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Zac Efron Voices Adult Swim's "Robot Chicken"

Zac Efron Voices Adult Swim's

Zac Efron sheds his goody-two-shoes image to voice the character of lounge singer “Billy Joel” in this new clip from Adult Swim’s animated series Robot Chicken.

In the show, the 21-year-old former High School Musical star beats a sailor over the head with a beer bottle, dumps his body in the ocean and manically laughs about it.

Zac even gets to belt out his own rendition of Billy Joel‘s “The Piano Man”! But in the end… his character gets brutally (but amusingly) stabbed to death.

Check out the NSFW clip below!

Zac Efron – Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken”
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  • Sophia

    Haha, this is so funny!!

  • bettybaby

    OMFG, ZAC, i love you for this!!!!!!!

    great job!!!!!!!!!

    laughed my ass off!

  • kiarita_kiss

    LOL!!! jajajaa thats was unny… i love zac!! xD

  • lizzie
  • ladysdsandiego

    nice! i love it!
    go zaccy!!!

  • Malia

    Funny. And he has a great singing voice. :)

    BTW, #4 Jillian, those are not new pictures of Zac and Vanessa. Those are from December 22nd when they went shopping at Barneys and then to dinner.

  • Tiptoes

    that video is so funny… i can see Zac doing a funny goofy animation movie someday….

    and yehey… new Zac post in JJ’s main board….

  • helen

    love zac for having the gut to do this.

  • Clare aka Z & V fan



    Well done, Zac. :-D


    Too bad it looks more like Zach … It should of been Zach in his High
    School Musical dance sequence..It is recycle the photo time.. since
    we have seen quite a few of them..

  • ladysdsandiego

    ok well in 6 months we’ll remind you that they’re still together.

  • lovebug :]

    :] haha i love this
    i wish it was new pictures of his face

  • ashlee

    #11 sarah, people were saying that when they found out they were a couple two and a half years ago. yep, six months. then six more months. now another six months. i am always amazed at peoples pessimism. what ever happened to optimism in this world? so many negative people around.

  • caro




  • jo

    loves it good job zac

  • Jessie!

    haha zac so funny! and i agree with #15 ashlee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO ZANESSA!!!!!

  • yaya

    that was so funny!

  • tassibelle

    Oh. My. Fucking. god.!!!!!

    that was very…….disturbing

    funny but disgusting

  • Karen

    You do know that Zac and Vanessa have been together for over 3 YEARS, don’t you? Your comment is a little stupid.

    I think considering the content of this Zac better be on the “big people’s” board with this one. LOL I’m hoping the tweens would be left wondering if they heard it at least…

  • Jane

    This makes me 37% less creeped out by Zac Efron. Strange as that seems.

  • jeniffer

    a piece of CRAP

  • mike

    lol love him!!!! :)

  • -SouL-LiCiOuS-

    I love that ist been really funny=))

    11–Sarah:right and they will be till together because they are a perfect match=))♥

    i liked this video xD
    reaally good zac=D

  • marie

    lol funny

  • valentine

    Woaaaaawwww !!
    That’s so funny !!!!

    Zac has an amazing voice <3

    He is the best, forever (L)

  • grace

    OMG i LOVE Robot chicken, AND I LVOE ZAC EFRON!!!!! This is the best!!! and he sang awesome. i love him even more for doing this! OMG HAY!!!

  • athena

    Zac’s done a voice over for a Disney show…does anyone remember the name of it. He does have a great speaking voice for this…and his singing is very good…I thought the clip was a bit shocking..but, that’s what Adult swim is about.

    Check out this site I’ve seen…they have a great clip of Zac signing for a fan.

  • athena

    Yeah, he does have an amazing voice.

  • Malia

    Zac did the voice of Davey Hunkerhoff in “The Replacements” in 2006.

    Riley decides it best to replace a dorky lifeguard with a major hunk. (Special Guest Star Zac Efron)

  • bess

    way to go zac i was shocked when i heard “robot chicken” because it is a MA-TV show but it was really good and funny…love him even more that he did that…good step

  • pete

    That has “Psycho” music at the end. From the shower scene.

  • Alfredo


  • LuckyL

    Good job Zac!

  • LuckyL

    Honestly, good for him. This show is #1 on that network.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, nice, just finishing watching it!

  • jayanah

    ha ha funny! xD lol

    aLwAYz HoPiNG 4 nEw zAneSsA nEwZ! =)

  • someone

    i cannot believe he did this! but he was super funny. petes shlong is a joke. priceless. hahaa xD

  • KAIO

    so good !

    HAHAHA³ i’m from brazil and i loved.

    zanessa rules. *-*

  • lilly

    LOVE YOU ZAC!!!!!!!

  • lil wayne luva

    if you go to and try to watch the video
    && the majority of the commenters are probably UNDER 17.
    im from the uk. thats what it says..but probably a different story
    for people in us.


  • Deb


  • kira

    um, seems like zac is super desperate to break out from the disney under 12 set. i thought it was shit.

  • nicole


  • merlina

    I actually love zac’s singing voice…he’s so good he can sing like justin timberlake as in bet on it and scream, sing musical theatre style as in hairspray and pop ballads in HSM 2 and 3… now I am seeing some nuances in his voice that shows he can do much more with it…and it seems that it has deepened too since hairspray…I actually think he ‘s a wonderful singer and its not surprising that Simon Cowell saw that in him…

  • poppy

    Zomg that was super funny. Zac you are amazing. And thank you Seth Green & Co. Absolutley brilliant.

  • Lucy

    oh Zac you truly are one of a kind. This had me in stitches last night and even watching it again now. I love the fact that no one knew he had done it, and it wasn’t until it aired that people were like..Zac Efron? No way! Love that about Zac. Never underestimate the guy! He is awesome!!

  • ladysdsandiego

    lucy you are so right.
    all i know is zac is full of surprises.
    love him!!!

  • b

    I’m not a big fan of the material. But Zac did a great job in the bit. His voice was great-both singing and non-singing. He has talent. I think this was just what he needed for people to stop thinking of him as squeaky clean. He’s 21.

  • Bec

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved tht!!!!!!!!!!!! never would’ve thought u would hear him say half tht stuff!!!!!!!!!!! i loooooooooooved tht!!!!! GO ZAC!!!!!!!!!

  • brie2009

    OMG! Never in a million years would I think Zac Efron would do Robot Chicken. But I must admit this video was sooo fuckin funny! I have to send this one to my friends.