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Reese & Jake: Let's Go Lakers!

Reese & Jake: Let's Go Lakers!

Cute couple Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal share a good laugh together while sitting courtside at the “Portland Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles Lakers” basketball game at Staples Center on Sunday (January 4) in Los Angeles.

Jake usually takes his BFF, actor Austin Nichols, to Lakers games but now he’s got Reese! FYI: The Lakers beat the Blazers 100-86, with Kobe Bryant scoring 26 points!

Sitting next to Reese was a big-time Hollywood studio executive, Dreamworks cofounder Jeffrey Katzenberg.

15+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal cheering on the Lakers…

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reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal lakers 01
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal lakers 02
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal lakers 03
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal lakers 04
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal lakers 05
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal lakers 06
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal lakers 07
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal lakers 08
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal lakers 09
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal lakers 10
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal lakers 11
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal lakers 12
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal lakers 13
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal lakers 14
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal lakers 15
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal lakers 16

Credit: Kevin Reece/London Ent, Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Lisa

    Jake looked happier with Austin Nichols.

  • ELizabeth

    AW, adorable. Reese looks so happy in #4! Viva Gyllenspoon!

  • K

    now i miss Zanessa

  • http://zanessa sara 12

    # 3

    me too

  • right

    Some of you really do interpret too much into frat boy photos of two guys having a hell of a time because one of them loves that he is the new it-boy and the other one is elated because he is getting any coverage at all.

  • http://Q Francesca

    Hey look folks, I’m dating a GIRL now. I’ve given up on BOYS. Now will you believe I am STRAIGHT? What more can I do to prove to you I am straight? What?…….No, I won’t do THAT. You can go shove it….

  • lene

    Hopefully Austin was busy filming OTH: love scenes with Sophia bush! :D:D


  • lene

    btw, Gyllenspoon are so cute<3

  • Jake likes Basket balls

    No touching, no cuddling, no kissing, no languorous looks, no languorous touches, Mr Katzenberg Big Boss Head Honcho….it was official business a Disney PR photo op not a date. Jake and Reese are associates, maybe buddies but definitely not lovers. Never were, never will be.

  • hidden

    I miss Austin…

  • Jen1

    They’re so cute. And go Lakers! Best record in the league as of tonight. :)

  • hehe

    so fake. stop it with the charade

  • jessica

    i was at the lakers game
    the “kiss me” camera was going around and it shined the spotlight on them.. and they kissed..aww soo cute

  • LOL

    #13 yeah riiiiiight. Wheres the pics and the vid?

  • hurry and Get it over with

    Maybe it was a quick kiss like you give old Aunt Gertrude.

  • slide

    There is a picture of them kissing on Flickr

  • la
  • Yawn

    Another PR outing. Yeah, that’s some kiss-the passion and chemistry just blow you away-NOT. I bet Reese has zero interest in basketball, but she gets points for being a good beard and good business woman-photo op and business meeting with Disney CEO. Will we ever get back the nice guy Jake, no the one pretending to me Mr. Straight Man Witherspoon?

  • Noelle

    So cute! They need to just get married already.

  • Anon

    Yawn you just make yaaaawwwwn with your tiresome comments.

  • wish

    Seal sucking up the media She didn’t get much of attention with ryan. What make jake so special ? they was both men and jake still don’t have a good relationship with women. He just want to feel speciail cause him and her career not going well. She shouldn’t jump in a relationship so fast.She should have gotten somebody who was mature and jake’s not. just someone she can play with until she wake up from this dream world she’s in.I see she loves buy men too.

  • RYAN

    reese looks gorgeous with long hair, absolutely superb

  • Phonyspoon

    Fake and phony.

  • Lidia

    Jake is not allowed to be seen without his fugly, blonde beard.

  • jannessa

    I think her extensions look fake. Just like her photo op dates. Sit in front of the window at the restaurant, front row at the Lakers, walking all over LA in regular paparazzi spots like Brentwood Country Mart and the Farmers Market make me say WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE.??

    This relationship is so forced. That is why people say it seems fake.

  • view on top

    OMG – Is that fricken knit cap surgically attached to his head?!! For the love of God LOSE THE HAT!!! Just wash and cut your hair Jake. Is that too much to ask??!!

    Knit hat – fugly look!! Lose it fast PLEASE!!!

  • lady t

    Oh good grief, let the jeolousy ring in…They are absolutely adorable together…May God bless them in all that they do…=)

  • Tommy

    That they really are couple. LOL
    Sorry Jake, we know you’re gay.
    Sorry Reese, we know you’re smug PR wh*re.

  • vanessa

    27- i couldn’t agree more! love this couple. so cute together. also i think the name gyllenspoon is so funny- i love it!!!

  • tizzy

    Gyllenspoon-Fed Merde

    J’adore Reese and Jake. Those sweethearts are two of the most talented, adorable and luscious babes to hit T-town in some time.

    Don’t agree?

    Think Reese is just a pixie-ish little waif with pale sex appeal? Think again. And if you consider Jake all boyish ‘n’ bashful brooding, no real outward he-man stuff goin’ down, think again on that score, as well. R ‘n’ J are both terrifically not of what you see in real life.

    And this whole aw-shucks romance they’ve got going down is so not how both types really are — why in the world the public is lapping it up, hook, line and photo-op, is beyond me.

    Just look at their pics together, everybody! They act like bro ‘n’ sis (and not even particularly close ones, at that). These babes have movies and careers and agendas to sell, oldest story in the world. Jen and Vince, anyone?

    Ms. W is the craftiest broad alive; she’s teaching J.G. spectacularly well. Just ask Ryan Phillippe if you don’t believe this to be a high probability. But on the other hand, if this sorta white-bread, milquetoast romance is what you need to get your fantasy on every morning, then, dears, go right ahead, be my limp guest.

    I just prefer my Awful readers to be fully informed consumers, that’s all.
    Source: Ted Casablanca’s The Awful Truth

  • Meg

    Jake usually takes his BFF, actor Austin Nichols, to Lakers games but now he’s got his beard and can’t be seen with his male friends.

  • Anon

    Oh I think most people know that Ted is waaayyyyyyyy out of his depth re J&R, at the end of the day he knows jack s**t. Only saddo’s like the 2-3 people that post over and over and ………… exactly the same crap do not believe that they have been taken for IDIOTS by Bruce Bibby.

  • … xp

    i love reese<3

  • Anon

    IHJ has 100′s of pics, some really sweet ones, kissing, holding hands etc. Looks like they had a great time, put them just in the mood for when they got home (if you get my drift).

  • Julia

    Love them

  • phony

    Yes, it was a good performance by Jake and Reese.
    Performance for the public and paparazzi, that’s all.

  • Lola

    I think an absurd any person win 20 million to make a film with so many people going hungry in the world, but Reese makes me particularly angry because she always comes with that talk of “simple girl from the south” and “simple life”. So, why the 20 million? this is pure hypocrisy.

  • Lolita

    I’m not sure this is true love, more like true friendship. They don’t have much chemistry.

  • hollywood pr

    “Reese makes me particularly angry because she always comes with that talk of “simple girl from the south”"
    Reese Witherspoon’s public image is as fake as a 3 dollar bill.
    The woman is 100% phony.
    Just like this “romance”.

  • Ivana

    On this pictures you can’t see anything, go on Gyllenbabble …

  • Yeah that’s right

    Did anyone see the UK press on these pix? Jake is just like a father to Reese’s kids, they are going to get married now.

    Those people of so gullible. RW must have a heck of a PR industry going over the pond.

  • postwatcher

    Total hair extensions.

  • Anon

    God the haters are really pissed off now, haha.

  • Ian

    Yes, hair extensions.
    Doesn’t help, Reese Witherspoon is still fugly and totally unlikable.

  • I really like them together

    and I think she and Ryan are much happier with their new loves.

  • money

    Who is paying whom?
    Is Reese paying Jake for all this PR and “who cares about Ryan” image?
    Is Jake paying Reese for “I’m so STRAIGHT!!!” image?

  • Um…

    Nice to see a couple of girlfriends out together. Seriously, does anyone honestly believe that Jake Gyllenhaal is anything but a 3 dollar bill? Personally, I would love for him to just come out already and stop this “Oh look how straight I am, I’m boning an ugly, overrated actress” charade once and for all.

  • Pau_Gasol Fan#16

    Who cares about Jake and Reese? Laker’s won!!! 100-86! GO LAKER’S!! :D They should show pictures of the basketball player’s instead of the celebrities. ;)

  • observer

    Not sure if it’s real or fake but they have no heat together.

  • slambang

    #30 – Ted C. is a nasty, lying sack of poo. I love Jake to bits – I’m not so fond of Reese, she just rubs me the wrong way, but I guess I’m just jealous. LOL I know someone who met Jake and got to talk to him for a long time, and they said he was very sweet. I don’t care if he’s gay, straight, or whatever – but people like Ted C. need to stop spreading lies about him!