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Cameron Diaz Ain't Too Proud To Push!

Cameron Diaz Ain't Too Proud To Push!

Cameron Diaz pushes her own luggage through LAX airport in Los Angeles, hoping to catch a flight out of town on Monday (January 5).

Chris Rock, Jessica Lange, and Cameron Diaz have all signed up to be presenters at the 66th annual Golden Globe Awards gala in Los Angeles organizers said.

Drew Barrymore, Jake Gyllenhaal, Salma Hayek, Blake Lively, and Jennifer Lopez have already been announced as presenters.

Cameron, 36, was very open about her New Year’s resolutions. “I have always had the same New Year resolutions: to stop smoking, to start wearing a bra and to stop shopping.”

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  • Sara

    Cameron!!!!! :D

  • gerard Vandenberg

    They act “NORMAL”?

  • dimples

    She looks so ugly without makeup.

  • deka

    i agree, #3. she aint cute
    what was the last movie she did that was good?!

  • Claire

    OMG … She looks like a mess without make-up.
    YURK ! :s

  • youwillmissme

    She looked very unattractive here and almost always to me! No offense!

  • boogie

    ummmm…she is losing her looks. wonder how old she is now?

  • Louise

    I flew into LAX from London with Cameron. What the cameras don’t tell you is that Cameron just got off a plane after being on board for thirteen hours straight. There were delays at Heathrow caused by the ice storm and runways were reduced to ONE for both in and outbound flights, plus TWO separate incidences of sick passengers requiring deplaning tacked on additional time. So add all that together and put yourself in those shoes… would you feel fresh faced to welcome a half dozen strangers with mammoth sized cameras snapping inches away from your face?

    It was offensive for me to witness these photographers lying in wait like an annoying virus… But Cameron handled it with grace and KINDNESS. She did not deserve this treatment. Some may say it’s part of the package with being a celebrity but if you ask me, it’s not only an invasion of privacy but theft, and a twisted presentation of the truth. Captions often misleads the public. But I will thank at least what was printed here “Not too proud to push her own luggage” because at least that part was true and what impressed me most about Cameron…

    While I was in Heathrow and standing next to Cameron in a 20 minute queue (long line)…. Cameron could have easily boarded first or last with an escort but CHOSE to stand in queue with the rest of us. Not only that, but she kindly sent away the airline’s concierge who offered to carry her coffee and carry on bag. The concierge seemed more concerned about failing to satisfy the task at hand– assisting the VIP, but for Cameron, she simply would not play into that scene– and as a result, the people standing in queue with us were audibly proud, and I heard them whisper “that’s some fine lady.” And, “how noble.” And for this reason, I felt immense respect for the actress so that by the time we landed, went through two more security checks, jostled about the stairways and trekked through Customs then hunted for luggage at the carousel (all this an extra hour of travel experience), by the time we arrived the Greeter’s Gate, I saw Cameron standing tiredly against the wall where just around the corner she was well aware of those photographers lying in wait… Now imagine yourself THERE– seriously, would you want that for yourself? I wouldn’t! Especially when international flights are not only an aerobic workout without rest, but there are a multitude of security checks, then feeling confined within a sardine can during a long flight with plenty of turbulence and poor air quality, let alone the airplane smell that sticks to skin and clothing so all that you crave for is a long hot soak and a clean bed to stretch into…. SO— THAT’S WHAT WAS REALLY BEHIND THE PICTURES HERE.

    But tracking back a bit… As I knew I was approaching the Greeter’s Gate, I had my camera turned on and ready to shoot a picture of my six year old son. It’s the one face I love seeing most– his eyes all lit up and yelling out “Mama!” But as I saw Cameron up against the wall and waiting for clearance to turn the corner at the Greeter’s Gate, the thought never occurred to me to take a picture of her like that because she didn’t earn it– she had been an all too cool classy lady… yet the photogs saw my camera and flirted with me to go back and take a picture of her, saying they would PAY ME. I laughed at that and told them “Go Away” then went back to Cameron, stuffed my camera into my jacket pocket and said, “There’s a bunch of guys with cameras around the corner. Would you like for me to get rid of them for you? The police are outside…. I can fetch the police.” Yet again, Cameron proved to be more than able to support herself and said, “Thanks. I’ll be fine. We had a long flight. I’ll be okay. You can go.” Truly, she was a very sweet angel and the face I have etched in my memory is the one of her big exhausted smile and exasperated exhalation, not the one depicted here in these photos. Oh! Also take into account of the freezing weather, thank you! That wind in Cameron’s hair was something like 34º of chill.


  • http://justjared soprano

    Oh well; lines around the mouth & droopy boobs. Also read that she doesn’t wear deodorant; skanky! She looked great in “The Mask” but has gone downhill since.

  • Dieter

    Still the hottest woman alive along with Nicole Kidman and Kate Beckinsale. I wanna lick the cornhole of herßs

  • betduke

    Anyone remember when this has been was the hot chick in the Mask? Oh wait, none of us were born yet. Old bat.

  • ronan

    why is she always on the golden globe…oh okay presenting.
    I’m tired seeing her. she’s not even nominated.
    this is just for TV rating.

  • Fergie ferg


  • Angelina Jolie

    where is this pic when cameron wears no make up, that freaks me out. I don’t think she’s in a healthy life style. she looks like a heavy smoker and a drunkard to me :)

  • * VICTORIA *

    THANK YOU LOUISE !!!!!…..Even after all what you stated had happend, people STILL slam her……LOL..LOL… Some people are so pathetic and insecure, it makes them feel better about themselves to hurt and hate others, without knowing anything about them…It is not like she is a criminal or anything….She is an actress for God’s sake….And she is HUMAN……
    NUMBER # 9,,,,It is almost hysterical, BUT, how in hell do you know that she does NOT wear deodorant?….Have you seen her dress in the morning, or spelled under her arms, OR, is this just hearsay AGAIN, like most tabloid’s predict?…..AND, ” NUMBER # 14 “, she certainly does NOT look like a heavy smoker or a drunkard”, so let’s NOT ” be freaked out”, LOL.LOL….Why would Cameron’s lack of make-up keep you so riled up anyway?….Plus you don’t know WHAT kind of life style ” she is in “……Unless you happen to work and eat with her….
    I SEE THE YEAR 2009, IS STARTING OUT LIKE LAST YEAR……Full of hate and assumptions against people we don’t know……..Just jealousy for most !!!!!!

  • zui

    so ugly!! looks like 50 years