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Jennifer Garner Welcomes Second Daughter

Jennifer Garner Welcomes Second Daughter

Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck welcomed their second daughter in Los Angeles on Tuesday (January 6).

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck gave birth to a baby girl,” the actress’s rep confirms to

The baby’s name and other details have not been released yet.

Jen and Ben (both 36) also have a 3-year-old daughter Violet.

After a few false alarms, their new daughter has finally arrived! Congrats to the happy family!!!

Got name suggestions for their new daughter?

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  • Lisa

    I hope they give their new daughter a flower name as well! :)

    I like Iris, Poppy, Daisy, and Heather the best!

  • Anon

    Everyone knows Ben is gay for Mat Damon!!! He is in the closet and they had the baby artificially. The real couple are Ben and Matt and Jennifer is a beard like Matt’s PA is.

  • CBloss

    Wow! 9 months flew by! Congrats to the two!

  • Adoring Fan

    Congrats to them. Now maybe Jen can get some much needed rest. I was sure it was a boy. Anyway, I know it will be just as special as Violet.

  • Riri

    Their daughters are going to be too tall and big.

    Had it been a boy- he might have taken after Ben and look good, but two girls with such a homely mother, who is also so tall and “thick”.

    Poor Ben- he could have had children with every beautiful women back then- but instead he went out a couple of times with Jennifer and she got him trapped and got pregnant.

    Now he is going to have ugly- boyish girls with gold-digging Jen.

    So sad.

  • g!rocks


  • g!rocks

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHASE MILAN GARNER AFFLECK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jade

    Congrats on Chase Milan Affleck! cute name!

  • pink! me!

    i heard on vh1 they named her Chase Milan. congrats!

  • name that dawg

    if she looks anything like violet, chase milan will not suit her. how about pug? or a cute name like doggie? maybe candy or cookie even.

  • faithlove

    congrats jennifer and ben on you new bundle of joy! Chase Milan is original for a girl!

  • happy birthday baby chase

    another girl! i bet Chase will be as cute as Violet! :)

  • omg! another girl!

    congrats on a new baby ! Violet will be a big sister for Chase Milan. I like the name it’s usually a boy’s name? maybe they really wanted a boy :P

  • i’m a crush

    well, i hope Chase looks like ben because Violet is fugly like her mom.

  • K

    Congrats ben&jen!
    I don’t think it’ll be another crazy hollywood name.
    but we never get tired of hearing new ones don’t we? lol

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Jenn, ask for a divorce please?

  • whocares

    Chase? Huh? Did she have a boy?? Weird.

  • gigi

    damn, why do celebrities name their kids with weird names? chase milan garner affleck, well it’s their chose.

  • Glambabybumps

    Such a cute family! Congrats to them!

  • beverley

    Instead of Chase Milan they should of named the baby pastel ! he he!

  • meg212

    aaw! violet is a big sister. Violet watch after your little baby sister Chase Milan :) 2 cute girls!

  • Lisa

    Chase Milan??? What kind of name is that??? I think Violet’s really is a great name and it’s “cheery” just like she is with her always seems to be when we see her in photo’s. Chase just doesn’t sound “right” with Violet’s name. When I think of the name of Chase, I think it sounds like someone is “running” in a hot pursuit.

    I was so hoping that they would pick another flower name. That would have been really cute to have both girls named after flowers. Oh well…..

  • kizz_my_bootie

    whocares @ 01/06/2009 at 11:52 pm

    Chase? Huh? Did she have a boy?? Weird.

    No, they had a girl! i heard they named her Chase Milan. Kinda weird but cute for a girl.

  • Laurie F


  • alex

    what did they conceive the baby in Milan, Italy ? lol. They must of wanted a boy. Cuz they named their daughter Chase Milan garner Affleck.

  • ellie

    Congratulations Ben Jen & violet to your new addition Chase…

  • happy new year

    i wonder if Chase Milan will have dimples like Violet? that would be soooo cute!

  • chase

    Only JLo can give you boys Ben.

  • Peach

    Congratulations to them – glad it’s a healthy baby.

    Hopefully they’ll name her something better than Dolly (which is OK) and Charlie (confusing as it’s not a nickname) – names given to Jerry O’Connell’s twin girls.

  • chase

    They called it Chase because Ben wanted a boy, but he got a girl instead, only Jlo can give you boys Ben or Gwyneth she had a boy too.

  • boogie


    How about these names? LOL

    Azelea Rose Garner Affleck
    Cala Lily Garner Affleck lol

  • Finn

    Maybe, Victoria

  • kylie s.

    yep, it’s Chase Milan Garner Affleck :) i heard it on E! news! congrats to the Afflecks.

  • sallie jay

    it’s confirmed Chase Milan is Violet’s beautiful baby sister

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Jenn, ask for a divorce, WILL YA?

  • jack198

    what? why would they use such a masculine name for a girl! Violet is so feminine. Ben must of named the baby because Chase is a boy’s name.

  • bridget b.

    i heard on E! that they named her Chase Milan Affleck . aaw, cute baby girl.

  • gina c.

    my sister’s boyfriend’s name is Chase. I guess it’s cute for a girl.

  • yo

    someone show me where they confirmed the name besides the comments here

  • Adele

    It’s not on E!’s site so I choose to be in denial of Chase Milan

  • lindsay w.

    i heard it on vh1! They confirmed the name is Chase Milan Garner Affleck. I think it’s pretty.

  • alexia m.

    Adele @ 01/07/2009 at 12:44 am

    It’s not on E!’s site so I choose to be in denial of Chase Milan

    I asked my sister and she heard it on television that it’s Chase Milan garner Affleck,. I live in florida & she’s in san Diego. That’s what i got !
    congrats to the afflecks.

  • napolean dynomite

    dude, i heard they named their baby girl Chase Milan . Ben probably wanted a boy, ha ha !

  • debra2009

    well, Chase Milan is better than some celebrity names. Anything is better than Zuma Nesta Rock. Congrats on baby chase.

  • Adele

    Damn! It’s just such an ugly name. Violet is such a cute name.

  • im first

    Adele @ 01/07/2009 at 12:44 am

    It’s not on E!’s site so I choose to be in denial of Chase Milan

    why are you in denial? you don’t like the name? it’s adorable! happy birthday baby chase !!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully you have mommy’s dimples.

  • Susan

    How wonderful! I hope all is well with Mom and baby. Congrats to them!

  • gracie

    I think they should of switched it and named her Milan Chase. That would be prettier :)

  • gracie

    oh, violet’s a big sis! i hope Chase MIlan has dimples and chubby cheeks. The other celebrity whose girl’s name is Chase is Tboz from TLC.

  • Hmmm

    debra77 ~ i dont spend my time naming folks on the net! but i guess you have time for all of that, huh! stfu or talk to someone who cares…