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Daniel Craig is The Defiant One

Daniel Craig is The Defiant One

Daniel Craig and his longtime love Satsuki Mitchell heat up the red carpet at the premiere of Defiance on Wednesday (January 7) in Paris, France.

“In learning about the Second World War we learn about these horrendous figures of what did happen,” Craig said. “So consequently stories like this tend to get brushed aside a bit. Ultimately it’s about the instinct of survival and how they did. They didn’t scrape an existence they formed a community, they had hospitals and they had schools.”

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Satsuki wore an interesting Azzedine Alaia number with a ruffled collar and hem. She finished off her look with off-white tights and tan ankle lace-up wedges, also from Alaia.

20+ pictures inside of The Defiant One Daniel Craig

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Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
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  • a

    I was thinking-flattering dress, and then I saw what she was wearing on her legs and feet! UGh!

  • a

    oh yeah, he looks good though!

  • 332

    Good to be talking on a board to have it taken down…..The dream police….. They’re coming for me…

    Woodland eyes

  • Lany

    another jew movie, arghh, i’m so sick of this jews from hollywood

  • the best

    tooo funny

    But it was ok to plaster the front……

    Do you know the old joke…. The difference between truth and fiction….

  • ?

    Did anybody else see this go down???


    wow this guy is everywhere!

  • 4

    that was just a disguesting thing to say. Nice way to start the thread. I hate racist people.

  • 6

    See what go down?

  • 6

    yep, fuchin funny

  • Funny

    I can’t stop laughing, the first photo in the group looks like a Prom picture LOL
    Someone give the girl a corsage (SP?)

  • wow

    wow she looks stunning

  • 12

    Yeah, a stunning poodle. The dress is horrendous on her. The shoes are butt ugly, what’s with the tights! It would have looked much better on a woman with an actual figure, OR an elgant woman, this woman does not know how to carry herself or present herself.
    The dress should have been worn with bare legs and knee-high boots OR sheer stockings with matching pumps.
    and her hair, WTF!

  • Stunning

    I look classier in my prom dress from 25 years ago…. want the picrtures….. couture is one thing…. class is class

  • WTF

    3 – What are you talking about?

    6 – See what go down?

    I like the shoes just not with that dress. She will get it right one day

  • Stunning

    Oh yes, did I mention I am from Oregon.. really us NW know how to do it all…

  • the woman

    The woman has no sense. You wear your hair up in the summer! With those low scoop necklines she was wearing. In the winter, in a winter dress, THAT is when you wear your frickin hair down. I cannot believe a stylist would be advising her, if there is, I would fire them in a nano second for making me look like a fool!

  • Same old

    All of their pictures look the same, only the clothes are different.
    Does anyone remember the Barbie toy that was a flat picture of barbie and you could change her clothes with these little sticky clothes. That is what these two remind me of. !!
    Like someone took the same picture and just keeps changing the clothes LOL

  • class

    Sorry, If you are next to Bond….. the man that W. Wilson and others claim to be the “greatest actor of our times” and fans here… do you not show the same class Tom Ford, even “dressed” down as Dan does…

  • wtf?

    what is she wearing?

  • to the ?

    Yep in the middle of shit….. Went down, must have been my old computer….. ahhh well…. don’t make em like they used too… blessed be….

  • 20

    exactly ….class and the WTF?

  • WTF

    Sorry, with all her supposed new “PR”, Danno’s taste, did no one have enough guts to tell her that was shit… And guess what it was “HIS” movie priemer… fuch this…. Love is the Devil….. Go back to what you know Old Boy…. ACT …

  • kbam

    i give her props for trying to be different and spontaneous. the outfit does look good . . . but not on her. preferably someone younger. and somebody said the first pic looks like a prom pic? hilarious & totally true.
    he’s so hot(:

  • cruella

    I am not sure why she goes from super conservative/boring outfit to one that only Gwen Stefani or Madonna could have perhaps pulled and made look sexy. She does NOT! I know love is blind, but I cannot imagine what she sees in her. They look like an odd couple. Though, I must admit the comment about pulling hair in the summer and leaving it down in th winter LOL! what manual of style are you are reading, woman ?

  • WTF

    This man gave us back “Bond”……. If you want to walk with him then at least give us the slightest hint of his class…. that’s what we as Dan fans are pissed about….

  • model

    she looks like a model

  • 27

    Yeah, a perfect model as to what a poodle should look like LOL
    A model, that must be some realllllllly good s h i t you’re smokin LOL

  • that’s

    that’s it, it’s like she has no style of her own, or even a favorite designer. She goes from one extreme to another. Some people are artsy and funky and that’s the way they always dress, some people are always conservative and always dress conservative, some people are downright sexy and always dress sexy. JLO always looks sexy, Kidman always look classy and elagant, Steffani always looks a little funky, Madonna always has a little funk and sexy going on, Katie Holmes always has a down to earth classy look.
    This doggie doesn’t know what she wants, one day it’s “I’m classy” the next day “I’m young a funky” the next day “I’m a hobo.” She has no style or maybe no clue as to who she is!

  • Kidman

    I love how Kidman always looks Very classy, Soooo feminine and elagant. Even when she wears jeans she looks super classy. That lady has class seeping from her. Too bad she had to go down the botox road :( She’s naturally beautiful.
    I wish women would just accept the aging process.
    Jamie Curtis, another major classy lady, and I LOVE how she has accepted the aging process, and she looks so frickin fabulous for her age. Very sexy lady.

  • You Know

    Sats reminds me of the girl in high school that you always found in the bathroom either smoking or taking a hit from a joint, the girl that always hung out with the boys, a little butch, a major tomboy, and then she grew up and is trying to act like a lady but the butch is still there, because no one bothered to teach her how to be feminine and classy, and now she’s trying but it isn’t working, but she thinks it’s working and thinks she looks hot and thinks she better than anyone else because she caught herself a rich movie star!!
    I wouldn’t be surprised of DC is trying to teach her to be classy, but he’s a guy, it isn’t going to work.
    And everytime I see her, even fully clothed I remember that tramp stamp. Ewwwww

  • 31

    You ever look at someone, boy or girl, and you just get the feeling that they are dirty, like if you go to their house it’s a mess, they don’t take care of stuff, they don’t wash their hair and stuff, and maybe if you get close enough they may have a odor. I always get that same feeling when I look at Sats, for some reason she looks like she isn’t a clean woman. I don’t know, I just always feell like yuck!

  • ffs really

    Why isn’t he embarrassed to death??? She looks like an utter fool without a clue to how horrendously awful she looks. A complete assault on the eyes. What was she thinking??? Those shoes with her ridiculous outfit??? Unbelievable. The hair SUCKS too


    satuki is a common name in japan.It means May.the name is used by girls who were born in May

  • webs of satsgorgon
  • BB

    he looks older than 40 years.

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    Satsuki wore an interesting Azzedine Alaia number with a ruffled collar and hem. She finished off her look with off-white tights and tan ankle lace-up wedges, also from Alaia.
    I like how JJ is being nice about the outfit using the word “interesting” … ;)

    But man, Dan looks sooooo good! Such a shame Sats has to ruin it with that dress and shoes. I think her/him/stylist had a image in mind but just blew it… it happens even to the best of them -so hopefully at the next premiere it will be better. :(

  • js

    where’s the speedo? her shoes are fug

  • Another one difference, Fiasco

    There is another one difference between Daniel and Satsuki again.
    Daniel dresses like a gentleman, he has style and he knows what is good for him.I liked his style when he attended China (Casino Royale)
    he had light blue jeans, black leather jacket, black waist, white shirt, black necktie and black sunglasses. He looked like a DANDY DANIEL.
    Or liked too, when he attended Japan (C.Royale, with Caterina Murino)
    he had grey jacket+waist and blue jeans. He has original style. Grey and blue color is for him. But his girlfrind looks like a gorgon or monster, fool. She smiles and she thinks about herself she looks stunning. But we are seeing something else. We are must laughing and shaking head over her style. Neither she has ugly clothes or dress looks ugly on her, maybe beautiful dress looks ugly because of her monkey face, man´s body, rail breast, messy hair and horse toothy smile. Daniel has utter gorgon by his side. But he chose her and he doesn´t know that people think and smile that his girlfriend is ridiculus and he doesn´t know about his bad image and about it, that his gorgon did and always does shame for him. Daniel is poor man, he needs woman which looks normal. Daniel and Satsuki dont´ look good like a right couple when Satsuki looks like a fool or she is from masqurade and Daniel looks elegant. Not right couple. There is no love, no flame,no amorous sight,no wedding between them. There is just TOTAL FIASCO between them.

  • Daniel is good

    Daniel is good man when he tolerants her scare style and look.

  • lizzie

    His eyes are weird but I like him lol

  • chain gin

    Daniel looks so SHOCK in the 18th picture.

  • To Wiccan-Psychic

    Hi Psychic, I want to make sure about it if you are real psychic.
    Say me, please, what you see about OLGA KURYLENKO. That woman played with Daniel in bond movie. I want to know something about her future. THANK YOU.

  • Aline

    He’s the ugkiest man I’ve ever seen…only body is good

  • sistahc

    I think the shoes are actually fabulous but the tights are ruining them. Take the tights off and they’ll immediately look better.

  • Anastacia

    wth is she wearing??? >.>

  • baddoggy

    First time poster here – hi everyone! I like the new trend of pairing shoe-boots with dresses for evening, but you have to be careful about pairing the right shoe-boot with the right dress to pull it off. While I like the shoe, it looks like more of a day-wear item that’s too heavy for the dress.

  • andamentothat

    Daniel is going to lose the BOND status if he hangs out with homely ladies in his real life.. wth is Satsuki wearing? and her hairdo is ghastly.

  • tigerlily

    I think Satsuki looks good, the dress is not something i would wear myself but i think it really suites her. Her hair and make up look good and the shoes are very quirky but i actually like them.
    As for Daniel…well what can i say…he’s looks as gorgeous as ever.

  • soujourner-truth

    She has a radiant smile.