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Daniel Craig is Zwick Quick

Daniel Craig is Zwick Quick

Daniel Craig poses for a photocall for his latest film, Les insurges (English title: Defiance), on Wednesday (January 7) at the Bristol Palace in Paris.

“One of the reasons I think the story is important is because this is very recent history and a lot of the way we look at the world and live in the world is shaped because of that history,” the 40-year-old British actor said. “Stories like this need to be told because it’s not that long ago.”

Craig was accompanied by costar Liev Schreiber and the film’s director, Edward Zwick.

15+ pictures inside of Zwick quick Daniel Craig

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Photos: Boris Horvat/AFP/Getty, WENN
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  • 273

    if what we see hurts you, then you need to see the truth behind why you read.

  • to 300

    you think they will make a sequel, i read they wont

  • william to 294

    areyou still here to talk??

  • tv

    Daniel will be a guest of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, January 12.
    – Daniel will return to Live with Regis and Kelly on Wednesday, January 14.

  • shows

    Boy his PR is working overtime for this Defiance isnt it? Strange, he’s appearing on more shows for this. I wonder why?

    Ellen? She is very forward and I’m sure she will ask him questions about his personal life. I bet she will give him a wedding present for a laugh!

  • 267

    He is a pain in the ass. He is a confused man, a reflection of the people he protrays. His earlier work says this. He has grown, yet there is no parts that have grown with him. Resentment. Hence, the heart and darkness of QOS. He is a simple man with complicated beliefs. He searches for an answer in others and someone he let down. Never within himself because he has alwaysed believed he was not worthy of his own truth.

    I cannot see the color of his mate. But KNOW it is not what he presents to a camera.

    The person he will be with is heart, but still may not be what you think.

  • 294 to William

    Yes im still here

  • to 306

    Pain in the ass?

    Hardly spiritual is it?

  • to 307

    ok, thought you had gone, you not talking much to me but thats ok
    im kinda used to that, got a few people who drive me to get treatment and i borrow this computer, i got nothing really but films to watch
    you are nice to listen, thanks, means a whole lot to me

  • 294 to William

    So you like CR alot? So do I – it’s one of his best films I think.

  • 305

    Ellen will plain ask out ask him if he is gay… and that isn’t a slight on Ellen….

  • to 306

    The color of his mate? She is Japanese American and is fair in complection so that would make her white i guess

  • william to 310

    yeah sure do! he was real good in that. eva was good too, real chemistry and a good looking lady
    i havent gotten to watch his latest one as i haven’t gotten out too much, too sick to go and sit in a cinema you know?
    you seen it? it good? you sure are sweet to talk, i dont know if you are a lady or what but if you are, you are a real nice one

  • To William

    Okay, I apologize if I was rude to you earlier. I thought you were someone else.
    There is a poster that is very nasty and lies a lot and pretends to be a lot of different people.
    What kind of kidney problems are you having?

  • To William

    The board is quite right now, I can’t say too much, but I will tell you this about DC, he is a very, very nice man. Compassionate and kind.
    Please don’t ask me any questions as to how I know. I cannot share any of that information.

  • To Willy

    Yes I am a lady….

    I didn’t like QOS. It was very dissappointing to say the least. The script was dry and the acting was lame. As good as an actor he is he was not surrounded by a strong cast other than Dame Judy. Good action if you like that sort of thing but not enough to stimulate the mind.

  • To Willy

    I think Daniel is still a very good actor but he is either not getting good scripts or he is having some issues that is affecting his actiing. He seems to be very stiff and not as passionate an actor as he was. I hope he finds a script that will show his natural talent. He needs roles that are deep and complicated he does do those very well.

  • to 314-315 – william

    thats ok, i know that i seem strange but i am not, really,thanks for your apology, that real nice of you
    i get dialysis, one kidney is kinda gone, born like that and it has kinda gone silly on me
    i keep on the fight though and i watch a lot films as i rest a lot
    i get you, you might know daniel and i think thats awesome. i knew he was compassionate, i kinda saw that in his face, you can tell when you are sick, the people who mean it and the people who are kinda mean it but don’t
    thats real cool you told me that about him, real cool, you made me night, he wouldnt poke fun i dont think, he seems he would listen. real cool


    craig is old, I’ve no idea how she can still do action scenes :)

  • to 317 from william

    willy? you are funny and a real dame of a lady to talk to me.
    appreciate it ma’am a real lot.
    ill see his latest bond film when it gets to tv or dvd as sitting in a cinema is too much for me
    yeah i think he needs challengin roles, you see defiance? i will have to wait for that too

  • to 317 from william

    i think he would listen as i think he feels pain too not like me but he looks like he would be interested, kinda wish i had him to ask about filsm and stuff as i think he would be real nice and positive, not got many people around me like that much but thats ok, life’s tough right?

  • To Willy

    Yes I have seen Defiance……I think he was really good in the film but still something was missing in him…….I can’t put my finger on it and I think others are seeing it as well. There is an emptiness in his actin, that is the only word I can think of to describe it. I think that is why Liev is getting more attention on the film and Daniel is getting ignored for it by Hollywood. I think everyone knows how great he is but his quality has gone down and that is very noticable. If he can pull his socks up he will get an oscar I am sure. He had a good chance with Defiance but when you see it you will know what I mean.

  • 308

    Yes, he is a pain in the ass. A complicated, simple man with unbelievable talent and heart that comes from blatant truth, family. And someone who trusts very few. And once crossed, doesn’t care what diamonds may be where. But will never admitt he made a bad choice.

    Physic is close, it’s tinted hair, close to his age. fuller bodied woman and not what he is usually with. Woodland eyes. Less than a year. Not Babs… It’s not someone he meets on the st…. it’s someone has known. someone who has taught him something, something he has heard …. something he as always asked to be answered. Home…

  • To Willy

    LIfe is tought but it’s what we make of it. I understand you are ill and may have physical limitations but our spirit can takes us through leaps and bounds. I don’t know Daniel persoally as the other posters do nor do I beleive what the psychic is saying about him. I think he is a simple man in a complicated industry but he has a woman he loves at his side and vice versa and I think she helps him alot.

  • To William

    You are welcome.
    Thank you for understanding.
    Are you on a list for a kidney transplant?
    They say it is the “Bond Curse.” That no actors have done well after doing bond. Except for Sean Connery who did some pretty good movies after Bond. I personally like League of Extraordinary Men :)
    I like those kind of silly movies.
    I have not seen QOS because I heard the bad reviews. Waiting for the DVD to come out. I probably won’t see defiance either way because I don’t like what hollywood did, taking a war criminal and making him into a hero.
    I loved Layer Cake, Mother, Obession, basically all of his work, but Munich was awesome. I didn’t see Road to Prediction. But I heard he was wonderful in that too. I think maybe after doing Bond actors maybe get a little big in the head and they loose their edge. Does that make sense.
    I hope one day he gets it back, because he really is a magnificant actor.
    I also think he is getting bad advice, and I think some of it is coming from his girlfriend.

  • to 322

    yeah? thats a shame, what is the emptiness because of? you got an idea? i heard it was good you are real lucky to have seen it
    yeah im not a expert and my points dont matter but i seen him go downhill in his films, boy he has everything but he sure looks kinda like things would be hurt him a lot, i kinda know what that feels like a bit

  • designer clothes

    Are you people really that stupid or pretend you to be?
    Daniel and Satsuki don’t have to spend any money on their outfits.
    The desiger line up in a row to vest them…..

  • To Willy

    Like I said I don’t know him personally so I would have no idea what the emptiness would be and I am guessing it is emptiness becasue that is what I see….. someone else may see a man with a bad cold … LOL.

    Maybe he feels he no longer has to prove himself as he is in demand so he does not have to give quality performance. I am not saying this is a concisous thing it could be just a phase and he has gone a bit Hollywood.

  • to 324and 325 from william

    to 324: thats right, i have to really, dont have an option to feel bad about myself, i hopes they do love each other, thats nice, real nice

    and 325, yeah i am, cant go out only to dialysis waiting is real upsetting. i wonder about who tells him about scripts, i hope he’ll make better choices. his gf seems ok but i dont know nothing at all. you know you nice people talking to me is the most i have had talk to me this week
    i saw perdition i forgot, he was so good in that, i hope he does get better, real shame if he went off the rails

  • 323

    Who are you?
    I cannot tell you who I am, I have just been watching and listening.
    I just want to say, thank you.
    Will you tell me one thing. Is there fear in his heart?
    I think you will understand my question.

  • to 323

    How do you know all of this stuff?

  • Physic

    if you would like to talk…..

  • to the dames

    you ladies are real dames to talk to me, it cheered me up as i have to go hospital tomorrow again, i get picked up to go there, got no family really, kinda dont know them but life is rough right?

  • To Willy

    It was nice talking to you Willy. It’s late here and I must get to be as I have to work in the morning. I hope you feel better and get to watch lots of movies you enjoy.

    We Daniel fans will stick with him through thick and thin.

    Keep smiling :)

    Good Night from New York (home of Daniel’s next love according to the psychic) :)

  • To Willy

    Glad you’re enjoying the conversation. You seem like a pretty nice chap :)
    I’m going to have to rent Road to Prediction and see it. I’ve heard so many good things about it. Funny thing is, when it first came on DVD my husband and I rented it and I remember I was real tired from work (Friday night) and I completely zonked out on the sofa LOL And when I woke up I remember the credits running and asked my husband if it was good, and he said, yeah it was excellent. I always meant to see it again but never did.
    I like Hanks a lot too.
    I will say a prayer that you receive your new kidneys in the near future.
    Come back here often, and remember to say William so we don’t confuse you with the “nasty poster.” LOL She’s a hoot. Sometimes you will see us really going at each other. She actually gives me a good laugh LOL A good battle if you will LOL

  • to the dames

    im kinda trying hard to ignore other posts as i get nervous at that suff, i wish it would stop
    will you all be here gain tomorrow evening, ill come on if i get the computer and look for you all ladies

  • 252

    There are more of us… even if you don’t like the answers. What we see is what we see…..and he has a choice….

  • 332

    We don’t want to upset Willy, do you have a web page?

  • To Willy

    I’m a night owl, will be here for a while if there are others.
    So if you wanna chat, feel free :)

  • 332

    k, say where…..

  • to 338

    thats real nice of you to ask like that, i havent seen kindness for me like that for a long time, made me real happy. the nurses are kind.
    you ladies are real sweet and makes me know that if i keep fighting this illness i will meet more nice people

  • 331

    just me

  • 332


  • 331

    There has never been fear in his heart until recently. He has always known, but now he is afraid of a choice. Obtuse I know. But to be specific would be shameful…. He knows… and is unsure of how to correct it.. just see what I see

  • 332


  • paris pics

    i see those other pics are up of him now

  • to 334

    Maybe the fear in his heart will bring back that passionate actor we are missing. Fear can drive people to do great thing or destructive things. Lets hope its the first one.

  • 334

    Thank you for answering. I know the fear.

  • To Willy

    Hey Willy, you will probably want to go over to the new thread.
    With the Paris Premier pictures. Everyone will jump over there now :)
    See ya over there chap.