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Heidi Montag TV Wedding in the Works

Heidi Montag TV Wedding in the Works

The Hills villain Spencer Pratt admits his marriage to Heidi Montag on November 19 in Mexico was fake – but only because he was uninformed.

“I didn’t even know you have to legalize a wedding,” Spencer claims to In Touch. “I thought growing up, you say ‘I do’ and you’re married.”

Heidi agrees.

“We had our elopement, and to me, that counts,” she said. “But we’re going to have a bigger wedding for friends and family.”

Vows Spencer, “We’ll definitely have it on TV because of the fans and haters.”

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  • Lillianne

    The bigger wedding is not for friends and family IT’S FOR MONEY!

  • s.

    Stop posting about these losers! Nobody cares. They need to just go away.

  • mr. d

    Thank you for vowing to foist your wedding upon us, the viewing public lol. Is there anything this avaricious couple won’t do for money?

  • Mandy

    LMFAO!! fans?! He seriously thinks they have fans?!

  • Jessica

    Wow, they both look quite orange.
    Disgusting media whores.

  • African Girl

    The wedding was fake? Noooooo! Really? Well I for one I’m shocked, shocked I tells ya. This is not the kinda thing you’d expect from a couple who fakes everything from eating breakfast to batting an eye. :roll:

  • nikki

    LOL. What fans? I think there are just haters for these two.
    The only reason I am commenting is to ask JustJared to please stop writing about these two. I am just going to stop coming to this site if I have to see articles about them.

  • Julie

    Do not procreate….the IQ would be embarrassing. What a duo of dummies.

  • *************


  • LolaSvelt

    They must be rather dumb to not know that you have to legalise a marriage.

  • Molly

    Ignorance is no excuse, neither is just plain stupidity.

  • luvd80s2

    New resolution Jared, no more of “Dumb and Dumber”! Please for our weak stomachs stop posting about them!

  • Jo

    Well I don’t think they have that many fans, so we’ll say for the HATERS only xD

    God I hate that guy , is so full of s h i t

  • Tia

    these 2 are so ridiculous its almost funny

  • CR30.01

    They didn’t know they had to legalize a wedding?! God!

  • Go suck a…

    wow my life is complete

  • Juliën

    how sad..

  • Who Cares


  • ina

    In Austria we would say: they are as dumb as bread

  • idiots

    I cant’ stand these two!! they are totally stupid, where are their brains?? He’s an asshole, and she’s a bimbo. OMG!! can they just leave???

  • Hmmm

    I am just sure the American public is waiting anxiously for the movie to air so we all can rush out and see something worth seeing……lol

    Do they ever get any AIR to their brains? I mean who does not know you need to legalize a marriage for it to be actually legal.

    Hiedi and SPencer: OPEN A WINDOW and BREATHE IN deeply!!!!

  • mo

    jeez man, shave already.

  • S

    Wow, ofcourse it was “fake”, even if they would elope in Bahamas or whatever it would not be legal. Haha, for the fans and FOR THE HATERS!? Why do they even care so much about the haters and why do they even care about earning money all the time!? I’m sure that all celebrities/actress/etc wants to earn money.. but they are like “money, money!!!! Want some money!!!.” Yuck.

  • Ana’ says

    my gawd, will these 2 dou.ches just find a black hole to fall into………

  • Ginger


  • jason

    Spencer is such a money-grubber. He would sell his kidney for a million dollars if it was legal.

  • lookwhaticando

    He seems to be such the Geek/Nerd, And it is beyond Obivious, how fake their relationship is… geeeezzzzz

  • Tania

    What kind of adult doesn’t know that you need to go down to City Hall and obtain legal documents in order to get married. How stupid does this Spencer think the American public is? Of course he knew that the wedding on the show was fake, now they can have another FAKE wedding in Los Angeles under the guise of it being for friends & family only to overexpose themselves more. What a motha fcking sham.

  • steph

    Jared-I know I have posted before about how you really need to stop posting stories about these two morons. Please. Enough already. This is wasted space.


    “We’ll definitely have it on TV because of the fans and haters.”

    Gotta Love Spence for being Spence!

    AND when is he gonna shave that damn beard!!!!!!!!!

  • marina

    In mexico the only legal marriage is throug a judge, be at the city hall or at some other premises or hours but with an appointed judge (the same as in the city hall. Not religious or other marriage like the one they had is legal there. If you want a legal mariage you get a judge. If you want a catholic ceremony or luteran, etc, the you geta priest, but that ceremony is not valid for legal purposes. I believe Pam Anderson had a legal marriage in Cancun at her hotel, but it was valid, not like the one of these two phonies.

    For all we know a waiter could have celebrated their fake marriage.

  • Bee

    He looks like Fozzy Bear

  • Lindsay Lohan

    Hahaha, what’s with all the hate? I thought they already lock their money on a safe :)

  • Nutsnad

    this couple is dang stupid

  • nadia

    You mean just your haters …you fool.
    You don’t have fans.

  • nikki

    maybe if people stop talking about them and stop plastering their pics EVERYWHERE they WOULD go away.

  • whatever

    NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! No more of these two Stupid Whores on TV, blogs, web sites, or on the friggin planet! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stand them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ash

    after they have a “wedding for friends and family” and after the hills has its final season, they will never be talked about again, probably one major reason why mtv won’t give them their own show, they have more haters than fans and no one would watch. the world is laughing at them, and they are playing along as long as they can, you know what they say, bad media attention is better than none at all in hollywood. stop writing about them, and stop commenting about them, and they will go away eventually i’m sure.

  • Leighann

    i hate hate hate hate HATE spencer!!!
    god he is so evil!

  • Lindz lynn

    wow! when will spencer finally go away?

  • Shaun

    Lauran Conrad looks amazing!