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Victoria Beckham Dines In Dubai

Victoria Beckham Dines In Dubai

Victoria Beckham (in Dolce & Gabbana) and David Beckham dine with the AC Milan team at the Harbour Hotel in Dubai on Saturday.

David Beckham, the world’s highest paid soccer player, may not be in the starting lineup of AC Milan, his new coach said. Last week, it was announced that Pepsi and David Beckham ended their endorsement relationship.

Victoria and David Beckham reportedly are eyeing an Armani-designed apartment in the Burj Dubai tower, which is likely to set them back over $7 million.

10+ more pics inside of Victoria Beckham dining in Dubai…

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victoria beckham david beckham ac milan 01
victoria beckham david beckham ac milan 02
victoria beckham david beckham ac milan 03
victoria beckham david beckham ac milan 04
victoria beckham david beckham ac milan 05
victoria beckham david beckham ac milan 06
victoria beckham david beckham ac milan 07
victoria beckham david beckham ac milan 08
victoria beckham david beckham ac milan 09
victoria beckham david beckham ac milan 10
victoria beckham david beckham ac milan 11
victoria beckham david beckham ac milan 12

Photos: Gulfpics/WENN
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  • GLAM Check

    That David Beckham is as yummy as Paul Newman (Cat On A Hot Tin Roof) was back in the day.

  • depeche

    She is so F.A.K.E.

  • zeze

    #2 : She’s totally NOT!

    I love the Beckhams
    wish i was in dubia to see her =( , dubia is near my country half an hour on a plane

  • Laura

    Set HIM back over 7 million, not THEM HIM

  • ann

    #2 u r so right
    its so sad david is dresses so nice and casual and posh is dresses like a 10 year old princess wanna be.
    hate that look on her face like i m rich u r not

  • Laura

    Victoria looks FAB-U_LOUS as usual, David looks slightly pissed!

  • Jae

    err…laura posh raked in £20 million last year alone, with the spice girl concerts and her own brand line. so its not just David earning the money!

  • *******

    Love this couple. It’s nice to see a couple who are always in the public eye who can make their marriage work and who seem to love eachother very much.

  • Lolita

    Her breasts look painful.

  • icky-ick!

    F.A.K.E.- U.G.L.Y. Couple!
    Hate the Beckhams’ and their pretencious, in your face, snobby attitude!
    And to think that we have to be forever subjected to their insincerity, selfish, greedy, snobby ways due to their 3-spoiled brat sons forever being followed by the paps. because they mistakenly believe that they are “worthy” of being followed and photographed!

    There has NEVER in the history of showbusiness been a more self-indulgent, grossly over-rated, selfish, greed-driven, vain and sooo not worthy of their “fame” & “fortune” than these two and their 3 silly-named brats!


    And to # 8: The reason why Ms. Priss-Fug-Face has been able to launch clothes and accessories lines is due to the fact that she is MARRIED to Beckham! if you for one minute think that ANYONE would be interested in her and her uninspired “fashion” if she was still only Victoria Adams from the Spice Girls’ than you are one seriously deluded Beckham-fan!

  • sofia

    Too bad there are no pics of the other Milan players – except for Dinho. How about some Paolo Maldini and Marco Borriello? And those guys’ partners are gorgeous.

  • sofia

    PS And I’m sure David would have worn something more fancy if he hadn’t had to wear a D&G-provided team shirt. So blame D&G for the mismatch.

  • Cecilia Rose

    Such a SCARY lady

  • stefanie

    ~yawn~ Some people are glamorous naturally and then there’s Posh… ugh.

    One thing I will say, she did have a nose job, definitely. Look at her old photos. Her nose job is good because she didn’t change it extremely, but she took alot of the piggyness out of her nose.

    I am hoping she’ll stay in Dubai, become Muslim and start wearing a burka. Let’s all hope.

  • Julia


    She looks better and better each time i see her, this haircut is doing it for her, she looks so cute, and fragile.

    The D&G dress is perfection, and i love the GG headband, fantastic pictures, i would love to be in Dubai.

  • slambang

    Her fake chest is hideous. She was so much prettier (and healthier looking) when she was in the Spice Girls!

  • dianel

    # 12 you are so right

  • Michelle

    Agreed with Sofia. The team has to wear the D&G shirts, so it’s not really his fault. Too bad you only have dinho, there is greater mancandy at Milan …

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ONE LUCK, they don’t know them there, folks!!

  • natasha

    wow victoria looks amazing i love her looks
    you’r the best victoria

  • Katie

    Wow, I’m not sure about the headgear, but her dress and shoes are fabulous. :)

  • bittersweet

    Gosh! She’s… I can’t find an appropriate word. Let’s put it like this: I don’t like her dress. He’s gorgeous as ever. And there’s a picture of Mrs Maldini and Mrs Kakà, too. Both beautiful. And Dinho! Ha-ha! Go, Dinho, go!

  • kaos


    Beckham is not the world’s highest paid football player. Far from it. His supposed huge pay packet with LA Galaxy is highly hypothetical and only realized on lots of conditions like projected sales of his shirts and TV fees (not happening) over five years which is not looking likely now. For all intents and purposes, he has been a failure in LA (not counting of course his hobnobbing with the LA stars and Posh’s wannabe celeb career) as he has an opt-out clause in his contract to leave in 2009. Wanna bet on him staying the full five years with LA? Fat chance. An LA Times report also said that Beckham’s incomes from his company actually went down since he moved to LA. So please stop adding to the misinformation and making it appear that he is more than what he really is: A washed has-been overhyped football player.

    As for Posh, do you really know anyone who buys her stuff? Another overhyped fame seeking talent-free waste of space.

  • lalalove

    I like her style, regardless of what people say. She never play it safe, and it doesn’t come off as FAKE. She’s forever pushing the envelope!

  • Agree…

    #24: Totally agree with your post 110%!
    You are spot on right in your assessment of this pair of no-talent nothings’!

  • Real madrid fan

    icky-ick! @ 01/05/2009 at 10:04 am
    Pretentious, snobby?? Obviously you don’t know this couple at all. They are very down to earth, funny and very friendly. I know David’s sister and have spent time with them on a few occasions in both the UK and L.A. You won’t find a nicer, sweeter fun couple to hang with. Don’t judge people by how you perceive them to be by a batch of photos.

  • topaz

    The girl in the 5th pic on the right is Caroline Celico, Kaka’s wife.

  • Aziz

    #12 : the gorgeous lady with the white dress is paolo maldini’s wife with kaka’s wife and marco borriello no longer with his beautiful girl friend

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think that she looks beautiful here
    i especially love that dress, looks cute =]
    i especially admire the cleavage altho they r fake =\
    her legs also looked sexy =D
    hope she continues to look this good

  • http://JustJared Soprano

    Stylish but those fake boobs are like tennis balls. They look ridiculous. She needs to eat more too. Saying she eats enough is tosh. Just look at her in her early Spice Girl days – enough said!

  • LuckyL


    That’s why I just bought Bazaar. She is on the cover and looks greeaat.

  • Madonna


  • groovacious

    her face actually looks soft! she looks pretty!

  • null

    Aziz / #29: Borriello’s no longer with Belen? Interesting…Better book a trip to Milan. Ha!

  • ladyching

    She is so late… this dress was worn in red by Jessica Alba ages ago…

  • brie2009

    For once I actually like how Victoria looks! The hair looks really cute and the dress looks great!


    I prefer Victoria drees than Caroline Celico dress (the one of the right in the 6th pic) she´s just 21 years old and is dreesed like a 40 years old women like allways .

  • O.M.G.


  • S


  • JJ

    Posh looks lovely as always!
    & I love David’s hair down like that, he looks adoreable! <3

  • HEY # 24 !!!!!!!

    # 24—

  • GIGI

    I think David was sockless here, He is soo fine!!!

  • Ally

    I just love them!
    I mean whats not to like??
    they seem nice, they are lovely to look at & Victoria is a style queen

  • Blair

    David = YUMMY

  • Aziz

    null #35 : yes he breakup with her coz she cheated on him in the reality show in italy ” survivor ” so harry up and get your ticket to come here! lol

  • eliza m

    she is so selfish!!!!i really do nt know what does she think!!!!!


    Her body looks like an old womans, but her face is pretty.

    David looks a hot mess, and fuck me is he going bald?!!

  • tpoo

    They are a pair of no talents but yet you talk about them? They are living it up whilst u are blogging about them!!!