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Daniel Craig is Zwick Quick

Daniel Craig is Zwick Quick

Daniel Craig poses for a photocall for his latest film, Les insurges (English title: Defiance), on Wednesday (January 7) at the Bristol Palace in Paris.

“One of the reasons I think the story is important is because this is very recent history and a lot of the way we look at the world and live in the world is shaped because of that history,” the 40-year-old British actor said. “Stories like this need to be told because it’s not that long ago.”

Craig was accompanied by costar Liev Schreiber and the film’s director, Edward Zwick.

15+ pictures inside of Zwick quick Daniel Craig

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Photos: Boris Horvat/AFP/Getty, WENN
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  • 146

    “Tell her to visit me in Paris is she gets over there!”
    Should be: “Tell her to visit me in Paris IF she gets over there!”
    If you’re going to correct someone, make sure your spelling is perfect, okay. Thanks. LOL

  • hiya Anne!


    Is that you? How have you been? See the crap that’s still going on here? Never ends does it?
    How are the old school, been in touch with any of them or do you have those notes from your professor about the ramblings of Krista?

  • to 151

    Yes I saw that, it was a typo NOT a major grammatical error like yours.
    Big difference. LOL.

    Try reading this book..”Eats, shoots and leaves”.

    It’s about the most common grammatical mistakes.

  • 150

    Everyone knows what happened during WWII, it does not give Hollywood the right to take a war criminal and make him into a hero. It’s disrespectful of all the people he butchered. Where is the compassion of Hollywood?

  • dan on french tv
  • 151

    best to ignore the nasty poster.
    just my advice.
    I hope the psychic comes back.

  • to 156

    i hope she doesnt and she offends me and my beliefs and all these spiritualists i know should honour other people’s beliefs. after all, they are quick to say “blessed be…”..sorry i don’t like it.

  • 155

    I can’t seem to download it.
    Does he actually speak french?

  • to psychic

    Please come back and tell what more do you see for Daniel.

  • to psychic

    No please dont come back, you offend me sorry. If you want to do readings then post your email and then you can do it in private.

    I do not wish to read your posts. I want to come here and read about other things like the film. I did not come back on here for psychic stuff.

    If you are a kind person as you say you are then honour my belief system and not post. Set up something elsewhere please.


  • to the psychic

    I agree with 160:

    Not to take away your “freedom of speech” or anything but my religious beliefs find this very upsetting.

    Do you have a website that people can visit instead? If you are nice and spiritual like I think you are, then please understand that people like myself are quite upset.

    I want to continue being on this board as is your freedom to be, I understand, but please can you find another way?

    Thank you so much!

  • to 158

    no, it is translated, you should be able to down load it

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    Back to the premiere… and Sat’s dress. The look would have been so much better without the tights but wearing cream colored shoes. If she didn’t want to ditch the tights then pairing them with the cream colored shoes would’ve been more pleasing. As it is your eyes are drawn to the shoes (which I’m sure cost a fortune) but are just too much for such a delicate dress. Some mentioned boots but I would go with a simple pump or sling back.

    Of course, Dan looks fantastic. :D

  • why?

    Wonder why JJ didnt post pics of them at the french premiere?

    when is the next one? ny?

  • to 163

    yes, i agree, but a slingback with a bare leg maybe?

    it was a winter dress so without tights would have been a little silly?

    btw, i just saw the trailer to Defiance on TV for the first time…

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    Wonder why JJ didnt post pics of them at the french premiere?
    when is the next one? ny?
    Maybe JJ is suffering from Daniel/Sats overload. ;)

  • to 166

    goodness knows I am.. ;)

    a little too much really

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    yes, i agree, but a slingback with a bare leg maybe?
    it was a winter dress so without tights would have been a little silly?
    Yep… you’re right – but when you say bare leg do you mean without hosiery? or flesh colored hose?

    Winter dress or not – without tights couldn’t look any more sillier than what she ended up wearing… :P

  • to 168

    i suppose yes..yes i meant bare leg..any idea what make of shoe she wore and in London?

    these outfits must cost a fortune, you think she returns them or what?

    when is the next fashion outing for her?

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    Look at the picture where he’s holding her hand, or letting go of her hand, I don’t see the ring at all!!!!
    Not a very good pic to judge…too far away – the diamond is probably turned around on the palm side. I wouldn’t get too worked up about it… it was there for the London premiere wasn’t it? :?

  • sorry dont get the smugness

    sorry does satsuki think she is the first lady of france or what?

  • i wanted to say

    just saw oprah about all these people who have been burnt and paralyzed and it makes all this seem so insignificant doesn’t it?

  • i wanted to say

    not the film but these two people, daniel and satsuki, really, who are they at the end of the day?
    just two lucky people i guess, leave them to it i say, life balances out in the end

  • lainey

    why is lainey not mentioning them either?

    did we ever find out about Cuba?

  • anne

    to 154, well, you know that’s a good question. but if people didn’t go see the films hollywood wouldn’t make them. personally, i’d rather see a good bond film, or a good drama, or a good comedy. i mean come one people isn’t there any other subjects to write about. then, again maybe not.

  • cc

    Can some please explain the Cuba Chocolate thing?

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    i suppose yes..yes i meant bare leg..any idea what make of shoe she wore and in London?

    The shoes in London looked to be standard black pumps with at least at 3 1/2 to 4 inch heel. The only time I remember really noticing her shoes was at Fleming Tribute when she wore silver Christian Louboutin pumps. :)

  • her outfit

    I believe her outfit was Lacroix

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    Can some please explain the Cuba Chocolate thing?
    It’s a “blind” item on Lainey’s Gossip.

    She (Lainey) stated that Daniel wasn’t Chocolate but has not (as far as I know) confirmed whether Daniel was or wasn’t Cuba.

  • :(

    didnt she go to see the ny fashions earlier this year,, i guess she sits there with his credit card and shops

    nice for some :(

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    OK… got onto Getty and saw a “side” view of the shoes and they’re wedges!?!? Makes me even dislike them more – totally out of place with her dress – whoever was the stylist there in Paris needs to be fired. :x

  • to 181

    instead of parading her out in expensive gowns is there any reason why she was there at all? its pointless to me

    liev looked like he didnt even change his suit. is daniel trying to prove he has money now or what?

    sorry, i didnt see the point of her being there at this, maybe bond but this film? its as if he almost hero worships her

  • sparklemonkey and meatwad

    i think satsuki has his balls in her handbag, thats what. he trogs after her like some stone age man

  • review
  • paris pics
  • look at that smile
  • Dan is NOT CuBA..yet

    First, Lainey has NOT yet posted that ” Danile Criag is NOT Cuba”.
    I posted here about the Cuba/Chocolate Lainey blind item, and I have emailed lainey 3 X about it, asking.
    ALL she has said SO FAR is that Daniel Craig is not chocolate…
    I just DO NOT want to believe he is Cuba,
    ALSO, she has said that certain people were not EITHER Cuba or Chocolate…
    Time will tell on this one….

    ALSO- SORRY TO SAY TO SATS lovers, but SHE is trying to do French Fashion- and she is trying WAY too hard.
    Yes, the entire ensemble reminds me of a Standard French poodle-
    It does not fit her.
    It seems to me that SATGOLDDIGGER IS USING the Red Carpet for her personal fashion show…
    BUT you do not see the other wives and girlfriends there, do you??
    And it is not like she was in ANY of the movies, or that she is a producer or director of them…
    And no, she is NOT a film prodcuer………

  • the shoes
  • wtf?

    her hair reminds me of eva green a little

    satsuki is trying way too hard either that or her balls are getting to big

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    the shoes
    UGH… that’s the view I was talking about – I was hoping there might be some “solace” in the shoes being a pump… but, oh, well! Some shoe designer somewhere is very happy that their creation is getting a lot of publicity… :P

  • to 187

    yes, but how much of this is daniel’s fault really? is he that p u s s y whipped? really?

  • smile

    You have to admit Sats does have a lovely smile.

  • Dan looks fed up, laughing at

    In some of the photos, Dan is smiling or laughing bec the photographers are saying things to him and he is laughing, responding to THEM and what they are saying to him on the red carpet.
    it has nothing to do with her.
    She looks ridiculous.
    In the first few photos, HE LOOKS STUNNED!
    it is almost like, stay away from me, get as far away from me as you can.
    You can see his head, leaning away and pulling away from her.

    I DO NOT believe he is that insecure or he is nervous .

    Dan has done SO many of these red carpets and photocalls over the years.

    In the other photos he looks miserable, sad, unhappy.

    I think he is trying to maintain the status quo, but I think even HE is sick and tired of this whole charade!

  • Dan looks fed up, laughing at

    I think Los Angeles is the next stop, because he is scheduled to be on Jay Leno on Friday night.

    Then, it is onto New York City, Defiance premiere on Monday (?) night.

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    yes, but how much of this is daniel’s fault really? is he that p u s s y whipped? really?
    He would like to think that he has some say in what she wears on the red carpet… but then again, he might be like some men and just say ‘you look great, dear…” regardless ;)

    Also, a radical thought! Maybe he approves of the some of the looks because he wants to look better than her! :D

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    I think Los Angeles is the next stop, because he is scheduled to be on Jay Leno on Friday night.
    Didn’t they already have the premiere in LA – in which Dan couldn’t attend because of the QOS premieres? :?

  • to 194

    isnt Jay Leno pre recorded though, I heard he did that when he was in LA last after arriving back from Japan

    oh no, not two more events, when will this end…lol

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    oh no, not two more events, when will this end…lol
    Courage, courage…. ;)

  • to 198

    not too sure, you for or against satsuki, cant quite make you out

    are you fed up?

  • 197 you’re correct, it was pre

    # 196 / #197 YOU ARE RIGHT- the leno show was pre-recorded in LA when they returned from japan-
    snuggles and snogs- you’re right, it was premiered in LA for charity event.