
    (that’s exactly tommy wants to hear)

  • bebe

    #22, Are you blind? Suri is wearing a coat, and I’d carry my child too if we were surrounded by paps.

    I really don’t understand why this woman gets so much hate. She is just living her life, going to work, and taking care of her daughter. If you don’t like her, that’s fine, but why spend time hating on someone you dpn’t even know.

  • bebe

    #24, so doing and Arthur Miller play on broadway for 4 months John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest, and Patrick WIlson is simply a “side job”? I guess you don’t value theater. BTW, I heard she’s been offered a part in the new “Finding Neverland” musical.

  • dianel

    It looks like Suri wants to get down and Kattie is strugling to hang on to her just being a two year old

  • CrowWoman

    Usually Katie looks like a zombie. On these pictures though she looks like a psychotic zombie. Scary. What the hell Tom have done to her?

  • poor suri

    If Katie gave up her Catholic upbringing on a whim, it’s not surprising that she treats Suri the way she does.

    Katie wanted designer clothes, a big house, the name Cruise, and some big movie roles and an Oscar (she didn’t realize she had to be talented to get those). In return, she gave an innocent child’s life (Suri) to a dangerous cult.

    Unfortunately, Suri will probably suffer the same fate as Jett Travolta. I hope not….her grandparents or aunts and uncles need to kidnap her and fight for custody. They might regret it later if they don’t. Both Cruise’s family and Homely’s family are in DENIAL bad about this relationship. Either that or they’re waiting on their next “keep your mouth shut” check from Tom Cruise????

  • sonia Wu

    To #33 poor suri

    You are so right about how Katie Homely doesn’t have any principle or value. It really shows. I don’t think she has any personality or integrity either.

    Maybe that’s why she sucks as an actress and she cannot even dress herself decent.

  • tired of these two

    #29. I am not blind. Can you read and place things in context or a timeline?
    If she want’s suri to avoid the paps…they could easily have someone else carry her out AFTER the mother. But as Tom said in his interview he LIKES the paps pictures and thinks they’re CUTE.
    I don’t hate her I just have more respect for stars who don’t blatantly pip their kids. imo

  • bebe

    #35, even if someone else carried Suri, the paps would still take photos of her. I see plenty of celeb kids with their nannies, bodyguards, grandparents, etc.

  • pr person

    Signing autographs once again with her daughter on her hip…. how TACKY!!

  • sonia Wu

    to #35 tired of these two.
    No, no, no. To regular people, Suri is a child, an individual with her own own and deserves all the respect and protection.
    To Katie Homely, that child is an expensive media prop, accessory or a little child labor that she pays to maintain. In this sense, Suri is precious. She must be utilized to the full extent.
    That’s why when Katie uses her to ensure the paps and the feigns will stay till the middle of night, Katie must carry Suri to create wonderful frames for pictures, just like she would carry her humongus Hermes bags, no matter how empty they are.

  • nancyw

    #16, I agree with you!

  • ice

    Wow, has fembot not slept for a year or what?

  • sonia Wu

    to #36

    First of all, the theater dressing room is no place to raise a child.
    2ndly, disrupting a child’s schedule to keep her away from her warm bed in the middle of freezing cold nights is unbelievably cruel, showing no concerns whatsoever for the child’s well being.
    3rdly, if Katie Homely let the bodyguard or someone else carry the child. They could take the child to the car ASAP to minimize the exposure.

    Well, Katie Zombie is doing every opposite to these.
    So, how can you not brand her as the biggest PIMP in NYC, who can whorre out child anywhere, anytime.

    And that’s why she disgust people.

  • tired of these two

    #36 sure they’d still take pictures, but it wouldn’t be everyday(and night!) and there wouldn’t be a massive bunch waiting because they would follow katie. They wouldn’t wait an hour for Suri. There is money in Suri but there is more money in Katie…plus it’s considered creepy to take pictures of the kids without the parents. If it wasn’t they would just stand outside the schools and take pics of the kids playing.

  • Jaclyn

    TO: Julia @ 01/05/2009 at 10:52 am–
    Obviously you are NOT a mother since you have no mothering instincts at all. If Suri were my little girl I would certainly not allow her to roam amongst the huge crowds, paparazzi and other weirdos which can overwhelm her, hurt her and frighten her. Katie is doing the right thing by protecting Suri from danger (lots of nuts out there!) while she is still so tiny.

  • xoxoxxxooox

    Katie has no sense of reality. She acts like a walking zombie.

  • sacha

    Is there no end to the hate comments? What is the matter with you haters? Why are you so upset? Have you no lives of your own?

  • Jaye

    Is it me or does Katie sometimes look like she’s Indian in some of her pictures? Indian as in from India not American Indian. A little dot in the forehead will do it on that second pic.

  • tom

    $14 million in 6 months?? Wow. And most of that just on clothing, I’m sure. I have no respect for Katie. She has shown no redeeming qualities at all. She’s superficial and shops only for herself and Suri.


  • Elizabeth Livengood

    Go Katie! Thanks for doing your part to jump-start the economy!

  • It’s ROBO bride

    I think Katie Holmes should have done The Stepford Wives instead of Kidman. She is looking more and more robotic as time goes on.

  • Elizabeth Livengood

    If Katie is tired, and she still looks great, she has a right to be tired. Can you imagine doing a professional production on Broadway night after night? It’s not exactly like going to work and clocking in. Plus all the jitters you have every night until the play is over. That doesn’t just go away. Not to mention dealing with the onslaught of criticisms that she receives every day. And dealing with the papparzzi constantly hounding you? And people who happen to see you on the street and just want a closer look? It must be a battle just to get to work and back. It has to be harrowing day after day. I bet she will be glad when her last performance is done. At least she will be able to breathe a little bit for a little while.

  • lola

    She looks awful.