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Brad Pitt: My Motorcycle Helmet is My Anonymity

Brad Pitt: My Motorcycle Helmet is My Anonymity

Brad Pitt keeps semi-hidden while riding around his motorcycle in Hollywood on Thursday (January 8).

In the latest issue of W, the 45-year-old actor said that his motorcycle helmet was his way of protecting his identity.

“This is my anonymity,” Brad told the mag. “With it, I’m just another a–hole on the streets.”

Looks like the helmet didn’t help him any this time!

If you haven’t already, check out this photo spread: Brad Pitt – “W” February 2009.

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  • LuckyL

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 01/08/2009 at 6:25 pm

    …`on what planet did that happen.. hahahaha
    *serious face* – that didn’t happen.. eat roach-spray.
    Lol, I’ll leave you to your conscience

  • senior

    Hi to Irma , soopx, Neleh, and the rest of the fabulous Jolie – Pitt fans. Happy birthday to Zahara, I miss all of them. I hope we get to see the children soon. Hope to see the parents tonight :)
    Jared thanks for the new thread.


    just saying @ 01/08/2009 at 5:11 pm Brad must be on his way to “check in” with Aniston.


    Why Does it matter? Angie doesn’t give a flying fukc. She isn’t even in town with him. She will arrive today , just in time for CCA. She has dumped him big time. They are just waiting for a right time to announce it.


    Go and check E! . He was alone in town. Angie wasn’t in town with him.

  • Ashley Banks

    Angie needs to start playing as dirty as we know she can. She needs to announce this shit during award seasons. All this hustling brad has been doin’ just for an award… Angie blow that shiiiiit outta the wata.

    Angie ain’t even doing the oscar campaigning bullshit brad be doin’.

  • a realist

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to Little Miss Zahara Jolie-Pitt.

  • senior

    first and last post @ 01/08/2009 at 5:01 pm
    oh phooey, far from being first. Hi to all the JP fans and special greetings to the menage a trois.
    It hard to beat the haters they are usually first :)

  • soopx

    Jared Thanks for the new Thread. Hi Senior,Irma,Neleh,Anoble and the Rest of JP Fans,Waiting to see Angie and Brad walk Red Carpet.
    Can hardly wait for the 14th Annual Critic’s Choice Awards,I hope they Win.Love The Jolie-Pitts.

  • ebmo

    Neleh @ 01/08/2009 at 5:28 pm Good day Neleh here. Im excited 4 2night haha. Booo yahhh…
    Happy Birthday Frenchy.
    Hey FALP& Hey Pt..Muaah,Im in& out.
    I love seeing him on a bike..
    Booo yahh back atcha! Got a horrible migraine right now but wanted to check in say “hi” to you and the JP fans:
    Migraines give me severe light sensitivity so I can’t search for “the right” video…..will stick with an oldie.

    Ok going go lie down and hope I don’t die before the CCAs are announced!

  • soopx

    embo put some cold wash towels on your forehead and eyes might help.

  • soopx

    Happy Birthday Frenchy.

  • soopx

    #60 Sorry ebmo mispelled your name.

  • Maty
  • Honey

    Can’t wait for rc tonight

  • Yeah!

    Ashley Banks #55 “Angie needs to start playing as dirty as we know she can. ”
    Yeahhhh, now you’re talkin’!!
    Go Angie…
    Go Angie…
    Go Angie…

  • ebmo

    # 60 soopx @ 01/08/2009 at 7:26 pm
    Thanks soopx, I usually do. (I am just being whiney)

    I have been getting migraines since I was 16.
    Even went to the Mayo clinic then for a work up, (by the way Billy Graham’s wife used to brush her teeth with Lava soap to make the bright) one of the nurses told me….. my brush with fame :roll:

    Usually they are managable but once in a while I get a slammer.

    Anyhoo, never worry about spelling my name wrong….not important enough to worry about.

    Thanks again though!

  • Mia

    Happy 4TH B-day Zee!!!


    Apparently even today , He wasn’t at home celebrating the birthday of his kid. He was out and about. Probably was trying to get ready for CCA. I wonder , Where Angie is staying during her stay at L.A.


    I really would like to know what is going on. Everything just smeels fishy. Angie didn’t accompany Brad to town. He has been arriving around two two days. Even today , He was not at home for Zee’s birthday. So probably it means , Kids are not in town at all.


    I smell a very bad dumping. I just want to hold all my energy for the day , they will announce their seperation. And it ain’t that much far.


    Brad Pitt’s Big Bike Breakdown
    Today 4:03 PM PST by Ted Casablanca

    One of Brad Pitt’s high-end hogs just broke down today. Hollywood and Bronson, quite near the Brangelina compound in Los Feliz.

    No one stopped to help the famous biker dude. They didn’t even get the chance. Brad’s security detail—in a vehicle that was trailing Brad all along—quickly snatched up the Benjamin Button star to bodyguard safety.

    So much for riding free ‘n’ easy in the mean streets of L.A., like everybody seems to think the butch star does.

    I’m so not surprised. Neither is a Brad camper:

    “He’s not an idiot,” sassed a close bud to B.P., regarding Pitt’s regular decision to be tailed by guard-goon types. Guess I have to agree it all makes sense.

    Just love though how deft Brad is at tweaking his famous devil-may-care public persona, making these on-the-street appearances look so much more daring than they really are. Wonder where he learned that kinda PR fine-tuning? Some vixen he met on Mr. and Mrs. Smith perhaps? Just a thought, nothing more.

    Oh, and the errant bike was left with a Pitt employee for later salvation. Better make sure it’s guarded well, Mr. P, as your zealous fans just might wish to put your mufflers to mischievous use!

  • Jill

    Neil @ 01/08/2009 at 5:01 pm
    That is one hot looking bike! I wonder if it’s custom?

    Maybe that’s the bike Angie gave him for his birthday last month.

  • soopx

    Try to rest a little ebmo before we start to see The Jolie-Pitts.

  • michelle

    Brad hot hot

  • hannah

    Brad is always sexy in his bike. I can’t wait to see them at the golden globs.

  • Jill

    LuckyL @ 01/08/2009 at 6:20 pm
    And Tom’s movie bombed, what else is new?

    Actually, Tiny Tom’s movie is doing a lot better than expected. It’s hardly a bomb. But it’s not doing as well as CCOBB.


    VH1 has started. I know She will be with him during AS. But i still want her to announce their seperation within award season. This will blow up all the chances he was making for himself.


    It is obvious on what side i am. Which side you guys will pick up? You need to think about it. The dumping has happened , It is just matter of time before their announcement. Angie wasn’t with him during the holiday. She didn’t arrive in L.A with him. And he wasn’t with his family during Zee’s birthday. Everything is pointing out at their split.

  • Jill

    Ashley Banks #55

    Shitzy, how many times are you going to change your name on this thread so you can agree with your own bullshit?

    Three names already and counting.

    Dumb bítch. Like we can’t see through your shít. Give it up, will you? Brad Pitt doesn’t know you’re alive and if he did he’d throw up at the sight of you.

  • nikki cook

    New Celebrity Fitness Articles.. How is Brad Pitt’s body stacking up.


    taraji arrived.

  • TCCBB is #1! I predicted it

    would overtake the rest and I was right! I’m so happy. Slow and steady wins the race! I say this on the other threads and I was correct YIPPIE!!!!

  • http://neleh Neleh

    Ill be right back but Taraji looked Amazing..

  • teri

    For all the hits the Jolie Pitt fans give to this site you’d think Jared put a post up on Jolie Pitt PCA on them. All the while the scum from Dlisted site stink up this site with thier filthy mouths. Brad dumped Jen four years ago and still some bitter ol hags want to hold grundges.

  • Val

    I totally agree, Jared is so full of sh!t lately!

  • passing Through

    Where’s the RC being shown?

  • lylian

    Is there a better live camera action of the RC on Critics choice? I remember there was a website for live RC for CCOBB and it was pretty good. I don’t really like the extratv site. its too choppy and besides, I’d rather not give it any hits.

  • anonymous

    It’s funny coz I went to dinner with a friend and her 10 yr. old daughter. She said she watched Marley and Me with her friends over the week-end and I asked her what she thought of Jennifer Aniston and her reply was,”Who’s Jennifer Aniston”? and she proceeded to say that she watched it because of the dog. Kids love dogs and if it wasn’t for the dog she wouldn’t watch it. She also thought it should be PG 13(I personally don’t know the rating ) coz she was so sad that the dog died at the end of the story. Ha Ha.. I almost fell off my seat !! Marley and Me is NOT about Jennifer Aniston.

  • irma

    ebmo, hope you feel better. I get migraine once in a while, make sure to take tylenol or aleve once you feel it’s coming. You know when you see black spots flying around or you have blurry vision. I usually take medicines right then & it stops my migraine.Rest & get plenty of sleep. See you tomorrow. Take care.

  • irma

    goodnight senior,soopx, I need to sign off. I have my g-son with me tonight & will drop him off to school tomorrow. I give his mommy a break from him. God bless.

  • RC feed
  • briseis

    Have you tried this link, PT? It was in the other thread. Not too good visuals, though.

  • Usually a lurker is streaming live from BFCA awards.

  • Change

    I hope they haven’t split up. I do like his W photographs. It would have been nice to see photographs of them together – that would really piss off Jennifer Aniston.

    It was clever of him to have photographs not photoshopped and not of his body – it shows that he is comfortable in his skin and doesn’t need to play that game anymore.

    Unlike Jennifer who has had plastic surgery and botox and had her photographs photoshopped. She still has to show her body because she doesn’t like to have photographs of just her face – she hides behind her dyed blonde hair.

    As a woman who will be turning forty she really needs to show some courage about how she achieves her beauty – even her friend Courtney admits to botox. Jennifer never admits to anything I am sick of the press giving her easy time as if she is a child and never ask the same direct questions they ask Angelina.

    She is attacking Angelina and her family now because of the Oscars. I think it is shameful the way Jennifer has behaved recently – particulary towards a woman who is still coming to terms with the loss of her mother.

    How on earth did Brad live with this woman who is so insecure and controlling for so long is amazing. He seems so more relaxed and happy these days. Please Brad spill the beans tell the world whether or not she really has blue eyes – when she gets interviewed nobody asks her this.

  • http://neleh Neleh

    Oh My God theres Brad&Angieinaaaa* I dropped my blow dryer..
    Its 2 Amazing…
    Angelina Yaaaaaaaaay Brad Yaaaaay Angie looks Amazing.

  • Usually a lurker

    Angie and Brad are getting mobbed by photographers and press…

  • vanilli from millivanilli

    Angelina didn’t even show up. Suckjers. she has better things to do like celebrate Her first daughters b-day. daddy has bigger priorities than that.

  • http://neleh Neleh

    The dress is Amazing her hair is Amazing. Classy Elegance All around. I love her dress.

  • passing Through

    WHOA! Angie looks freaking HAWT! Great dress!

  • vanilli from millivanilli

    oh never mind me. i have to go practice my singing. lalalalla

    ((wonders off))

  • irma

    Neleh better have the link, can’t wait to see it. I’m begging you Neleh send the link, send me an email.
    God bless the Jolie-Pitt’s.

  • http://neleh Neleh

    Oh My God THUD!!! CLinqaus word…Shes smoking!!!!

  • irma

    PT, you saw that one too. Give us the link JJ. I am so excited to see them again. God bless.

  • Val

    Wooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww! The dress, the hair, Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bdj

    Brad and Angie looking hot. Love Angie’s dress.