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Daniel Craig is Zwick Quick

Daniel Craig is Zwick Quick

Daniel Craig poses for a photocall for his latest film, Les insurges (English title: Defiance), on Wednesday (January 7) at the Bristol Palace in Paris.

“One of the reasons I think the story is important is because this is very recent history and a lot of the way we look at the world and live in the world is shaped because of that history,” the 40-year-old British actor said. “Stories like this need to be told because it’s not that long ago.”

Craig was accompanied by costar Liev Schreiber and the film’s director, Edward Zwick.

15+ pictures inside of Zwick quick Daniel Craig

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daniel craig edward zwick 01
daniel craig edward zwick 02
daniel craig edward zwick 03
daniel craig edward zwick 04
daniel craig edward zwick 05
daniel craig edward zwick 06
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daniel craig edward zwick 15

Photos: Boris Horvat/AFP/Getty, WENN
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  • haris

    nice style!!!!

  • more pics
  • more pics
  • defiance

    so more pics with the gf later then?

  • NativeNYker
  • daily mail article
  • jane

    He looks 50, not 40.

  • BBC article
  • wtf?

    looks like she bought clothes last spring for the fall range 2008 and has them altered to her taste and made as tight as possible in sone instances
    oh to have access to money

    so INStyle magazine loves her apparently as she is getting points for her style

  • wtf?
  • in style article

    yes someone from another “website”posted this to make us see Satsuki is a fashion icon

    and they dont think for one minute in their cinderella worlds that this is all PR

  • sats again

    i just saw a pic of sats arriving out of a car on a nother website for the London thing, she looked smug, like the Queen was arriving

  • any chance

    any chance the gf was left behind??? or do we have to endure her tonight as well?

  • yes

    ths is a phtocall, there is a premiere tonight

  • RE Dresses

    Dresses on the runway are done for the show they are often adjusted for the retail market after. Satsuki’s dress was not altered by her that is the actual dress in te store.

  • hello comp

    sastuki in 4th place…lololo

    thank goodness she hasnt a hope in hell of winning this unless another website fixes it again

  • hello comp
  • to 15

    she has many of them altered to fit her as her figure is NOT “off the rail”

  • bollocks

    So, when are we going to hear about the protests then and not the glamour of the film?

    when are we going to hear about the atrocities Tuvia committed agaisnt his own people

    all hushed up very nicely isnt it?

    well done daniel!

  • defiance

    this is outrageous! the whole story is a little off the track. ed zwick took a liberty!

  • to 20

    what do you mean ed zwick took a liberty? he told the story. since my mother’s neighbor is one of the people saved the tuvia bielski and his brothers i’ll take her word over yours. after all, she lived in the forest with them for over two years. she is alive because of them. as she says “you weren’t there. i was! i lived it! i should know what happened and didn’t happen”.

  • re instyle article

    sorry i totally disagree with the in style article on her

    i have seen her in real life and she does push daniel around on the carpet AND talks to interviewers, are these people blind?

    why doesnt she do like the other gf and wives and disappear inside automatically?

  • As James Bond – No.

    Here’s an example of a guy who’s got a ‘hot bod’ but a really homely face. Honestly can’t see his appeal, especially as James Bond. Sorry, I’m still locked into the concept of “tall, dark & handsome” when it comes to Agent 007. (And I’m afraid Sean Connery will ALWAYS epitomize James Bond for me.)

  • to 21

    well i have two family members who were at the mercy of tuvia so I guess we have opposing sides dont we?

    its an ill written story and leaves out what he did, i have heard the stories and i am appalled at this movie

  • to 21

    i was at the protests in London and have friends who will be at them in LA and NY!

    just because he saved people it seems to overshadow what he did to many others!

  • re tuvia

    I have family in Poland who are appalled at this story also and they were involved.
    Poland is investigating this man as we speak. Poland really is distancing itself from this whole thing.

  • nopix

    She was probably there, front and center as usual. I think JJ has chosen to spare us today and not include any pix of her.

    Thanks JJ.

  • sienna

    daniel is HOT as usual,i love his style!veeery sexy ,modern and british;)))) !!!

  • to 27

    no, not a phtocall, the premiere is tonight

  • pix

    oh dear

  • anon

    Give me Liev over DC anyday!!!! He is sexy, DC is homely!

  • paris premiere

    there will be pics of her later im sure

  • better without monkey

    Oh ya, it´s better finally, Daniel looks good at photocall.
    Satsmonkey can stay at hotel, I am curious what she will look at premiere.

  • pyschic

    Blessings everyone.
    I was asked on the other thread how I work.
    I go into a deep meditation and open myself to communication.
    Throughout the day I get images as I concentrate on objects or pictures.
    Spirits come when they have something to say.
    I know this is difficult for people to believe, but life does continue.
    Someone on the other board asked how to reach me.
    I have been working for over thirty years. I do not take new clients and have limited my clients to people in my community and my neighbors.
    I have limited my work with the police to unsolved cases and missing children.
    I am as they say retired.
    I spend most of my time in the country, communicating with nature.
    One of my client’s gave me the name of this site as she follows Mr. Craig’s career, is a fan, and asked me to look at his girlfriend to see if all the people were right that she is a “paid girlfriend.”
    And that is how I came to post here.
    I was asked how do I know how the new friend looks.
    When I concentrate on Mr. Craig’s image, I clearly see a woman standing next to him, I see souls swirling around each other.
    I see the image of the woman forming from the other spirit around him.
    The image forms itself into the green eyed, brunette woman, and with the image comes further information, images. It is a little difficult to explain. It is a little like a slideshow, the images.
    I have a very strong sense that early this morning he communicated with his new friend, I see letters, not phone, email?
    They are occassionally chatting? short emails?
    I am seeing ocean. great distance between them?
    She is european, but lives elsewhere?
    Across the ocean from him? New York?
    I sense he is peaceful with her? Feels a peace with her?
    Whatever happens, happens?

  • to 34

    what are you on?? LOL!
    I need those pills, too!

  • pyschic

    I feel no remorse or offense for skeptics.
    I understand completely the difficulty to believe.
    Blessed be.

  • better without monkey
  • satsula

    satsula from japanese

  • to 26

    yeah i have no doubt that poland is trying to distance itself from this story. given what poland allowed to happen to the jews in world war two i would more than distance myself. i would go to ground on this one and say nothing. as for investigating “this man” poland would do well to investigate the so called christians who aided/abetted the germans. i have no doubt the country is full of them.

    to 21
    what did “he” do exactly. let me guess, he and his brothers survived. they didn’t sit back and allow themselves to be killed by the germans and their polish allies. did he kill germans; you bet. it was war. did he kill the poles who betrayed jews to the germans; you bet. i’m roman catholic but i tell you’d if my people were being handed over to germans by poles i’d kill to

  • 39

    His biggist atrocity is working with the Russians to make Poland Russian occupied, how do you explain that!!! Turning your back on your own people!! He is a war criminal.

  • 39

    Polish people who betrayed jews to the germans.
    This is what you just said.
    Let’s remember how monsterous the germans and SS were.
    If you were Polish and had a family and were threatened with the death of your family if you did not reveal who was Jewish, what would you do?
    Would you hand your entire family over for execution to protect another family that you did not even know.
    I’m sorry, God Forgive Me, but my first priority would be the lives of my children and family.
    Some of these Polish families had no choice.
    But this war criminal did not see that side, he just killed his fellow Polish people who handed over jews to the germans. He ran with his own family but expected others to scarfice their families to protect jewish families. Hyprocrite and war criminal.

  • to 41

    That is why I am appalled as well as my Polish family and relatives at this Tuvia being hailed as a hero as well as his brothers.

    The other side of the coin has not been voiced here and it is a travesty!

    Some of my relatives were butchered.

  • mrk to 34 “psychic”

    Hmm…let me look at my balls again, maybe I could come up with a name of this “friend”.

  • to DANA

    Got any pics of this friend and their family?

  • to 45: No

    Pics? Why? No, I haven´t.

  • Mrk to 34

    Explain the meaning of your message. I’m interested.

  • mrk to #44

    The above message was to you #44 not #34.

  • To mrk

    Wiccan-psychic explains you. This person knows destiny of spy James Bond.

  • psychic

    No. 44
    If your mother or you has a question, post it here, and I will do my best to answer.
    Blessed be.

  • OMG

    this becomes a spiritual place, post your questions and you get your answers. LOL!
    Will I win in the lottery next week!
    Sense it, pleeeaaazzzze!
    you are really cracking me up! Bless me!!!