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Leonardo DiCaprio is a Palm Spring Film Winner

Leonardo DiCaprio is a Palm Spring Film Winner

Leonardo DiCaprio looks suave at the 2009 Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala held at the Convention Center on Tuesday (January 6) in Palm Springs, Calif.

DiCaprio accepted the Ensemble Performance Award for the drama Revolutionary Road. “I’m just doing what I know how to do, and that’s make movies and hopefully get people to go see them so I can continue to make more movies,” DiCaprio told the AP, when asked if he felt uncomfortable in the ostentatious setting, given widespread financial woes.

15+ more pics inside of Leonardo DiCaprio as a Palm Spring film winner…

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leonardo dicaprio 2009 palm springs international film festival 01
leonardo dicaprio 2009 palm springs international film festival 02
leonardo dicaprio 2009 palm springs international film festival 03
leonardo dicaprio 2009 palm springs international film festival 04
leonardo dicaprio 2009 palm springs international film festival 05
leonardo dicaprio 2009 palm springs international film festival 06
leonardo dicaprio 2009 palm springs international film festival 07
leonardo dicaprio 2009 palm springs international film festival 08
leonardo dicaprio 2009 palm springs international film festival 09
leonardo dicaprio 2009 palm springs international film festival 10
leonardo dicaprio 2009 palm springs international film festival 11
leonardo dicaprio 2009 palm springs international film festival 12
leonardo dicaprio 2009 palm springs international film festival 13
leonardo dicaprio 2009 palm springs international film festival 14
leonardo dicaprio 2009 palm springs international film festival 15

Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty, WENN
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  • french

    he is wonderful

  • Sarah


  • petunia

    Thanks Jared, Leo is wonderful. He always looks great in suits. Congratulations to the assemble cast of Revolutionary Road for their first win of the film.

  • Lorene

    Great actor and a very handsome guy

  • Madonna


  • who am i?

    wow he is hot!!!

  • http://JustJared Carla

    I really just want him to win the academy award for best actor one of these years. I think he really is a gifted actor and deserves it. Hopefully this will be his year.

  • salma

    i’ve always loved him he’s so talented sweet smart and very private revolutionary road was just FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i really hope he’ll win an oscar for it

  • noa

    hey,Leo looks sooo great ! :D

  • lauren

    wow he looks gorgeous

  • lola

    he’s a very good actor, but why he always dates models?

  • who am i?

    Carla, I hope he wins this year, too!! :-)

  • mr. d

    He is a great actor, but is ugly as hell! Father Time has not been kind to Mr. DiCaprio. He is no Robert Pattinson in the looks department, not now, not ever! However, I do admire him for his environmental awareness, and the movies he continues to churn out.

  • Dorian

    Thank you so much for all the great photos of Leonardo! Thanks for making such a great website for fans to drool on and save the pics!!!

  • ihb

    Leo looks great as always and I`m happy that the movie won. It is truly a great one with incredible performances. He is so handsome!

  • kay

    mr. d shut up! Leo is very hot man. Yoiu may love your Robert but at least Leo didn’t do crappy vampire movies in his career.

  • kay

    I meant you and I turly hate how all you people care about are looks! Go moon over Zac Efron!

  • Cali

    Brilliant brilliant actor and so handsome,too!

  • kay


  • camerondiaztwin

    Jordan, he wasn’t passed out – he was hiding from the paps.

    You’re not really that naive, are ya?

  • Nicole

    woooww!!really handsome
    i think he is one of the best actors ever!!!
    i really hope he wins a oscar..he so deserve it!!!


    truly handsome actor…. but that’s in TITANIC, or say, when he was young! I have no idea why her face looks fat like that now :)

  • Aliz

    Fantastic in Revolutionary Road!

  • lala

    God bless to Leonardo and the rest of the cast of Revolutionary
    Road!!!… It’s somethin I’m looking forward to with him and
    ms.Winslet!….Hope next time a movie again with Ms.Cate
    Blanchette also…. They’re all brilliant actors to boost!!..
    Hopefully, an Academy award would comes next…It’s something
    I’m wishing for Leo also!!!!…..He well deserved it!!!!..

  • justmehere

    He said in the interview below(link) he want/will take a time out from the filming…in this year…enough time to rest, injoy the life and maybe…um…to marry (hopefully, the right one…whoever it’ll be) and to start a fam…this experience will let him mature overnight, LOL, sure!…

    however, here’s the link =>

  • http://israel ME

    i’m knew his going to marry in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wish its going to be with is girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kate

    #27 : He will never get married to bar because he hate her

  • justmehere

    #29: oh, kate, just don’t get me wrong friend, I never said it will be Bar for sure (but…who knows). I’m not saying she is not a good human being (she can be nice…if she’s in the mood..) but they’re two very different ppl, in many ways…some ppl come together to stay together just for some time of their lives and then they separate because they were not really meant for each other, in the sense of ‘true love’ and ‘to stay together life long in love & happiness in good and bad times’, ya know…she’s definitely not his soul mate…if some ppl want see it or not, it wouldn’t change the higher truth…but yeah…he only will decide if he wants to make her his fate by marrying her and possibly building a family w/ her….but if they marry and then get divorced some day, well, I fear the big losers would be their kids as the most children of divorced parents…his own ‘lucky story’ with his divorced parents wouldn’t work here because B. (sadly but true) lacks many of the character traits of his own mother to make such life situations work for their kids in order not to hurt the little ones….but, however, it lays in their hands to decide…

  • kate

    #30 : ok , but im sure he will never get married to her , because it’s a Fake Couple

  • sl

    #31, how do u know if its a fake couple? or he hates her?

  • kate

    #32 :they are almost never together , they never smile , he never kiss her , he said that he never has to find the big love

    and i think it’s a fake couple because on mexico
    The first day it was as usual: he did not pay attention on her, Leo was with his parents and bar was alone (in posts many persons did not really believe in their couple)
    And the second day: it is the first time in 3 years when they contact, Leo hates paps and on pics he is without glasses, without cap and he smiles to paps, it is really strange

    and on summer holidays Leo would never have been in st tropez with her because it is the city where there is most of paps,
    I think that Leo did not want to spend his holidays with her and it is for that she decided to go in st tropez, To be sure to be photographed and when Leo’s grandmother died she enjoyed himself in st tropez and after her went in Spain

  • sl

    #33, when leo’s grandmother died i think they were broken up.

  • sl

    #33, when leo’s grandmother died i think they were broken up.

    okay enough about bar. this is about leo.

  • kate

    #34 : they always broken up (in official story ) but i think when they are not together since a long time (what arrives very often ) Leo doesn’t want to see her

  • jennifer

    Kate, this have no sense, Why Leo would stay with someone he doens’t want, it’s ridiculous. he can date anyone he wants, so why he stay with her? congrats Leo and Revolutionary Road cast, you are the best actor all time, I hope he wins his so deserved oscar. And this history about Cancun it’s not true because I saw a lot of pics of Leo and Bar together, not here in justjared, when they are smiling, hugged and seem very happy to me. And here in this last pics in Cabo they are enjoying time with their friends, I don’t think they would be grabbing each other.

  • http://israel ME

    i’m sooooooooo agreed with you #37, its really makes no sense for him to hate someone that he date with for THREE YEARS allredy!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND STILL BE WITH HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FUCKING THREE (3) YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kate

    #37 , #38 : you said that because you love bar and you know that without him she’s nothing (he not date her for 3 years because they always broken up ) and for Cabo Leo was always with his friends and never with her , she was nearly always alone


  • http://israel ME

    i HATE bar too but again just because i hate her (aspecially with leo) it dosent means that i can denays the fact that they ARE together!!!!!!!!!!
    and even if they breakup one or two times it still mean that they dating for three years!!!
    and i also (like jennifer) see same more pics of them together from Cancun in ather sites when they are smiling and hugged together!

    P.S I WISH THAT THEY WILL BREAKUP FOR GOOD but its just not going to happend any soon!

  • http://israel ME

    *any time soon

  • http://israel ///

    kate, i think leo will hate YOU if he ever going to meet you!!!!!
    cus you are allways saying such a stupid things about him.

  • jennifer

    Kate, I don’t love Bar but at the same time I don’t hate her. I think a three year old relationship even if they broken up sometimes, it’s a serious relationship and if Leo doens’t like her, he would leave her in the first time they broke up. And in my way of thinking if someone stay with other person for all this long time it’s because really likes this person. So I think this is Leo and Bar’s case, they are really involved and can’t leave each other, at least until now, I ‘am not saying Leo would marry her, but who knows?
    And finally, LEO YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS, LOVE YOUR EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kate

    Leo said in a interview that he was never in love and he doesn’t have find the big love

    #40 in Cancun they smiled , It ‘s that which is strange, it is the first time when they smile when they are together , and Leo hates paps and the second day in cancun he looks at them and he smiles ( looks pics in the first day and in the second day in cancun ,you will see a big difference in the way where they behave together )
    and in Cabo Leo was always with his friends and bar was alone , people who say that they are the cutest couple need glasses

    #43 : im agree with you , Leo is so georgous

  • camerondiaztwin

    It’s obvious you didn’t see the video of then in Cancun (in which it was obvious they didn’t know they were being filmed) – they didn’t even get near each other. There was less affection than there is for a family membe.r

    There is obviously something here, seeing that they’ve been photographed together for 3 years, but it sure ain’t romance.

  • kate
  • http://israel me

    i see the video of them in Cancun ( what kate post) , and what its supost to show me? i
    i see this photos and i see more photos that show affection!!!
    in chanis site.
    and i can swear that i see a lot more pics of this two when they are smiling from the past three years, and i sure that you also see.

  • kate

    # 47 :Think what you want, I think that it is a Fake Couple, if you don’t believe me , i don’t care

  • http://israel me


  • camerondiaztwin

    Yes, kate, that video.

    me, it is obvious even to a halfwit that this video shows no connection between the two of them.

    You can’t even produce evidence to back up your claim. How can you expect anyone to take you seriously?

  • kate

    #50 : I don’t really see the other reasons whether he is with her, but it’s just a hypothesis, I know i cant produce evidence

  • jennifer

    I don’t know if saw or heard this but Leo’s mom really like Bar. And I’am not lying, Irmelin was in a premiere in Spain of Body of Lies, and she’s was questioned about what she thinks about her daughter-in-law (there’s a video about this, i think it’s el mundo, but I can’t find on youtube) I found in a blog about Bar. She said: Bar is calm, lovely and kind. And I believe in Irmelin because she’s really a sweet person as Leo is. And before you talk to me, that Irmelin is still friend of Leo’s ex Gisele, I don’t see any problem with this, just because Leo and Gisele broken up doens’t mean that she don’t have to continue her friendship with her ex daughter-in-law. Well, in something we agree Kate, LEO IS REALLY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!