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Tom and Katie Jump At Japanese

Tom and Katie Jump At Japanese

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes walk hand-in-hand after sharing a romantic dinner at Japanese restaurant, Nobu, in New York City’s Tribeca on Tuesday night (January 5).

A musical version of Finding Neverland is in the works and the part of Sylvia Llewelyn Davies has been offered to Katie Holmes, reports The Telegraph. Katie beat out Kate Winslet, who portrayed Sylvia Llewelyn Davies in the 2004 film Finding Neverland. Winslet‘s spokesperson confirmed she will not be a part of the musical.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Katie Holmes as Sylvia Llewelyn Davies in Finding Neverland?

10+ more pics inside of Tom and Katie jumping at Japanese…

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  • tom

    Katie Holmes is not a very good actress. Not sure why anyone would put her in a musical!

  • katie n

    Tom looks very good in these pictures. Very handsome, indeed. I hope Katie would not take this role. The current one seemed to have drain her.

  • not me

    This guy is gorgeous.

  • Rita

    She wants to do musical now? I feel so bad for her; she looked so tired every day while she was doing ‘All My Sons’! Maybe it wasn’t her work that gave her those horrible dark circles and cold sores, EHEM, but seriously, lady needs some rest.

  • Sonia Wu

    I guess Homely may have promised the production that she will carry Suri in and out of the theater and have Suri autograph the playbills for the feigns to gain attention for the show.

    Well, have a good look at the pix of Penelope Cruz. How beautiful is she!
    So radiant and stunning.
    Why would Tom Cruise trade down to this haggard woman, even though for a woman over 45, she doesn’t look too bad.

  • to Sonia Wu

    Such silly question. Why are you second guessing a guy? He picked Katie, get over it. Thank God love is not that simple – otherwise, a bitter witch like yourself would have no hopes whatsoever.

  • Sonia Wu

    Hey, relax #7
    You don’t know me. I am just famous for critical thinking and keeping a perceptive mind.
    Plus, it’s only human nature to compare and contrast, OK?
    What? You don’t do that? Guess you’re never graduated from high school and failed every reading comprehension tests there are.
    You have my condolence for your loss, i.e., your brain.

    Penelope IS beautiful, while Katie looks like a crack Hore, no doubt about it.
    You’ve got problem with that? Deal with it.
    And you are right, love is not that simple, particularly when contracts are involved. LOL.

    Well, here’s another thought, do you think the role, Sylvia Llewelyn, is part of Katie’s shopping spree?
    Just sayin’

  • http://google toni

    that is cute outfit katie. I had exactly pair of tight pant.
    Katie sure look happy with hubby tom. I think katie will do great.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Even at the “JAPANESE” it is used to SIT & EAT, folks!!

  • regina

    I think he should be comforting his friend John Travolta instead of hanging around New York……

  • eliza

    Katie needs to get out of NY and back to California. Broadway has taken too much of a toll on her. Can’t see her taking on another show, especially since Tom has been vocal about wanting so many more children. He allowed her to have her Broadway experience. Now it will be back to LA and glamour. With the professional stylist, Katie will be looking better soon. Maybe Suri will kept out of the spotlight, too. I hope so.

  • what about Jett, tom?

    No comment about how your evil cult sucked in a fellow member who then let his son die of untreated seizures and lack of supervision?

    tt, you have nothing to say about that, you so powerful in your cult have no comment.

    you are both gross, and kh so talentless, G.d please get her out of NY,
    farm her out in LA, just another wretched looking whore walking the streets.

  • what about Jett, tom?

    wretched looking w.h.o.r.e.

  • Megan fox rocks

    Katie is gorgeous

  • Mr. Pink

    I’d rather see Katie Holmes return to film and do stage later.

    Penelope Cruz is 34, #5. He didn’t trade anyone.

    You’re a critical thinker and perceptive??? Don’t make me laugh…

  • ugh

    Katie is a shadow of her former self. That energy-sucking vampire has drained the life out of her.

  • deka

    does she ever just sit at home?!
    i’m so sick of picture of her walking around NYC

  • Sonia Wu

    Wow, change name again huh?
    It’s very challenging to your limited vocabulary and I command you for trying. the former Mr. BlondE.
    Laugh as you wish, before your idol have you arrested for stalking.
    By the way, Penelope’s age really surprises me. Imagine someone so young to accomplish so much at the same time, so mature, yet still so radiant and so beautiful.

    Tell you the truth, I really think Tommy Girl trades down big time.
    But, love is not that simple, particularly when Tom’s only looking for a beard.

  • pr person

    Wow… she can’t even pull it together for a dinner out with Crazy.

    “He picked Katie, get over it.” Hahahaha! You are certainly correct about that… he picked her out of about 5 other applicants!!

  • mandy

    JJ that was yesterday (monday)! Not today=)

    I love them! And suri too!!

  • Sonia Wu

    Borrowed from another gossip blog
    I think there’s some effed up Benjamin Buttons action going on here. Tommy Girl’s suddenly looking younger and Katie’s aging so rapidly that I’m predicting that she’s sprout a dowager’s hump by the end of ’09.
    Let’s hope so, then Suri can retire from hard whoring for her mother’s downward career.

  • no meds for her

    I think she’s suffering from post-partum depression. Tom probably told her to take some vitamins and get some exercise.

  • Mr. Pink

    How am I stalking them, #19? You should really stop misusing that word.

    Cruise didn’t trade down. If he did, he would have left Cruz for Holmes which didn’t happen at all.

  • anonymous

    I don’t know how Tommy boy can grin like that knowing the hell his friend is going through.

  • delia

    hot couple

  • …..

    Im happy for lovely all around talent Holmes but I want her on a movie because I cant see her in NY.

  • sydney

    They look great. Get over it, losers.
    Some of you are so easily led to believe everything in the rags. You’re the ones lacking critical thinking skills. You don’t even spell whore properly.

  • iron chef

    Thanks JJ. America’s Sweetheart and the Top Gun. Woot Woot!!!!!

  • usana

    sad that its another year but the trolls need help more
    than ever

    dont waste your unhappy lives

  • Sonia Wu

    Well, here’s another thought, do you think the role, Sylvia Llewelyn, is part of Katie’s shopping spree?

    Well, here’s another thought, do you think the role, Sylvia Llewelyn, is part of Katie’s shopping spree?

    Well, here’s another thought, do you think the role, Sylvia Llewelyn, is part of Katie’s shopping spree?

    Well, here’s another thought, do you think the role, Sylvia Llewelyn, is part of Katie’s shopping spree?

    Well, here’s another thought, do you think the role, Sylvia Llewelyn, is part of Katie’s shopping spree?

    Well, here’s another thought, do you think the role, Sylvia Llewelyn, is part of Katie’s shopping spree?

    So that Tom can live on the other coast to enjoy his company.

  • J

    Beautiful Katie and gorgeous Tom. Happy and so in love couple and beautiful on the inside too. They are happy with their family love and their bright careers are just icing on the cake.

  • lurker


  • giselle

    I heart them. Katie looks preggie.

  • xoxoxxxooox

    Tom looks handsome in these pics? Are you serious? I think he looks a little rough. He’s lost his looks.


    Is Tom going to play Peter Pan..?? That would be fun.. since they can
    work together..Isn’t that is what Tommy said.. Why now say that…what other project did they say that she was going to be doing.. Can’t wait
    to see Tommy on THE VIEW ON THURSDAY..hope he talks about
    John Travolta… and how he is going to help get him get over the grief..

  • dido

    beautiful and lovely couple, more power to them, thanks JJ, we love you Top Gun

  • avionne


  • nancy S. and paul M.

    TC is hot as usual.
    Go see Valkylerie…….it’s pretty good.

  • boogie

    ya kidding me? Katie should NOT do film or stage. She is not a good enough actress. She should just go home and focus on raising her daughter- Suri before this little kid rules the household.


    Why not Katie join John Travolta down in Florida with all the other
    along with all the other ex tv stars Kirstie Alley and Jenna Elfman..Leah
    Remini and you Katie famous from Dawson’s Creek.. Join Tom is helping John recover from losing his son…This is a great time to see
    that Suri is resting in bed at home!

  • $$$$$$$$$$$

    Light, camera and action!

    Tom: ” Pictures, Please! ”

    This marriage is a farce.

  • f.c.u.k Yuuh !!!

    Katie singing?

  • fgoflash

    Have you ever noticed, that although she appears in very high heels, she always casts her head downward, sorta like a Diana head pose. What gives??

  • rose

    Why insist on wearing high heels ,Without it she could be in the same height as Tom

    I love the outfit, but i’m not sure about the Shoes

    We all know that katie needs more skills,acting Experiences .so The best thing for that is theater (two shows a day In front of people for 3 Month )she will be ok to me, but the most Important thing that she needs much more Experience witch comes with she is not Ready for Musicals yet .

  • It’s ROBO bride

    Well if her last memorable (for being awful) singing performance is any standard to judge by: NO NON NADA NIEN, NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    This woman has minimal acting talent. She is the weakest cast member in All My Sons. Mad Money is making some of the worst films of 2008 lists. Her film accomplishments are minimal. WHY would one cast her in anything? Oh, right, she pimps out her little PR pet and by doing that keeps her name relevant and people go to see her because she is a curiosity!

  • krack ho katie

    oh look. another pic where katie looks like a homeless crack ho. what else is new. T looks a whole lot better than her. maybe him sucking the life outta her is making him look younger.

    those pants are ridiculous. they fit like sausage casings. i hope she doesnt get that part in the musical. she cant sing for nothing. she can’t act either. the only reason shes as famous as she is is cause she married cruise for his $$$ and fame. theres nothing real about that marriage in my opinion. he needed it to stop the gay rumors and get somebody to have a kid for him and she needed it for a career boost and to get her name in the papers. she sold her womb to a nutcase.

  • Ny does not heart Homely

    HOMELY is a haggard fuggly eyesore. We all know Cruise loves the spotlight for himself. And we all know that he married a dull giant, talent challenged, robo tranny bride. New York does not heart fuggly hack HOMELY.

  • bob


  • Debba

    The idea Katie Holmes “beat out” Kate Winslet for anything is so spectacularly absurb I cannot even comment–except to say that is one heavy load of BS carried over in print.

  • josie

    class act all the way