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Kelly Clarkson - "My Life Would Suck Without You" Lyrics

Kelly Clarkson -

The lyrics to Kelly Clarkson‘s much-anticipated upcoming single, “My Life Would Suck Without You”, was just released on PopEater.

The song will be released to radio on January 19 with the album, reportedly called Masquerade, set for a March 17 release. It was written by pop wizards Max Martin, Dr. Luke and Claude Kelly.

Sound off in the comments! What do you think of the song so far???

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  • Matt

    So excited about this song and her album…. CAN’T WAIT!

  • dani

    Gee, how romantic. Should be a classic to listen to at a wedding or other special occasion.

  • hannah

    should be good.. hopefully?

  • lee

    I can’t wait to listen to it, I hope it’s good. I mean, I love Kelly, it HAS to be good. lol
    I like the lyrics…romantic, but not too cheesy…yeah.

  • Matt

    First off, she didn’t steal the song because she didn’t write it.

    Secondly, I cant wait to hear the song.

  • someone

    I can’t wait to here this, i missed you kelly!

  • pete

    omg im so excited! she vanished the past 2 years… but now she’s BACK… love the lyrics!

  • bitchbitchitsbritneybitch

    Ummm juss cause it says piece of me, you think she stole it from brit brit? Ummm dumb ass.

  • No comparision..

    I hate just reading the lyrics it’s alot better when the actual single comes out.
    &how could she possibly copy Unfitney. Unfitney can’t sing live, where as Miss Clarkson can. There is no comparision. You know if any other better artist like Christina Aguilera or Kelly Clarkson had come out before Unfitney got her album out they would be bigger than her. But sadly we are stuck with Unfitney. Let’s hope Kelly’s new album is bigger and better than Unfitney’s lastest.

  • kelly

    i like kelly but i love ciara and her new song is out its hot

  • Paula Abdul Multimedia

    shes the best :)

  • l.

    Nice of them to photoshop her till she’s almost unrecognizable.

  • jasp

    The lyrics are perfect for a pop song, but I really want to hear the entire song. Soon!

  • Laura


    Yes because you know all of those magazine covers and many album covers are all REAL and not photoshopped one bit.

  • Susanimate

    I’ll give it a listen before I pass any real judgment…..The lyrics seem a little whiny. lol

  • la la land

    omg ok well iwant to hear it before i decide

  • AJ

    omg i wrote a song almost exactly like this,
    even with ALMOSt the same title..

    without you.

    only 2 words :P

    how typical.

  • JD

    WTF Why would anyone include Britney & Kelly Clarkson in the same sentence LOL….
    sorry no offence to Britney fans but uhh Kelly can Sing…
    Britney can’t really… why else would she have Electro-Pop songs with her Voice Auto-Tuned/Vo-coded and kelly don’t need to lypsinc on stage or dance around to have a good live show (i have NEVER been to britneys live shows thank god but ive seen her on mtv!!! lol)
    Kelly totally didnt take Piece of me into this… she probly wrote this herself i mean she wrote most of her songs on Breakaway… and the one she didnt write she co-wrote… lol britney just sings the songs …. sorry to babble on but its true kelly’s great!!! she’s got the voice of a true woman/champ :)

  • JD

    well i know it says she didnt write this song but you get me thouhg (just incase someone goes all smartarsed on me lol)

  • Woooo

    omg you noobs all in the lyriocs she has is you got a piece ofm e and britney says you want a piece of me, Freaking noobs its nowhere near.

  • Amanda

    the lyrics aren’t even “you wanna piece of me”. It’s “you got a piece of me”.
    This a stupid arguement. Not sure why I am contributing to it.
    I can’t wait to hear this.

  • Kelsey

    hahaha these lyrics are sooo lameee
    is this really what entertainment has come to??

  • Cali

    Should be my theme song! Can’t wait until the album comes out!

  • doh

    Brilliant lyrics if you’re like 12.

  • tyler

    great lyrics can’t wait to here the song…its going to be amazing….

  • Thingsfatpeoplehate

    She’s more airbrushed than bugs bunny.

  • yeah

    Kelly’s beyond this Katy Perry-ish mess. Honestly, she could rip vocally just about anyone out there. Said as not a fanatic fan, either. But this? Sucks donkey balls lyrically. Honestly, there’s very little lyrical panache in most pop songs, sure, but this??? My life will suck with this song. Heh.

    By the by, her own lyricist sojourn didn’t yield Browning or anything, but it was a damn sight better than this stuff.

    Hopefully, she’ll sing the hella out of it.

    Still like the girl, though; she’s real. But she’s not Pink and I think that’s who sings the stuff Kells wants to sing and with realism. But, still, Kell is damned good at what she does.

    Will be checking it out, at least.

  • Frazzzzzzzz

    The cover doesn’t show off Kelly’s “aww shuks” or rock chick personality, it’s like she’s over-trying to be sexy, but as for the lyrics, Kelly writes better on her own, these lyrics are predictable and lack Kelly’s feminist sarcasm, I’m not saying it won’t sound good though.

  • emily

    wow do these lyrics remind anyone else of bella and jacob?????
    also i think she looks really pretty, even if its photoshopped!

  • Impatty

    I am so excited to hear this single. I am sure Kelly will sing the hell out of it and make it her own.

  • Roya

    Its gonna be awesome.. i hope it actually comes out on march 17

  • Stu

    I’m a huge kelly fan leave queen B out of this

  • Stu

    Meant to say i’m a huge kelly fan but don’t dare insult the queen B

  • Stu

    Can’t wait to here this song

    Brit And Kelly Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stu

    Can’t wait to here this song

    Brit And Kelly Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sophie

    it’s gonna be a great song. i am waiting for the whole song, and the new record. you are the best kelly clarkson!!!

  • rasped

    a sample of this track, listen to

  • Steffanie
  • slambang

    I love her. I’ve always had a soft spot for her. Can’t wait for the new album. :)

  • Jeff

    Uhm just go to youtube to listen to the song. Its on there but you have to get the full song. Its on “Ryanseacrests” youtube page.

  • rachael

    Heyy i absoultely lovee it n it is nothing like britney spears song u fucking bitch shut up. Should be amezzing coz its kelly.

  • Stephanie

    Kelly kicks ass plan and simple. =)

  • Stephanie


  • Natali

    Umm yea the piece of me argument is completely irrelevant…I love how people look for reasons to dislike something…get a life…
    The song is awesome for a 1st single. Let’s wait and see what else she got up her sleeve! It’s Kelly freakin clarkson..she can sing anything!!!

  • CBS

    Song started playing on the radio today (1/13/09) in the Atlanta market. Its Rock/Pop and awesome. Glad to hear her back on the radio.

    Someone mentioned that it had been two years since she’d put anything out. I thought she had a good song back last winter – but sometimes time flies and it could have been longer.

    Anyway – I’m sure all the fans will love it.

  • Kellys awesome =)

    Go to he youtube or myspace. She has this song on there.
    Its really great!!! She did well =D

  • jONNY

    I’m totally diggin’ this song. It really makes me realize how much I’ve missed Kelly. I think this album is going to do great. I’ll definitely pick it up asap.

  • http://myspace Mario

    i thnk this song is about saying that her life would suck about her song writers and those peeple haha:D

    and cuz in her album my decembe rshe did it on her own but didn’t really do that well but was “good”

    so she really needed a boost after her fall due to that album plumet

    so she’s saying(i think)

    her life would suck without her producers

    thats wat think
    add me on myspace :)_-


    Daaa! the song is really cool! britney´s piece of me is a stupid person´s song! come on!
    don´t comparate Kelly And britney!
    Kelly Sings So Great!
    And Britney Won´t Sing A Kelly´s Song Cause she can´t sing!
    so your life will suck if u keep lovin britney!


    This is the song to get her back on track. We Love you Kelly!!!