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Violet Affleck Awaits Her Baby Sister

Violet Affleck Awaits Her Baby Sister

Violet Affleck spends the day at a park in LA with her nanny on Tuesday (January 6), while she waits for her parents and newborn baby sister to come home.

After swinging high above the ground, Violet, 3, held hands with her nanny as they left the park together.

Jennifer Garner
and Ben Affleck welcomed their second daughter in Los Angeles earlier on Tuesday, Jen‘s rep confirmed to

The couple married in June 2005, and Jen later gave birth to first daughter Violet in December 2005.

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Photos: Famepictures
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  • Amanda

    Violet is very cute!

    I just hope that Jen and Ben give to this newborn kid a good and normal name.

  • s.

    I see the nanny doesn’t carry her around everywhere like her Mom does. I stand by my assertion that Jen carries Violet as a buffer between her and paps, probably subconsciously.

    Congrats to the family. Hope the new baby is healthy and as adorable as her big sis. =)

  • Lilly

    I heard they named the new baby Lilac.

  • lizzie

    it looks like she’s 6 years old, she’s so tall!

  • mmm

    I don’t like it when they photograph kids, but I dislike it even more when they are around the children without the celebrity parents present. They are kids, let them be. Could you imagine a swarm of paps around you at 3 years old without your parents?

  • Hmmm?

    Why are most nannies overweight woman from a different culture?? Is this so the husband doesn’t stray? I could never figure this one out.

  • Ally

    Now see, THIS is the problem with the Afflecks pimping out Violet like they have. She can’t even go play at the playground in peace with her nanny! This wouldn’t happen if Jen didn’t wh*re the kid out for photo ops on a daily basis.

  • jackson

    i heard they named the baby Chase Milan Garner Affleck!

  • Meg

    I agree that the photographers should not hunt the children like they do.
    If I were a celebrity with this amount of attention on myself and my children I wouldn’t let my kid be out in public places alone with a nanny, was there a body guard with them as well? The nanny (and thus Violet) is completely vulnerable and is even holding the car keys and probably their house keys in a plastic bag which could easily be snatched away from her. There are way too many evil people out there to ever place your child in this situation.


    Violet is not a hillbilly… by any means Jen has not let Violet out for photos anywhere in the last few days.. Why would they name their
    daughter Chase Milan Garner Affleck they are not like Rebecca
    Romijn who names her daughter after her brother in law.. Charlie
    the loser from The Bachelor…Going to William Sonoma and going
    to the market and every day life is not pimping…her out…

    I knew that this comment page would be the worst for comments..
    So it won’t be long like Gwen Stafani or seeing how fast Rebecca
    Romijn went..

  • Pat

    violet is a beautiful name
    she is very cute and will become a nice girl, when she grows up

  • cutiepie32

    Finally, SHE WALKS!

  • Helena

    to no. 7 Hmmm? @ 01/07/2009 at 12:02 pm
    Ha! I noticed that, too. On the other hand – I’m a nanny. And I’m not at all overweight or ugly! LOL! But I do agree, most of nannies I know aren’t good looking. I guess it’s because women are afraid of competition.
    I sincerely hope they named their new born something nice, like Violet. Pretty please?

  • Jennifer

    So glad they finally had the baby because I swear she has been ready to deliver for 3 months. I thought she was due in Dec. so maybe this little one was a bit late?

  • Hmmm?

    I bet you are not!! No offence to those good-looking, healthy weight nannies!!!

  • a realist

    Congrats to Ben and Jen!

  • s.

    Wow, you guys are really nice. Sitting at your pc criticizing the looks of a three-year-old. Assh*les.

  • MovieED

    How does she whore her kid out? How does any celebrity whore their kid out? With the exception of submitting baby pics. to magazines, they can not help it if they want to take their kids outside and there are papz there. GET a life

  • anna

    to number 3 your an absolute idiot, if you think!!!!! there wouldn’t be a lot of paparazzi after just violet affleck there would only be a few tailing her to get to her famous parents, where as if you see the videos on tmz of jen and violet there a bloody riot if you wouldn’t pick your kid up you would be a mug. cause you might as well just toss them in a stampede

  • Ha!

    Hmmm, perhaps the paps are actually responsible for hounding these people. I doubt that they alerted them to their whereabouts while at the hospital. Novel thought – that Jen Garner actually does attract paparazzi attention without asking for it. For anyone who thinks they “pimp out” (nice phrase people) their child; how about putting the blame where it should be, on the photogs not the parents?

    Congrats to this happy family on their new baby girl.


    They should name her Blue:)

  • Arizonah

    These pictures are kinda sad!!

    Violet is usually a happy smiling girl and she doesn’t look happy at all. I especially HATE the pictures that look like the nanny is grabbing her wrist and pulling her along.

    Even on the swings she doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself!!! Get her back with his Mom and Dad ASAP and let’s see this girl’s cheerful smile return!!

  • So, It’s Official

    Jared endorses the stalking of two year old toddlers to make $$$.

    I can’t wait for the laws that will stop this behavior.

  • lakers fan in boston

    so cute
    i hope u enjoy ur daughter violet =)

  • kayla in nj

    i hope they name her a normal name!
    my favorite girl names are Natalie, Melanie, and Tiffany. they always have and will be.
    i also like Isabella, Emma, Sophia, Sydney, Ella, and Taylor.
    for the boy ill definantly do Anthony to keep the Italian tradition alive.

  • Mr. Pink

    You should post that on a TomKat thread, #23.

    Tiffany is a terrible name in my opinion, #28.

  • kayla in nj

    well ive always loved it personally, but thats just me.

  • http://israel ME

    i think: NAYA ROSE!!!!! will be the best, after violet ann

  • jason

    I wonder what Ben will direct next, gone baby gone was awesome. Congrats to the parents!

  • Obama Mama

    I read that they named the kid Blackie.

  • Sonia Wu

    I am Vi’s biggest fan in the world!
    Love her, adore her, wish this bright little girl stay happy and clever.
    Wish she brighten everybody’s day with her “toothy” smile.

    And Chase Milan? Why?

  • witch

    she won’t know what hit her when the baby sister gets home. bet she’ll be a meanie and beat her sister up every chance she gets. hope they named the new addition mary jo or fannie mae, something along those lines.

  • Alison

    Violet probably will not be babied anymore now she has a baby sister. Finally she will be able to walk on her own as she should be doing already.
    I hope the Afflecks pick a nicer name this time around. People don’t think how much their kid will get picked on in school etc with a name like that.

  • sweet

    She is so happy always smiling very cute..

  • Adoring Fan

    I don’t like seeing Violet without her parents (especially her mom). Nobody can protect their child like they can. I know she will so glad when her mommy gets home with her baby sister, and so will I.

  • nikki

    i think the reason Violet does not walk when we see pictures is because jen is obviously not gonna let her walk with photogs everywhere. that is dangerous and if she let her kid walk into the mess everyone would be angry with her for that. celebrities can never do anything right.

  • e

    Thank you Just jared for taking those beautiful pics, specially seeing Violet

    it is good to see little V smiling on the swings, she is duplicate from JG, she is big for 3 years old, long legs, she looks active and smart kid just like her mom. We can continue to see Violet’s pics from Just Jared provided.

  • e

    It is fun to see you walk, instead of JG carried Violet all the time.
    an active child let her walk and I can see all of the fans or non fans, they dislike the idea of being carry all the time.
    Violet does look exactly like Jen G, We had seen couple of photos of Jen G when she was a child. You could not tell which is which ? .
    Wonder if a new baby looks like Jen G ?
    It is interesting to see little V walk. Bravo.

  • kaskade008

    cutest celeb baby!


    I think jen and ben will be following the footsteps of brad and angie, only this time it’s jen that will be handling it all :)

  • Adoring Fan

    I wonder what happened to Violet’s other nanny? She seem much more loving than this one. She too carried Violet and didn’t take her out on cool days without socks. I agree with Arizonah #25 Violet looks kinda sad even on the swing. It takes her mom to make her happy. I hope Jen comes home soon.

  • just saying

    Even celebrities have illegal nannies (Courtney Cox does too). You know because it’s so hard for two parents to look after one kid. Where is mommy dearest? Why doesn’t Ben watch her? He has no career.

  • just saying

    The tabloids should come out with a celebrity nannies issue.

  • Natalie

    that is one hot nanny.

    can’t wait to see pics of the new baby!

  • Triple x

    No. 9 – Hot Tits Kim
    We know you are an illiterate moron….what kind of word is “discusting” ? Idiot…lol… Violet is adorable. She’s going to be tall and lovely. Her ears will if she wants be pinned back with a short procedure and her permanent teeth will be perfect. You on the other hand will always be a loser with no friends, but lots of guys phoning you for ho sex.

  • ObAmA

    Heard they named her Michelle after my huge AMAZON wife !

  • Talmodig

    Mother realy knows what’s name given to her own-baby, always… Cause-Baby say to mother what particular name will feet-it to that particular and unique life. Yes this is a mother talking. Love

  • sharonxxx

    when are they going to post the name as : Chase Milan Garner Affleck! it’s already been leaked!

  • jade

    Jennifer Garner Welcomes Second Daughter | Ben Affleck, Celebrity …
    They confirmed the name is Chase Milan Garner Affleck. I think it’s pretty. Report Abuse … television that it’s Chase Milan garner Affleck

    this is quoted online from the leak !!!!! Welcome Chase Milan Garner Affleck! I’m sure your as pretty as your big sis!


    Sonia Wu @ 01/07/2009 at 6:25 pm

    I am Vi’s biggest fan in the world!
    Love her, adore her, wish this bright little girl stay happy and clever.
    Wish she brighten everybody’s day with her “toothy” smile.

    And Chase Milan? Why?

    the leak came from the hospital ! waiting for a verbal confirmation but many sites have found the leak to be true! i think it’s a cool name!