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Rachel Bilson Takes To Twitter

Rachel Bilson Takes To Twitter
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  • Veselka

    First I LOVE ZAC (and VANESSA of course)

  • Not Impressed

    what the h e double hockey sticks is so great about Twitter…lol! I have an account and want to delete it but it never let’s me :)

  • otelia

    where are you rachel, i need new candids

  • mike


  • montana mike

    as dumb as paris is-she can probably only count to 4

  • twitter

    Shooting Stars:
    How We Got That Picture

    Rachel wears Edie Rose for DKNY Jeans jacket, American Apparel gray tank, SIWY Denim jeans, David Yurman necklace, and Chanel bag.
    Get the inside scoop on Teen Vogue’s cover shoot with Rachel Bilson. Then flip through our behind the scenes photos!

    MISS PROFESSIONAL: Rachel arrived on the Manhattan set right on time, Starbucks latte in hand, wearing a white 3.1 Phillip Lim ruched-sleeve T-shirt layered under a Monrow tuxedo jacket (“It’s my friend’s line,” she said) with vintage cutoff Levi’s and a chain belt. Makeup-free and glowing from a recent trip to the Bahamas, she greeted the crew, then headed straight for the racks of clothes, declaring, “I love it!” upon seeing a yellow Edie Rose for DKNY Jeans dress of her own design, which Teen Vogue had embellished with silver studs for the shoot.

    REALITY CHECK: Over lunch, Rachel dished about her reality TV obsession: “It’s really sad! I DVR all of them–Top Chef, Project Runway, Jon & Kate Plus 8. I’m obsessed with that show!” She also said she’s excited about the new 90210, admitting she was a huge fan of the original growing up. “I was always more of a Kelly than a Brenda,” she mused. But when asked about a possible O.C. reunion down the line, she shrugged it off, saying, “You know what? It was such a good time in my life, I wouldn’t want to go back and ruin it. Plus, I think a lot of other cast members wouldn’t be so keen on it.” Hmm, guess we’ll have to make do with reruns!

    RACHEL, ON HER NEW CLOTHING LINE, EDIE ROSE: “I wanted to keep it as separate as possible from Rachel Bilson the actress. I’m hoping will appreciate it for the clothes, not the person behind them.”

    RACHEL, ON HER PERSONAL STYLE: “I’m such a basics person. I think it’s great to start with the essentials and then spice them up with a purse or hat or belt.”

    RACHEL, ON MIXING THINGS UP: “I like to throw things together on a whim. I usually change a few times in the morning because I don’t think it through in advance. But I love that process.”

    RACHEL, ON VINTAGE SHOPPING: “The reason I love vintage shopping is the sense of discovery and possibility that goes with the hunt. And I can do it for hours. So I either go alone, or with someone who can handle it.”

    See photos from the set of Rachel’s cover shoot >>

  • lakers fan in boston

    rachel bilson is pure cuteness
    i dont see what’s great about twitter as well,
    ohh and blake lively looks very cute, like the outfit as well =]

  • sharon
  • bindy

    wow she’d (Rachel) look good with short hair, she has the face for it.


    Bilson is a midget. Anybody seen Last Kiss would think why would a guy cheat on her longtime girlfriend who is about 5’10 to a co-ed who is only 5’0!! Stupid plot! What a miscast!!

  • hmm…


    You must be a girl, because only guys understand why some other

    guys fall for rachel bilson

  • Holly

    please somebody explain to me since when that dorf called rachel bilson has become a celebrity!!she acted in a lousy teenager tv series and each and every movie she appears in is a failure!!!

  • red light district

    Sounds like someone’s jealous of someone’s success………

  • john

    Personally I prefer petite girls over tall girls any day, as do most of my friends. And Rachel is cute as a button.

  • Beth

    god she is drop dead gorgeous

  • sharon

    what success???

  • nina

    I wonder where she is?

  • red light district

    If she didn’t have any success you wouldn’t know who she is retard. You know Sharon I’m really beginning to think you really are a retard with your comments. I mean I know you’re trying to be mean and all but if you’re gonna do it, do it right. God you can’t even be a good mean girl. Lame…….

  • red light district

    Those astracts are for the word ret@rd by the way.

  • sharon

    @ red light district ok you what mean where in the hell you get off calling me out i make a comment about her success and you get your fucking panties in a wad and yes i am not afraid to use the whole word and don’t call ppl a retard that’s just morally wrong but you probaly don’t have any if you did you probaly take them out and play with them and by the way what kinda user name is red light district anyway talk about lame and next time you address me don’t do it like you personaly now me because ppl like you need to shut their mouth and open their ears if that ain’t mean enough i can get meaner !!!!

  • sharon

    those astracts are apparently to bad to be read but hopefully if your smart enough you will figure it out .

  • sharon

    @ red light district

    is this why you use this user name???

    A red-light district is a neighborhood where prostitution and other businesses in the sex industry flourish. The term “red-light district” was first recorded in the United States in 1894, in an article in The Sentinel, a newspaper in Milwaukee. Other mentions from the 1890s are numerous, and located all over the United States.

    Some say[who?] the origin of the red light comes from the red lanterns carried by railway workers, which were left outside brothels when the workers entered, so that they could be quickly located for any needed train movement. Others[who?] speculate that the origin comes from the red paper lanterns that were hung outside brothels in ancient China to identify them as such. It was said[by whom?] that the lights were thought to be sensual. The color red has been associated with prostitution for millennia: in the Biblical story of Rahab, a prostitute in Jericho, aided the spies of Joshua and identified her house with a scarlet rope, which saved her household from the massacre that a successfully besieged city usually suffered. During World War I there were many brothels in Belgium and France; blue lights were used to indicate brothels for officers, red lights for other ranks.

    One of the many terms used for a red-light district in Japanese is akasen (赤線, akasen?), literally meaning “red-line”, apparently of independent origins from the English term. Japanese police drew a red line on maps to indicate the boundaries of legal red-light districts. They also have the term aosen (青線, aosen?), meaning “blue-line”, for a non-legal district. In different cultures red-light districts are identified differently, the most common being “district of prostitutes” (e.g., in Bengali – Khanki Para or Neighbourhood of Prostitutes.)

  • Pau_Gasol Fan#16

    Thank You Sharon!
    You rock!!!

  • red light district

    I’m well aware of what the f*ck my username means or stands for. It’s just a freaking username. Usernames don’t de’f*cking’fine me. He!!, my real name doesn’t even define me so get over it all ready. And I’m sorry you took me calling you a ret@rd so literal (not really, I could care less).

    By the way, you seem to be a smart girl why don’t you find something descent to do with your time other than commenting on threads about ‘unsuccessful’ people such as RB. Obviously book smarts can’t teach common sense. Poor child.

  • LGR

    @ red light district
    By the way, you seem to be smart too, so please, follow your own advice…
    Right now, you’re not better than Sharon. Why can’t you defend RB without bashing some nobodies?

  • red light district

    I thought about it but I changed my mind.

  • sharon

    @ red light district i have gotten over it and i could care less what you called me and by the way i am not girl iam a smart grown woman and have better descent things to do than arguing with a teenager so to be the mature one here i am putting this drama to an end .

  • red light district

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah right! You are sooooo mature! I’ll let you have that. Bye bye bitty! Lol!

  • amanda

    @ red light district
    why can’t you let it go she has made her point and you as well ,but you seem to want to stir the pot ,take the advice of #25 .

  • gr

    The ONLY reason Rachel wore that tight Herve Ledger dress and the ugly black dress at the Superhero gals was because Hayden was SICK of her posting she was preggers. So he bs’d her about how he loves her ‘cameltoe’ etc to get her to wear super-tights cloths so she would STFU about being preggers. And, YES, he KNEW she was posting as “Preggers”. He’s in her pc!

    He’s still insisting he is broken up with her by insinuating he’s in Canada and she’s in Utah filming that dumb indie. BUt indie shoots don’t last for three months.

  • nina

    She is disappearing for a while now, so is Hayden. I need new candids.

  • wish

    Yes she has disppeared after she act like a fool in canada with hayden. Now she don’t want to talk about him anymore.I guess she mad with him about something.It was all come out.Maybe she will find someone else to hook-up with.

  • Gina r.

    @ Rachel

    Great, now he’s off screwing Traylor Howard. It just never ends with him, one week he’s on about marrying me the next he’s off doing another actor.

  • t

    Perez is reporting Rachel and Hayden were spotted in Toronto shopping at Ikea. No pictures.

  • s

    I never expected Rachel as an LA girl, to be really moving to Canada,
    away from her close friends and beloved family.


    She didn’t go to Canada to stay she only with to visit her friend.And she will be back sooner or later if she haven’t gotten back already. We would have seem some pictures Right. She always make people think that she there.About her moving there was just a rumors months ago. You know her rep would said that in Dec.And so would rachel herself.Everything is blown out again.

  • wish

    Don’t hayden suppose to working on movie?She said she wasn’t going anywhere this year she was going to start home. Just keeping low -key that’s all .Don’t believe it unti you see it.She wouldn’t trade canada for la for nothing.

  • WTF???

    seems our little rachel been busy and planning

    Best of the rest
    Tuesday, January 27th 2009, 4:00 AM

    Rachel Bilson and boyfriend Hayden Christensen are outfitting their new Canadian love nest with more than just fancy hot tubs and a gigantic bed. Bilson wants to have her own cooking show and has insisted that a kitchen studio be installed so they can film and still have the comforts of home. Is “Bubblin’ With Bilson” in the works? We’ll let that idea simmer!