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Reese Witherspoon Gets Simply Shocked

Reese Witherspoon Gets Simply Shocked

Reese Witherspoon visits a medical center in Beverly Hills on Monday, and leaves with a shocked expression on her face.

While at a Lakers game in LA on Sunday, Reese and Jake Gyllenhaal kissed while they were being featured on the jumbotron.

Reese‘s next feature film is Monsters vs. Aliens, which gets released March 27 in the US. Kiefer Sutherland, Seth Rogan, and Reese all lend their voices for the animated film, and will be featured in a 90-second trailer during the halftime show at the Superbowl.

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  • Rita

    She doesnt look shocked as much as she just looks like she wants the paparazzi to leave her alone!

  • fake rack

    I agree.

  • Anon

    I agree. What you DON”T see is how many paps were there, what they were shouting, and if they were coming at her. The paparrazzi are disgusting.

    And honestly? You have no idea what offices she was coming out of.
    I know that before an actor signs onto a new project, they always have to get an OK from a doctor and get a physical. No matter who they are.

  • kiki

    Jake has better taste in men than in women, look at Austin Nicholls, and then look at Kirsten Dunst and Reese, oh , my god!


    kiki @ 01/06/20

    Jealous much?

  • Carrie Sperlunto

    I agree…alarmed, surprised, annoyed…not shocked.

  • Julia

    Love her and she looks mad because of the paps.

  • vanessa

    agreed not shocked just really pissed off with the paparazzi!

  • kiki

    No,not jealous, at all, I’m happily married. It’s just my opinion. When it comes to love, it doesn’t matter whether the other person is good looking or not, there are lots of good looking people going out with ugly ones,love is much more than looks of course,from my point of view I think Reese and Jake are really in love or at least that’s what they show in the pictures I see but I like to say what I think and that is that Austin Nicholls is good looking, but Reese and Kirsten are not, just my opinion in their look. Good luck to them anyway.

  • l.

    Always going for the title, Jared. Tsk. Clearly the paps followed her to the medical center and she didn’t appreciate it. And I don’t blame her one bit. They need to have boundaries. I think it’s pathetic that the cities around Hollywood haven’t come up with some sort of boundary system, ie…not being able to follow them to private doctor’s visits, not being able to stalk them outside their homes. Some of this is just ridiculous.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    A DILDO “ZOOMED” IN, folks!!

  • meg

    Can anyone say “pregnancy tests”?

  • Anon

    kiki, if you are so happy, why do you make the rounds and throw mud and hate on Jake allll the time. That is a very sick and irrational thing to do. You and several people like you roam the gossip blogs and post over and over again. It’s pretty obvious.Face it. I bet your real life really SUCKS. You are actively promoting a hateful, nasty point of view like you are on some crusade. You are on a mission. But the reality is that you have absolutely NO credibility.

    People like you are actually calling Jake a liar. How do you dare do that to someone you know absolutely nothing about! I am tired of the nasty, mean-spirited junk that seeps out from under rockes everytime something nice happens for Jake or Reese or they are in the news. This negative obssession is very sick and people should recognize it for what it is. But the more argument, the more posts for jared, so he will make some money of the misery you inject, kiki.

  • taste

    There is no accounting for taste.
    I always thought that Austins face looks a bit distorted.
    Not butthead like, as Perez said once, but well, a bit distorted.
    Does not mean he is not a really nice person.

    Most people do not look good if they are enraged and she clearly is.

  • kiki

    Hi, Anon,
    I think you get me confused with some other kiki who has posted before, that was my first post today, I’ve never posted before, I think I need to change my name as I’ve realised after your reply that there is another kiki who has posted before several times, sorry, how funny, I chose my pet name to post and there is someone else with that name already,…sorry Anon, but I never posted before. I think I need to change my name to KIKO or something else, thanks for posting, otherwise I would have never known.

  • Oh Please

    Get over it. Reese is not enraged or annoyed. If Reese didn’t want any pap attention she wouldn’t arrange all those pap photo ops of her and her fake boyfriend. Without all the pap pics nobody would care about her. The annoyed face is the same as the hands over the face–just an act for the paps, just like her public performances with Jake.

  • KIKO2009

    Yeah, it works, I’ve changed my name now, thank god for that, I’ve read some of the posts that other kiki wrote and they are full of hate, no, that’s definitely not me, and yes, Anon, I’m a happy woman, who just happended to be bored today and was surfing the net for some entertainment, my husband is working and I’m back to work tomorrow, it’s snowing here in the UK,not much to do,…I don’t care very much about Reese and Jake, but i thought it was funny to make a comment and give my opinion,I’m entitled to one. Happy New Year anyway!

  • Who Cares

    I wish JJ wouldn’t post so much stuff of the paps. I think it’s pretty screwed up to just follow people around and take their pictures for money.

    There are many red carpets, runways, magazine interviews, tv interviews, exclusive interviews, to go around.

    That being said, I think that JJ is the best celebrity website out there.

  • Emily

    she looks pissed jared not shocked about what happened at the hospital lmao

  • meeeeee

    Ya not shocked, more like “could I have some privacy please while Im getting a physical”
    I mean the celebs should know what they are getting into when choosing this career but the paps just go overboard sometimes, they should respect some kinds of boundries.

  • ahhhhh

    shes not shocked….she fucking pissed off becuz the paps wont leave her alone. shes probably visiting a sick friend or relative & does NOT need the photogs in her face

  • mar

    Bad headline. She is angry because the paps won;t leave her alone. Give her a break. Love her

  • common sense

    That’s not a shocked expression, that”s her telling the paps to fuck off!

  • http://justjared soprano

    They ran out of “morning after” pills?!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    look at that lumpy ass forehead. hahahahahahaha

  • Who writes this stuff?!

    To me she looks very much like she’s hollering at a papz.

  • Team Reese

    Desperate paps! They can’t ever do they’re job with dignity. Most people (not just Reese) would have been startled too, if some dirty looking guy came out of nowhere w/a cam.

  • Susan

    I agree with the first poster. It’s not shock at all. It’s anger. Who can blame her.

  • Reese is a fugly b!tch

    Reese Witherspoon DOES NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH PAPARAZZI when she sells the FAUXMANCE with Jake!
    Phony b!tch!

  • F*ck off Reese!

    ex fan

  • Marco

    “Clearly the paps followed her to the medical center and she didn’t appreciate it.”
    So what?
    Reese appreciates papapazzi when she’s doing photo ops with her fake boyfriend.
    She doesn’t mind paparazzi when IT SUITS HER.

  • obvious

    3 posts in a row, my my, you are not only desperate, you are greedy.

  • Moo

    Well it seems obvious that she turned around to see what someone said or did. I seriously doubt that she left the building gaping like that. Must be a very slow news day. BTW, she looks cute even like this.

  • http://justjared ashley


  • jfdfj

    hahaha her expression.

  • Not A Good Day

    Reese is pissed at the paps because she’s not getting paid for the med center photo op, the Avon cream she’s been using is making her forehead and chin bigger not smaller like it promised, these pics aren’t going to end up as glamour shots in Vogue or People, her gay boyfriend was too busy with his husband to accompany her to the doctor to make it look like he was supporting her medical decisions and therefore adding more promotion of their fauxmance, her kids weren’t there either so she missed another opportunity to be photo opped as a great mom, AND she was caught wearing that fugly scarf again.

  • Voice Over

    Gawd this explains why her next film is animated and only uses her voice. She is fugly. She looks mean too and IMO she’s a bad actress, I’m sure she’s not real popular with directors. Those poor sound people engineers, they really earned their paycheck with this one.

  • Mari

    Boring woman…

  • jason

    I think the papz said something rude. They just want to bait the actors into doing something to attack them so that they can make money off the shot or call the police.

  • nolan

    She looks like such a b1tch.

  • Lindsey

    Er, yeah, she’s shocked. If by “shocked” you mean near tears. Lame paps, and lame of you to post.

  • angie

    shes gorgeous as always…. and i would be pissed to if I was going to/from the doctors and they were following me. she doesnt need though whole world to know why she is going to the doctors and once the picture are public i am sure it spreads a lot of rumors. anyway, she is my favorite actress.

  • anon

    It´s compreensive she´s pregnant.

  • http://Q Francesca

    meg, you’ve hit it on the head. Some pap asked her if she was pregnant, I bet, and that was her reaction. She may regret playing around with Jakey. Things can slip, you know. LOL

  • http://Q Francesca

    At least if she is pregnant that should help quiet the rumors that Jakey is gay. I didn’t say stop, just “quiet.” I can imagine the scene when she got back home and Jakey says, “fooled you, didn’t I?”

  • Angelina Jolie

    she’s not shock or whatever you think she was, such great actress is always ready to make fun out of you, so back off! :)

  • amanda

    yeahhh too bad everyone else already said this same exact thing but agreed: she is not shocked, she is extremely pissed off at the paps for following/managing to find her at her doctor’s office in LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of all places, a doctor’s office is pretty dang personal and not something u want the whole entire world to know aboutt soo i can definitely see why she would be pissed off at them, i mean just paparazzi in general seem to be really really really annoying and constantly invading/intruding on ur day-to-day daily lives if u are a celeb/star. especially can u imagine taking ur children/kids to school in the morning and picking them up from school in the afternoon and having the paparazzi there to snap ur pics with them and asking u millions of annoying personal questions and u are just trying to protect ur kid and get them home safely/healthily and trying to avoid any dangerous situations and it would suck i cant even imagine it. lol

  • kbab

    she looks like she is crying in the 4th pic

  • se

    She is a exhibicionist and she likes when the paparazzi follow her. She and Jake Gyllenhaak call them when they go out of their Rat Nest!
    She can’t make difference between play in theater and the real life!

  • Kristen

    I hope she is pregnant. She seems like a great Mom. I think Jake would be a great step parent.

    Love. love, love them!!!!!